October 04, 2008

When is our "mas as hell" moment? When we finally say 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH'. When we rise up, throw the bums in jail, and take back the nation?

Or does that moment never come?


keith said...

Or are we facing this:


les said...

As long as we can still get a TV signal, we will never stand up for anything.

Miss Goldbug said...

It was with the passing of this bogus bailout bill. Before that it was Fannie & Freddie, AIG, PPT pumping money in the market regularly. Who else will they give our taxpaying dollars to?

That's it - enough is enough.

Everyone change your political party to the Peace And Freedom Party. (Nader)

We need change, but its not going to happen with the Democrates.

hp fan said...

I dunno what we're facing but this shit is totally main stream now with Schiff talking to some nutcase about global starvation on CNN.

Stock up on popcorn while you can!

Anonymous said...

lol can't get a tv signal in 2009.. gota get a friggin digital converter so they can see what your watching ;-)

Anonymous said...

After the Superbowl...

Oh wait a minute.. It'll have to wait until after the next season of American Idol.

I'm not worried at all though. Obama or McCain will solve our problems...

Eric said...

They're all too busy blaming each other. The ditto heads blame libtards and the democrats blame it all on the evil republicans.

This American Life did a great show today about the "credit crisis" They're conclusion is that both parties are to blame. Back in 1999 when when a vote came to senate to NOT regulate the CDO market, it passed 95 to 0. Nice

IB said...

Have dollar meal and Playstation and no one is going to do a thing! Ah unlike the masses i prefer opium straight up for my opiate.

Anonymous said...

An economic recession can usually be spotted before it happens. There is a tendency to see the economic landscape changing in quarters preceding the actual onset. While the growth in GDP will still be present, it will show signs of sputtering and you will see higher levels of unemployment, decline in housing prices, decline in the stock market, and business expansion plans being put on hold. When the economy sees extended periods of economic recession, the economy can be referred to as being in an economic depression.

Owner Earnings said...

What a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Keith ,

I am getting to the point where I really feel that if this Nation doesn't get on the right course NOW ,we will go down a path that nobody will actually want and nobody will be able to prevent if it gets to far .
The passage of this Bill and ones to follow will create one mistake upon another down the path of no return .

As this Nation was build on steps
that brought us closer and closer to the ideals that were first laid out by our Forefathers ,so shall we fall in steps .

War is another injustice that brings a unjust transfer of wealth as one of its byproducts .

People marvel about how a nutcake like Hilter could rise to power ,yet the Politicians just put power in the hands of a guy like
Paulson ,who was part of the problem in his career . Yes ,we need to throw all the bums out ,except for the parties that opposed the faulty Bail Out . The current majority in power are bought off traitors or commies .

Its important to realize who owns the media and who owns the minds of the people . The evidence of this is the very passage of the BILL ,or the fact that the Ponzi-Scheme Housing Boom was allowed and endorsed by the media .The other side of myths didn't get much air time . It's a matter of mass brainwashing . How could you get a culture so brainwashed as to think they are entitled to everything for nothing . This is mass marketing to get people to buy buy buy ,instead of drill drill drill ,or work work work .
Wall Street created the last Depression ,which was a Ponzi scheme ,and this contraction is based on the same greedy schemes .

The proper laws and regulations were put in place after the Great Depression ,yet the arrogant Clinton signed away the saving grace laws that paved the way to this fake wealth ,leveraged by debt society .The lead up to the Great Depression was much like the lead up to this crash that we are in the middle of .

King Paulson doesn't want to address any of the needs for regulation and King Paulson doesn't want to address any of the needs for purging corruption or prosecution of the evildoers . Just give me a blank check so I can make sure the right parties don't pay is Paulsons theme song .
But these bums in power are giving Paulson the power ,so what does that say about them . Any moral body of government would of disqualified Paulson as a conflict of interest party.
Yes I am mad as hell.I didn't buy something I couldn't afford and I didn't fleece people for a greed buck .

Anonymous said...

