September 25, 2008

My greatest hope is that kids growing up in America today learn a lesson from this debacle.

Their parents' generation partied.

Hookers & cocaine & Hummer H2's & big houses with granite countertops & trips to Jamaica for everyone.

But the kids got stuck with the bill. And it's a big one.

They cared more about video games and MTV cribs and celebrities than their country or their world or their educations.

Their peers got sent off to die in a stupid war, their country got financially raped by a corrupt few, their planet got dirtier and warmer, and the vast majority of them sat on their increasingly-fat asses and let it happen.

And now, they're going to be moving out of their parents' foreclosed McMansions, they're not going to have HELOC money to go to the mall, and they're going to wonder why the big party ended. Now, they may be the first generation of Americans to have a worse lifestyle than their parents.

I hope they learn something from this debacle. Something that changes them to the core. Like the Great Depression generation learned. Save. Work hard. Care about your country and your world. Get a good education or educate yourself. Care about your fellow man. Debt is evil. Materialism is a disease.

The Baby Boomers screwed America. The kids, if they wake up, are the ones who can fix it.

Or not.


Anonymous said...

But... Suzanne researched this...

Anonymous said...

sorry, but this generation has been brought up with such a false sense of entitlement that they will never learn the real lesson.

Anonymous said...

At first I thought that was a picture of a casino. Might as well be....

Anonymous said...

Because the educational system is dysfunctional. The young have no idea what is going on and by the time the clock strikes zero hour signaling that they are adults no one will consider them a mixed up child anymore. They become dysfunctional adult losers.

The entire "thing" we mistakenly think is reality is nothing but a colossal debt inflationary self delusional soap bubble of internet game fantasy where The Jackpot Is Doomsday...

Anonymous said...

I think it is rotten that these young people are going to get clobbered by a world that was hampered by Wall Street and their greed .
These kids are only a byproduct of
what their culture was condoning .
I really feel sorry for them because I was raised in a America where you did get rewarded for hard work . Its a crying shame and I have grandchildren that will be affected .I can't believe that the Wall Street greed machine would
be so selfish as to do what they did to generations to come . Without the Constitution protecting their rights ,they will live in a sub-standard World . The rule of law is just a myth now . It really pains me .

Anonymous said...

"sorry, but this generation has been brought up with such a false sense of entitlement that they will never learn the real lesson."

The stupid b*tch Matt was interviewing certainly gives me that impression. She's another worthless overpaid idiot!

craigs clock said...

Will the baby boomer generation reap their consequences? Or will they die laughing, getting fatter on their couches, leaving a broken planet behind for the youth to fix up?

Anonymous said...

Will the baby boomer generation reap their consequences? Or will they die laughing, getting fatter on their couches, leaving a broken planet behind for the youth to fix up?

September 25, 2008 11:13 AM

They don't care about this unless they are in a position where it affects thier immediate future. They are the greedest generation the earth has ever seen!!! FUck them!! Old 50 to 60 somethings who are on tv pretending to show empathy meanwhile they drive off in their S class or bentley!! Fuck them for thinking they are smarter than me because they are older! Fuck them for thinking because they are older they can try to use this age thing to their advantage!! BOomers think they are the greastest generation only in their warped little minds. They are in fact of shell of a body which they didn't take care of at all in thier life and now they are going to need to be supported by ME for the rest of their pathetic non produceing letting america fall into the abyss because of thier own greed! The worst boomers of all are the greedy JEWS!! They are the ones trying to make the most $$ on my generation!! Thier generation has a strangle hold on my generation by making $$ that my generation needs to survive everyday!! Education is invested by boomers so I can pay stupid interest rates to the rest of my life!!! THey know our generation has to get an education because they stripped the nation of real industrial for their own greed!! I hate them and I am surrounded by them everyday!! I hope they overdose on thier medication!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

America is Dead.

Anonymous said...

