September 06, 2008

Open Thread - talk about your favorite HousingPANIC memories here

A few more weeks until we're shuttin' 'er down, so have at it

Classic villians, best quotes, favorite posters, dumbest realtors, stupidest housing markets, etc.

What are some of your favorite memories over the past three years on HP?

Sing us out, Elvis...


evildoc said...

But, McCain at this point likely will win, thanks to the Palin choice. I don't embrace. I do observe.

I again accept publicly Keith's $100 bet as to outcome of the election. How do wwe go about setting aside the cash?

Miss Goldbug said...

My favorite HP memories are...

The "Suzanne" video! It's truely the gift that keeps on giving...

Another video is "financial heros" Where the couple can't afford to eat nothing but top ramen on their 1 mil dollar granite counter tops - These are the best!

Most of all, I'm going to miss the funny pictures on this blog. (especially the stick people ones) They're such stress relievers admist all this media madness about how our financial problems are "contained".

Good Luck to you Keith. Thanks for your relentless efforts in posting news and funny pictures to your blog every single day from day one. It has been a wonderful venue for bloggers who do not think like the masses.

I will miss you and your blog very much :(

Anonymous said...

Darn you Keith ,I am going to miss the humor . The pictures were priceless .

Anonymous said...

When we "were" going to do a Vegas trip and put offers on houses, rent a limo, etc. But useless Keith, who was not even part of the trip, shut down the plan. Those were such good memories.

Anonymous said...

Can we have a special thread dedicated to Andrew Hac?

Anonymous said...

No memories, but don't miss this story!

Costs Savings of Buying versus Renting
Calculations Rent Purchase
Monthly rent/estimated mortgage payment $1,000 $1,385
Purchase price of home $250,000
Percentage of down payment 25,000
Length of loan term (years) 30
Interest rate 6.2%
Years you plan to stay in the home 5
Yearly property tax rate 1%
Yearly home value appreciation rate 4%
Price of home after appreciation $304,163
Remaining balance after 5 years 209,887
Equity in house $94,276
Tax savings (28% bracket) $23,030
Avg. monthly payment over time 1,047 (rent) 499 (own)
Total payments (over 5 years) $62,820 (rent) $29,973 (own)
Total savings if buying $32,847

There ought to be a law....

Paul E. Math said...

I loved the one you found a realtor or homebuilder that was offering pizza as an incentive. Such a laughably insignifcant inducement to buy that only a complete moron would be affected by it and only a complete moron would think that someone might be affected by it.

At the time someone joked that there would be 2-for-1 houses and condos before all this is over. Sure enough, about a year later, you found a 2-for-1 deal that some desperate homebuilder was offering.

That's good stuff.

Anonymous said...


Paid Off said...

Your blog helped me stay sane during this housing crash while the MSM ignored or denied what was happening. I was able to make better financial decisions and educate my family and friends. I became a Ron Paul supporter and influenced other people to become more informed about our political and economic system. I will miss you Keith and I hope you start another blog.

Towjam said...

“Bubbles are for bath tubs”

say it aint so said...

HP promoted gold and the commodity boom along with the dollar bust in 2005 and early 2006. A bit early to the party, but I made a couple bucks.
Thanks for the memories.

guy n. cognito said...

"we told you what would happen, and then it happened"


Roccman said...

Best moment...

When you featured me on a thread as a troll...

Thanks bro!!!

When juxaposed with how many times I have been in the 5 ring about the reality that the housing crash really won't amount to squat when all this is said and done...

Kinda makes ya look like an idiot Keith.

That said ....gonna miss taken you out to the wood shed repeatedly.

Enjoy the Dieoff bro...!!!

cuz it is on its way...

Anonymous said...

How about the Basketball Coach from St Louis that you profiled, was arrested and is serving time?

Please put up a link to that one Kieth!


Pompous S Monson said...

Favorite ones? Probably Casey. I'll remember Casey and the nearly 1 year of constant laughs until the day I die. On my deathbed, I'll chuckle about Sweet Dealz, Haterz, and Good Things are Coming.

All the other ones involve bailouts using my tax money or inflating away the value of my income.

Maybe the best moments are yet to come, like Mozillo, Perry, Obama, Bush, Cheney, and others doing a perp walk.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Real Estate Clerks,
"Honey get the Flag, 911 is out again!!,
Casy Serin,
Swan flame war/pile on,
Buzz, Mammoth, Richard,
Bubble rap (I wrote it),
More later.
FMW aka Infidel Woman

Anonymous said...

Is that Sarah Palin on the right of Elvis?

Anonymous said...

