October 10, 2008

And then someone on Barack Obama's staff found HousingPANIC

"It means doing what I proposed more than two years ago and cracking down on predatory lenders by treating mortgage fraud like the crime that it is."

- Barack Obama, October 9, 2008


Anonymous said...

Oh Please, Oh Please. Let it be. Let the indictments begin! Perp walks now. A minor salve to the gaping wounds inflicted.

Sorry to say, the only way to open the books (which if done last year....) is to change the Republican Admin. (that have proven to be thieves and liars).

Bush's last F Up - 3 months shy of slipping out the back door prior to the roof caving in.

I'm sure he is drawing up the longest Pardon List in history to top it off with No. 1 being Monster Mozilo.

Anonymous said...

and while we are at it lets investigate donations from the GSEs to members of congress.....

I would be satisfied if they investigate the top 10 beneficiaries of GSE contributions.

Anonymous said...

Just don't tell ACORN.

Anonymous said...

Really? So Obama will go against the premise of ACORN, a disgusting group for which he was a lawyer for years? Interesting..and the legion of sheeple grows.

Anonymous said...

There is much talk about failures of markets to regulate themselves and of unethical and illegal behavior causing this. There absolutely was all of the above, but the magnitude of this crisis screams of system failure. This is the result of 80 years of bad government policies:


We need to fix the systemic issues of bad governance, not increase the number of regulations thinking that bureaucrats magically have the answers. They are the ultimate cause of this nonsense!

Anonymous said...

Total Bullshit. Look up CRA and Acorn on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Yea, until he gets into office then into the memory hole it goes.

Anonymous said...

If he was serious about this, that would be enough to get my vote, especially with McCain saying that under his administration the US citizen will be the Atlas holding up the world of bad mortgages.

jazzmanferg said...

Why the hell does everyone want to blame only the banks and the REIC. I blame the consumers more than anyone else. I blame the voters for voting for the republican douchebag so that the democratic Douchebag doesn't get in instead of voting for the independent statesman. I blame the apathetic, media brainwashed, greedy, American Idol watching, lazy, lard eating, uneducated, sheep for actually WANTING socialism so they can get their free crap.

We started a revolution against England for FARRRR less than what is happening now. Rise up? No we will just blame the free market.

America deserves what she gets.

Anonymous said...

the first people we need to go after are folks like ACORN who used illegal intimidating tactics to force banks to lend our savings to poor people who could not pay back the loans.

That's right, ACORN forced banks to lend our hard earned savings to poor people. That's the source of the problem.

Anonymous said...

President Obama can begin with the imediate arrests of George Bush and Dick Cheney for high crimes and misdemeanors. We will figure out the war crimes total later.

Anonymous said...


Well I'm glad someone on his staff found this site...

now they can explain it to him!


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? This guy is a big liar than GWB.

Mr Reformer who "warned" on sub-prime . What a crock of spit.

Affordable housing community activist - check.

Lead counsel for ACORN - check.

Frank Raines as housing consultant - check (someone please explain the difference in the action of Raines vs. Ebbers, Kozlowski and Lay? They all committed accounting fraud yet 3 served or faced time while one just bought a $5M house at the Ritz in DC).

Jim Johnson as head of VP search - check.

#2 recipient of $$ from FNM - check.

Housing reformer - bwaaaaaaaaaaa

The American people really are dumb as rocks to buy this crap.

edd browne said...

Maybe GWB spent some
of his lost years .... in Manchuria.

Anonymous said...

Sure, arrest and jail the mortgage lenders that played fast and loose. But notice all the talk about "innocent homeowners".

Obama knows that plenty of people who got into loans they couldn't afford knew exactly what they were doing. They weren't somehow tricked by "predatory lenders". They gambled and lost, and they should be held responsible for their own actions.

Hmmmm, I guess it means I'm not compassionate if I think that there should be some consequences for people who went on a years-long credit binge and are now getting foreclosed on.

Anonymous said...

Obama, who voted for the bailout, and screw the taxpayer is going to make mortgage fraud a crime again.


Just after he clears out all the democratic cronies in Fannie and Freddie, which should happen around 2050.

I told you, both parties screw us over. VOTE THEM BOTH OUT.