September 29, 2008

HousingPANIC Stupid Question of the Day

Was today the US Economic 9/11?

Or was it the 2008 version of the Boston Tea Party?

Bonus: Predict what Bernanke and Paulson do overnight to stop Armageddon... or will they?...


Anonymous said...

P & B should get a one-way ticket to Paraguay so they can join their Master Bushco at 'the new ranch'.

Sharpen UP the pitchforks. Don't forget Greedspan...

Arbeit Macht Frei!

Seig Heil!

Anonymous said...

Bercracky - Lower rates to 0.0%!
Lend away another $500 billion I don't have!

Paulson - Ok, you guys win, I only want $600 billion.

Today was the economic version of the 1992 LA Riots. The people aren't taking it anymore. This is how democracy works and perpetuates itself.

Anonymous said...

Today was 9/10

Tomorrow is 9/11

Malcolm said...

And you have the short-sale ban scheduled to expire on Thursday.

I bet they extend it it get past VP debate day.

Anonymous said...

It's the economic New Pearl Harbor:

The New Pearl Harbor Revisited

Anonymous said...

This is all caused by houses. Dodd, Frank and Schumer should all put in prison.

Don't you people get it? This problem was caused by democrats. Stop blaming Bush and Greenspan. All you anti-war people just automatically blame republicans for everything. Get your FACTS straight.

blogger said...

Remember when we said Fannie, Freddie and the banks would fail and people thought we were crazy?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting an image of the man responsible for the current condition of the USA.


You been schooled:

Frank R said...

Remember when we said Fannie, Freddie and the banks would fail and people thought we were crazy?

Here ya go - pass these on:

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael and all the other numbnutzes out there.

The clock says 00:00. The game is over.

It doesn't matter anymore whether Red States or Blue States scored a touchdown here or a FG there.
It doesn't matter who fumbled on 4th and goal. It's over. And we all lost the game.

You are all crying over spilled milk.

Anyone arguing like Hannity that Bush and his cronies are "innocent" in all of this are dumbasses. Signed, double-stamped, not quitsies.

Anyone arguing that the Democrats are doing right be American taxpayer are dumbasses too. Signed, double-stamped, no quitsies.

We are all on the same ship, boys and girls. Are you really going to sit there and argue which political side is at fault (when both sides share equal blame) and while the certain end to America's wealth and way of life as we ever knew it will disappear for ever?
Yes? Screw you then!

2000 marked the beginning of a new century and a new Divided States of America.

To all you Bushites, like Michael, fuck you!

To all you Democrat-lovers, fuck you too!

Anonymous said...

For all of you that think it is acceptable to vote for the lesser of two evils in this election here is a powerful video you need to see:

The Lesser of Two Evils

Anonymous said...

Well it's their fault in the first place. They didn't have to say "it's Doomsday if we don't do it". We wouldn't have that kind of panic if they had just shut up about this part.

consultant said...

Boston Tea Party.

Now we need to march on Washington.

2 million people in the streets. Shut down the business as usual. Let them know mainstreet needs help, but not a handout. Fairness, not privilege.

Help the troops, enact policies to get the green energy economy going, start putting criminals in jail. Pass a law requiring original lenders to hold onto loans for at least 5 years. Put a cap on credit card interest rates, etc.

Start working for the people. To all the good corporate and business people out there, keeping working hard and also, start sounding off about the corporate terrorists out here. They are destroying this country.

Anonymous said...

Panic? What Panic?
How else would the shorts laid out by the big Wall Street Houses in the last few weeks be covered, without a massive down draft?

Refuse to buy overpriced said...

Boston Tea Party! Jump for joy!

Finally, finally, finally some congressional democrats woke up!

Finally, finally, finally they realized that Dodd, Schumer, Frank, Obama and Biden were selling out the core principles of their party.

Maybe the needed to wait until Bush was for the bailout, before they could be against it? Bush hating is an extremely powerful, sometimes irrational force.

Unknown said...

Don't put away your fax machine just yet. The monkeys are going to reconvene on Thursday.

It's kind of like a sci-fi where the monster seems to have 9 lives.

Anonymous said...

When are the "zombies" coming by for my popcorn?

Anonymous said...

Merry Grinchmas!

Anonymous said...

Word on Tickerforum is that congressional offices say they're being flooded today by calls from angry voters wondering why their rep voted against the bailout. I suspect there will be Bailout #2 coming and it WILL pass. I don't think this so-called "populist uprising" against Wall Street will survive another 800 point plunge. Gotta preserve that 401K!

