October 15, 2008

Can we all agree now, Democrat, Independent and Republican, that this man has been an epic and total failure?

Last debate to replace this fool is tonight.

Oh, what a mess he's left.


Mitesh Damania said...

We still can't agree. I think we all have to see a total economic collapse and we all have to start looking for grub. Even then some will say it's ACORN's fault.

Anonymous said...

The question is:

Could what this administration has done be considered an actual crime, according to actual law?

Anonymous said...

Yes, President Bush and his administration violated the constitution multiple times. Starting war under false pretenses, illegal wiretapping, dereliction of duty (9-11, Katrina, and if anyone bothered to read HP - the housing/dredit crisis). The list goes on - look up the articles of impeachment that Nancy Pelosi improperly took "off the table". I guess it was too late for the economy by then, but still.

Anonymous said...

I did not vote for him TWICE because I have ALWAYS felt that he rides on the short bus.

Anonymous said...

Bush and Cheney will spend their final years of life in prison. I see no other outcome.

Justice will visit them harshly.

Anonymous said...

I have said for years W is the worst President ever in our history. To that I add he has sown the seeds of destruction for this country and in addition now holds the title of worst world "leader" in modern history as he has effectively fucked up the global economy. He'll probably be the first ex-prez to flee the country. Good riddence

Anonymous said...

There will always be those that think Shrub walks on water. Tards in my family come to mind. He's a disgrace.

Mitesh: ACORN pulled all sorts of shit. There is lots of blame to go around. The Dems are probably more to blame for the housing mess than Shrub. They all suck.

Anonymous said...

the republican jimmy carter will be the butt of jokes for years to come. neither of the clowns running to replace him will be much better. hopefully in 4 years the adults in the republican party will run a decent candidate or a viable third party will emerge to put an end to the failed two (one?) party system.

Anonymous said...

Keith, according to the latest polls, a mere 80% of America agrees that George W. Bush is an epic and total failure.

The other 20% are busy wondering what's on TV, burning heretical books, and remaining proud of the fact that they cannot locate Iraq, Europe, Mexico or Canada on a world map.

consultant said...

It's called high crimes AND MISDEMEANORS.

Bush and Cheney passed that mark a long time ago.

Bring on the hearings!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think for the financial collapse we can only blame the Fed who enabled everyone to live beyond their means. Bush can be blamed for the War in Iraq and the excessive spending associated with that, which took this country into further deficit.

brokersleaveyoubroke said...

A lot of people have already forgotten the fact that Bush wanted to turn our social security money over to those smart guys on Wall street. Can you imagine, your 401K evaporates and so does your SS. Total disaster. Oops, I forgot, Paulson just gave away the treasury to his buddies om Wall Street so SS will probably fail anyway.

Anonymous said...

No, we cannot agree if Bush is/was a failure as a president because it depends from what view you are judging. If from the public view, YES, he was a failure. If from the globalists view, NO, he was a total success. Besides, you don't really think that idiot actually makes decisions on his own, do you??? He’s merely a puppet…

Anonymous said...

President George W. Bush:

THE most hated man IN THE WORLD.

brought to you by John McCain's GOP,


Anonymous said...

He certainly could have done a better job, no doubt in many different arenas, but to blame him solely for this mess, no way.

This mess was long overdue, decades in the making. Short term thinking and too much borrowing with way too much socialization of our housing. Ridiculous. When are you people going to learn.

You have to go back to the basics from our founding fathers. It is as simple as readin, ritin and rithmetic.

Anonymous said...

In reality, I think BUsh did a big favor for me personally. He showed me how much of a bunch of bloodsucking big babies most Americans are.

I think it's funny how most people whine and cry about politics in general when they engage in the same fun and games in their own town or in their business. If you complain about politics, try complaining about the politics at your workplace. It happens all the time. Or how about the favoritism that goes on in your professional lives. Please don't whine about Bush when you elect the same good old boys in your local politics.

ALso, America has had far worst presidents than Bush. Lincoln would have thrown your butts into jail if you spoke out against him like you do online. So would Reagan. And if you were in Iran they would shoot you for being a traitor. Fact of the matter is, America elected Bush into office, and he did exactly what they wanted him to do.

Personally, I think the Bush Administration is a paper tiger.

Anonymous said...

As much as I despise DUMYA, I can no more blame him for the financial downturn, anymore than I can credit FarmBoy for the umpteen billion surplus that was left over when he left office.

