October 31, 2008

Hey, anyone want to "buy" a house (rent money from a bank)? Great! Because jumbo mortgage rates at Wells Fargo are only 10% today! Rush right down!

Gee, you wonder why home prices are plummeting and will keep plummeting.


Product Interest Rate APR
Conforming1 Loans

40-Year Fixed 7.625% 7.844%
30-Year Fixed 6.625% 6.860%
20-Year Fixed 6.750% 7.060%
15-Year Fixed 6.250% 6.631%
5-Year ARM 6.500% 6.119%

Jumbo Loans – Amounts that exceed conforming limits1

30-Year Fixed 9.875% 10.061%
15-Year Fixed 9.250% 9.520%
10-Year ARM 9.625% 8.601%
5-Year ARM 7.875% 6.610%

FHAloan limits vary by county.
30-Year Fixed 7.000% 7.749%


Cow_tipping said...

Wouldn't a 40year @7.625 be more per month than 30 yr @6.625 ?

Anonymous said...

uhhhhhh where is the 50 year jumbo rate??? what kind of operation is this??

Anonymous said...

aren't jumbo loans larger now though, thanks to the taxpayer bailout?

Anonymous said...

All those rates are pretty nasty

Anonymous said...

Yep, screw the little guy when they need money the most.the banks have us all by the balls.how about another stimulous package.give everyone 10 grand to pay their loans.

Anonymous said...

Where are multi-generational mortgages? As soon as a baby in a family is born a bank lien with a stamp is put on his birth certificate. Won't be lifted until he or his children pay off the mortgage. LOL

Ross said...

Anonymous said...
All those rates are pretty nasty

Even I know better than that and I'm 27. Look at where rates were in the early 80s. This is NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

The only thing 'jumbo' I plan on buying in 2008-2010, are Nathan's weenies. Of course I top them off with Bush's beans and a slew of chopped onions.
Anyone game for a kiss?

Anonymous said...

do the speculators get rescued at 5% though, while the people with better credit pay more?

Unknown said...

So, even though rates are nowhere near what they were in the early 80s, we have the same problem: interest rates, and therefore payments have doubled (or more than) from the purchase rate.

This kind of dilemma used to be limited to teaser ARMs, but now anybody who bought between 2003 and 2006 is in the same boat. Your 2500/mo mortage is now $5k/mo; with growing unemployment and lower consumer confidence as a bonus.

We are so screwed.

Mammoth said...

So while the borrower is paying 10%, the saver is getting - what - 2%?

Anonymous said...

Hey HP'ers, don't you FEEL STUPID for living below your means? Don't you FEEL STUPID for saving your hard earned money? The latest headlines state the government will end up buying delinquent mortgages and delinquent credit card debt and end up modifying it (i.e. lowering the principal and interest payments). Boy, you HP'ers/Fucked Savers are so screwed!

Anonymous said...

Redux ah la the 70's!

Anonymous said...

We sure are screwed. Next time we will default, too.

Anonymous said...

Well, deflation is taking money out of circulation faster than the Fed is printing it (scary thought, that), so these may well be "good" rates. I remember when 17% fixed interest 20 years was a common mortgage rate. I'm not surprised to see 40 year mortgages - though the interest rate must be an error; it ought to be lower for the longer term mortgage. After all, they have 100 year mortgages in Japan. If people are not intending to pay back their mortgage over 40 years (will either sell first, or will pay back over 15 but want the lower interest rate), then the number of years on the mortgage document is unimportant.

Anonymous said...

With the RECORD, MASSIVE cash being pumped into the US (and other western economies) it's almost impossible to believe there wont be SERIOUS inflation. Right now, the govt could care less about that 'theoretical' problem down the road. They're still fighting the 5 alarm DEFLATION crisis.

My best guess is 18 months for inflation will show up big time. They govts will fail to withdraw liquidity from the system in time.

And what will happen with big time inflation? CRUSHED corporate profits killing stocks. But for the next few months, a large bear market rally to near DOW 11,000 levels would not surprise me.

And BTW, what's the main tool the FED will use to fight serious inflation? Increased interest rates! (Think Carter era 16% rates).

And what happens to home prices when interest rates go up? THEY GO DOWN!

For the next 6-12 months, with increases in job losses, I don't see home prices STOP going down. And honestly, after that, when stabilzation is done, I see inflation roaring.

Honestly, I don't see existing home prices catching any breaks for at least 3-4 years more.

So if inflation does ROAR in 18 months or so, and you want to do new construction, I'd suggest you do it very soon. Before copper pipes and everything else go thru the roof.

Anonymous said...

anyone know what rate of interest they pay depositors? screwed sheeple.............

Anonymous said...

Ouch. We're in for some tough times. Good thing greenie told the sheep to get adjustable rate mortgages in 05.

On a positive note though, Zillow says prices are rising quite nicely.

Anonymous said...

Obama is going to lose and I'm going to laugh my ass off. Keith and the dumbasscrats suck ass!
The housing crash was easy to see, but you missed this one by a mile!

Anonymous said...

where are the interest only loans?

Anonymous said...

those rates are still low.

I bought my first house in 97 with a 7/30 balloon @ 7.125%. standard 30yr was about 8% or so at that time.

Anonymous said...

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jim said...

" there is no way america is going to elect a liberal arab as president.

yes, obama is more arab than african, hence the middle name.

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Wow. Weapons grade stupidity here.
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Anonymous said...

Only 10%? for 30 year fixed...


Call a Realtor today!

Or Not.

Anonymous said...

Where are the 100 year mortgages?

Lost Cause said...