September 09, 2008

Only a couple of Republicans could mock community service. And only a couple of Republicans could blame the media for their downfall.

I truly feel sorry for McCain and Palin. And I truly feel sorry for their few supporters.

I hate the Democrats. And I hate the Republicans. And I don't understand anyone who identifies with either corrupt party.

That said, any party that would mock and belittle community service deserves to simply go away. As the Republican party will this November.

And when the Republicans do come back, if they come back, I hope they'll return with Ron Paul at the helm. Because George Bush and John McCain have been a disaster.


Anonymous said...

Please Keith, shutup about this ridiculous two party system. Don't you see how it is designed to divide as and distract us from the real issues?

How many man hours have we spent (and I mean the United States citizenry as a whole) spent on this pointless bickering between these two corrupt parties? What have we solved? And what will either one of these bozos running for president realistically solve??

Absolutely nothing!!

They both promote the phony "global war on terror" which is really just a military psychological operation to disguise US goals for full spectrum global dominance.

They both have nothing to offer on the problems with the economy. You can hear the crickets as these bozos grandstand and bicker on the podium while the biggest bailout in history takes place.

Oh wait! Obama says he will focus on finding the real perpatrators of 9/11 like Osama bin Laden (even though We The People know it was a false flag op).

Oh! But McCain counters and says that he knows how to find Osama Bin Laden but he's not going to tell anybody how until he's elected!

McCain vows to catch bin Laden if elected

Oh, look, Obama has a plan for fixing public education!! SPEND MORE MONEY!! Woooohoo!!

Obama Pledges to Fix No Child Left Behind

This is just comical. Do I need to tell you that? These "leaders" do not deserve the time of day. They are a joke and the only thing they deserve is wholesale rejection!!

When are we going to stop falling into this stupid two party method of divide and conquer and realize that it's We The People versus the criminals, tyrants and elites in government not right versus left!!

Anonymous said...

I never understood why Democrats/liberals get so pissed at George W. Bush. He's one of you. He's not conservative in the least. He's a spend spend spend liberal piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

i live in chicago.
the definition of a community organizer is one who, through ties to politics, organized crime or both, works to better his own position through missleading the ignorant or bought off masses.
the US does not want chicago politics going nation wide.

gwk said...

Your favorite community leftist has lost you know it your blog knows and he now supports tax cuts charter schools the surge (almost) so what's left but November maybe you should stay in France you may have some Hollywood company.

bobby said...

if you're a republican thinker, it's not sentimentality that creates culture; so, yeah, obama was a community organizer and held people's hands but, truly, that's what the church did in the old ages and culture moved on and tried to solve problems in others; sadly, we haven't found a better mousetrap.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul Makes an Appeal for Third-Party Candidates

Mark in Philly said...

It is not community service. Mother Teresa is community service. Obama working for the 40% tax payer supported hard left wing group ACORN is not community service....

At the same time Obama bought and moved into a million dollar house. Some community service.

Anonymous said...


F**K That!

A community organizer is nothing more than a woman who tells what neighbor what to bring to the block party.....potato salad, ambrosia....etc!

Don't turn it into something larger than life!


Anonymous said...

and in the case of Obama

who brings the fried chicken, ribs and watermelon!

Anonymous said...


Why the Hell are you Wacko Libs so afraid of an unqualified governor of a small state, a woman of Faith with a pregnant daughter and a handicapped new-born?

You S.O.B's are Terrified!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Barry Obama was about as into "community service" as Leona Helmsley.

Anonymous said...


I'm just as anti-BushIII as you right now, but MCCAIN WILL WIN THE PRESIDENCY THIS NOVEMBER.

Here's a FRACTION of the reasons why:

1. Republicans can get votes by mocking community service. But it's offensive if any Democrat mocks small-town public service, like being a mayor as a hobby.

2. Republicans can involve themselves with any religious FREAKJOBS they want. It's offensive if Obama's pastor goes freako.

3. Republicans can flip-flop on various issues every damn day--it's called "evolving your position" or some such. Democrats? Nope!

4. McCain can involve himself with a criminal like Keating on a matter of national financial interest. It's okay, it was a long time ago! But Obama begin on the opposite side of a little private real estate deal? HORRORS!

5. McCain can use a phrase like 'lipstick on a pig' when referring to Hillary, but if Obama does it, like he did today---BOOOOOO!

6. Republicans can STEAL from the middle class and give to (or bail out) the rich--it's called "economic stimulus", or "trickle down", or "medicare reform" or some such. If Democrats try to balance the budget and help the poor at the same time----BOO HISS, socialism! Big government!

7. A Republican can have military service, either real or FAKED, and it automatically makes him the best leader for the country. A democrat with 3 purple hearts? VERY SUSPICIOUS. NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

8. Republicans can LIE about their background, about national security, the economy, whatever, but if a Democrat says something about establishing the internet and it's misinterpreted as a fib---ERRRNK! YOU LOSE!

9. Republicans can have affairs, leave their wives, be secretly gay, etc. But if a Democrat has an affair or a funny middle name---EEEWWWWWW GET AWAY FROM ME!

