October 07, 2008

More of Jim Cramer's "cash is king, sell now" call


waitinginDC said...

Is it just me, or is he struggling not to check out her cleavage?

Anonymous said...

I see fear on Cramer's EYES!

Anonymous said...

Americans will respect someone who is truthful, even though they don't want to hear it.
That is why Jim Cramer is going to be very respected.
Did anyone catch Bush today?
What a dumb ass.

Anonymous said...

snp below 1000.... rally 2morrow... doomsday thursday....

Anonymous said...

AAPL Under $90!!!

OMG The Horror!!!


bickerer said...

AP Headline - Consumer borrowing falls for first time since 1998.

And this is all us HP'ers wanted. An end go gluttonous debt-fuled consumption. Doesn't seem like too much to ask. It's a bit shocking that it took a financial meltdown that threatens the world economy to achieve this seemingly reasonable goal.

Anonymous said...


Where is the life thread dude, this is the peak of the housing panic, what you have been preaching for years and you got no LIFE THREAD? Come on now, I want a life show!

nfn.nln said...


Knock Out: CNBC Confirms Lehman CEO Punched at Gym


lame ass said...

panic the crowd so all the buds on wall street can make more money short.Why does his face remind me of an ass?

brokersleaveyoubroke said...

He says dow 8400. He may be optomistic. Down another 500 today, we could see 8400 real soon.
So far everything Keith has fortold has come true with one exception. None of the bad guys are being punished. I guess our government is way more corrupt then anyone ever imagined and the general public is way too stupid to notice.

Refuse to buy overpriced said...

When Cramer says hoard cash and Kiyosaki says buy guns, grub and gold, its time to start buying stocks.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself - that, and financial gurus.

Anonymous said...

all my block has to offer the local soup kitchen is marmalade oranges?

Anonymous said...

house vaslue down 60 percent, stocks value down 60 plus percent and not wanting to keep the crap 112 years just to break even...dividends and income down 50 percent also and interests miniscule........ prices of everything to the entitled including insurances up 50 percent...???????????????

Anonymous said...

pardon 112 yearsa equal 12 years..........

Aaron said...

Cramer says sell? Time for a bear-market rally!

edgar said...

that assclown is a day late and a dollar short every time. the time to sell was last year.

Anonymous said...

the dow was only at 300 in 1929
the market crashed in 1929, looks like it fell 40% in a couple months.
when the dow hits 8000 it will have declined 40% from its 13,000 peek in May.
in the first depression, the dow kept dropping until 1932, when it bottomed at 41.
That was an 89% drop.
We would need to hit 1430 to be equivelent.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

He looks so damned scared and much more so after saying the other day that this was going to tank 20%. HA! No buddy...I think we will pass 8000....

patrat said...

Watching the debate. God, they are both talking about "propping up house values". Who can I write in?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't low US interest rate weaken the US Dollar and strengthen the Yen.

Would a stronger Yen cause "Yen Carry Trade" to unwind even more.


Ministry of Human Resources of Malaysia identifies the yen carry trade as a factor pushing down the market.

"The yen carry trade has an amplifying effect, in both good times and bad. In bad times, the carry trade is unwound and the yen strengthens,...

Anonymous said...

Patrick Mohr at Nikko Citigroup in Japan.

Mohr identifies the yen carry trade as a factor pushing down the market. “The yen carry trade has an amplifying effect, in both good times and bad times. In bad times, the carry trade is unwound and the yen strengthens, which is bearish for Japan’s export profits,” he says.


Anonymous said...

Come on Uncle Benny lower interest rate to zero.


Damaged option dealers at risk if yen surges more

Market players are fretting that the yen's surge, if sustained, could lead to a repeat of the violent options-driven moves seen in March when hedging demand reached heady levels.

The yen rally is threatening to wreak havoc for dealers with option books tied to an array of structured derivatives

patrat said...

I think the lesson that most Americans have taken away from all this is don't invest in the stock market and don't trust anyone. I am wondering what that will mean for the next few years. I read something the other day that said if you invest for the long term it is 20 years. That's a change ... used to be long term was 5 to 10.

Anonymous said...


McCain will buy all the mortgages. Once again HPers lose. Enjoy the 1 bedroom 1 bath shithole losers.

slycapital.com said...

Poor guy looks like he's in a bad way.
A fidelity account I track (well diversified, like all the experts say) is down 33% this year!
I have seen personally normal people lose hundreds of thousands of dollars this year. Home equity of $200 - $500k simply gone, retirement funds melting.
For a normal investor the "cash is king" call is actually very valid. I only managed to talk two people out of the market on the long side this year. Better than no one I guess.

Anonymous said...

If the last minor housing slump took about six years to bottom, then how long will it take for this major housing slump to bottom.


Housing Pain Gauge: Nearly 1 in 6 Owners 'Under Water'

More Defaults and Foreclosures Are Likely as Borrowers With Greater Debt Than Value in Their Homes Are Put in a Tight Spot

Housing markets don't tend to turn around quickly. The price slump in California in the early 1990s, for instance, was a long grind.

According to the S&P/Case-Shiller home-price indexes, Los Angeles prices peaked in June 1990 and didn't bottom until March 1996.

