October 17, 2008

Inflation, then deflation, then inflation? Jim Rogers has some thoughts


Andrew from Russia said...

Meanwhile, news of retail "gold rush" AKA inflation-hedging mania have hit the mainstream press here. No wonder where do all the shortages and 10% premiums over spot price come from. All things considered, I'll choose to stay with paper dollars for a little longer. In "In God We Trust" we trust!

Anonymous said...



That guy on the left looks like the banjo player from the movie Deliverance!!!!


gutless and lazy timing business cycles said...

Haven't seen the video yet, BUT my thesis is : Inflation .. we had that in the housing/commodities bubble ...NOW deflation ... the housing/equities BUST and after all the Gov't intervention programs, inflation will get away from the FED and Treasury for a NASTY round of near hyper inflation. Cash destruction will be accelerated. You need to TIME getting out of CASH. This is what WB means by "Cash is Trash". He knows what's coming. And he's got enough personal liquidity he doesnt have to time things much. Be ready to GET OUT OF CASH!!! As Keifferoni likes to say, "It hath been foretold".

Lady Di said...

Yup, that about sums it up

Inflation, Deflation (now), Inflation (it's coming).

There will be consequences to the trillions in Fiat money that the Fed is giving away.

I think it's time to buy more gold.

Anonymous said...

The Brit apologist was hysterical; legendry tooth marks on that pillow no doubt.

Afterthought said...

The deflation is everyone applying the same herd mentality that led us to the abyss.

When it wears off and we reach equilibrium economics, inflation will rear its ugly head.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Jim Rogers agrees with me about yen.

I'm not buying commodities or gold for now. Instead, I'm pouring my cash into my business, which sells a specific commodity. Japan has been one of my best customers this week, too. I think they know what's coming.

Anonymous said...

If you could kindly explain to me where the so-called 2.5 trillion dollars of pension and 401K went in the last few weeks, I'll say, inflation.

But, if it just went POOF back into the thin air it was created from, then I say deflation, after all, it's not really money, it's all just the illusion there-of and the smart money goes for tangible assets using the fake stuff @ your expense.

Try to remember, that when money is created as debt and you are required to pay interest on that money created, someone absolutely must loose in the process, why, because the interest is not created at the same time that the money is created.

There is always a negative balance in the economic system that "they" invented. Thats why "they" need a bail-out. If you are wondering just whom "they" are, it's called "organized-crime".

But, then again, it's just the profit motive as usual, so don't be surprised when the retirement account goes down, it's just business.

The stock market is a "for profit" business.

Anonymous said...

keeping one eye on housing prices and the other on inflation here in chicago.
prices are still high but if hyper inflation hits it may be time to act.

Anonymous said...

Been thinking about this for a while as well. Inflation (past couple of months do to commodities), deflation...hold onto your balls, we's going down! and then a small plateau and bam! hyper-inflation.

I don't worry too much about it. Why? Cause we'll be in a nice global war to take care of all our economic pains...