October 11, 2008

Ron Paul again nails it. "They're doing exactly what we did in the Depression. The prices of houses have to come down."

When it comes to housing and the dollar, Ron Paul gets it.


Lady Di said...

God Bless him. He is the smartest man in the room.

True story - I went on a cross country road trip this summer with the family and traveled through 28 states. And who do you think had the most yard signs throughout this beautiful country of ours? Ron Paul. Although he is out of the running for prez, the support that he has across the US is remarkable.

BTW, I only counted one bumper sticker for McCain in Wyoming and was blown away by the number of Obama supporters in Madison, Wisconsin.

Paul E. Math said...

Why does noone listen to this guy?

"That government is best which governs least" - Thomas Jefferson

Anonymous said...

"...Is it the fact that they are putting a little bit of US capital...Is it that or do you really suspect that there is something bigger afoot here...do you think there is a conspiracy...?...

-FOX shill trying to implant

1) It's both SMALL and NOT DEBT...

2) Just Conspiracy Kook blather.

3) It's not Socialism For The Rich.

Certainly NOT BORN OUT BY FACT, Right?

k.w. - Southern Ca. said...

Ron Paul's got it right 100%!

The reason our government is trying to stop the correction from occuring in the markets and with housing, is so that the masses of people living in this country will continue to incur debt over longer periods, supplimenting the lifestyles of the few wealthy tycoons who mainly caused this problem in the first place.

The 700bil+ dollars of bad money thrown at this problem is done to protect the interests of goverment employees, wall-street and banker cronies only.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul was the only candidate who clearly understands what's going on. The neoncons and rich white men over 50 in suits and ties will never let such a person become president. Abolish the Fed? Abolish the IRS? Downsize the government?? Is that man crazy or what?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The stupid ass fake conservatives that call themselves Republicans had to go vote for these populist clowns like McCain, Guiliani, Romney and Huckabee instead of understanding that Ron Paul is a true conservative. Do fake conservatives even understand the meaning of the word "conservative"? You know, conserving what it means to be American : the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, free markets, low taxes, small government and the rule of law instead of the rule of men like Cheney and Bush?

McCain is the biggest flop I've ever seen run for president (apart from the Decider of course).

Romney is a totally corrupt scumbag who is in deep with the corporate interests like ClearChannel that are dominating the airwaves and monopolizing radio with hot air windbags on talk radio and sh*tty po(o)p music.

Mr 9/11, Rudy Guiliani, the guy who is in deep with the 9/11 false flag attack on America. Who told you that the towers were going to collapse Rudy?

And Huckabee, that disgusting, religious whacko that wants to change the Constitution to accomodate his fake Christian beliefs and now has his own show on Fox!!

Good job you dumbass fake conservatives fascists. Maybe you should have payed more attention to Ron Paul instead of trembling in your boots over the scary ismalo fascist jihadist radical extremist terrorist threat and your fake solution the global endless preemptive war on terror that these other fake conservatives have been peddling.

Now you're going to have Obama who is in bed with the same globalist interests, the CFR and the Brzezinski Trilateral Commission brand of globalism. A manchurian candidate that will continue the demise of the USA and it's folding into the New World Order global socialist state.

Good job you f*cking idiots.

Anonymous said...

Keith, I'm baffled. You praised Ron Paul for the longest of time and you continue to post interviews with the good doctor...yet you support Obama?!

Come on, man!

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul has got to run as a third party candidate. With Kucinich as VP.

Or we are all f*cked.

It's make or break to change the system now. Or we die.

les said...

Paul has more grassroots supporters.

Can raise money faster from ordinary citizens than any other candidate.

Polls say he wins every debate by a landslide.

Yet, he can barely get 10% of the Republican primary.

Is the American public stupid or is the system rigged?