Worse Lifestyle? You mean, not being able to buy Video Games, Designer Jeans, gas guzzling SUV's, IPOD's, Cellphones, 5$ Latte's, and more junk at the mall, drugs, weed, etc. Is that the lifestyle you are talking about? Maybe if all those distractions were taken away, maybe they would, in fact, have a better lifestyle. Like, caring more about their fellow human being animals and non human animals. Maybe go outside and WALK. Maybe notice that there are stars in the sky. Maybe appreciate all the wonders of the world instead of going around in a drunken drug filled haze. I know plenty of baby boomers that want to make sure that their children don't know the meaning of Sacrifice, that the boomers are working 2 jobs so that their children can buy those things that the boomers are denying themselves. The boomers I know are working to keep their greedy children happy. They want to be their kids BEST FRIENDS. They can't say NO to them. The kids are constantly hitting their parents up for money, whether it is to buy their kids cars, clothes, games, mortgages you name it. So, not only are boomers trying to take care of their own parents, but now they are trying to appease their whiny off spring. The boomers are too kind hearted because most of them did earn their own way through life. They paid their own college loans, cars, clothes. Boomers parents didn't have that kind of money, they basically lived on one income, so boomers had to be more resourceful. The only fault with the boomers is that they catered too much to their children's every whim. They didn't allow their children to use their brains to be resourceful. So now the children are lazy and whiny. I blame the boomers for the creation of these little greedy monsters. They wanted to GIVE their children so much, that they actually bred a generation of human anilmals that are irresponsible and selfish. Boomers also had to fight illegal wars too, in fact we had what was called the DRAFT, where you didn't have a choice. So lets just stop the crap of blaming Boomers for everything. Boomers, QUIT GIVING SO MUCH! Next Generations, QUIT TAKING SO MUCH, START GIVING BACK!

Anonymous said...

Judging by the young people that I know who are totally submerged in their consumer/entertainment culture and are completely incapable of discussing anything except the latest superhero movie, videogame or celebrity gossip I think it's safe to say that America is thoroughly screwed.

Anonymous said...

Still buying that global warming BS I see, Keith?

Never mind that you've been proven wrong by science over and over again. Just keep believing Al Gore's fear mongering you enviro-dweeb.

Arctic Sea Foaming with Methane Gas

Anonymous said...

A lot of youth are going to be shell shocked as things worsen and credit gets tighter and mom and dad can't just throw the latest ipod or clothes on the credit card. They'll learn the value of saving and paying cash for things that should never be paid for with credit. They'll adjust though because they'll have to.

Anonymous said...


They won't!


Anonymous said...


september 25, 2008 3:00pm


I would love to take credit for that!

Great insight!

Great (and deserved) Rant!


Anonymous said...

Jesus, we've been given a juicy meatball. Start loading on freddy and Fannie and financials. This bailout is going. Most financials will survive and for a few bucks a share its the bargain of a century.

You'll make money and stabalize the economy. AIG for 4 bucks? come on! its huge and its just been bailed out!! Stop whining and take advantage of others stupidity.

Anonymous said...


I'm a Boomer

Just turned 49

Sold my home 4 yrs ago


Drive a 12 yr old vehicle

No credit card debt

No Mortgage

No loans

No $5 latte

Never asked anyone for anything except a chance

The worst trouble I've seen is 2 speeding and 1 parking ticket

Raised with lots of elderly relatives that I spent lots of time with.....and appreciate to this day!

Spent my summers in high school wheelbarrowing sand

got callouses and sunburn and a set of shoulders

just hoped for enough money to pay bills and maybe a little extra for date night

Parents beat my ass when I was young when I need it and I'm thankful for the lesson

Character matters

I helped when I could

Donate to feeding the less fortunate

I'm one of those Crazy Christians everyone is so worried about

because I realize how blessed my life has been

read your Bible...good stuff

find a good church

and Go!

I know the value of hard work and the ever decreasing dollar

I still to this day will stoop to pick up a penny

seen my friends kids not stop for a quarter, but pay $200+ for sneakers

This is the most generous country in History

When a natural disaster strikes who do they call if we are not already on the way......The U.S.

What was it we just sent to Africa for AIDS...$1 Billion?

And we're the Sons of Bitches in this world???

Republicans have screwed this place up!!!!

The Dems are as responsible as well

Their all crooks!

So quit whinning, forget them and get back to work!

God Bless you!

and God Bless America or whats left of it!


Mammoth said...

Cool. Another excellent ‘Boomer-bashing’ thread is in the making right here!

And for those Boomers who take delight in trashing the young generation, if you keep your eyes open you will see that some of these 20- and 30- somethings GET IT.

Take the time to engage them, draw them out of their electronics-induced stupor, and you will find some who are indeed aware of what is going on. Embrace these people and share your knowledge & experience with those who are willing to listen, and in turn – listen to what they have to say.

You may just be surprised.


Anonymous said...

Interesting point,

When people complain about this country and all it's supposed evils, I notice they never go somewhere else!

Why is that?

Anonymous said...

the guy I work for, his daughter drives a Mercedes, wears a Rolex and huge D&G sunglasses and after nine years of knowing her, she will still introduce herself like you've never met!