Study: Toxic PBDEs Are 10 Times Higher in California

A team of researchers led by the Silent Spring Institute in Newton, Mass. just published a study in the journal Environmental Science & Technology that shows that the levels of PBDEs—fire-retardant chemicals used in furniture, bedding, and other household items—are ten times higher in California households than in other areas of the country. Just as worrying, the study shows that California residents have twice the amount of PBDEs in their bloodstream than do people living elsewhere.

Why? The LA Times speculates that the high levels of PBDEs could be attributed to a law California passed 30 years ago requiring furniture and bedding to contain enough of the chemicals so that the items could resist ignition for 12 seconds if held to an open flame

Anonymous said...

i wondered if it might be naders year myself even with his running for what...30 years........

k.w. - Southern Ca. said...

When people across all economic brackets (except the top 2% who manipulate the whole mess) can no longer put food in their stomachs.

It happened before, we shouldn't feel so assured that something so awful could not happen again.

Agent 99 said...

Jesus Christ Superstar "The Temple"


Anonymous said...

got a digital converter and i wonder whose brilliant idea this sheet was............

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering about that also, I'm really stocked-up on popcorn and waiting for the big show to start, since we have so many big-mouths blabbing and complaining all the time.

I may not be the smartest idiot on earth, but all the talk is looking cheaper all the time. I wouldn't suggest anyone do anything stupid or dumb, but maybe a dozen or so people protesting about the bail-out @ the white house or something?

Anonymous said...


Naomi Wolf here. Can you please consider posting this on one of your blogs?

snappa turdle said...

Watcha all talkin' 'bout?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting read


I cant believe they were bailed out!

wc said...

Even if there isn't a mad as hell moment - if the unemployment and wage gaps continue to rise - we will still have an issue with much more violent crime and perhaps other types of civil unrest - which again - sadly affects all of us not just the people that created the problem.

Anonymous said...

well people got mad as hell and called their congressmen and senators and what the f@*k did it get us instead of 700 bil it became 850 bil so they are gonna do what they wanna do regardless.

Anonymous said...

I can't find one story with the signing itself; no pics, no video...

Secret. Socialist. Society.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


"mas as hell"????


Joe Lunch Box said...

When Joe Six Pack's sixer of piss water Coors Light costs him $20.00.

Or when he tries to explain to his fat ass wife that she can't have a new H2 this year even if Suzanne did research it.

Anonymous said...

les said...

As long as we can still get a TV signal, we will never stand up for anything.

Problem is that we are ALL affected by the TV. Have you ever noticed that there are only two commercial messages on the TV.

Fear & Envy.

These are the two messages that get pumped 24/7 to America. So we all want guns and we all want granite like the neighbors.

The TV has turned almost all of us into drones. What do you do with a country full of drones? (brainstems if you prefer)

Did anyone notice during the debates that each channel had a ticker going at the bottom explaining the question/answer and telling everyone what to think about it? It felt like watching "Smarter Than A 5th Grader".

We are so screwed that even Andrew Hac is trying to be a little compassionate.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers.


cheap tricks said...

Howard Dean in 2004 had a massive following but, yep, the sleeping sheep watched the GOP/MSM crush his mad as hell actions by smear campaigns - so you are correct. The evil GOP TV/Media networks would need to be destroyed for that to ever happen.

WTF1920 said...

That will happen when the distractions go away.

Right now I think TV is the biggest distraction. It constantly assaults us with superbowls, news, drama shows, commercials (that encourage spending lots of money) and outright lies.

libvet said...

Jesus, Keith, have you gone soft in the head? When did Americans do anything but roll over for another fuck in the butt?

Sometimes you really sound stupid, buddy.

Get a grip.

Give up fantasy.

Anonymous said...


your politicians said...

"I may not be re-elected because of this, but I'm confident I did the right thing for America's future anyway."

Anonymous said...

A little message of support from Brazil:


keith said...

When have Americans ever stood up and fought back?

