November 04, 2008

LIVEBLOGGING NOW.. Alright, I'm all settled in, caffeinated up, ready to see if America pulls its head out of its ass tonight


I wish you all could see how into the US election people over here are. EVERYONE wants to talk about it (and Bush and Obama) when they hear my yank accent.

History is being made tonight HP'ers. I said years ago that the housing crash would be the #1 issue on people's minds and would change everything. And so it will be.

Tell your election day stories here, get on record with any predictions, give us any scoop or insight, and I'll be liveblogging now hopefully through the acceptance and concession speeches (if I can stay up).

MSNBC is streaming live right now as well.

(FLASH: I've just been notified that Greg Swann, America's Most Discredited REALTOR(R), is predicting a John McCain blowout. Fill in your own punchline)


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BubbleGirl said...


keith said...

Oh, while we're pissing on the GOP's grave, one more thing to add.

F*ck Joe the Fake Plumber

Anonymous said...

200 to 85

Westparker said...

Congrats Keith, Hope you made a bunch of money on Intrade.
I just saw this clip and it made me think of something my Grandmother used to tell me.. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.
Want to tell me what he means?

keith said...

This race is over folks. The networks will declare it over when the west coast closes - CA, WA and OR alone are 73 electoral votes, added to the 200 in the bank that's it.

Let's get on with the phone calls and speeches!

Anonymous said...

2012 for the GOP will be a civil war (again). Palin on the kooky right religious whacko side, and Romney on the Big Business low taxes low spending Reagan side.

But Obama beats 'em by an even bigger margin that he beats McCain tonight.

Oh Puhleeze. Predicting stuff that's going to happen on 4 years. I think it is about time for you to go. What an effing tard.

Anonymous said...

OMG Keith... Just looked at the bloodhound's predictions! He's teaching a seminar in Florida on Friday... Why would anyone in their right mind part with 99 clams to hear this guy yak??

P.S. If it's really over, thanks and happy trails to one and all. L.

Anonymous said...

Not looking good for the GOP!

Anonymous said... has Ohio very close with very few precincts counted as of 9:35 est.

Columbus Ohio Blogger said...

I did not vote, because RON PAUL was not a choice.

I did not vote, because the economy is crashing and niether Curious George nor McPAIN can stop it.

I did not vote, because the rule of constitutional law has been tossed out the window.

I did not vote, because when the plug is pulled on the USD next year everyone I know here in Ohio is going to freak out. That will soon be followed by martial law and the shadow gov't will commence the COOP (a.k.a. COG) operation cable splicer plans --- effectively removing all those elected today from any and all real power.

So, I asked myself, "What's the point in waiting hours in line to vote?"

YES, I'm very depressed about what awaits us all in the very near future. Good Bye Keith, thanks for 3 great years!

Tyrone said...

Lehman bounced checks!

LEH collateral damage

Anonymous said...

Oh Boy, This is Great! - Flounder

Anonymous said...


It's over. Take it up yours you racist GOP supporters.


soft landing said...

Thanks Keith.
Good Luck to all.
Just because Obama is going to be pres doesn't mean you can't short this market on Thursday.
Everyone needs to hold their representative's feet to the fire and stop the pork, stop the bailout and get US back to fiscal and foreign policy sanity.
Peace Out.

Anonymous said...

Wish you could see Grant Park.
Huge, HUGE sea of people.
(Can you at least keep this up for a week or so even if you don't post anything new , just want to re-read lots of stuff. Want to start from the beginning).
Hopefully you will still change your mind.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully now you will keep your promise and flush this crappy blog and just go away you eurotrash POS. Fourteen minutes and fifty nine seconds and counting of you'r fifteen minutes of wishful fame. You act as though you were the great clairvoyant of our time for seeing the obvious.

Anonymous said...

big deal. i wanted change so i voted third-party.
when i wake up tomorrow, america will still be in a recession, my 401k will still be worth pennies on the dollar, and i will still have to go to work so that the federal, state, and local governments can take the lion's share of my wages. the middle class will still be squeezed so that checks can be written to banks, big business, public assistance, and "homeowners." i guess maybe some of my tax dollars will now also be given out to "working poor" families. business as usual.

Anonymous said...


All I can think about it will your blog still be here tomorrow!!! Don't pull the plug please!!!

Anonymous said...

Why is the MSM calling my state for Obama with only 3% of the votes counted and a dead heat?

wings said...

It's an exciting night in American politics!

Too bad my kitty has gas...


Anonymous said...

'Hopefully now you will keep your promise and flush this crappy blog and just go away you eurotrash POS. Fourteen minutes and fifty nine seconds and counting of you'r fifteen minutes of wishful fame. You act as though you were the great clairvoyant of our time for seeing the obvious.'


People like this make me laugh. What are they doing here anyway.

keith said...

Just when you thought Greg Swann couldn't look more stupid, he looks more stupid

Poor guy. To be wrong is one thing. To be wrong so publicly is another.

He may bawl balefully in private, but he will never, ever admit that he has been very publicly very foolish

he he he he

Well, if he doesn't know sh*t about real estate or politics, maybe he knows something about ramen.

Anonymous said...

Seems like they've backed off calling Indiana for a little bit yet: it's 50% McCain, 49% Obama, vote difference about 13,000.

tom12008 said...

Asking Gregg Swann for political advice is like hiring Amy Winehouse to be your personal trainer.

fast actin tinactin said...

>I'll miss Joe the Plumber. Hope he doesn't go the way of Casey Serin.