10. Republicans can have a widespread reputation for being a angry, bitter, nasty, spiteful, backbiting, jerk FUCKER--it's okay, it's just being a "Maverick". But a Democrat? If you "rebel yell" at an upbeat campaign stop your are disqualified. If you raise your voice in an interview about your former presidency it's a major transgression.

11. If you're a republican and you have ten houses with your filthy rich wife, or you have huge oil wealth, ranches and seaside compounds, you are a "regular guy." But if you are a democrat, growing up with your single mom and your grandparents, or having a stylish hairdo, makes you a slimy elitist, even if your whole message is helping your fellow citizen.

See, there's a double standard the self-deceiving republidiot voters will not allow the party OF THE PEOPLE to get around. Call it the "manure ceiling".

roger61611 said...

Video didn't work but assuming this is about Palin's reference to Obama being a "community organizer", remember, to Obama, the term means being a communist agotator.

It's not about blood drives and food pantries.

Anonymous said...

They are talking lipstick, and community service, and reverend Wright and 9/11 docu-drama... and nobody has been even investigate for the biggest fraud and crime against the American taxpayer. The house and senate are quiet and nobody cares, as this is the government for the special interest,by the special interest, of the special interests.

We will be paying this for generations to come. We'd better start to apologize to all our descendants.

You are right, I hate them both for all the damage that they have caused to this great nation !!!!

Anonymous said...

Keith you're nuts. A community organizer is about as bullshit a job as there ever was. You have to be one far left liberal Democrat partsian hack to not see through that. I know you and the rest of your HPer nutroot types are going apeshit that Obama's in a freefall, but come on.

Anonymous said...

Coomunity service? I do hope you're not serious. BHO worked for organization whose primary purpose is voter fraud. In addition, the are one of the biggest villains of the housing bubble since they browbeat banks into extending credit to poor credit risks and, now the chickens are home to roost..they are insisting everyone be allowed to stay in these homes they couls never afford. In short a bunch of victim-peddling, race-baiting thugs.


"I hate the Democrats. And I hate the Republicans. And I don't understand anyone who identifies with either corrupt party."

But you seem to bash the republicans more.

I'd like to see you bash both parties equally. Odrama is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Obama needs to stop saying "uuuuh" when he is talking silence is better than ummms and aaaaahs.

Mel said...

It's pretty obvious to any fair-minded observer that the Republicans weren't mocking community service. They were mocking the pretension that being a community organizer is a huge responsibility. You appoint yourself as community organizer, and there's no accountability if you fail to deliver.

Anonymous said...

It was obama that started the community service mocking by mocking Palin's experience as a small town Mayor. Making is seem like she was Barney Fife.

Palin did not mock obama's community organizer experience, she simply said that being a Mayor is a lot like being a community organizer. Which is true.

Oh, BTW, here is a news flash for you:

Obama is running for president against McLoser not Palin.

Anonymous said...


Did you even listen to what Obama said in that clip? He claimed to have created jobs as a community organizer.

He starts out by crying about how the republicans were lacking plan and idea specifics for the first 2 days of the convention. Well, I don't recall many specifics mentioned in the democrat convention either.

W.C. Varones said...

Mock community service?

I volunteered at the soup kitchen. Does that qualify me to be President?

hlowe said...

Palin and Rudy Giuliani knocked Obama for only being a community leader. Interesting considering
the republicans are trying to shore up the evangelical vote.

The best response I've heard to Palin's speech: Jesus Christ was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor.

Anonymous said...

Whose downfall ? The guy that calls woman reporters "sweetie", the guy's cmapaign comes up with a million rumours with a plane load of low life lawyers and PI's digging for dirt in Alaska ? What a sorry asss campaign !!! The guy thats has T-sirts that say "Bros before Hoes" ? is that the uplifting campaign you are talking about ? You are just as pathetic and dirtbag as the guy you worship !

Anonymous said...

You are an equal-opportunity hater! How about that, can't wait to sign up! The I hate everything unless you join my way of looking at things club!

Anonymous said...

Really, community service is a joke. Anybody who's capable typically gets paid, which leaves a lot of losers and weirdos doing community service.

I used to teach illiterate people to read, and it was great, but I'm a little busy now. I guess that's another thing - people doing community service don't have much going on.

So, leading such people qualifies you to run a country? Not likely.

Anonymous said...

"I truly feel sorry for McCain and Palin. And I truly feel sorry for their few supporters."

Few? Have you looked at the polls recently?

It's over dude, McCain's got this one. Better luck next time. Oh and here's a hint for next time...don't nominate a muslim socialist with ties to domestic terrorists.

bickerer said...

I feel sorry for you delusioned freaks. Why don't you just close this hellhole down keith. Alls you got left is a few left wing nuts anyway.

Anonymous said...

The best response I've heard to Palin's speech: Jesus Christ was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor

Bill Clinton was a governor also. You were saying idiot????

happy homeowner in the stix said...

Sorry, but McCain and Palin don't have just a few supporters. They got a lot of 'em, just not many in Europe where you are hanging out.

And yeah....did the "community service organizer" thing once for a chapter of Single Volunteers. I didn't get paid for I guess not only am I qualified for the nuclear football, I have achieved Buddha nature, right?