Hmmm... off the top of my head:

1) the revolution
2) ww1
3) ww2
4) the civil war
5) stopping the vietnam war
6) southern civil rights protests
7) 67 newark riots, 68 dnc riots, 92 la riots,

I could go on

But what will it take for this powderkeg to explode? I'm not sure. But it could. People are losing their life's savings. They're going to lose their jobs. They're going to lose 'their' homes. Their currency is going to be debased. And yet NOBODY is being held accountable. NOBODY.

We need frog marches and we need them now. Start with Mozilo and Perry, and then start picking up senators and representatives who were on the take.

Obama or McCain need to call for a special prosecutor and independent investigation. Now. As George Bush, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid do nothing.

Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...

Not gonna happen. Not when the majority of Americans are going to elect a president who supports more and more free handouts to the bums.

The problem now is that the majority of Americans ARE the bums.

Joe Strummer said...

Black man gotta lotta problems,
but he don't mind throwin' a brick.
White people go to school,
where they teach 'em how to be thick.

Everybody's doing,
what they're told to'
and nobody wants,
to go to jail.

White Riot
I wanna riot
White riot
a riot of my own

Anonymous said...

The people that are trying to solve the problems are the people that created or allowed the debt problems . Is there any question why this crash is being handled in the bizarre way it is. For months it's been the "cover
up solution". Here the Senate and Congress were acting like they were so surprised by the news of Paulson and the Feds .

Didn't anybody think it was rather odd that the biggest Political crooks with ties to lenders were the one heading up those bogus hearings ?Here they were acting like they were shocked and dismayed about new-found knowledge of a default problem and sub-prime lending they had no knowledge of .They bring in the biggest culprits in the mess to testify about the mess ,give me a break . They call it a Kangaroo
Court .

Problem is Paulson and the Feds keep coming back for more money and the "cover up solution " becomes harder and harder to pull off .

Make no mistake that the Feds and the Treasury have committed a couple of trillion toward this mess ,with a lot of it given out in short terms loans to any kind of lender ,regulated or non-regulated that started over a year ago .The plan was assisting the de-leveraging .

The Feds didn't have any right to give short term loans to any bank on the block ,especially when these banks were not abiding by any of the regulations during the boom . That's Paulson bag to bail out the unregulated sector .

And this screwy review committee that they came up with in the Bill that has no teeth at all, until after the fact ,is absurd . Paulson asking for total immunity for anything he does .
In my humble opinion ,the banks and investment firms are defaulting on the short term loans the Feds have been extending ,and the bail-out is hiding the cash-flow problems of these troubled banks and investment firms .The fact that the Politicians wouldn't take any other expert opinions other than Paulson and the Fed Chairman .Usually you would conduct hearings on such a request . The money request had to take place before the elections also .

So ,if you think for one minute that this bail-out request isn't a cover-up for the Dodds/Paulson/FEDS/MOZILO/WALL STREET/ bail out plan , cover up causes plan ,your dreaming .

And the emergency ploy to get the Bill passed without thought or question is real clear.

Its all blowing up I grant you that ,but this has been a set up starting more than a year ago .You could tell it was a set up when they raised the loan limits with Freddie and Fannie ,the Senator Dodds held hearings for public show ,on and on . The truth is starting to come out now because this request for 700 billion didn't go as smooth as the powers thought it would . The Banks runs were not part of the equation either .

Parties that were responsible for this mess will do everything in their power to take the heat off themselves .Corruption and bribes are so riddled in this mess that it is beyond belief .

I can't wait until the corruption in this mess starts coming out and some real parties in high places get exposed for what they are .

Anonymous said...

You better get some land to grow organic produce, a bunch of chickens and goats, a bunker, lots of guns and ammo, because this $hit has been playing like Nostradamus prophecies and other writings. Get yourself ready and be in your bunker with your family and friends on December 26, 2012.

Nostradamus also said that the end would coincide with the Antichrist arriving mounted on a White Horse (=White House).

I got my ranch ready overseas, like Bush. Don't be stupid.

Anonymous said...

When Joe Six Pack's sixer of piss water Coors Light costs him $20.00.

