September 30, 2008

Over the past eight years, did America truly become the Great Deceiver?

We convinced the world that Iraq had WMD. They didn't.

We convinced the world that our currency was safe and secure. It wasn't.

We convinced the world that our mortgages were appraised, triple-A rated, and as good as gold. They weren't.

We convinced the world, post-Sarbanes-Oxley, that are CEO's were legit, and that their personal guarantee was on their companies' financial results. Instead, they were corrupt, the results were fiction, and there would be no prosecutions.

We convinced the world that we should be trusted and respected. Instead, we screwed them all.

So, are we now The Great Deceiver? Should the world ever trust us again? Will the world ever trust us again? And aren't you ashamed that the good name of America has now been destroyed?


Anonymous said...

Yes, Keith we are the great Pretender...Oh yes, we're the great pretender...
Adrift in a world of our own
We play the game but to our real shame...we cant play the mortgage game...

Too real is this feeling of make-believe
Too real when we feel what our hearts can't conceal...

Oh yes, We're the great pretender
Just laughing and gay like a clown
We seem to be what we're not you see...We've got so much debt you could drown...

Too real when we feel what our hearts can't conceal

Oh yes, we're the great pretender
Just laughing and gay like a clown
We seem to be what we're not you see...Our debts are so much we could drown...
Preetendiiing that Credits still arouuuuuunnnnnd...

Anonymous said...

Fatally wounded

Anonymous said...

This is a perfect thread for an Andrew Hac rant!

I do hope he includes the Americano Snapper Turtle voting for McCain and hoping he dies soon so Sarah Palin can be president. SHE'S JUST LIKE US!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Stunning day for Dow: Closes up more than 450
Previous day’s carnage attracts bargain hunters that bolster markets"

Just like in October 1929.

Manias, Panics and Crashes.

Boom Boom. Out go the lights.

No one important will ever trust America about anything ever again.

America is shit.


Anonymous said...

Keith, where is borkafatty? Is he still around?

Anonymous said...

borkafatty and honica eloped

Anonymous said...

Where is the 2000 to 2500 drop that was predicted after the bill was rejected??

These guys are full of it

Anonymous said...

Yep. Wouldn't this be a great time for a terrorist attack? (I am not one, TWIMC.)

Anonymous said...

Not a Great Deceiver just a fat slovenly, stinking pile of putrid lazy, oafish, mentally retarded, self delusional, celebrity amateur karaoke idol worshipping, flunky, drugged up, maxed out, fugly, hot-air-balloon-chest-enhanced, botox injected, Tang-dyed-skinned, gelled up scarecrow hair, Affliction wearing, roidhead and Barbie doll, gas-guzzler-skunk-squishing-tank-driving, moron factory.

That's all America has become over the last eight years.

Anonymous said...

Dead cat bounce people!

Anonymous said...

The fake GOP/CIA/Bush-Co attack on 9/11 (no it wasnt 19 hi-jackers with $1.29 box cutters)was indeed the world's greatest scam, while our elected US officials turned their heads and looked the other way was even more of a tragedy.

Hundreds of millions of Americans, foreign intelligence agencies and world citizens know the truth about the fake attack on 9/11. Its only a matter of time before people are sent to prison for what they did on that tragic day of lies, cover-ups, fake FBI reports and FALSE NEWS RELEASES direct from the White House to GOP TV and Media Network News stations.

Hmmmm.. Hey, who was in charge of the White House and had control of the Pentagon and other FAA/NORAD agencies on 9/11/2001? Who could pull off such fake pre-planned attacks?


Yep. It was Bush and Cheney. The kings of evil rotting mass-murdering scum bags still on the loose in DC. The bush-co doom and destruction continues... I just wish someone whould arrest their asses. Weve had enough of their BS, pain, thefts, cover-ups and over-kill terror alerts. Dont trust any republican. NONE!

consultant said...

No one alive today, outside our borders, with money, will trust us again.

