October 30, 2008

Doomed? Or safe haven?


Anonymous said...

Now: Safe Haven
Later: Doomed (many other currencies to join)

Anonymous said...

As all fiat currency is doomed the USD is just the safest of the doomed fiat currencies.

Anonymous said...

Dollar is doomed:

-too many of them
-not tied to anything real
-fiat currency printed at-will
-Greedspan, Bernanke, Paulson
-Bush, Cheney, McCain
-US Congress
-given away randomly to undeserving public like toilet paper is given to infants during toilet training period.

Issued by a corrupt dishonest country run by theives with the approval of a stupid electorate.

Questions? Comments? Rebuttal?

Anonymous said...

Safe haven for now. Doomed later.

Hint: It is just a piece of paper published by the biggest debtor nation in the history of the world.

Anonymous said...

poor qweefie

mccain catching up in the polls - see drudge right now, he is ahead in florida with people who have already voted

stocks are on a tear

housing sales are rising

another round of bailouts for home owners is on the way, this time with substantial lowering of mortgage principles, as much as 40% in some cases

oil is falling off a cliff

translation: once again HPers lose

Anonymous said...


Doomed or Safe Haven depends on BOJ decision today.

Will the YEN drop below 90 YEN/USD if BOJ does not lower rate.


"If the BOJ does not lower interest rates this time, it would be a huge blow to the stock and currency markets which have been showing signs of some stability on such expectations," said a senior trader at an European securities firm.

"And more importantly, its decision will impact the global market as a whole," the trader said.

Anonymous said...

if the SHTF, the dollar will be the currency to own if you don't want gold or don't want more gold.

what other currency would you trust more? China's?

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Safe haven for the moment.... Doomed later....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I hope is a safe haven, because im not smart enough to invest.

Anonymous said...

The dollar is doomed. The fundamentals are not any stronger than they were in April 2008 when it was at its lowest point, if I remember correctly.

Anonymous said...

Doomed...no question about it. They are printing trillions..its just a matter of time...Buy gold and silver IF you can find any.

Anonymous said...

mccain catching up in the polls - see drudge right now, he is ahead in florida with people who have already voted

won't find that on any of the main media outlets.

Nope, no bias in the MSM.

Anonymous said...

It is the goal of the IMF to have only ONE worldwide currency....

Devestment said...

AS long as POS companies are backed by them and sheeple accept them as payment... "safe"

As long as asset prices are falling... "safe and prudent"

When taxes go through the roof to fund social programs in a few days... "down right scarce"

If The US government restructures or demonitizes... "not likely"

While paper trillions are lost in the markets... "less to go around"

I'll take an order of those worthless dollars with a side of crapy interest rates.

Anonymous said...

mccain catching up in the polls - see drudge right now, he is ahead in florida with people who have already voted

won't find that on any of the main media outlets.

Nope, no bias in the MSM.

Florida is irrelevant. Obama has forced McCain to divert his efforts there, but he knows he won't win there. The fate of our nation rests in Ohio... which happens to be the land of Joe the Tax Evader, the most important man in this election because if he somehow were to quintuple his income in the next four years, his effective tax rate would be a percent or so higher under Obama than McCain.

So yeah, Obama is fucked. His biggest mistake? Trying to run for office in a country full of retarded sheep.

Load up defense/aerospace/mercenary stocks. These are guaranteed wins under McBush.

Anonymous said...

So all the people whom talk about fiat dollars think it's all printed money in circulation. Sorry, it's probably 85% computer entries into a book-keeping ledger somewhere.

There isn't real money by a large proportion against tangible money or real things that have value and are useful, etc.

Thats why there is a PROBLEM.

The money went pffft, p00f, off the ledgers, it has nothing to do with a REAL thing.

If you are in the investment business, you had to lock in profits before "it" got erased from history.

There is no possible way that the federal reserve note can become worthless, because it is called-back-in through financial manipulation and then re-inflated to some other-worldly decimal-point fraction of it's original value that means absolutely nothing. It's an intrinsic "thing".

If worse comes-to-worse, they write-it-off, does anyone know what a write-off is? If you ever worked for a big corp., you'd know! Then start-over....blah, blah, no need for revolution.

The world is not ending, just your perception of it there-of, you may have lost money you never had, I feel sorry for you, I plan to work till death myself, simple, but real.

Mammoth said...

"Buy gold and silver IF you can find any."
Northwest Territorial Mint has a 17-week wait for the 1-oz Gold Maple Leaf. Plus, expect to pay ~$65 over the spot price per oz.

Gold spot is ~$737 right now.

Any guesses on what it will be worth in mid-February?

Anonymous said...

Will BOJ lower rates or Not

Is 78 Yen to 1 USD equal to fair value based on Purchasing Power Parity

Maybe BOJ will lower rate today and let Yen Carry Trade live another day.

