September 01, 2008

No political party owns either one of these. No matter how hard they try to convince you.

Once the voters understand that, America and the world will be better off. But I don't think the voters are gonna understand that for a long, long time.

Anyone else getting sick of watching the Dems and Reps battle this crap out while Rome burns?

Any word on Ron Paul getting into the GOP convention?


Anonymous said...

But they have flag pins!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's disgusting to watch these mindless, overblown, self-congratulatory, beauty pageants on the public purse that they call national conventions.

What are they celebrating exactly? They're celebrating how wealthy they've become from ripping off the American public. Celebrating that they are part of the Washington clique of insiders and celebrating how easy it is to dupe the American public.

It's just so amazing to watch these manipulative speeches and the gimmicks they use to tug at the American people's emotions and patriotism while they ignore all of the big issues.

It's amazing how they revel in their glitzy debauched show of fascism while the protesters that are raising the real issues are treated like cattle by their black clad, gun wielding masses of police that beat protesters, pepper spray protesters, herd protesters behind fences into their designated "free speech" zones and threaten and arrest protesters.

It's truly disgusting what has become of politics and the media. Just mindless, emotive, devoid of fact brainless fluff.

Isn't democracy grand?

Gore Vidal: US Never Had Democracy

Public servants were never meant to be praised and raised up onto a pedestal. They are PUBLIC SERVANTS. They are meant to obey the law - the Constitution.

If only Americans could understand that. It appears that most mindless Americans would prefer to have a monarchy.

Anonymous said...

The Repugs are going to spend this week pretending the past 8 years didn't happen

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter which party. They are both a bunch of fascists that hide behind the veils of "democracy", the flag and religion.

Minnesota Monster Mash: Police-State Zombies in a Dead Republic

Glenn Greenwald tells a harrowing tale of police-state tactics in Minneapolis, with armed security forces conducting Baghdad-like raids on the houses of activists, terrorizing many and arresting some for thought crimes...

RNC Raids Target Video Activists

RNC Protesters Homes Raided - as if they were terrorists.

And at the DNC, the Iraq Veterans Against The War ignored by the DNC and treated like cattle:

U.S. Marines/Iraq War Veterans Cornered & Threatened By Gestapo Storm Troopers at DNC

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to November 5th when this nonsense is over with and better yet January 20th.

Anonymous said...

Just watched a movie about Hitlers' last days.

Give the lame ducks lugers and let them go to work...

Truly inspirig.

Anonymous said...

Actually Sara Pallin's 17 year old daughter is pregnant. No abortion for her. The media is beginning to wag this value flag around. What a perfect example Sara and her daughter are of "living one's Republican/Evangelical values".

Karl Rove is setting up the biggest soap opera for this election that America has ever seen. Sara Pallin fits the bill of the perfect Republican woman. Not too smart, cute in a "vacant" sort of way, very fertile, and most importantly, subservient.

It is just too perfect. Karl Rove may be evil, but he understands the ignorance of America better than anyone else.

The far right evangelical crowd will rally around these women just as they did with Teri Schiavo. Hell, the entire congress may be called back in for the birth of Sara's new grand baby just like it was done for Teri Schiavo.


Mark in Philly said...

No, but one party has found marxism (covers both points).

consultant said...

I am a lifelong Democrat. Over the last 35 years I've seen the Dem. Party turn into a bunch of toothless, punchless hacks. During that same period I've seen the Republican Party turn into a mean, corrupt tool for corporate America and wealthy interests.

BOTH Parties no longer represent the American people.

Folks, we the people are going to have take back our government. But you can't do that if you take as gospel the bull that either Party is shoveling out. You also can't do it if you don't believe in government.

Whether you support Obama, Paul or McCain, do yourself and the country a favor by calling them on hypocrisy about the big things that matter in this election. That's what's important. The one that gets your vote ought to be the one who is fighting for the country, not for your Party or for this or that special interest. God has a place in your faith and in your heart. But don't put God in a politics, his spirit is far bigger than that. God is there for anyone who wants to relate.

My father was a Marine during WWII. He was in the Marianas and at Tarawa. What they thought were going to be tough but quick fights, turned into some of the most ferocious battles of the war. The war never really left him.

There were all kinds of different men in those landing craft and on the ships. They were not separated by political Party or religious beliefs. Back then, when faced with the monumental tasks of defeating both imperialism and nazism, at the same time, the country lowered its religious, regional and racial antagonisms to pull together as one nation to meet the challenges it faced. They couldn't have done it otherwise.

Today we find ourselves facing equally daunting times. As my dad said to me once, " the beginning of the war, none of knew how it was going to turn out".

None of knows what's going to happen to us. But I do know this. If we don't start to find some common ground as a nation, and start to face our challenges as A nation, we will not make it. Whatever it is, we will lose. And it doesn't matter who wins the White House.

George L said...

This convention should be all about apologies to the people of America for destroying our economy and to the countries the Republicans invaded on behalf of the corporations hiding behind our flag.

and nominate Ron Paul who's a real republican.

Anonymous said...

Well said anon 11:20.

It is all quite sickening.

It's all going to come crashing down pretty soon. I hope.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Perspective, If you have not seen it hilarious!

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

What Anonopussy 11:20 PM said and said well.