They don't trust us NOW. Which is why they are pulling out their money as fast as they can.

If McCain and VP dipsh!t are elected, look for the US to break up soon after that. Which may have been the real end game for some neocons. People around the world will say, "Oh, stupid fu@king Americans kept in office the people and Republican Party who stole our money!" WTF!!!

Anonymous said...

Loss of confidence in the USA is the real problem.. and the hacks on wall street are doing everything to make it worse.

Anonymous said...

Wealthy investors hoard bullion
By Javier Blas in Kyoto

Published: September 30 2008 19:00 | Last updated: September 30 2008 19:00

Investors in gold are demanding “unprecedented” physical amounts of bullion bars and coins and moving them into their own vaults as fears about the health of the global financial system deepen.

Industry executives and bankers at the London Bullion Market Association annual meeting said the extent of the move into physical gold was unseen and driven by the very rich.

“There is an enormous pick-up in investment demand. I have never seen a market like this in my 33-year career,” said Jeremy Charles, chairman of the LBMA. “The gold refineries cannot produce enough bars.”

The move comes as fears grow among investors over the losses at investment vehicles previously considered almost risk-free, such as money funds.

Philip Clewes-Garner, associate director of precious metals at HSBC, added that investors were not flying into gold simply because they saw it as a haven amid Wall Street’s woes. “It is a flight into gold because it is a physical asset,” he said.

“Vault staff are also doing overtime,” another banker at the LBMA meeting said, adding that investors in some countries were paying premiums of up to $25 an ounce above the London spot price to secure scarce gold bars.

Spot gold prices in London on Tuesday traded at about $900 an ounce, more than 25 per cent above the level before Lehman Brothers’ collapse. Although some traders said the rush into physical gold could boost prices, others cautioned that prices were depressing jewellery demand, capping any price gain. Industry executives said gold refineries and government mints were working at full throttle to keep up with investor demand, but acknowledged they were suffering from shortages, particularly on coins.

Johan Botha, a spokesman for the Rand Refinery in South Africa, which manufactures the Krugerrand, the world’s most popular gold coin, said the plant was now running at full capacity seven days a week. “Even so, now and then we have shortages,” he said.

The Austrian mint, which manufactures the Vienna Philharmonic, a popular gold coin in Europe, said it had extended work to the weekends to accommodate soaring demand.

Last week, the US mint suspended the sale of its American Buffalo coin after it ran out of stocks.
Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2008

Anonymous said...

don't blame me, i had nothing to do with this mess. anyway everyone knew America could never pay all that money back, they like the bankers were holding the national debt on someone else's books. i sorta think this finance thing is like that Wag the Dog movie with Rbt Denero or Al Pacino, make up a fake war, make up a fake financial crisis so they can get their hands on some more money (sure didn't ask for permisson for Fannie Freddie or anybody else)to start and i say start paying back China who is ready to start calling in those loans. i just don't like bush and don't trust him so any conspiracy theory is fine with me.

Anonymous said...

For those new to this blog, or who want to just gain better insight as to what's really going on with our economic crisis, view the following:

"Profits Privatized, Losses Socialized"

Anonymous said...

Some good insights about the "bail-out":

Anonymous said...

Nah, the Great Deceiver is the one pulling the strings of the elites, who are pulling the strings of our government - America is just a pawn in the grand scheme.

Anonymous said...

If I were a creditor to the United States, I'd bail them out and then slowly start taking steps toward the door. No hurry. But in time I'd have my money out.

AndrewHac said...

This Americano nation and its citizens, occupants, dwellers are low, pitiful, pathetic, shameful and despicable.

How can you call yourself the greatest nation on Earth when dishonor, divorce, immorality, greed, cheat is every day's code of conduct, the way to conduct business in the land of the Snapper Turtle ???