She just turned 20


Anonymous said...

I've worked with a lot of the Gen Y kids for a few years now, and my impression is that they are smart (but not nearly as smart as they think they are), think they are entitled to everything and have no respect for authority. They think everyone owes them something, and that life is easy thanks to all of the latest technological breakthroughs (iPods, Playstation, etc.). They have this delusional belief that we can use technology to get out of any mess, including peak oil and the current financial disaster. The basic "blocking & tackling" of life has not been taught to these punks. I blame the parents and teachers, as they enable and encourage this way of thinking.

Anonymous said...

Most Boomers grew up during the post WWII prosperous era. Handed everything, they thought they earned it. Generation X saw an America lose Vietnam and its economic status. Generation Y, or echo Boomers grew up during the 80's or 90's and only remember a prosperous era. Boomers and Y'ers are very similar, even relate to one another. (Tie die and peace signs are making a comeback with Boomers and Y'ers. Generation X thought both were gross.) Boomers had Pell grants cover around 60% of college debt and could declare bankruptcy to get rid of student debt. X'ers and after get neither. I believe your childhood determins your outlook on life and your conduct. Spoiled childhood means rotten adulthood. Boomers do not want to face paying bills. They are terrible with money as compared to the greatest generation before them. Boomers only know how to spend, consume, and borrow. Ever heard of a reverse mort before their generation? Only generation X has an idea of bad times during their childhood. Y'ers do not understand that while they look prosperous like the Boomers, their prosperity is a borrowed one with the bill being left to them.

Anonymous said...

"They have this delusional belief that we can use technology to get out of any mess, including peak oil and the current financial disaster."

Concerning Gen Y, they don't even know what authentic science and engineering is really about? At least Gen-Xers knew about American technological firms like Digital Equipment Corp and Texas Instruments, who were once world innovators (and manufacturers) of chips and semiconductors. Some X-ers have even heard of DuPont R&D? Talk about gone with the wind engineering work.

What Y-ers are are user interface experts who might know something about Java and Web design, low value added technological skills for a nation which has lost all of its electronic edge to South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and soon China. This is not the generation to lead the country anywhere because its already had the keys to the kingdom, the technological edge in energy work (chemistry/physics basic sciences), handed over to east Asia by corporate America.

craigs clock said...

are we all quite in agreement who these boomer generation is?

I thought it was when the soldiers came back from ww11 narrowly missing shrapnel in the head to jump under the soft fluffy duvet with mrs jones only to pop out a dozen sprogs. being condoms wernt invented then.

but then there are the delinquent 50s kids who were 20 in 1970 and in late 50's now. My dad has never worked a day in his life. I have total educational neglect. I have lots of half-siblings. he is addicted to sleeping pills. he gets money scamming insurance companies. and terrifing shop assistants. I have worked everyday for 15 years. my car is as old as me. I cant see a way out and I cant see how me or my father are to reap the appropriate consequences.

Anonymous said...

Concerning Gen Y, they don't even know what authentic science and engineering is really about? At least Gen-Xers knew about American technological firms like Digital Equipment Corp and Texas Instruments, who were once world
You reap what you sow...

When you cut taxes for more than 20years what do you promote? Consumer spending instead of infrastructure spending or research funding. More MBAs and less scientists... less scientists means more people who believe in creationism, etc.

Everyone seems to think that free markets and capitalism are the cat's meow but most are clueless. Take a good look at all your consumer products and try to find something that did not somehow come about thanks to some government funded research.

For the last 20 years capitalism has been running on thr 50s and 60s socialist coattails.

Anonymous said...

"When you cut taxes for more than 20years what do you promote? Consumer spending instead of infrastructure spending or research funding. More MBAs and less scientists... less scientists means"

This is why there's no real bottom to the upcoming downturn. There's no next big thing on the horizon. The American century was a bedrock based upon science and engineering work starting from the Cotton Gin (shortly after the Revolution), the steamboat vis-a-vis railroad, telegraph, alternating current (Tesla), mass production, and the modern age which was the 20th century (a.k.a. American century).

I don't know why people don't understand the above and think it has something to do with lowering interest rates and giving tax breaks to financial holding companies. The world has now caught up in electronics, robotics, biopharma, and even alternate energy research with the US.

Anonymous said...

As a High School science teacher in CA (and I went to school in the UK) all I can say about the next generation is - they're f**cked!

And I guess that means their parents are too!

I never new such a degenerate culture of apathy and disdain for learning.

