September 14, 2008

OK HP'ers.... HousingPANIC continues! And for politics, head over to AmericaPANIC

All the craziness of the past few weeks (Fannie, Freddie, Lehman, WaMu, etc) has me thinking of taking HP to extra time. It'd be tough to leave you all hanging right when the juicy stuff's hitting.

The housing bubble and crash story isn't done yet. We're not at the "puke point" yet.

And as HP'ers know, the political conversation has come to dominate the housing conversation. And the craziness of the Obama/McCain debacle is gonna get even better. So it needs its own space.

So, at least until the election, HP is about the housing meltdown, and I've set up a new blog, AmericaPANIC, to talk about politics, policy, and the issues confronting America that nobody seems to want to address.

Bookmark it, fire away, chime in, and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Its not a melt down. Its the Libertarian New World Order. And you had better get used to it.

holyschlitz said...

Thank you, the politics was getting old, the housing mess is much more entertaining/depressing

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Keith thanks, that is great news. See you at AP!

i've had it said...


you did the right thing here.

hp was not the place for all the political stuff. certainly, politics does tie into the housing problem but you went into a different direction with HP and it didn't work. i'm glad you took my suggestion (and i'm sure others) to heart and created this new site so that those who want to rant and rave about those "evil" republicans can do so. how that's different from the dailyKos and many other leftwing blogs i don't know. but maybe AP will evolve into something else for those of us who don't like either party.

now that you've done this, i'll be back contributing to HP!

keith said...

I've had it - remember, I loathe the Dems AND the Reps. I can stomach Obama, and I hate McCain. Palin I just laugh at.

I'd like AP to be an independent's blog, for patriots who care.

It makes me sick that this campaign is about bullsh*t issues, when we're $53 trillion in debt, we're a nation on the decline, our government just bought up most of the mortgages in the land, and the entitlement bomb is going off without anyone caring.

I hate the democrats.

I hate the republicans.

And I think a lot of you do too.

Miss Goldbug said...

AmericaPanic - what a great name for the new blog!

Absolutely. We must have a blog for these historic times ahead.

Thank you. :)

Hamstrung said...

This is a great idea, Keith. Give to "politics", a blog of its' own. I love the "housing" blog.

Great idea, and here's hoping that you will change your mind, and allow this housing blog to continue. Don't stop it after the elections. Like you said, we've not reached the "puke point" yet. We're still in the third inning of this housing mess. I must say that i'm beginning to wonder if there'll ever be an end to this mess.

Keep up the great work, and thanks for all your persistence/work in keeping this blog going!

Anonymous said...

I listen to INDI TALK on SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO and it's great. In the afternoon they have THE BLOG , where the host pick a BLOG at random from the web and contacts the person and puts them on the air. I hope they find you soon , Keith.

Pull the Plug said...

Why not close this blog?

Like America, its not like it used to be.

bitterrenter said...

Unfortunately for you and the other non-partisans on here, there is no magical third way. You either believe in a dog-eat-dog, radically individualistic society or in a collectivist, cooperative society that works together for progress.

History shows us that the former works only for the few. The latter is where humans have made their greatest strides.

You can hate the democrats all you want but they're the closest thing we have to the ideology that works.

michael said...

welcome back casey!!!!

seriously though. thanks for making 2 sites.

back to housing!!!!!!

Paul E. Math said...

My grandmother thanks you, Keith. I was thinking I might have to come up out of her basement but that fear no longer haunts me. Thanks again.

investorinpa said...

Keith, this is a good move. To give it a company perspective, HP is your consistent but slowing readership. America Panic is your upstart product. So you do what corporations do and spin it off and let it run on its own. Good thinking.

I'm sure there will be some overlap between the 2, but its best to keep the conversation on HP about financial matters and for AP about political matters.

Afterthought said...

The Housing Panic was just an in your face objective proof of the deeper crisis.

Obama would just be "hope" for a change, not the actual change we need. Not that I blame Obama, he's in over his head. No, the only way Americans will shake off their narcissistic stupor is with a collapse.

Anonymous said...


SeattleMoose said...

Both parties are finger puppets on the same hand...pretending to be different and to dislike each other.

I guess the only "controversy" is which finger puppet sits on the middle finger.

Anonymous said...

How are the two not connected? It is all the same ball of wax.

Anonymous said...

bitterrenter said...

Unfortunately for you and the other non-partisans on here, there is no magical third way. You either believe in a dog-eat-dog, radically individualistic society or in a collectivist, cooperative society that works together for progress.

I am not a demo or a repub. I despise corruption, graft and theft whether it be politicians or unions or the mafia, but I almost always agree with bitterrenter's take on things. That doesn't make me a liberal or a democrat. It makes me a person that believes that people should work together so that everyone gets a fair shot at things.

I pray for the upcoming collapse, even though I know that it will hurt my balance sheet as well as everyone else's.

I want to live in a country where my neighbors like me because I can watch their dog when they go on vacation, or I can share my garden with them, make cookies at Xmas and give them to everyone, or invite them over for spiced wine, maybe sit on my deck and have a beer in the evening with my neighbors and look at the mountains and talk about our hobbies and interests. If you bring up real estate or granite on my deck you go over the side.