My favorite memory is of the numerous pro-real-estate bloggers that would come on and post derogatory commments. As time went on they slowly disappeared and now are absent. I guess they have better things to do now, like look for a job so their time for posting on blog-sites has been reduced. My favorite of all pro-real-estate bloggers of Osman. His arguments were plausible but not logical. He too disappeared.

Because of HousingPanic, I sold my home in 2005 and have been renting since. Thank you Keith for your insight and dedication.

I don't think that you should shut down HousingPanic, I think that your should simply adjust the name to represent the next stage of the the crisis. Perhaps change the name to CreditPanic.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous poster:
September 06, 2008 4:44 PM

What sort of appreciation value are you using to calculate the rise in the value of that home?

What you and others like you fail to realize is that your formula only works in an appreciating market. Tell me what the outcome looks like when you enter -1, -2 ....-20 % reduction in value per year on that "owned" home.

andy in nz said...

I gonna miss DOPES!

Cheers Keith...

Anonymous said...

Favorite memory: The story about Grandma Jackie who spoiled her grandchildren with money from refinancing her home, then couldn't make the payments when her re-financed mortgage reset to a higher rate. I loved the quote from Grandma Jackie; "I'm a giving person". Yea, right.

Lost Cause said...

Casey Serin, without a doubt.

Anonymous said...

Publish a book. If you DARE.

Mozillo will need some reading material. In the joint...

bitterrenter said...

I think my favorite moments were skewing the right wing ignorant brainstems and getting to know them better as the subhuman garbage that they are. That way when the results of conservative economic policies force them further down, hopefully to point of living in tents in parks, I can picture them suffering.

Remember brainstems: Vote your bitterness, anger and resentment and against people you know are superior to you in every way- the liberals.

investorinpa said...

Without question, the funniest thing I ever saw on here was the Countrywide ad that made the Tan Man look like the KFC guy...the ad had said "CFC". I actually printed that out and still laff at that 2day. After that, the funniest thing on here has to be the comments made about Tom Adkins.

Lady Di said...

Suzanne will always hold a special place in my heart.

I loved the endless mocking of the realtors, especially when 'ramen' was included in the same sentence.

suzanne said...

"It hath been foretold".... my all time favorite

HP'er 4 Life said...


Thank you for your insight, tenaciousness, and overall effort to go againt the grain of the mainstream to bring to light the truth and to freely share it. The education I have taken in over the past few years has had a profound effect on me personally and my family. I have felt like an insider of sorts throughout the bubble - enough to deleverage in time, to actually make money on the backside so far, and to position my family for prosperity downstream. I can't thank you enough.

I totally agree with another HP'er, you could adjust the name and keep on going. This is far from over and our leaders do not seem to have the backbone to change their ways. I believe it will take the people to awaken and rise up to truly affect the degree of change needed to make this country great once again for all classes of people not just the elite. It will also take leaders like you to help them find the path.

Would you consider continuing on in some fashion?

Anonymous said...

My favorite memory?


What an f-ing moron. What makes him so hysterically funny is the way he takes himself so serious.

Corporate trainer and whiz kid? No way!

Anonymous said...

Ramen eating realtors, Americano snappy turtle, Suzanne,, Burn Baby Burn, FBs and desperate homedebtors, they're not making any more land you know, real estate always goes up, the graph of bubbles - wow am I smart!, DOPES!, Orangelo Orangzillo, David Lereah

All things I had no clue about before HousingPANIC.

This site deserves its own dictionary.

Anonymous said...

"fat ass americano tasty grilled snapping Turtle".. a classic!

crabbiepatties said...

It's gonna suck when your gone Keith. Even though I've disagreed with you on some things I've always had a ton of respect for you wit, wisdom and insight. There so many times that I've logged on and had my eyes pop out of my head at the info that you've posted. I hate to say goodbye *tears*.

Synanon said...

You won't stop the blog Keith.

You haven't connected all the dots.

keyser soze said...

I liked that picture of the huge snake crossing the road and the poster saying...'that's a realtor!'

BananaRepublicrat said...

The Strawberry Picker
The Snapper Turtle
Year-Round Golf

Anonymous said...

Umpa loompa Mozillo the orange man. That one had me ROFLMAO!

jfp said...

I liked the trolls. Dopes was my favorite. I could never quite believe he was real. He was just so perfect at pushing people's buttons.

Well anyhow, I have got to finish roasting this snapper turtle before the die off starts. Wouldn't want to miss that.

6%Realtor said...

Sorry Dudes, Real Estate is still alive and well here in Sacramento. Working my tail off, which is why I have not been posting. Closing too many deals.
Real Estate is a great business to be in! Lots of happy customers, and Maui here I come... but I still agree the NAR is full of idiots.