Anonymous said...

Markets collapse.

Bush declares state of emergency and suspends the election to give congress "time to work on this problem without the pressure of the election".

Riots begin. Martial law declared.

Ovens are lit.

Anonymous said...

The stinking part of this bill is it would have American taxpayers bailing out foreing investors like China!

How stupid is this? Thank God it failed and will never come back again!

Anonymous said...

Today was not Armageddon. In fact, when it comes it will come slowly, not as a discrete event. Even if the stock market declined by 25% tomorrow, it still would not be Armageddon, since it takes time for an event like a stock market crash to wind its way through the economy.

However, today's events were significant. They are a harbinger for further declines in the market going forward.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

America 1, Communism 0

HP 1, REIC 0

I had almost given up hope but today was a touchdown on a Hail Mary. I'm dancing in the end zone right now but we can't forget the second half, HPers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith, I wonder why you don't want to post the names of the representatives who votes Yea on this cancer bill.

Anonymous said...

Remember brainstems, if you voted republican any time in the last 30 years, you bear responsibility for what their policies did to the country.

Now tell you children to enjoy their Depression, that it will make them stronger.

Anonymous said...

I think it's criminal that the MSM didn't link together all the "hurt" we are going to suffer into one story, i.e., Depreciation of the dollar, the lack of sustainable energy, the unliklihood of the bailout working to begin with, unemployment...basically the unraveling of our capitalist society which is based on money.

I'm already hearing from friends who simply, "don't know what to do." I don't know what to tell them except it's gonna be really bad tomorrow. Start thinking about the safety of your family.

Stabalize or "secure" the nuclear wastes that will leak and get our soldiers home from their outposts.

Always try to act with compassion.

I's going to be a whole new world.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't Fannie & Freddie's fault either. It was Wall Street republicans and their MBAs who created the exotic financial instruments.

But I undertand that you brainstem cons have only the Fannie & Freddie thing to hang on to.


Such utter nonsense. But nothing the re-education camps won't be able to beat out of you.

Anonymous said...

"Remember when we said Fannie, Freddie and the banks would fail and people thought we were crazy?"

They're all a bunch of punk ass bitches.

F you Paulson, F you Bercracky, F you GW, you bastards.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Bushco, we lost our front teeth for having advocated democratic practices worldwide for so long, only to end up stifling our own freedom of expression and freedom of the press, tampering with election results and due process, lying under oath, bending the constitution without plebiscite, condoning torture, allowing wiretaps on our own citizens, promoting cronyism and cheating and corruption.

Thanks to Bushco and his cronies in Congress (including the dim-witted Dems), we have become the laughingstock of the whole world. We have been advocating market economy all along, to the point that many poor countries went into total chaos, trying to please America. The same America is now throwing its own free market economy principals out the window.
Thank you Bush, thank you Cheney, thank you Ramsfeld, Paulson, Bernanke and all you Republicans and Democrats on the Hill. You’ve been at the helm of the most beautiful, the most admired, the most powerful country in the world, and you managed to wreck it, turning America into a banana republic. At that, you have done an admirable job. Thank you all!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting the picture of the Democrat leaders, Keith.

I wonder if Barney Frank-furter and Nancy "age-challenged"Pelosi are all happy now. They got their asses burned, and they needed to. Let's not forget Harry Reid-in-the-wind.

I was watching C-Span today, and watched the Republican John Boehner get all broke up about passing this bailout bill. He was such a fake. I wonder what it feels like going out on a limb, and getting the tree cut from underneath you.

I bet there are some nervous Republicans out there right now who voted for this bill. VOTE EM OUT, who voted for this bill!!

Anonymous said...

I just opened a bottle of wine to celebrate the return of democracy.

To see representatives afraid of their constituents is a wonderful thing.

Let them come back with a real proposal to jumpstart the economy.

Anonymous said...

The Fed will now turn the screws on to make sure the economy suffers.

Watch for "Student Loans Canceled" headlines in the next few days.

The Fed wanted this power, and they will punish us all until they get it.

Globalist bankers are currently screaming like hell-bound demons on Asia CNBC.

Anonymous said...

Did the Dow start its drop because investors perceived the 'bailout' didn't have the votes to pass?


Did the 'bailout' not pass because Congress perceived that the Dow would fall even if the 'bailout' passed and so they allowed the vote to fail?