Or when he tries to explain to his fat ass wife that she can't have a new H2 this year even if Suzanne did research it.

Oh yeah, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the biggest bubbles located in "sophisticated-well educated" places like California and New York? Why do you think those two states are bankrupt? Because of J6P and Nascar? You better open your eyes sheeple to stop Pelosi, Boxter, and Feinstein from f*cking in the butt without Vaseline.

Anonymous said...

How can HousingPANIC have so many seemingly smart people posting here and yet America is such a f@cking mess?

I'd just like to thank you Keith for helping me to resist the many offers for loans, when even though I have been bitching about this for YEARS to my friends, I did find tempting myself.

I really don't like to give my opinion to people I don't know, but here it is... this hasn't even started yet. I wouldn't worry though... America has a strange way of brainwashing the rest of the world and before you know it, gas will be $1.02 and Hummers will be for losers who can't afford the GMC TALABANI 4X6.

Anonymous said...

When the Dollar collapses.

Richard Daughty, the Mogambo Guru

I can tell you EXACTLY what is going to happen 'after taking all relevant factors into account', because what is going to happen is the same thing that ALWAYS happens when an idiot government starts creating, or allows to be created, excess money and credit, which is that the money in question will expand and expand, and end up with zero purchasing power while gold, when priced in a currency that has no purchasing power, soars to infinite levels when priced in that currency, and that is what has always happened, anyway, and that is why I am 100% sure, dead-bang sure, no-doubt-about-it sure, can't-miss sure that it will happen again! Betting with gold against a fiat currency in the hands of politicians is the biggest no-brainer on the planet! Whee! This investing stuff is easy!

Anonymous said...

I know once in a while some of you take shots at Brazil, but we deserve it. So here it goes, if you want o see what socialism does to your country, rent the movie "Elite Squad". Google it. Here's some info about it:


I have no doubt whatsoever that the US will turn into this, since you're making the same exactly mistake that Brazil did: Let corrupt socialism take over.

However, in our case, the socialism hasn't spread to the rest of the country yet, only affecting most of big cities like Rio and São Paulo.

Nevertheless, you have a HUGE decision to make in November. You either pick socialism or capitalism.

Brazil has the largest population of Nigerians outside Nigeria, among other largest colonies in the world such as Japanese (yes, you read it right), Italian, Portuguese, Lebanese, Polish, Ukrainian, German, etc. Every time the *blip* hit the fan, we said to other countries: "C'mon over, you're welcome!" We're now taking Iraqi refugees that nobody wants. We also had successful missions in WW2; accomplished all of them with bravery but nobody cares. We fought the Portuguese, Dutch, Paraguayans, French, etc, for our independence. Huge losses. Then came the military with the back of the CIA to screw us up.

Long time ago, a few European crooks, like the French and the Portuguese, brought millions of slaves from Nigeria, and now they're revolting no matter how hard we try to make their lives better. We throw money at it, time, dedication, love, effort...but nothing works.

We're very grateful for the African culture because of their great cultural and athletic aptitudes, but we have also paid dearly as well through their violent behavior. Rio and São Paulo are just unbearable right now.

Moreover, because of the damn globalization, our geographic location, and friendly culture, there's a huge invasion of organized crime showing up from China, Russia, Spain, Italy, Paraguay, Colombia, Bulgaria, etc...you name it. They're just killing us.

For instance, we Brazilians never had Chinese or Korean immigrants before in the country, but now they're everywhere, getting busted weekly for smuggling, counterfeit, prostitution, money laundering, etc.

I want you all to listen good, from a person who lived through military dictatorship, 150%/year inflation, 3 different currencies, high crime rates, and political corruption:


Do Brazilians love McCain? Not really. But we know how destructive socialism can be. Don't go that way.
You guys are in a war in Iraq, fair enough. We've been in a civil war for years and here's a sample of it:


Do you think that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or other martial arts are just hobbies in Brazil? We need that to survive. The only thing that Rio has is the BOPE (the Elite Squad), because they're not corrupt and very conservative. The SWAT and other American security forces train with them often.