Look around you: What do you see ? Fat-ass Americano male and female driving that chicken-coop, pig-raising SUV or F350, for what I may ask ? So you can feel big and powerful, huh !!!. Here is a suggestion if you want to feel all almighty, big, and powerful: Go and invade Red China, right now, at this minute, and see what the result may turn out to be. And that Red China that you, Americano, call them Chink, ain't Iraq. So don't even think or try to play that WMD game that the Americano is famous of.

As I have stated over and over again: This land of the Fat-Ass Americano Homosexual Erectus is a cesspool of sewage now. And to add insult to that, the Americano is being slowly roasted nicely over a bed of white hot charcoal, skewered from mouth to ass like a Snapper Turtle skewered on a green Chinese bamboo stick, juice dripping down, fat oozing, sputtering, succulent flesh aromatically wafting hungryly in the air.

Americano Homosexual Erectus == Roasted Snapper Turtle !!!

Go Hick, Hillbilly and Cracker Nuthead. Party all you can while the going is still good. Drink that Cold Mountain rotgut moonshine until you puke your snapper turtle gut out. The doom day is coming and it will judge you and your heathen crowd justly.

Anonymous said...

Yep. It was Bush and Cheney. The kings of evil rotting mass-murdering scum bags still on the loose in DC. The bush-co doom and destruction continues... I just wish someone whould arrest their asses. Weve had enough of their BS, pain, thefts, cover-ups and over-kill terror alerts. Dont trust any republican. NONE!

Yep, the same incompetent boobs that have brought us a pathetic economic collapse are somehow masterminds of mass murder of Americans. Where do they grow you idiots??

Anonymous said...

In your "Favorite HPer" poll, it looks like you forgot somebody...


Anonymous said...


here is a good one, they claim it was from 2007.

Anonymous said...

Yo Bozo! America is made up from many countries and nationalities! This will blow over and America will be great again! Stop hating and get a soul!

Anonymous said...

Keith you have to report on Hedge Fund...Americans have no clue to the real life secret criminals:
Investigators and regulators are likely to uncover significant evidence of wrongdoing when they examine the records of some of the financial companies that have failed, a leading short selling hedge fund manager claimed.

Jim Chanos, head of Kynikos Associates, believes that some of the public statements that emerged from some of the best-known financial groups could have been seriously misleading.

In depth: Hedge funds - Jun-17Centaurus Capital sells stake in Atos - Sep-26Brussels urged to tighten capital rules - Sep-23Lower taxes draws Krom to Switzerland - Sep-07Odey reaps rewards from agriculture - Aug-04Toscafund reveals 6% WaMu stake - Aug-01

“I do think that what we are going to find out, when regulators and law enforcement people get into some of these firms which have failed, was that . . . the statements which people were making were materially misleading, if not criminal,” he said in a video interview on “It is going to shock people...the extent of the deception to the market.”

The warning comes as some hedge fund managers such as Mr Chanos are scrambling to rebuff a political backlash against their short-selling activities – or the process of borrowing shares to bet that an equity price will drop further in the future.

In recent days, western governments have implemented measures to prevent the short selling of financial company shares, due to widespread allegations that short sellers have prompted equity prices to collapse and thus fuelled a wider market panic.

Some Wall Street leaders have recently, and unexpectedly, supported this measure, arguing that it was justified by the recent panic. However, Mr Chanos and other hedge fund managers say these moves have sown confusion and argue that short selling plays a crucial role, since it can alert investors and policymakers of management failures.

Most notably, Mr Chanos on Thursday said that he and other short sellers had repeatedly sought to warn policymakers in the past couple of years about the scale of bank mismanagement and the problems brewing in the structured finance world.

“If we are going to find criminality, it is not going to be in the arena of market manipulation and rumours, which is where we have all been looking since March, but in the public statements of people who ran these firms [that collapsed],” said Mr Chanos, who also chairs the Coalition of Private Investment Companies, a hedge fund body.

Lawyers in both the US and London are considering lawsuits, many of which are likely to revolve around the extent to which bank executives knew about risks in their businesses.
Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2008

Print articleEmail articleOrder reprints

To those of you who have not heard much or nothing about Hedge Funds get prepared for Hedge Fund 101
By the way Chelsea Clinton belongs in a hedge fund.