Creating a public perception that the 'bailout' is going to restore confidence and pump up the stock market requires that the market rally with its passage.

Timing is everything, especially in a con game.

Anonymous said...

Bost tea party.

How dare they try to rip this government off.

Anonymous said...

Dow 8200 coming up

Anonymous said...

"Don't you people get it? This problem was caused by democrats. Stop blaming Bush and Greenspan. All you anti-war people just automatically blame republicans for everything. Get your FACTS straight."

No, this problem was cause by greedy sons of bitches! Some of which were democrats, republicans, black, white, male, female, baby boomer, Gen X, Gen Y, Jewish, Christian...and everything in between.

DO NOT blame one single group of people. DO NOT DIVIDE US! We're in this shit together-and it's not going away.

Anonymous said...

Australian Market down 5 % at opening

More to come, stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Time will tell but I can say with absolute certainty that whatever Paulson, Bernanke, Bush, etc. bad for America and Americans (except for the top 1%).

So yes, today the American people won the battle but the war with the credit junkies will continue and it will be wild and brutal.

When you fry a maggot it wiggles around vigorously before it starts to sizzle. The wiggling has just started.

Anonymous said...

Boston tea party.

Anonymous said...

No. The 780 point drop caught my attention but I wouldn't worry or care. Didn't you people want an economic collapse or something? I might start paying more attention when the DJIA hits the 6500 - 7500 mark. I don't care about the NASDAQ or the S&P because they aren't worth 0 to me. The 87 crash was much worse in proportion to the value of the stock market at the time. DO I really care if the DJIA drops to 7500, or 5500, or 500? No. I don't see any difference in my standard of living. Quit asking for stuff from Bush and the government and you'll be just fine. This doomsday bullshit will drag you under.

Anonymous said...

This is just the invitation to
the tea party.

Anonymous said...

"Now we need to march on Washington."

I was there Saturday, toting a sign that said "Nationalize" (most frequent question: "nationalize what?) Well, DUH!

Anyway, there were maybe a dozen protesters behind the Capitol. Tons of people there - for the book festival! It had been raining that morning, but just a little gray most of the day. Where was everyone?

One thing to look for in this bill - it does not require mark to market. It's a little weak on We The People getting at least part ownership. Perfectly reasonable to push for a sensible plan that will work - do we even know how big the problem really is?

Anonymous said...

Guess what Rethuglican brainstems?


Your tailback Bush fumbled in the red zone, and they took it back for the winning TD.

We knew all along he was just a punk.

The Chinese are celebrating tonight.

Anonymous said...

Just like the Iraq War, this mess won't turn any corner until you juvenile republicans admit your culpability, step aside and allow the grown-ups clean up your mess. Blaming everyone else but're morally and intellectually bankrupt, and now seeing those same seeds inflicted full bore onto the country.

You're staring a filibuster-proof majority in the senate and a 60-seat house majority in the face as punishment for 25 years of asinine government.

Idiots. Dial out of Fox News and join the rest of us in the world of reality.

Anonymous said...

"When you fry a maggot it wiggles around vigorously before it starts to sizzle. The wiggling has just started."

Try using a green chinese bamboo skewer from mouth to ass to minimize the wiggling as the fat sizzles and pops on the white hot coal.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bitterrenter, why don't you date Barney Frank? You two would make a lovely couple. Plus Frank is known for giving executive jobs to his lovers at Fannie Mae, and you don't even have to be qualified. His last boyfriend went from running one of those welfare programs at Fannie Mae to making pottery (after they broke sad).

Anonymous said...

The level of partisan bickering on this site is staggering. I'd think a group as intelligent as this would understand that the difference between Democrats and Republicans is nominal at this point.

Neither side works for the people; they're all beholden to their corporate masters. Pelosi and Cheney dine with the elite and laugh as we argue over the ambiguous (and virtually unwinnable) "issues" we're told are important. (Race, gender, liberal vs. conservative, abortion, gay marriage...)

Wake up, folks. This isn't about race, gender or political affiliation. This is about class, plain and simple. Our government has been sold to the highest bidder - and that certainly isn't the American taxpayer.

Stop participating in the politics of distraction. Look at the REAL issues we are facing (the US being broke, for example) and understand that BOTH parties got us here. Demand answers and accountability from ALL elected officials. Demand honesty and accountability from the media.

We should be talking about how to vote the cowards in the House and in the Senate out instead of pointing fingers at one another.