The president's socialist party tried to pass a legislation to prohibit civilians from having guns; it failed miserably. Meanwhile, the drug lords from the slums, who terrorize the city every day, have M-16, .50, Aks, Glocks, AR-15, etc. Heavy stuff that you only find in major wars like Iraq. That gun prohibition sounds familiar to you? Let me tell you, it's tough to keep up when thousands of poor people are procreating faster than we can help or afford. It's just out of control!

Lula, the current president, is killing the middle-class by taxing them to death in order to provide welfare to people who don't work, just to buy votes for his party. Sounds familiar? The rich never gets affected, as you know. Seriously, do you think that Obama would ever go after Barbara Streisand or Warren Buffett?

Lula's Universal Healthcare is a total disaster, with patients dying in line while waiting for medical assistance that takes months. The rest who can is paying more for private insurance. You can get ahead of the line if you bribe the doctors. My brother-in-law was a major supplier/importer of Xerox X-Ray films who gave up because hospitals never paid the bill!

This is the reality of socialism, and your future is at risk. Lula taxes the middle-class to death in order to give a basket of food to people who refuses to work and have 10 children per household. Sounds familiar?

Please rent the movie, "Elite Squad", think about it before you vote. That bailout last week was a huge red flag to Brazilians who are already getting screwed by socialism. I know, there's an attraction for the "Change" message that everyone welcomes, but we had that also with Lula. His "change" screwed the productive middle-class.

And no, we don't live all like a third world country like you guys bash us...yet. Here are some of my cities:



I hope I didn't step in anyone's toes, didn't offend anyone with my views, but it's sad to see the US falling for the socialism trap. Brazil did the same and we regret immensely. There's no way to turn it around anymore because the socialists keep buying the poor people vote with baskets of food and welfare at the expense of the taxpayer. Sounds familiar?

You guys are welcome to come visit us anytime to have the best time of your life here in Brazil. Have I told you that most of the Victoria's Secret models are Brazilian who live in my hometown/island, Florianopolis? haha


Anonymous said...

Institutions don't make decisions, people do. So a good place to begin is to consider who is suffering the consequences of the many bad decisions about mortgages and other securities—and who's not. Let's see. There's Stan O'Neal, remember him? Seems like ages ago, although it was just last fall, that he left Merrill Lynch with $161.5 million. Then there's Angelo Mozilo, the former CEO of Countrywide, who sold more than $360 million worth of Countrywide stock between 2004 and 2007 before being forced to throw the firm at the mercy of Bank of America. The list goes on.

With very few exceptions, the CEOs who actually got these companies into their present messes didn't suffer too much. If the people who take the big strategic risks that don't pay off don't suffer from their poor decisions, what lessons are those who come later going to learn?


A little bird told me said...

Crash coming on Monday, get your money out NOW!
You've been warned.

Anonymous said...

I glad I married a man from France. I will pack up my children and move to Ireland.

wings said...

Joe Strummer said...

Black man gotta lotta problems,
but he don't mind throwin' a brick.
White people go to school,
where they teach 'em how to be thick.

Everybody's doing,
what they're told to'
and nobody wants,
to go to jail.

White Riot
I wanna riot
White riot
a riot of my own

Hmm...good poem.

Let me try one of my own:

Black man gotta lotta problems,
but he don't mind throwin' a brick.

White man got a lot o' problems, he chock full o' sh-t. But he got a stick too, and beat the dog and BBQ it during the depression, so he cool.

White people go to school,
where they teach 'em how to be thick.

Black folk throw a brick and stick and be slick. But so do yellow, red and orange man. So me no racist.

Everybody's doing,
what they're told to'
and nobody wants,
to go to jail.

I want to go to jail 'cause I'm white. And I think it will make me tough. No more steak dinners and crab. No, I want peanut butter an' jelly and to get stabbed like crab.

White Riot
I wanna riot
White riot
a riot of my own.

No, I want a black and brown riot, like LA, where everyone rips their neighbor off and then has a fiesta making a pinata outta da man and beating him.