Anonymous said...


Very True!!!

But, a party of pro-abortion,

Gay marriage, mass welfare is

farther from the cross than either!


Chris said...

Ron Paul is having his own convention called "Rally for the Republic" tommorow

Anonymous said...


....he who is without sin cast the first stone!


Anonymous said...


"For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God"


Lady Di said...

So bored with these 2 parties.

Get ready for more of the same.

bitterrenter said...

But aren't minority girls who get knocked up filthy whores but when it's a conservative Xtian's slut daughter who gets pregnant it's a beautiful act of love?

Can't wait to see the pictures of the Palin shotgun wedding.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear I am not the only one who hates these shitbags in Washington. How vile and evil do you have to be to sell your own country, the innocent chidren, into slavery. These corupt fools have bled us to the point where our enemies smell our weakness and will attack us at every oportunity to further weaken us. The wealth of this country has been channeled to these enemies by the shitbag traitors in Washington and their masters on wallstreet. China, the arabs, Russia all fatened on the treasure of America. These dumbass greedy fools have started the last world war by arming the the worst this planet has to offer. I wonder if Bushhhhhh, Mcain, obama, congress and wallstreet will be the ones defending our defenseless dieing for their sins. What a tradgity.

panicearly said...

Chinese own those flags. They were bought on credit

George L said...

Palin hates america,she has connections to the AIP(Alaska independence party) which seeks its independence from the United States.

and also check her "hot" pictures

Anonymous said...

There is a war going on right now since the DNC started and continuing on at the RNC right now. It's a war against the people of America, peaceful protesters in our police state of America.

Police, National Guard, fire tear gas into protest group (with video)

While these primped and puffed up media whores in the mainstream media posture and prevaricate on all manner of meaningless bull concerning the election and Palin's morals and Obama's eloquence and lapel pins this is what is happening in the real world:

Amy Goodman Arrested at Republican National Convention

Anti War Protester Who Offers Flower To Police Pepper Sprayed

Are these the scenes you expect to see in the "Land of the Free"?

There is a revolution going on in this country. The only problem is that the average American fatass is completely oblivious of what is going on. said...

I'd vote independent or for Barr if the dems weren't running a dangerous, Marxist nut on their ticket. Letting that guy in would be too damn dangerous.

If the dems ever run a moderate, I'd vote Libertarian or Independent.

Maybe the dems and repubs are in on it together and they nominate extreme candidates every time just to scare people away from voting a third party and keep themselves in power ... hmm .....

Anonymous said...

Frank the Fascist From Scottsdale: Please keep your promise and leave this blog.


Could it be? You guys are actually starting to get it?

Both major parties are screwing us over.

The duopoly should be illegal. said...

Today oil is at $108/barrel. In response, the nutjobs in Iran are saying anything less than $100/barrel is unacceptable.

Why? Their own unchecked greed.

Sorry but this is TOTALLY unacceptable.

We need a President McCain to go in and blow that wackjob off the face of the earth, not someone who will go and have tea with him and pander to the guy.

Anonymous said...

But aren't minority girls who get knocked up filthy whores but when it's a conservative Xtian's slut daughter who gets pregnant it's a beautiful act of love?

Can't wait to see the pictures of the Palin shotgun wedding.

The difference is that your hero welfare queens (Obama base) dump their zillion babies on taxpayers by sucking section 8, food stamps, social services, healthcare, while driving Escalades or Camrys with $1k rims.

Palin's daughter will support her baby by working. I don't expect you to understand that, since you love welfare parasites, Bitterrenter (the expert on biting pillowcases).

Anonymous said...

Sorry but this is TOTALLY unacceptable.

We need a President McCain to go in and blow that wackjob off the face of the earth, not someone who will go and have tea with him and pander to the guy.

Wow, you really are a genius aren't you Frank? I thought you were going to piss off forever from HP.

Yeah, let's just blow up Iran never mind the unintended consequences of killing millions (they're all terrorists in your world view right?), never mind the consequences of putting more US soldiers in harms way and putting further enormous strain on the military, never mind the fact that it would result in a very dangerous confrontation with Russia and be a very brutal war (this isn't Iraq that had virtually no defenses).

Why don't you enlist if you feel so strongly about this? Oh, it's because you're a blowhard, Neoconservative coward like the rest of them.


Anonymous said...

Thank You....I am 39 year old mother of two beautiful children.
I am trying to raise my children colour free...RED verses Blue...
They are Americans..period.
I just wish Americans could voice our opinions not the spinners from each side.
I am sick of the Democrats and especially the Republicans.
What would America be like if both parties were not to exist?

Anonymous said...

Jane Z
You said it best...

Reality said...


I hope you do realize that WWII was the seminal event that created the American Empire . . . After FDR lied and cheated to get the US into that unnecessary war (for Americans), drafting over 10 million young men into slavery for the State, destroying all semblence of balance of power in the rest of the world, what exact could we expect subsequently besides having foreigners filling the lobbies in DC agitating for American blood to be spilled and American treasure wasted for their petty disputes?

Regionalism and differences are good things . . . when all the sheeples march together in one direction, that's when we ought to be alarmed. There were plenty willing and eager patriotic soldiers among the rank-and-file in Germany, Japan and the USSR; did them little good.