They didn't get back to their 1990 peak until 2000.

Anonymous said...

I'm up monitoring Asia and waiting for Europe to open. It truly is the worst atmosphere I have witnessed in my life. ASIA IS CRASHING AND BURNING. Jakarta dropped 10% and they pulled the plug. The Nikkei is down 7.5% and I expect that they'll shutter if things don't pick up. Hang Seng is down 10% and even Australia is selling off.

It's getting serious kids. Time to listen to the freaks with the camo-painted trucks and canned goods. Stock up on the ammo and get the fuck out of dodge. Your life may depend on it.

Europe is going to get killed today. I'm not kidding - look for a bank run today.

Good luck to HP'ers. Keep your heads down and watch your asses. It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better - of that you can be sure.

Anonymous said...

Will the Federal Reserve lower interest rate and speed up the unwinding of Yen Carry Trade


Asian stocks plunge on unabated credit market woes; Nikkei plunges nearly 10 percent

Anonymous said...

Gold to da moon ALICE!!!!!!!!!

vanilla ice said...

They have no idea how bad it is out there, no idea! Pauslson and Bercracky we need another bailout, more interest rates cuts, and more help for the poor homedebtors. No idea!

Anonymous said...

hmmm, no new posts or authorized posts. Did Keith leave town again. Bad stuff will ensue.

Anonymous said...

the dollar died today..... rate cuts...

Anonymous said...


Global rate cut, and S&P Futures drop 30 points! Futures traded in 8% range overnight.

Google at $330/share
Bank of America at $19.90/share after $22/share offering
Citi close to $14/share


Anonymous said...

To late Crammer ,you should of told people that 2 years ago when you knew the time-bomb in the shadow banking world . How can you sleep at night Crammer ?

brokersleaveyoubroke said...

The P/E of the S&P 500 is now 19. That's still too high and with earnings in decline it's way too high. If the S&P drops to 750 and stays there for a while I may get back in the market. The companies that are well run will survive this mess and should be good investments when we hit bottom.

michael said...

now that cramer is saying cash is king it may be time to start buying gold.

inflation will really start to take off now.

man he's a douchebag. and what's with those eyes?

Anonymous said...


Where are you, are you in panic mode? I told you this market would not rebound it would head south! You called the housing panic many years ago, but you never thought it would become a Great Depression! Thanks Keith, your a big part of this GD.

tangelo mozilo said...

Wow! That short-selling ban really did the trick!

corvinus said...

USD, JPY, XAU to the moon Alice!!

Everything else into the toilet!!!

Anonymous said...

Cash is indeed king! That much is correct. Let's see now:
Home---worth on market about $200,000.00 by previous assessments
(Every nail in it belongs to me).

SUV, Truck, Sedan (none older than 4 years) (Every screw and bolt in them belongs to me).

RV on Lake Lot--(unknown value but guess say around 28,000.00 conservative amount) (Yep, all mine).

WHY? Because I SAVED LONG AND CAREFULLY--I WAITED---I dealt carefully--and most of all: I PAID IN CASH.
It can be done.

Anonymous said...

the dollar died today..... rate cuts...

Which dollar?? The Aussie?? Then I agree. Off a cliff.

Anonymous said...

I work with a guy, have become very good friends,

he's 48,

divorced once,

no kids,

one credit card,

drives a 15 yr old car, keeps it nice,

rents a nice apt (approx$1100 a mo.) on a golf course,

sold his home in 2005

has over $1 mil in cap preservation accts...i saw the paperwork!

eats at good lil taco shop almost nightly,

He soon could own just about anything he could want........but doesn't want anything!



Anonymous said...

Was there an invisible gun to Cramer's head? Did you notice his very defensive and unbelieving eyes? It looks like he's getting blackmailed or something. Was he buying hookers with his buddy Spitzer maybe?

Telling investors to SELL SELL SELL when the market is already down -40% is the epitome of ignorance. You bet the financial sharks are buying here.

Anonymous said...

Cramer a month ago was saying the BULL was BACK!!!! and that it was time to own stocks?

WTF? People actually care what he says? In fact, his comments might point to a bottom (kinda like the fat guy hugging the home on TIME MAG? That was an obvious top...

Cramerica my ass...

Rabbi Goldman said...

Sell on Rosh Hashana,

Buy on Yom Kippur.

It is as it always has been, so saith the Kohanim.

And if you schmucks ever went to high holy days services as your dear bubbe bless her soul always told you to do, you'd get the message.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this fool telling his following of retards to buy Wachovia not long ago? He even brought Wachovia's former MEO (monkey executive officer) to his gong show, to fool sheeple into *BUY BUY BUY... kachin...all aboard!...dlim dlim dlim...honk honk...growwwwwwwww...*

Big Cheese said...

anon 1:45am,

So what. your friend has $1 million in accounts, cash. That's chump change these days. Remember 35% of HP'ers have over 5 years of living expenses in cash.

1 million dollars is better than nothing but it is so far from rich it ain't funny!

-Big Cheese

Anonymous said...

-Big Cheese

your so full os Shit!

35% of HP'ers have over 5 years of living expenses in cash??????

Where the Fuck did you get your numbers?

No F'ing way!