I don't need neighbors that like me because I have f**ing granite countertops and hickory floors, stainless steel appliances and travertine tile.

I welcome the die off because it is the ONLY way that this bunch of materialistic leeches will wake the hell up.

See ya in the soup line neighbor. How's that new SUV and granite working out for ya? Today's soup is dirty dishwater. Maybe they will have seconds? So while we wait for soup do ya wanna talk about abortion, gay rights, and Sarah Palin?


Anonymous said...

May I suggest you get a coblogger to help with either site if you have blogger's fatigue or if you lack enough time.

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Thanks for BOTH sites!!

Lost Cause said...

What about Lehman Brothers? What are they, chopped liver?

Lost Cause said...

The Republicans made me love the Democrats.

tom12008 said...

I really like the solution you have decided on. AmericaPanic is a perfect name; it's broad enough to accomodate a wide range of issues outside of housing, but keeping HP alive is great, too, because the next couple of years are going to get very interesting. said...

Thank you, the politics was getting old, the housing mess is much more entertaining/depressing

Good call, the political commentary was basically the same stuff every day. Housing is a lot more interesting.

I've had it - remember, I loathe the Dems AND the Reps.

I dunno man, that's like saying Fox is "fair and balanced." You say you hate them both but your political commentary seems to be one big Obama lovefest. I find it hard to believe that you really loathe the Dems.

Lady Di said...

Excellent decision.

We're probably in the 3rd inning.
of U.S.A., Inc's meltdown.

Your work is not done here.

Agent 99 said...

This is really great news!!!

We now need a puke-point graphic.
Great spin-off idea, Keith.
Thanks for hanging in...we still have a ways to go and I didn't want to go it alone.

I wonder if I should change my name on AmericaPANIC?

Anonymous said...

Please stop writing your anti-american tripe.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you an expatriot? And doesn't that make you quite literally expatriotic?

Anonymous said...

Just when I though we would loose one of the most important blogs of our time, You pull through with a great solution. Keep up the good work.

A vote for Obama is a vote for McCain

A vote for McCain is a vote for Obama

Anonymous said...

Great news Keith.
I truly enjoy your blog and have recommended it to many people.
Looking forward to your new blog!

bitterrenter said...


Thanks for the supportive words. But I hope you realize that the brainstem conservatives and libertarians reading your post were rolling their eyes at your idealistic hope for the future. They and their political party (republicans) DESPISE the world you describe. They don't believe in it and don't believe it ever existed. They'd rather celebrate savagery and delight in the decline of civility. That's why all of their foreign policy scenarios involve overt shows of force, lots of destruction, total domination and humiliation of the opponent. They HATE diplomacy as they see it as weak. Most of them, the men at least, have a masculinity complex where everything is solved through aggression.

That is until they get touched by it. Then they weep and moan like they did after 9/11 when some of that aggression got turned back on them or when a relative is killed in Iraq.

They also HATE cooperation, preferring harsh competition. They ENJOY seeing people lose out. We're talking about people who would SHIT on their excess food rather than share it with someone in need.

That's why, like you, I eagerly await the massive downturn we're going to have no matter who gets elected. I can't wait to see the WalMart families rendered homeless and destitute by the economic system they supported out of ignorance and fear of liberalism. I can't wait to see the masses, most of which voted republican at some point over their miserable lives, seeking help from a government that has been destroyed by conservatives over the last 30 years.

Anonymous said...

Damn it!, I underestimated the stupidity of the American voter.

Now it is all about religion,Sarah Palin's eyeglasses, community organizers and the ultimate insider, joe BIden.

The country is falling apart, the housing is experincing the China syndrome, and we aint see nothing yet !!!

Wake up America, it is no longer HousingPanic...It is AmericaPanic !!!!!!!

i've had it said...


amen re: your comments to me.

there will still be tons to blog about on housing the next few years. what is happening is unprecedented in the annals of american history. we are seeing HUGE financial institutions going under...and more will do the same. this has major implications for us down the road as a country.

when the option arms and alt-a's start resetting next year (they go thru 2012), we will be deeper into the shit than ever...worse than subprime.

if all of this works the way economic theory and the theory of financial crashes say it should, we are going to go into a massive period of inflation in the not too distant future as the govt. prints money to backup the deposits of failed commercial banks as well as to keep the investment banks afloat.

this would kill america as we know it.

tater said...

Hey Keefer,

I sure am glad to see you fix this blog. Man, we sure needed the old "housing" blog back like it once was. Keep out the politics from this blog as much as possible. Let them scream about politics on your other blog (AP). Smart idea, bud

Anonymous said...


Thanks Keith!!!!!

Anonymous said...

In my humble opinion, housing and politics go together like peanut butter and strawberry jelly in this country (and they always will so long as the tax code remains the same). Edit that - peanut butter and strawberry jelly when times are good but like sh*t and stink when times are bad.

Smug Bastard

Anonymous said...


dudelero said...

how about Europe Panic? Or I am I the only european cruisin this site?
i mean its not like europe is any better off than the USA.

Abrey said...

Hey Keith, why not put back your countdown to the elections window? It's a nice reminder of what is at stake, no matter what happens or how you feel about it.

Nothing like a countdown clock to put things into perspective.