September 03, 2008

HousingPANIC Quote of the Day

"The Republican brand is in the trash can...if we were dog food, they would take us off the shelf"

- Tom Davis, Republican Congressman from Virginia, May 2008


Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. Is it just me or are there many parallels between realtors and Republicans?

They both know the jig is up and yet continue to promote their lies for their own self interest.

Could it be that they are both:


Anonymous said...

Thank God for the renegades:

Police Terrorize Children, Reporters and Other Dangerous Criminals

Federal and local law enforcement officers are literally terrorizing people in Minneapolis for their thought crimes.

Police have essentially been waging preemptive war by infiltrating, tracking and disrupting every-day Americans who disagree with the current administration's policies.

As former constitutional lawyer Glenn Greenwald wrote on August 31st:

"We have a massive assault led by Federal Government law enforcement agencies on left-wing dissidents and protesters who have committed no acts of violence or illegality whatsoever, preceded by months-long espionage efforts to track what they do."

As Greenwald and others note, those targeted were little old ladies and grandfathers, vegetarians, and other people who are not a threat to anyone.

The Republiscum and the cops in Minneapolis obviously have no idea of American history. This country was founded by the renegades, the protestors, the activists. They fought against a tyrannical, fascist government and won.

So who are the real patriots?

They are not these slick, fake conservatives that talk in slogans, engage in double think, hide behind the flag and religion and divide the nation across religious, racial and sex lines.

They aren't the cops that revel in their brutality and abuse their power as they strut around like mini steroid fueled Darth Vaders.

This country is so far gone that if you are not out there engaging in civil disobedience and protest then you have no right calling yourself an American.

Anonymous said...

Here's a great song in tribute to the renegades:

Renegades - Steve Vaus

This is in tribute to the Founding Fathers, Ghandi, MLK, Ron Paul, the DNC and RNC protesters and everyone else who stands up to corruption, injustice and the establishment.

That includes you too, Keith!

Anonymous said...

Hillary was a president's wife for 8 years. That makes her qualified in the eyes of the deranged left.

Barrack Hussein Obama was a community organizer. That makes him qualfied in the eyes of the deranged left.


justice to hit the bush regime said...

The 9/11 attacks was a plan conducted by the GOP, and, many of these criminals will soon be arrested and convicted of serious crimes within the US Government, and will NOT be allowed to walk-away free.

Murder is a serious crime and those elected and non-elected officials will spend many years behind bars.


Dont let them bull-shit you any more. We have the scientific proof.


Anonymous said...

too bad the other entrenched party is just as corrupt.

so how are the 3rd parties this cycle? i hear the Libertarians have Barr.

Anonymous said...

Why disparage dogs by calling them Republicans?

What did a dog ever do to you to be treated with so much direspect?

Bushco, Cheneyburton and their crew of GOP thugs are a much lower evolution than a common dog.

Dogs do not start phony wars and commit untold war crimes.

Dogs do not murder people.

Dogs typically do not lie to other dogs while looking them in the eyes on television.

Dogs do not create and profit from terror on on other dogs.

Dogs do not generally steal from other dogs (maybe sniff a bitches ass once in a while (like democrats), or growl over a misplaced soup bone).

Dogs are generally not evil by nature.

Now, can you really say the same about the those other creatures?

Apology to Dogs, please.

Anonymous said...

A couple more things:

The President of the Dogs knows what sovereign means (without the benefit of TWO alleged Ivy leauge degrees).

Dogs know how to pronounce NU CLEE OR, not nucler

The VP of Dogs never shot another dog in the face with a shotgun 'by accident'...

Jeezus, what a Bad joke America has become. I am ashamed to be an American.

America's Best Days Definitely BEHIND HER.

ps: GOPers, make sure to watch your new trailer trash Vice President speak, speak tonight...

Woof Woof!


Only republicans? It was the democrats who also screwed us over too.