It's truly shocking - give yourselves a treat and go visit a classroom for half a day. You'll be shocked, amazed and disgusted too! A culture of infantalisation is being actively fostered.

p.s. Keith - I still love you. YOu got me out of the market at the very top 2 1/2 years ago- cashed out with $545,000 in the bank. The American dream!

Anonymous said...

Boomers eat their young.

Anonymous said...

what in the world are you talking about everyone in the world flees from thier home land, and persecution (imaged or real) and set up a home base here because this is the land of milk and honey, streets paved in gold. that is the American dream and I'll be damned if I let you take it from me (along with my hummer and McMansion)if my kids have to suffer for my wants and desires well then they'll learn with their own money, and not mine, you can't just buy whatever you want without sacrifice, that sounds so politically correct and secretly I am not. kids should be seen and not heard, well those soccer moms prefer neither seen or heard. Keith, you are so wrong, I have instilled in my kids have no respect for anyone but your own kind, don't give anyone a break, don't give a damn about anyone but yourself, be rude, nasty,selfish, obstinant, obnoxious, have no morals, scruples and then when you get my age and see the way it is act holier than thou. Yep, that will take 2 generations to wipe out that training. They may learn something but not on my dime.

Anonymous said...

Boomers know how to stretch a penny. They know how to sew, cook, generate, create, and pull themselves up from nothing.
Their skateboards were really made of skates. They don't really need a cell phone. They don't really even need a car. They do a lot of walking. They know the difference between a housing community and a housing tract, and most prefer the community. There are those few that roll their fat asses around on Skooters in Walmart and Costco but there are those few in the Gen-X and Y too.

Anonymous said...

I'm 22 years old and I feel sick about my generation. (Gen Y) Drinking, partying, Playstation 3, endless and MEANINGLESS cell phone chatter, and sex.....that's all these people ever fuckin do!

Anonymous said...

Blaming everything bad on boomers is like expecting boomers' kids to amount to anything other than the spoiled sniveling pompous brats they are.

Anonymous said...

Just remember,

Respect is earned

Not an entitlement!

Anonymous said...

I work in schools and it is appalling. To blame the teachers is the height of insult - the teachers are the only hope and they are beat. They cannot fix the families, the culture, the lack of values, the media assault on the young for money - I agree many many young people today are doomed. It is not the fault of the scools. They cannot do everything. Do go spend a day or two. You will see. It is not like you remember it.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, poor Gen Y-ners will have to work for a living (or to support an iPhone account)...die scum!

Anonymous said...

Don't you worry because the Gen Y-ners "geniuses" will write a Mac widget to come up with a solution to the energy and financial crisis. Or they're going to fake on a blog or podcast that they're knowledgeable and trendy, like that idiot from 43 folders. Go wave your Hussein little sign like the obedient sheep you all are, Y-ners.

Anonymous said...

Here's a cue... Generation Y will be poor, not worse off than their parents (a/o older Gen-X cousins) but poor.

Here's why...

Debt bomb of schooling for no subsequent work. So for those who're not premed, pre-pharm, or connected to jobs (from friends/family), school will only leave a debt for life since they can't be absolved in bankruptcy.

Next, the so-called inheritances from the parents will be turned into the parents' golden years survival kit when home values implode thus, no shot in the arm of equity for that first home or graduate program.

Now, for those Y-ers, with let's say a full scholarship to a Purdue or Georgia Tech (4.0/1550+ SAT) and now out in the white collar workforce, here's another tip, the moment an executive gets whiff that you want a raise or a chance at running the show, he'll send both your job and your dept's work over to Vietnam and hence, the ladder for upward mobility will decline despite your original 4.0 GPA. Therefore, the Boomers and Xers, who're established and have overseas connections to companies in Asia or eastern Europe, will survive but the rest will be fighting for scraps. All and all, what that means is that Gen Y will be poor.

Anonymous said...

Do worry about the Kids, they will still have the booze leftover from there supersweet 16s to drown there sorrow in.

Anonymous said...

:the moment an executive gets whiff that you want a raise or a chance at running the show, he'll send both your job and your dept's work over to Vietnam and hence, the ladder for upward mobility will decline despite your original 4.0 GPA

This is a two tier society, one tier is hard-working but poor and the other, connected and rich. And little opportunity for a crossover because there'll be no sharing of power at executive levels. Either you're in one group or the latter.

Anonymous said...

Boomer scum ruined the USA. Heck no should their pensions be funded and their healthcare paid. The sooner they die the better of the planet will be.