October 18, 2008

And then the realtor backlash started - "How realtors Destroyed America"

If Congress won't break up the NAR (their #1 donor) and put warning labels on realtors (you know, like cigarettes and other things that are bad for your health), then it's up to the people of the economically destroyed nation to turn on these conmen and run them out of town (you know, like Ponzi)

REALTORS - The Profession That Destroyed the American Dream

(thanks Ty for the video)


Anonymous said...

I think homeboy has lost his mind...

Anonymous said...

It's not realtors that caused this you dumbass, Keith. They were participants but they were simply the unwitting fools that are duped by easy credit and loose monetary policy.

It's the Fed, fiat currency and fractional reserve banking that are to blame. They are always the root cause of the problem. Grow a frickin brain and gain some perspective for God's sake!

I sometimes wonder if you are losing it over time because I'm pretty sure you used to understand these things when Ron Paul was explaining them to you. I guess the Obama Hope and Change Kool-Aid has gone to your brain.

Here's a little history and economics lesson for you:

The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control Over America

Anonymous said...

Here in California many people who want to buy don't want to do anything that involves realtors and are opting for direct buy.

Ron said...

On day we will treat Realwhores like the Weatherman character.


Sorry Italian only...

Anonymous said...

realtors are like drug dealers or pimps

Anonymous said...

Realtors are like stockbrokers.

Eclipsed by technology, overpriced, and no longer needed.

Anonymous said...

I only made it half-way through (to the votes). That was pitiful on many different levels.

nke514 said...

Amen to the Money Masters link...everyone needs to watch the video. 3.5 hours, but it is SO good! I know I learned a lot.

Even fiat money is not the direct problem, the main problem is the federal reserve. A private bank printing money and then charging interest on that money, which comes from the ether.

If the government printed money in an amount directly relational to the growth of our economy, with no interest, then we would prosper. This is explained in the video and is proven in history.

vanilla ice said...

She's in the market to buy a home. Is there any women that's not?

vanilla ice said...

"It's not realtors that caused this you dumbass, Keith."

If this debacle deserves one person to represent it, it would be Alan Greenscam.

That doesn't excuse the
Realtors have who have always been fraudulent, deceptive and encouraging people to buy beyond their means. And this simply got out of control in the last 10 years. They are as much to blame for this disaster as anyone else, except of course for the Federal Reserve.

Anonymous said...

Realtors are Obsolete.

There is a amtuerish Blog run by a few of the REIC in Seattle, I have been flaming them for quite some time. THey immediately remove any comments unbecoming their ponzi scheme. The lowest of the low ebb has been reached with a current article wriiten by a member of the REIC entitled:

Joe Sixpack and the Subprime Crisis
Posted by: Ardell DellaLoggia

Just another fucking REIC stooge scraping bottom.

If you have time to waste and want to work out on someone worthy of a tounge lashing check out:

As I have said before and I say again. Every and ALL used-house peddlers posing as professionals: ie: "Realtors" are SHIT.

Anonymous said...


Oprah....is like a Realtor

She has been elevated to a unsustainable Heights!


Dr NY said...

Just goes to show that women cannot think because of hormones and smaller brain size then men.

Mark in Philly said...

The #1 donors to Dems are trial lawyers, unions come in 2nd, 3rd and 4th...

Anonymous said...

Lenders and Wall Street bankers had only a partial role to play in the global economic collapse were the debt manufacturers (like people who make meth but dont sell it). So, who actually sold the debt (meth) and convinced you to buy more than you could afford?

Wall Street brokers didn't sell homes. Lenders didn't sell homes. REALTORS did. Their commission structure incentivized them to more consistently unethical behavior than any other industry. They are the greedy ones. They are the smarmy, lying, thieves of the American Dream.