Stop worshipping the democratic party.


debt junkie said...

I think he's implying that dems are cat food. Same as dog food but a little smellier. Yet better than eating with the flies.

Flies being BO cult members.

bickerer said...

>Murder is a serious crime and those elected and non-elected officials will spend many years behind bars.


I'm kinda seeing your point anan 1:11. I understand they call it Bush Derangement Syndrome.

Mammoth said...

Meanwhile, the Republicans announced a plan to give $1 Billion of YOUR money to Georgia. This is to help them rebuild after Russia’s attack, which was in response to Georgia’s attacking – in the middle of the night – the ethnic Russian enclave of South Ossetia.

It’s all about Oil.

Wasn’t Saddam Hussein hanged for attacking and murdering Iraqis (Kurds)? So, follow this line of thought for a minute: If this was the case, then why are the Republicans supporting Georgia’s leader Saakashvili, who also attacked and murdered his own country’s people? South Ossetia is (was) part of Georgia, just as the Kurdish region is part of Iraq.

The difference is…Oil. A pipeline runs through Georgia, outside of Russian control, and THAT is why the Republicans have this disgusting two-faced policy of condemning one murderer and defending another.

It’s all about Oil. And WHICH political party is it, that is owned by Big Oil?

(Disclaimer: Yes the Democrats are also condemning Russia, but they are idiots. It is the Republican administration that is loudly giving support to the murderer Saakashvili, and it is the Republicans who are going to give $1 Billion of YOUR money to him. They are the ones who control the purse strings, remember?

We have a LOT more to lose by alienating Russia and starting Cold War II than we have to gain by supporting Georgia.


swamprat said...

Sarah Palin-governor of the largest state-Alaska.
George Bush-governor of the other largest state-Texas.
So much for experience as a governor making a difference.

Bennie and the pets said...

Shouldn't Alpo 'Prime Cuts' be the Federal Reserve's brand?

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous, call me deranged, mental, diseased to my face..

grandma pkk

I'll put my thought processes up against yours any day.

Anonymous said...

I watched the Republican Convention on TV. I couldn't believe how far down it has gone! There were a bunch of old white guys in cowboy hats, and a VP that looks like a cast member on the Jerry Springer Show.

The Republican Party is going down in history as a footnote, like the Wig Party and the Know Nothing Party. Pathetic! McCain looks like a old loser, and the VP looks like the star of a failed sitcom! Northern Over-Exposure! Give me a break. Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave!

I'm going to vote for Bob Barr the Libertarian Candidate.

Anonymous said...

Jeezus, what a Bad joke America has become. I am ashamed to be an American.


So leave. You'll be happier gone and I'll be happier with you gone. It's a win win.

Anonymous said...

Bummer for you fake conservatives...

Special Counsel has email and phone records that prove Palin pressured Commissioner Monegan

But it's OK. You fake conservatives LOVE corruption, lies and believing in your corrupt fake conservative party. No matter how corrupt and hypocritical Republican leaders are proved to be the die hard Republican supporters will never give up on them. For them it's GOP before country, common sense, liberty, morals or honour.

BTW - I'm not saying the Democrats are good either but let's call a spade a spade.

Anonymous said...

We maybe eating Dog Food if McCaine is elected....
People does it take a GREAT DEPRESSION to make you wake up? Funny if you talk to people who lived through the depression they will give you the best advice.
Grow up. Republicans are Dog Food.... They have and will always be. The real true conservatives would never have your kind over their home.
My Mum is from Australia, she blames Rupert Murdock. See in Australia the media is horrible, 100 worse than America. Rupert Murdock controls your papers, media and so on....You are screwed.
Until the old man dies or has a spirtual awakening your media will be in the toilet. Rupert old chap changed how America reports their oh my..As Mum says America is held hostage by Mr. Murdoch....There is one person Rupert will see when he dies...Guess who?

Property Pro said...

Dog Day.