Anonymous said...

The last, and biggest, screw comes from foreign investors who decide to cut their losses from us and deal in another currency.

The change here from a 1st-World Country to a 3rd-World Country will be swift and brutal.

Anonymous said...


my favorite serious poster was the thinker.

fav humorous is Hac.

Anonymous said...

no problem, all we need to do is find that city of gold behind the giant president heads.

mphill said...

These posts are filled more and more with anti-American assholes. I wish you would all just leave, and all the problems would clear up.

America is still the greatest country on earth, which is probably why you asshole are still here.

Anonymous said...

Oh don't worry. Everything will be fine. I know it will be, because Monday Night Football will still be on.

But seriously, building our reputation back up is going to take decades...if we can even do it at all.

We spent the last 8 years flaunting our fake wealth and acting like the big bully on the block fighting against countries that are 100 years behind us in technology.

The Average American never helped matters since they were always distracted by stupid things like cell phones, American idol, football, beer, the latest fad, dropping just 5 more pounds, hollywood gossip, etc.

Now they are getting what they deserve. But the bad thing is, now we ALL have to suffer-Even the good Americans-because of the fat, greedy, distracted, pigs that are the majority.

Anonymous said...

Dear Keith,

Do not become drunk on power. Listen to your old friend.

We are not going to have a Depression here in America.

Got cash? I'll bet.

We are just going to have a normal recession. Snooze. Been there, done that. So what?

Bet me. Make the terms fair. You'll lose. We are just going to have a normal recession. Who cares? Big deal.

How about $2,000 dollars? How will we measure it? I say no Depression, just a Recession. Am I a fool? Put up your $2,000. You say how we measure it.

Love you, buddy,

Anonymous said...

You want to see how far America has fallen? Just compare the writings of the Founders to the rantings and moronic chatter of the political classes of today...

The Federalist Papers

We have truly become an Idiocracy where ignorance and stupidity are celebrated and admired.

Our society revels in outrageous and wanton materialism, greed and wastefulness.

Where the "men" of our age disregard and throw away their families when they hit a "mid-life crisis" in the pursuit of a young bimbo they can have a fling with. Tossing all familial love, ties and responsibility recklessly to the wind.

Where pig ignorant, uneducated masses spend like there is no tomorrow and feel entitled to their McMansion's and bailouts to allow them to continue living selfishly and lazily beyond their means.

Where education has been equalized and standardized down to the most basic levels to fit slogans like "No Child Left Behind". That's right no child will be left behind because no child will ever GROW UP!! We're a society of children who have no sense of honor, responsibility, family, respect or even curiosity to learn more and understand the world around us. A society of children that just want to consume their entertainment products, their prepackaged talking points and their predigested drive thru fast food products.

Where men and women pump their bodies full of toxic steroids, botox and silicone all in the quest to be "beautiful" while their numbskull brains shrivel like prunes.

America has become the ultimate obese waddling, cream puff lardass,


insular, isolationist (most Americans have no desire to ever leave the shores of America they think a trip to Tijuana or Disneyland is an exotic trip overseas),

loud, obnoxious, annoying,

mentally handicapped and proud to know nothing "I don't know that shit!" Jackass mentality,

intolerant, racist, Muslim hating, Asian hating, Negro hating, Eskimo hating, can't point out where they are on an atlas airhead,

war loving, flag waving, beer guzzling, wife-beater wearing, poor hygiene, book burning, fake Christian,

stupid mooseturd governor worshipping,


Anonymous said...

The word over on tickerforum is that the Senate is going to attach the bailout bill to the bill that revises the alternative minimum tax (or something equivalent) and then send it to the House to be voted on - so that if the House votes it down, they are voting down alternative minimum tax revision also (something that they wouldn't want to do)

If this is true, everyone needs to keep phoning and emailing their congressmen and Senators. If they know that their opponents will be getting lots of donations to defeat them this upcoming election, they still may vote no on the bailout.