Can anyone honestly think that if Gore had won, that the economy wouldn't have tanked after 9/11 and the dot.com crash, that GreenScam wouldn't have dropped rates to next to nothing for too long.

We probably wouldn't be in two failed wars overseas, but would a Gore administration have bucked the trend, and spoken out against the rising "prosperity" cause by the housing bubble! Somehow, I don't think so.

Like Hoover, Bush will be blamed for the crash to the bottom, but in the end, I don't think that presidents have that much say in the matter. That "most powerful man on earth" crap only applies to the little red button.

Anonymous said...


No attacks by the crazed Muslims since 9-11.

A whole lotta dead ones.

The ring leader holed up on a cave unable to show his face ever again.

The Muslim world starting to wonder if they should continue to silently support their fringe extremists.

We have been in WWIII for the past 20 years. GW is the only guy who shifted advantage - US.

I'ld rather be a little poorer and safe and free then dead from a terrorist attack or worse living in a country of constantly afraid citizens waiting for the next explosion.

GW will be judged positively by historians but it will take 100 years to see the shift in the world and the death of Muslim terrorism to appreciate that.

Greenspan and Congress are far more to blame for all of this. They could have fixed it at any time. Bush didn't say it's a great time to take out an Adjustable loan right as rates were set to start rising.

Congress makes the Laws.

Anonymous said...

He makes me sick to my stomach.

Anonymous said...

Eventually, over time a generation or two from now, his name will not be associated with this economic collapse because people will come to realize that it was not just one or even two presidents that caused it but rather their own greed was at fault.

quick, answer withing 3 seconds, who was president when the first depression started???

Who will be remembered is the president that leads us out of this. And it won't be obama. I don't think obama could lead us out of a paper bag.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people have already forgotten the fact that Bush wanted to turn our social security money over to those smart guys on Wall street.


hey dork, wake up. the democrats have just accomplished the same thing with this bailout. who has received more political donations from wall street over the past couple of years????? thats right, the dems.

Anonymous said...

"Anon wrote:

ALso, America has had far worst presidents than Bush."

No we have not, YOU ARE WRONG.

George Walker Bush will be the new dictionary definition of incompetence, treason and failure.

George Bush is a monument to all that is wrong about mankind.

George Bush is a piece of shit. Period.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard?

It's all the liberal democrat's fault who encouraged Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to give subprime loans to poor people.

F@$king poor people, they make me so ANGRY! How dare they bring down our financial system!

At least the victims in this, the executives of fortune 500 banks and brokerage houses, still get their golden parachutes as their companies fail left and right.

George Bush is also a victim because he was completely unable to stand up to these liberals during the past 8 years.



Anonymous said...

Both major parties were a failure. I wonder if there will be articles about the democrats who didn't want Fannie/Freddit to be regulated or that they founded it?

Will democrats get slapped as hard as republicans here?

Or is it one way?

Right now, the republican bashing is huge on this blog. Fine. Now get moving on their indicted (unblamed, by the MSM) co-conspirators - the democrats.

Both major parties are at fault. Deal with that fact.

Kick both major parties out and let's get some third parties in the house/senate/white house.

Ross said...

"If from the globalists view, NO, he was a total success."

Please explain.

Anonymous said...

George W. Bush did NOT fail what he intended to do. He has enriched himself and everyone around him at the expense of ordinary Americans.

Mission accomplished!

Thank you very much Mr. Bush for setting us back a couple decades.

Anonymous said...

He looted the peoples treasury like no other.

He lied us into his war of choice based upon many lies that will cost trillions.

He left a huge scheitt sandwich for us all to eat.

And YET the people insisted Clinton be prosecuted for lying about a blowjob, YET this cretin, team bush; still governs.

We as a country are lost.

Can you say dow 1000, as I surely can! Bring it on!!!

Anonymous said...

You need to debate this?

No wonder you Americans are so screwed up. Any twit with crap for brains could tell you he was a disaster for your country.

And you still need to debate it?

Man... what do you guys use for brains?

Anonymous said...

Most here in the states get their education from faux noise.

Professor oliely, and professor spamnity is all they need, and its all they want.

Anonymous said...

i agree and voted for him twice.

i do like the supreme court justices that got appointed though.

Anonymous said...

Tar and feathers for him, chained to the cart and paraded through the streets of this (once) great nation so that "average" people can get up close and personal...

