September 03, 2008

Ron Paul, telling you how it is. Too bad America didn't want to listen. That truth thing, it can be a bit uncomfortable.


Anonymous said...

Guess the loonie bin gave him a weekend pass to attend the RNC.

Anonymous said...

Screen all talking media heads immediately.

Those broads with whiny bad voices need to be silenced.

Anonymous said...

I am an American first.
I usualy vote Democratic.
But I will say if it were Barack and Ron Paul, my vote would be for Ron.

spendthrift fools said...

For the last 7 years, we've been living in a neoCON-induced War on Fiscal Sanity.

Ron Paul has been a constant thorn in the side of these greedy, near-sighted, corporate lackeys.

To no avail.

He deserves the Medal of Freedom for his steadfast advocacy for responsible, LONG TERM economic policies.

deficits do matter said...

It's sadly ironic that BushCorp's national security spending frenzy has put the country at greater risk...

By creating a means of foreign government manipulation of our federal policy through ownership of our vast national debt.

Anonymous said...

I propose we split America in two. Allow the diehard supporters of party A or party B to have 1/2 the country and elect B.O. or McSame.

The other half goes to those who realize this two party system is a joke (on us). Our 1/2 will have no parties or delegates, just strait vote counting. Hopefully we'll elect Ron Paul, go onto fiscal responsibility and become wealthy enough to buy back the other half and kick out anyone who cannot think outside a party box.

GT Charlie

consultant said...

The Palin pick proves that not only are some people fanatics, but they also have extremely low or no standards regarding high office.

In terms of analysis, it reflect the great difficulty they have with making comparative judgements. For example, this would lead a person to argue that managing a corner 7-11 is same as being the CEO of UPS.

The undisciplined mind has a hard time dealing with complexity, so the brain does a neat trick. It makes all difficult stuff relative. In other words, that complicated thing over there, it's the same as this simple thing over here. Of course it isn't, but that's how simple minds deal with complexity.

So, what does this say about McCain?

Anonymous said...

I am an American first.
I usualy vote Democratic.


HA HA HA HA. Good one. Thanks man I needed a good laugh this afternoon. The thought of a patriotic American voting Democrat, BWHA HA HA HA HA. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

McCain is above 40 on intrade. He was at 36 pre-Palin. Sorry Qweefie, you and the rest of your lib pals in the MSM can attack all you want. The people see through it all and it's not working.

Look for McCain to be at 45 by week's end. Also look for the polls to show McCain up by 3-5% by this time next week.

edd said...

RP is still a clown.

Anonymous said...

funny how the only sane person in Washington is labeled a "loonie", while the lunatics are free to run the asylum

one day we'll all look back at this and laugh
we'll cry first, but then we'll laugh

Reality said...


What exactly does the CEO of UPS do that shows so much more talent than running the corne store? The former CEO of UPS (2001-2007) was fired because his acquisition of the corner store Mailbox Etc. (now UPS Store) in 2005, and subsequent inability to run those stores for profit.

It's funny that OBama boasts running a campaign staff of 2500 as experience . . . what a waste of human resources, and what a joke. . . not to mention what an insult to the campaign managers. The senator is a blowhard and never had any real executive experience, just like Biden.

Anonymous said...

How does it feel to be taken for fools HPers? All you dopes sent monet to this nutjob who took the money and ran all the way to the bank. Not sure who is crazier, him, or you for following him.


Anonymous said...

Great peice.... Ol' Paul says publicly what I've been saying for so many years.

The demoncratic and republisatanic parties are merely puppets A, and puppets B. It makes absolutely no difference which one is in power in terms of real action. If a demoncrat had been president over the past eight years, the exact same events would have transpired.

Both parties have been hijacked just as has the fed reserve been hijacked.

All three consist of nothing more than bought and paid for shabbas goyim or straight up tribesmen.

Sadly, the brain-washed and brain-dead, ignorant American goyim are either too sedated, or too stupid to ever wake up to this fact. These people are truely too far gone to save.