I really wonder about your character sometimes Keith.

Anonymous said...

My state appears to be on its way to approving a 25-year sales tax increase.

Just like all those other "temporary" tax increases that somehow never went away...

Anonymous said...

Here's what Swann the idiot says:

"I could be wildly, wildly wrong, and you’re free to express the belief that I am — without flames, please — provided you’re willing to eat crow should it turn out, in the end, that I am wildly, wildly right. Bear in mind that all I had to do was keep this map secret to avoid the possibility of eating crow myself."

Flipping moron. Tell us again to buy a house from you, turd.

tom12008 said...

Watching this on BBC. John Bolton is being his typical erudite, bridge-building, peaceable self(read: being combative and egregiously abrasive). The stench of desperation from these guys gets ever more puke-inducing.

Anonymous said...

I started clicking around on the map on MSN and picked Ohio for some reason:
Hamilton County 56% Obama, 0% precincts reporting;
Cuyahoga County 71% Obama, 0% precincts reprting;
Athens County 76% Obama, 1% precincts reporting;
Madison County 57% McCain, 0% precincts reporting.

WTF? This is still all make-believe. I'm checking back in the morning when there are some real numbers.

Anonymous said...

I think he's about to won florida.

tom12008 said...

Keith, I think you're going to be proud of how you called this election. It looks as if your prediction will closely mirror the result. I am watching Karen Hughes actually crediting the positive tone of the Obama campaign its effectiveness. She goes farther to recommend that her fellow Republicans avoid playing the "blame game". Wow!

Anonymous said...

Tbis really nice black man was talking about how his grandfather was murdered and thrown into the river at Grant Park. And how glad he is to be able to pass this legacy of Obama onto his children.

Emotional intelligence seems to define Obama and many blacks. Things known from the gut. Maybe that is why he is able to be so calm in the face of such mud-slinging.

20 minutes until the next polls close.

Anonymous said...

win, win florida.
am getting tired.

tom12008 said...

I'm sick of the "Joe the Fake-Plumber" shtick too.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how the MSM keeps talking about how Obama really brought out the "black vote".

Don't they mean the racist vote?

Anonymous said...

A hologram of Will.I.Am. is talking to what's his name on CNN.
They pulled him out of the crowd because it was so noisy there.
Standing there all glowing like something out of Star Trek.

"Thank you for talking to us via hologram tonite".
Freakin' A.

Anonymous said...

Anon November 05, 2008 3:42 AM:
"Emotional intelligence seems to define Obama and many blacks."

Let's see how emotionally intelligent you think blacks are when you get stuck on the south side of Chicago. They're like dogs - one or two can be your best friend, but a wild pack will tear you apart.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper on CNN talking to the hologram.

tom12008 said...

If this is right, we have a new president. Obama: 273/McCain 141 according to BBC at 10PM CST. Now about the rest of the night.....

tom12008 said...

It's not a dream, is it?

Anonymous said...

The electoral college has called it for some states with 10% of the votes counted.

Congrats Obama! But let's be honest - "Every vote counts" is bullshit.

tom12008 said...

ABC has also called it for Obama.

Anonymous said...

I see a bunch of Democrats bawling on TV, why? It isn't like America is going to be regarded any better in the world starting tomorrow. Remember, we are still fat greedy pigs to everyone. It's like these crying people think they will wake up tomorrow with a new energy - I think they are kidding themselves. I don't think they ever had energy to start with.

jaws said...

I sure hope this site is up and running in the morning. Glad President Ba'Rack won the race but I really want this site up - I need the real estate fix more than the political fix.

George L said...

thanks to the elite neocon section of the GOP,we won't see a republican in the white house for the next 20 years.

now can we get back to housing please?

Anonymous said...

Nevada just called for Obama.

McCain gave a decent and appropriate concession speech. His goon supporters were still shouting a few rude things. Palin looked pretty tense and upset.

Good night Keith. Many thanks for the blog. Entertaining and interesting, as always.

Anonymous said...

I now am certain that Arizona is the ass crack of the Southwest. Just re-elected Sheriff Joe, tried to elect McCain, and probably re-elected Maricopa County Pros. Thomas.

Hell, how do I get out of here.

My parents voted for McLame, so I certainly had to vote for someone else. Since I really dislike Obama, I voted for McKinney, Green Party.

Keith, the one thing I learned from you is to not be brainwashed to go with tradition or the crowd. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The crowd at the White house was pretty intense. Wonder what W. the Worst was thinking during all the commotion. Perhaps he was just curled up into a fetal position, rocking back and forth...

Anonymous said...

"McCain said he'd be up late tonight.

That's about 9pm for someone his age, right?"


I'm disappointed.

I'll leave out the pissed-off part.

As it turns out,

you have no class.


Anonymous said...

a historic day, no doubt.

first arab american president. the mosque down the street is having a special election night celebration.

George L said...

"a historic day, no doubt.

first Arab American president. the mosque down the street is having a special election night celebration"

didn't know the kkk had it's offices near a mosque.if that was the case,you know, obama being and Arab or Muslim.

what does that tell you about the way Christianity has been behaving lately?

I hope you have the brain to munch on that one.

sourdough said...

Hate to be a wet blanket but I wonder how much more damage Bush can cause between now and Jan. 20. A lot I bet.

Anonymous said...

President Obama will be a great leader, a true uniter of our country, and a catalyst for peace in the world.

Goodness and mercy will prevail.

Curtis said...

Thanks for an excellent blog, Keith. I hope you keep blogging. HPer 4 life :-)

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