October 17, 2008

Lawrence Yun and the NAR keep spinning, the incompetent MSM keeps printing it, and our NAR-PAC-corrupted congress does nothing

I think it's kinda funny that Lawrence Yun is still acting as the NAR's mouthpiece. You'd figure that the laughingstock of the world, with absolutely zero credibility left, would be moved aside for a new stooge. You know, like when the hilariously discredited Lereah was moved out to be replaced by Yun.

But no, that would be the competent thing to do. And as we all know now, the NAR is run by monkeys.
Keep it up Lawrence. Great work. You're word is gold out there. America trusts you.


Here's Yun last week:

Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of Realtors, agrees that now is an excellent time to purchase a home: “Buyers are taking advantage of drastically lower prices-many related to distressed foreclosed sales - and sellers are highly motivated to negotiate,” he said in a recent news release.

Yet didn't Yun say this in December?

“Home price growth in the vast affordable midsection of America will help raise the national median existing-home price slightly in 2008. I then expect price appreciation to return to more normal patterns in 2009, perhaps rising one or two percentage points above the rate of inflation,” Yun said.

And then of course, there was this gem in July:

Yun also predicted that the economy is not headed for a recession--"A slowdown, yes, but the definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative GDP [gross domestic product] growth," said Yun. "It's not in the cards, no matter how you look at it."

Why the MSM allows the NAR and its hack to spin them is beyond me. Every quote from the NAR should come with a warning or disclaimer.

I also believe that a full-blown criminal investigation should now be launched, including outright bribery of our Congress, criminal misrepresentation and fraud by NAR members (aka 'realtors'), and the US RICO anti-racketeering laws should be thrown at the NAR and their restraint of trade.

But of course, that would depend on the bribed monkeys in Congress investigation the bribery of Congress, and cutting off their own funding from their #1 source. And we know the chances of that.


Anonymous said...

Hey kief, kief!!
realtor on 'Today Show' says 'six months from now you're not going to find these kind of deals'.
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Irresponsible Realtor tripe from my local news during boom:

“I don’t see any slowdown in sight. Some people are able to afford houses by doing some creative financing using adjustable interest rates”. July 2004 - Realtor

(perhaps 'acquire' in place of 'afford' would have been a more prudent statement)

“There are tremendous opportunities for buyers. They’re just a bit afraid of what all the people in the media are saying about the market. We’re not going back three years ago (prices). That’s not going to happen. This area had been tremendously undervalued.” - Sept. 2006 - Realtor

(Step 1 blame media. Step 2 spout baseless statements to instill fear of missing the bottom. Tip: use 'undervalued' to make them think it was the pre-boom market that was the faux one.)

Anonymous said...

I have a Realtor acquaintence who keeps blaming Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac and the their lobbyists are all working for the Obama campaign. I told her that she wasn't very well informed for all the spare time she has now for doing research. I also sent out follow-up emails describing that one of the guys she said was supporting Obama was an outright lie. He was on Mc Cains campaign while collecting a consultant fee until just recently from Fannie Mae. It was fun to watch her squirm. I'm sorry I lost her business, I mean oops "what business". I can't put up stupidity.