Anonymous said...

"America is still the greatest country on earth, which is probably why you asshole are still here".

Spoken by some Red State Redneck Retard shit stain who has never even left the USA! Dumb bitch doesn't even have a passport.

Go join the douchebags at They have a daily circle jerk there you will enjoy.

consultant said...

"These posts are filled more and more with anti-American assholes."

Michael, it's called FREE SPEECH. It has a long, rich history in this country and it is one of our prized possessions. People have died to exercise it. People have given up everything to speak out against the forces of the day.

Read the Constitution Michael. Okay?

Anonymous said...

You know what, I'm sick and tired of you Andrew Hac and your santimonious bullshit. Who the hell are you kidding acting like you are superior to anyone?

Where are you from Andrew Hac that gives you the right to talk down to anyone?

Latin America, where you have been fellating and getting ass raped by tyrants for centuries?

Europe, where you are in the same ass as the United States and where the idea of culture is a sold out David Hasselhoff concert?

Asia, where you can't even feed yourself and sell your children to pedophiles?

Africa, where you make Asia look civilized?

Australia, where your ancestors were murderers and rapists?

Oh you must be from Antarctica in which case why don't you go outside and let a penguin gnaw off your frozen pecker.

Yeah America is far from perfect but if it wasn't for us you would be typing your tired old bullshit in broken German or broken Japanese instead of broken English so go F yourself and kiss our ass you Eurotrash POS.

Anonymous said...

This andrew hac guy makes me laff...I agree with other sentiments about the Thinker and Dopes being popular too. Personally, I think the most intelligent poster has been investorinPa, but I'm biased

Anonymous said...

Seems like over the last eight years (2001 to 2008) the Dow Jones Transportation Average have just inflated to abnormal high, and in the last two years it has been testing those high.

Then compare gradual raise of the Dow Jones Transportation Average from (1977 to 1999) prior to the 2000 to 2001 fall.

Does it make you wonder if Dow Jones Transportation Average will fall sharply in the next couple of years.

Take a look at the chart of Dow Jones Transportation Average Verse Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Anonymous said...

consultant, I totally agree with you. It is one of the keys to our freedom. I do like what my sister says too: "free speech really implies you have something to say." But even some of the crazy stuff can give rise to an idea.

Anonymous said...

Even though we deceived the world again and again, they are too stupid and will continue to trust the U.S. I can for the life of me can never understand why the Chinese, Japanese, Germans, Dutch and Middle Easterners would continue to buy up our treasury bonds. In all reality, they won't be paid back and if they are, they are earning negative rates of returns.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Hac is Chinese.

Anonymous said...

I think Andrew is a American . he just knows to much about some parts of the USA culture to be a foreigner .

Other countries have big housing bubbles also,so the whole World ate of the housing boom greed .

The rest of the World Banks have their own toxic junk loans to deal
with .

Anonymous said...

"Fiery the angels fell; Deep thunder rolled around their shores; Burning with the fires of Orc"

Blade Runner

Anonymous said...

Maybe we are the Great Satan?

Are we to put money before morals?

Reward Sinners (Wall St.)

Punish the Innocent (savers)

Black is white

White is Black

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but your first statement is wrong. You didn't convince anyone outside of the U.S and Britain that Iraq had WMD.

Anonymous said...

fiat money is the biggest deceiver.

The us government defaulted on its debts in 1933, all gold bonds and certificates not paid according to terms.

Then they defaulted again in 1971, all silver bonds and certificates not paid according to terms.

Now, when the third default takes place......we're screwed royally.

Anonymous said...


If we leave, who is going to pay the taxes?

And, what other country have you lived in for a period of time to assert that America is the greatest country on Earth?

And, finally, we are pissed because our country has been taken over by a bunch of leacherous bastards, we do not hate true America.

Anonymous said...

"Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies." - Thomas Jefferson.