Anonymous said...

Just as Realtors, mortgage brokers, accountants, attorneys, etc., have to complete a certain amount of career specific education with a passing grade, politicians should be the same--maybe some civics, economics, and even some world geography? The Pres bankrupted more than one company handed down to him through family ties--why would he run the government differently??

Anonymous said...

"Oops, I forgot, Paulson just gave away the treasury to his buddies om Wall Street so SS will probably fail anyway."

Exactly - the people would not freely give SSN, so they took it anyway.

Same for homes and bank assets- you didn't buy them because you didn't believe they were worth that much - so, because you didn't freely buy them, they are just going to take your money anyway.

Anonymous said...

No wonder you Americans are so screwed up. Any twit with crap for brains could tell you he was a disaster for your country.

He still ain't Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, or any of those other former dictators in Latin America.

And don't complain much because the Americans won't be giving revolutionary inventions (internet, microchip, laser, fiber optics, cell phone, laptops, LED, GPS, electronic music, etc, etc, etc) for free to you anymore, rest of the world.

JAWS said...

I think I'm feeling ill.
Bush has been a complete boob for 8 years; McCain is just another boob but I truly think he has early Alzheimers. This Palin is from out of left field. The combination will be great on Halloween. How many McCain and Palin's will trick or treat at our doors.

Anonymous said...

No. I see a few McCain/Palin signs coming out in my town on the front lawns.

Evidently they are dumber than dirt.

Anonymous said...

"...Bush wanted to turn our social security money over..."

If only that cratered as well...

There is a hard-core of bitter devotees who wouldn't abandon their worship if he raped, butchered, and ate a goat on the South Lawn.

Anonymous said...

YES YES YES!!!! I voted for W twice.......TWICE!!!....and it's one of the chief regrets of my life. Seriously, the man is evil and totally brain-dead. How anyone can defend this monkey is beyond me. Anyone but W...

Anonymous said...

Borat says "We hold respect for your premier george bootch"

Anonymous said...

NO we have had much worst presidents, unless you think Nixon and Reagan were better. Last time I checked Bush was first in the oval office around 2001 not the 70s or 80s. Furthermore, Bush isn't King Kahuna, I don't give a damn what the Supreme Court says. Congress makes the laws, the Courts interpret the laws as to whether they are constitutional, and the Executive Branch is supposed to enforce them. At least, that's according the US Constitution if anyone actually takes it seriously. I'll agree that BUsh is a clown but there are plenty of presidents and dictators that make Bush look like Johnny Twinkletoes.

It doesn't matter who gets elected to office, they couldn't stop the financial markets from sinking no matter how many prayers and whine and cheese, bipartisan acts, patriotism, come out of DC. It's not the end of the world, just a Ponzi scheme being put to rest.

Anonymous said...

When Obama becomes President, your whites asses will looooooooong for the days of Bushco. You think bad capitalism is bad, wait till you see Marxism.

Here comes Obamapanic.com. The difference is that his lawyers will lock your asses up for posting what you post here.

Anonymous said...

anyone remember when george bush said in one of his many speeches about more home ownership during his presidency than any other. I do and does anyone fail to understand why the news does not play it over and over again. I know why keep reminding us what a loser he is. But I do recall more housing developments were sprouting up all over anywhere there was empty land, converted county land to city land and slapped up some houses, were dead serious when they charged 500,000 for a 2500 square foot house and people thought that they had gotten a deal. So much for home ownership. My aunt thought Bush was the worst president during the first 4 years I told her he'll be elected again that is why he started this war to gurantee 8 years because no one would vote him out in the middle of a war. Maybe they should have, I voted for Gore and Kerry. Didn't think they were the best choices but now that I look back on it....

Anonymous said...




edd browne said...

Show gwb a dayglo football in a
closet and tell him it's the newkeylar football.

I don't want him to be the decider
playing thermonewk war in his
closing days.

edd browne said...

Democracy requires real literacy.

Let's use a Parliamentary system
until we get functional voters that
can think through an issue.

Too many deadheads on the left and right.
Which way to Canada ?

Anonymous said...

The biggest issue of the last 25 years is spending beyond our means which is evidenced in credit & housing bubbles, broke entitlement programs, massive national debt, etc.

For this, George Bush is no more to blame than every Joe Six Pack in America.

Minus a couple of civil liberties here and there, it would have been no different if Gore, Edwards or Kerry had been elected King.