September 29, 2008

I give you the acting president of the United States, congratulating the Democratic & Republican monkeys in Congress that helped him wreck America

I seriously feel like I've been transported back to 1929.

Anyone selling pencils on the street yet?


consultant said...

What can I say that hasn't already been said about this worthless piece of sh!t?

Do we still have McCain voters out here? You are now the American wing of the Al Qaeda jihad. McCain along with that fu@king Barbie doll VP will drive the final nail in the US of A.

Anonymous said...

Who wrecked America? You decide.

Anonymous said...

Chimpy the Dickhead.

The most HATED man on earth.




Anonymous said...

I am so tired of the blah blah blah congratulations on a job well done Brownie blah blah blah bipartisan cooperation blah blah job creation blah blah blah blah. Damn these gay-hating, gun-grasping, tobacco-spitting, caribou-killing terrorists who are blatantly and ignorantly killing our country. Rambling clueless GW, POW burnout John and Long Legs Empty Head Barbie are just ridiculous and dangerous.

Miss Goldbug said...

Everyone needs to at least email their senator and congressman.

Faxing and calling is even better.

Let them here it from the people.

Anonymous said...

Could you let your readers know about the documentary on HBO Taxi to the dark side, a must see for every American, chilling.
Here is a little clip from the writer:
I think the film is really about the corruption of the American character. And "Taxi to the Dark Side," obviously, has a number of different meanings. There is a taxi driver, Dilawar, who was murdered in detention. The taxi driver is the universal symbol; it's almost like universal man. So there's a kind of poignancy to that. He's a very particular person, but he's a more generalized person. Somebody who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and just gets picked up and then murdered, even though he is perfectly innocent.

But the "Taxi to the Dark Side" also refers to something else. And we reference it toward the end of the film, and you see a kind of mysterious taxi moving through the monuments of Washington at night, because it's very easy to lose your bearings in a democracy. It's as easy as taking a taxi ride from one end of town to another.

You can take a taxi ride to the dark side very simply, with a few people in the Office of Legal Counsel in the Department of Justice tinkering with old rules in order to be able to give the executive branch tremendous power. As if the President was now a king who could do whatever he wanted, and, indeed, could break whatever law he wanted.

What you're talking about is undermining the fundamental rule of law. That's one of the things I discovered, is that torture turns out to be a lot more complicated than you originally think, because it's not just the abuse of an interrogation technique, it ultimately leads down the road of the total corruption of the rule of law. Because when you have people in an administration who feel that they have untrammeled powers, and they have an interrogation technique which does nothing more than get information that they want to hear, then you're in George Orwell 1984 territory. And that's the terrifying thing about the film. That's the taxi to the dark side.

What I intended with this film was to provoke a certain amount of righteous anger, and patriotic anger. I felt the very principles of our country had been upended and abused by a rather cynical administration for its own political gain, and in a way that showed both their ignorance and their arrogance. It's up to us as citizens, though, to do something about it. Not just by voting, but by registering our voices so that they can be heard, because it's only with that outrage that the weak men and women in Congress will be motivated to do anything so that we can hold those responsible to account

Anonymous said...

Bushco, under the guidance of its Goldman Sachs henchmen, has leveraged this country to the hilt - like a piss-poor third world dictatorship.

Under Bush's corrupt leadership, we have achieved the status of the largest bankrupted kleptocracy in history.

Heckuva job, Dubya.

Anonymous said...

Dubya the satanist Skull and Bones alum is just doing Beelzebub's Great Work.

Order out of Chaos.

Honica Jewinski said...

It seems Nacy Pelosi actually declared marshall law on the house of reps.

It'd be nice to have a list of the names of people that voted for the bill. We need to bring justice to them at some point.

Anonymous said...

Since it will probably be coming to a neighborhood near you I would like everybody on the blog to know that it is MARTIAL LAW not MARSHALL LAW.

Martial Law is when the military turns its guns toward the citizens they were sworn to defend.

Marshall law is a)the law that allows Nigel Tufnel's amplifiers to go to 11 or b)the law imposed of the town of Gunsmoke by Matt Dillon the cowboy not the actor.