But Yen Carry Trade will unwind again when other central banks lower their rate to fight of a deep recession caused by mass layoff.

It is not a question of if US Federal Reserve will go to zero percent, but when.

The layoffs are beginning to pick up speed.

How safe do you feel about you own financial status.

In this kind of environment if BOJ does not lower rate will eight months reserve be enough.


So the $64 trillion question is this:

When will the Yen carry trade end?

On a purchasing power parity basis, the Yen is undervalued against the U.S. Dollar, but massively undervalued against the Euro.

That being said, things can always get more extreme before reversing – especially when it comes to the financial markets.

Drawing a tentative up trend line from the previous lows in the Yen in early 1990, October 1998, and early 2002, and one gets a target range of approximately US$0.78 to US$0.82 (for every 100 Yen) before we see the Yen bottoming.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

0.2 percent cut is not exact 0.25 percent, but a cut none the less.


Fifteen of 17 economists surveyed by Bloomberg News predicted a cut to 0.25 percent.

The Bank of Japan cut its benchmark interest rate to 0.3 percent to stem damage on the economy from the global financial crisis.

Governor Masaaki Shirakawa took the casting vote in a split 4-4 vote to cut the key overnight lending rate from 0.5 percent, the central bank said in Tokyo today.

Anonymous said...

> "Doomed? Or safe haven?"

Neutral. :-/ For one I'm still 68% in USD. Guess what would happen if I bought euros frantically within $1.40...$1.60 range as many did?

> Buy gold and silver IF you can find any.

Sorry, I feel just right with a pool account. The present retail mania barely confirms the conspiracy theory of "manipulation" so I'd pass the privilege of paying 30% over spot price to somebody else.

Anonymous said...

safe doom

Anonymous said...

Doomed. Better diversify some of your portfolio into tangible assets, e.g., food, gold, farm land, etc.

Anonymous said...

I saw a special about this issue they were talking about what happens after a currency devalues in a country. It was from the 1930's and was in German so I didn't understand everything that was supposed to happen after the currency turned in to toilet paper.
I'm wondering if the armband is going to make me look fat? I hope not.

Anonymous said...

I would say that the dollar is a safe heaven. Come on guys use your freaking brains.

What is the only currency that has been taking a beating in the last 6 years. It's been for good reason too, but at least it paid for it.

The other currencies have been up in the last 6 years. They will pay for that when the global recession hits them. You will see.

It's a matter of which currency priced in this slow down and their debt.

We'll see what happens going forward.


Anonymous said...

Temporarily Safe. Given US economic policy for the last 30 years, DOOOMED.

Your Mission : To time your exit out of USD correctly.

Anyone who says you don't fime investments ARE LIARS.

Anonymous said...

The dollar is like a life boat on the Titanic. At first it works well as a life saver, but if too many people pile into the boat, it'll get swamped. As the economy continues to take on water, more people will pile into dollars until savings accounts yield next to nothing,and consumer prices continue to rise, then look out as they pile out of the currency as fast as they piled in.

Got gold?

David said...

I'd have to second the short-term haven, long-term doomed POV, with a few caveats.

The world will always need some sort of intermediary to provide the exchange of goods & services - we're not likely to go back to beads & wampum unless things go a lot worse in the coming year & 1/2. The dollar will serve as that refuge from the storm for at least the next 3-6 years, just out of force of habit. Unfortunately, as the disastrous economic policies of Bushco start to really detonate, along with the retiree & Medicare debt bombs, the dollar will start to see a mass exodus in favor of currencies of countries that were not ruled by a complete and total f@*ktard.

At that point, the yuan and rupee might start to take over, contingent on India and China resolving their population vs. resource issues. The Euro, if it survives, is still going to be hobbled by the Bush-alike debt mirage economies of the "Club Med" countries. The ruble is a possibility, but too much of the country's GDP is being siphoned off into the pockets of an ultra-wealthy criminal elite.

Much like the U.S., come to think of it...

Anonymous said...

Only a few of you have any idea at all, how pathetic. Only 3% of our currency is actually in circulation... 3%! The rest is just book keeping entries. That is why it went Poof! Super-Hyper inflation will be coming to a theater near you soon, forget gold, you cant find it anyway. (the real price by the way is what its selling for on ebay.) Get food and something to protect it with. When the shtf , probably about mid winter, those of you without will remain without, the rest of us will have no sympathy......

Anonymous said...

invest in inplantible bar codes

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:15 PM,

Out of curiocity, how do you suppose consumer prices will rise?

Oil is down big time...

The Baltic Dry has tanked...

Nobody has a job, and those who do are afraid they'll loose it in the next month... I don't believe we'll see consumer prices rise. If anything, they will crash.