Watch this clip and imagine this scenario playing out for millions of Joannas across the country with millions of realtors just like this one salivating for their commission and turning a blind eye to ethics and humanity. Im not saying the lenders were ethical, but nobody is mentioning that the *REALTORS* were the ones who wooed you, took you from house to house for months, built up a fantasy of how great owning would be in your head, and guilt tripped you if you rented at the end of the process. Worse, realtors would ALWAYS give advice on what areas and neighborhoods would go up in value. They are not in the position to give such advice. Most of them have sub-par educations from institutions that did not teach economics or finance. In 2005, the president of the National Association of Realtors said there is NO housing bubble (look on Wikipedia under Housing bubble to read more).

So, our society needs to stop blaming Wall Street just because its easier to blame someone you cant see and to blame someone perceived to be in the elite class. Wall Street isnt innocent, but if these people were never SOLD the crack by the convincing, manipulative dealers (realtors) then this never would have happened.

If every single realtor who put someone in a home in the last 5 years returned their commission to every current homeowner, the global economic crisis would be over. Why? Because realtor commission makes up 21% of the value of a home sold between 1998 and 2008. If you got a check for 21% of your homes value, you could pay the mortgage, the banks would be solvent again, and the recession would end.

So, realtors: Thanks for destroying the global economy and for ending the American Dream as we knew it.

Anonymous said...

Realtors now use Market Condition advisory disclosures. All this did was add a bunch of new disclosures. Thats how it's being handeled... So the day of (no) Realtors will never happen. Keep Dreaming.

edd said...

The Rings of Realty Ruin :
-- Purchased deregulation.
--Complacent, ignorant, corrupt governments.
-- Ignorant/reckless home shoppers.
-- Cheating by sellers/flippers.
-- Unethical realtors.
-- Unethical mortgage brokers.
-- Unethical/pressured appraisers.
-- Unethical/greedy lenders.
-- Unethical/pressured underwriters.
(all causing distorted comps)
-- Unethical/greedy MBS sellers.
-- Ignorant, greedy, trusting MBS buyers.
-- Unethical/greedy layered-CDS crooks.
-- Ignorant, greedy CDS buyers.
-- Predatory culture and hedge funds.
-- Silent insider witnesses to catastrophe.
-- No sense of debt to the past and future.

edd said...

I might add
-- Accounting firms (as usual)
-- Rating agencies (as expected)

Bond sellers pay for their own vetting;
and balance sheets often omit the real crap.
I hope Abe Lincoln won't ever know.

Demand serious pain, a thousand perpwalks,
and long prison time for those who won't
cop a felony plea.

Anonymous said...

I liked the video funny as hell, but I can't stand Orman or O.

Toronto realtor said...

I really don't understand, where we have done mistake. Every realtor is trying to sell his listing for the highest price - like in every other business. Where is the difference?
I think everyone has the possibility to do FSBO. But it takes something - time, money and nerves. We can save you time and nerves (and sometimes money too). There are people selling cars, TV sets, newspaper - what's so special about us? We are selling overpriced homes? What's overpriced? When there is demand to buy for a such price, then it can't be overpriced.

edd said...

As a Canadian, your are
free from America's Disease.
If you were American, you would
know that realtors are often less than
professional; and sometimes much worse.

The revulsion against realtors is not about
the good ones, and FSBO is not the idea.
The idea is that the usual six percent
commission is too high, even for a good
realtor, and that sloppy and deceptive
practices are too common.

I personally know some very sloppy,
incompetent, and dishonest realtors,
even indulging in criminal practices.

There is plenty of blame to go around,
and realtors are only part of a corrupt system.

The failure of American education has
made many into desperate marginal
"professionals" who must resort to fraud
for "success", or even to pay their bills.

Some end up in jail; some get sued;
some get fired. Many just continue to
hurt others, since they have a poor
education, poor ethics, and are afraid
to kill themselves.
Again we learn: schools, or ruin.

The House Fairy said...

Hmmm. Maybe she DOES need a man to buy a house. I'm sure any kid she obtains would like a father too!

But I guess it's all about her and her cravings. Financial irresponsibility and fatherless children be damned.