Oh, I love this poetry. It's so literate!


Anonymous said...

Enough IS Enough.

Realtors, all of them, each and every last one of you, are lying sacks of shit. Here is another one of the breed:

The Tampa Tribune reports from Florida. “Ernie Harpster fell behind on his mortgage payments last year. The lender filed a foreclosure lawsuit. Harpster then did something troubled homeowners may never think of doing: He fought back. Harpster has been living payment-free for nearly a year in his Wesley Chapel home. His case is trickling through court, and there are no signs he will be kicked out anytime soon. ‘Not having a mortgage payment meant I didn’t have to file for bankruptcy because I could pay other bills, like credit cards and the electric bill,’ said Harpster, whose income as a real estate agent dried up along with the market. ‘But I’m not trying to take advantage of the situation. I tried to do what I thought was right. To me, it’s the bank’s fault this has stalled.’”

“For Harpster, who’s waiting on his mortgage company to make the next move, fighting has made life simpler in some ways. His teenage son has been able to stay in his neighborhood school another year. He has been able to stave off bankruptcy and put money away to relocate to an apartment. But fighting foreclosure didn’t take away the stress. Now, he said, both he and the lender will suffer even bigger losses.”

“‘I have my boxes packed, and most of my stuff is ready to go,’ he said. ‘I have no idea how much longer I have in my house.’”

Scumbag. Failure. Today's American

speedingpullet said...

I'm with k.w - southern ca on this one:
an angry mob is a hungry mob.

Anonymous said...

"People are losing their life savings"

That's a real side buster! What life savings? People are so broke and in debt that they are anandoning ship left and right and leaving housefuls of stuff behind that was never even paid for in the first place.

Good luck- there ain't gonna be no revolutionary moment. What you'll end up with is looking more and more like the end of the Weimar Republic and rise of the Nazis.

Heil Palin! Heil Pelosi,

Hail Cheney, hail obamamcbush!

michael said...


we are no where near "rising up". for that to happen people need to be literally starving in the streets.

look at all the other coutnries around the world where the people are being oppressed.

it takes a whole lot to get people to revolt.

we are not even close except maybe through the election.

Lost Cause said...

It is like I said many months ago -- Bush is cleaning out the till before he leaves the White House. I wish I wasn't so goddamn right all the time. This is a lot worse than I predicted. It is the last days of a criminal regime. It is like Salinas before he left Mexico. It is what they do, Keith.

Lost Cause said...

Brazil has the best economy in South America. They are energy independent. It is mainly due to the election of the left-wing lulu.

Brazil sits pretty amid U.S. economic crisis

Anonymous said...

The epiphany of the character Beale in the move came when the Ned Beatty character explained the the money cycle, how money that goes "out", must come back.....

Point being, why can't we be like the movies(?), instead of moving money around and hoping no-one notices that it's worth less and less, because theres more and more, why can't the boy's on wall street and in D.C. play fair?

That is one question I'd like answered before I die, is it the pussy, the cars, the big-ass stupid houses, just what is the fundamental flaw in all of this?

Anonymous said...

None of these paper-pushing money faggots has ever created a Sistene Chapel, or ever hired the next Michelangelo or Da Vinci to let the next generations know that they were sane or loved the human race.

These people are not very cool, to say the least, maybe it's just an ego thing, maybe they want to create monuments to themselves in their own limited span-of-life, but such power to make good or bad should not be in the hands of so few.

My opinion only: to hell with "them"

vanilla ice said...

The moment never comes

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I glad I married a man from France. I will pack up my children and move to Ireland.

As an Irish-American we better all head home for the motherland. At least our bank accounts are guarenteed there. Time for a massive reverse immigration.

Anonymous said...

"Mas as hell?" As in, "No mas?"

patrat said...

My favorite part: I'm a human being, goddammit! My life has value!!!!

Banana Republicrat said...

Keith, I am with you in that I'd like to see it, but only on my terms, of course. The likely reality once the bloated masses get motivated is truly chilling to me. Just look at the way they all got hornswaggled into Iraq!