September 24, 2008

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders calls Larry Kudlow a Socialist

It is an interesting version of Socialism. Give the government's money to the banks and the rich.

Meanwhile, with Senators like Sanders and Bunning against this bailout, how will it pass?


Cinch said...

Cocaine Kudlow at the end of the clip says that taxpayers may even profit from this! Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

No such thing, "the governments money".

Anonymous said...

I don't think Senator Shelby likes the bail-outs either .

Does Crammer think that the USA can live on making stock picks and churning stocks ? The majority of Americans just don't play the Casino on a daily basis like he does .

What bunk that they say we are going to go into a recession unless
Paulson gets 700 billion .We are already in recession and we will
stay in recession unless they solve the problem of jobs and industry for the USA .

Anonymous said...

I just love the irony here:

America has been socialist for decades, punishing those who produce and rewarding those who don't produce.

The liberal media had no problem for decades as long as the gubmint was stealing from the rich to give to the poor, and the lazy who refuse to work.

Then the rich get a handout and suddenly everyone is up in arms.

How about we go with my version of America, per the Constitution as originally written and intended: NO FREE MONEY FOR ANYONE. ANYONE.

Anonymous said...

I will go along with the no free money for anyone .
In a just world ,the wrong party should not pay for the sins of Wall Street lenders .

Anonymous said...

Kudlow is lying scum.

He gets corporate sponsored air time by the mega hour, while our elected officials get but a segment here and there.

Time for a change.

Anonymous said...

You people think this is bad? Just wait till O'Bama takes over. You ain't seen nothing yet folks. By this time next year you will all be wishing for the good old days of only $700B spent on bailouts.

By the time O'Bama is done, every FB will have their mortgage forgiven along with they credit cards and car loans.

Anonymous said...

Kudlow is an obscenity. I think he knows full well that he’s a hypocrite, but just doesn't care.

He and his ilk deserve everything that coming once they let the genie out of the spending/socialism bottle and their whines about bigger government, for everything they they don’t want, fall on deaf ears.

Anonymous said...

If you don't recognize this "version" of socialism, it's because informed people know it as a different name:


Government controlled by corporate interests is fascism. Imperialism is a natural component, do to the need for global commerce and acquisition of raw materials not necessarily found in the home country.

Which is why it's so hilarious when Bush talks about "islamic fascism" even though his whole administration has been about american fascism--another neo-con hypocracy easily swallowed by the Republidiot voters who would rather learn Creationism fairy tales than be informed on world history so they might avoid repeating it.

Don't believe me? I'll remind you that in East Germany they used to spy on their own citizens and engage in the "politics of personal destruction", ruining the careers of dissenters. Now we have Coulter and others saying your a traitor if you speak out against the government.

Maybe the surge in Iraq is working--too bad in the last 8 years Bush has lost us another war--the AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR.

Anonymous said...

Socialism = distributing to bottom 97%

FASCISM = giving everything to top 3%

GOT IT, KEITH??????????????????

Anonymous said...

So glad to see people are finally calling a spade a spade, and realizing there IS a difference between the terms fascism and socialism!

As anon accurately pointed out, fascism is EXACTLY what Bush et al practice, defined as government FOR corporate interests, BY corporate interests.

Under fascist ideology, the government doesn't actually OWN the means of production (unlike socialism and communism), but creates policies and laws that "grease the wheels" , making government more business-friendly. Nothing inherently wrong with that, as long as a balance is maintained!

So fascists run the country in the name of what's best for big business, NOT individual citizens. For example, there's NO WAY this bail-out package would EVER get passed in a socialist society, without at least a few of your elected representatives who are not on the take looking into it (and listening to Ron Paul grilling Paulson/Bernanke, that may suffice. We'll see).

Some people call our form of American fascism as 'crony capitalism', which is OK, as it gets to the idea of suggesting that Cheney and Bush are willing to do stuff like throwing wars in support of Halliburton, Exxon, etc.

And as much as Bush likes to confuse his lack of regulatory enforcement with 'laissez faire' (telling himself he believes in 'free markets'), the reality is few so-called 'free marketeers' are willing to sit on the sidelines and NOT use governmental powers to save the country when action is needed!

Remember the old saying, "there are no atheist in foxholes'? Well, the financial version says, "there are no economic Darwinists in the face of financial melt-down". Especially in America, where doing SOMETHING, even the wrong thing when it's clearly too late, is NOT an option. So the policy is to lie, deny, and lie, and then when it's clearly not working, you come on T.V. and fess up to the Nation, begging for their help. Good luck with THAT!

I read how Hugo Chavez accurately pointed out that America is now imore 'socialist' than Venezula is, nationalizing firms like Fannie/Freddie, AIG, etc, etc! Heck, Chavez spent $1.5 Bil to nationalize an oil producer, while we're dropping $2 trillion! Yet Bush criticises him as a dirty 'socialist', LOL!

I never thought of how often Bush's admin uses the phrase 'Islamic fascism', too, without understanding what it means! And just exacty what DO they mean by that? The term 'fascism' has been so misused, that it's practically meaningless now.

Then again, not surprising that Bush would use the term 'fascist' without understanding it, as after (8) years in the White House he STILL says, "nuke-U-lar". Methinks he knows EXACTLY how to pronounce it, but does so as an inside joke directed to his oil industry buddies back in Midland/Odessa. I'd guess it's a code for, "I'll be damned if nuke goes anywhere under MY watch".

Ironically, I see Sarah Palin ALSO mispronounces nuke-u-lar (and does that surprise anyone, being that's she's from Alaska? She's CLEARLY supportive of big oil, and wants to open ANWR for oil drilling. I suspect McCain took her on the ticket PRECISELY for this reason, as someone who can help open a discussion on energy dependence).