Honica Jewinski

Anonymous said...

GT Charlie, lemme guess. So in your utopia Ron Paul doesn't win - what do you do? Propose splitting that 1/2 of a country in half, and again, and again, until you get your way? Or would you organize "gasp" a group to spread the good word about Mr. Paul? In the process the group would spread the word about other candidates it supported, and in a few short years you'd have a political party.

The world hasn't always been Democrats and Republicans, and it hasn't always been in a fishbowl on YouTube. If I were you I would shut up for another 10 years or so and listen to fools who talk like you.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul's Speech at the Rally for the Republic

And an excellent speech from Jesse Ventura (not afraid to question 9/11!):

Jesse Ventura's Speech at the Rally for the Republic Part 1

Jesse Ventura's Speech at the Rally for the Republic Part 2

Jesse Ventura's Speech at the Rally for the Republic Part 3

Lady Di said...

Another election. Another lack of real choice. False dilemma. More of the same.

Leave it to RP to articulate what we all know is true.

So sad.

George L said...

I believe most voters whether republicans or democrats have become loyalists instead of independent thinkers.

both sides disregard the real issues and concentrate on petty issues.both parties stick to their guns and people no longer question their leaders for fear of retaliation to a point where it's taboo to question the actions of our government.

we no longer live in a democracy,we only have the illusion that we live in one...

oh Ron where art thou?

Veronica Lodge said...

RE: US plan for world domination...

The Bush Crime Syndicate seems to think that it can bully Russia the same way that it has bullied Iraq and Afghanistan.

After years of murdering and torturing helpless Muslims -- without being punished -- the Bush Crime Syndicate feels that it can now do the same to the Russians. However, unlike the Muslims, the Russians have the ability to fight back hard and they will never give up.

Hitler found this out the hard way. Nazi Germany invaded Poland, Austria, Yugoslavia and France with great success. But Hitler's fatal mistake was picking a fight with Russia.

I was hoping that the Bush Crime Syndicate had learned something from history. Obviously, I was wrong.

The current conflict in Georgia is not an escalation of the Cold War. For the first time in history, we may have US soldiers fighting Russian soldiers.

How fitting it would be if Russia were able to conduct Nuremberg style trials and bring US war criminals to justice for their crimes against humanity.


George L said...

Are Russians going to be the good guys in this movie?

will they beat the mighty U.S. army and liberate us from the Nazis?

oops! I mean, Republicans?

Anonymous said...

ANON September 03, 2008 7:32 PM

Tongue-in-cheek you bonehead.

GT Charlie

Anonymous said...

CSpan Junkie has most of the great speeches from Ron Paul's Rally for the Republic

Great speeches with real issues!!

Not this fake conservative fearmongering and moral high ground crap or this democrat feel good emotional heart string tugging crap.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that old geezer looks like the other outstanding Libertarian Success, what was his name again, oh, yeah, Alan Greenspan.

Conservatives have been bringing their Libertarian New World Order to America for over 40 years now. I wish they would take it somewhere else.

Afterthought said...

"order out of Chaos?" Brilliant... America is a corpse of a nation.

Anonymous said...

That truth thing, it can be a bit uncomfortable."
Yup. Not too many conservatives can accept that America is a failed Libertarian State.

Refuse to buy overpriced said...

"RP is still a clown."

Why is he a clown, edd? Because he dares to question your made-in-Tel-Aviv foreign policy?

Anonymous said...

He sure is a squeeky litlle freak, ain't he?

Yoski said...

"It will take time to restore chaos" GWB
Great, we had 8 years to restore chaos. Mission accomplished. Job well done!
Then we have a bunch of assclowns on this site calling the only viable candidate a clown. I got news for you America! You have the candidate you deserve coming your way! Enojoy the chaos, you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

"Yup. Not too many conservatives can accept that America is a failed Libertarian State."

You obviously have no clue about what libertarianism is!