September 02, 2008

Gotta love it when lobbyists and GOP lawmakers get together to drink and dance. And "Hookers and Blow" of course..

If you're still a self-identified Democrat or Republican, you are being taken for a fool.

Our government got bought.



Anonymous said...

Hey! You can't say that!! Why do you hate America, Keith!!

Nobody talks about Bush, McCain or Obama like that!!

You're either with Bush or you're with the terrorists!!

Anonymous said...

Um, as though democrats don't party with Lobbyists when it rains ? LOL What a joke Keith. You look like an idiot again.

Anonymous said...

I think I've figured out why McCain always has that sh*t eating grin on his face when he's under pressure. In his head he's singing "I feel pretty" to manage his anger:

I Feel Pretty

Also, whenever he says "my friends" that sounds like a classic anger management technique.

The guy is obviously a medicated freaking lunatic.

John McCain : The Ambien President

jack walsh said...

aint no party like a lobbyist party cuz a lobbyist party don't stop!

where the hookers at?

Ozman said...

The GOP does not need to hide their corruption. It was all in the open for the last 8 years. The sheep still vote for them.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Wow! So ABC does one bit of honest reporting. As much as I hate filthy stinking Republicans (which is so much that my wife and I moved out of the country) I hope they stuck it to the filthy stinking corporate Democrats too. The problem is, ABC is also a mouthpiece of corporate whores, and this little bit of populist newcasting doesn't make up for all its other shilling. Bash Teh Power for another decade, ABC, and then you've got some cred. Except you won't, because you're one of the whores that gets its money from the same corporations.

Good luck, Keith. I'm not a regular reader of your blog, but it's been complimented by other bloggers who I respect. You strike me as a truth-teller. The world needs more of them. Too bad you're bolting, but there's no money in blogging, only the love of the game...

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Mafia stake out video tape to me. Yup, your right. Criminals. If they were all italian, they'd be in Jail.

F the elite.

bickerer said...

I'm a Repub but consider myself as leaning independent. To me that means not walking lockstep with the talking points but thinking about every issue for myself with the information available.

I voted down the line Democrat in 2006 because I was disgusted by the rampant corruption enveloping the Rep congress. At the time I was living in CT so I did vote one independent, Lieberman.

The results of that election thrilled me because it finally pried Bush off some hard held positions. Most notably getting rid of Rumsfeld (talk radio was livid about this at the time). His replacement by Robert Gates was one of the most important events of recent years.

At the time I didn't even realize how incompetent Rumy was, but knew Bush's stubborn streak was becoming a major problem. In addition to congressional corruption.

This while my conservative friends were all like, the Bush problems are an invention of left wing media.

I was rabidly pro McCain in 2000, and was leaning (and donated to) Ron Paul this time until he faded and McCain started getting his mojo back.

Hopefully that's good enough. If not too bad.

One more thought. McCain fights against his own party when he thinks they're off base. That's independent thinking that takes guts. Obama (in the words of Borat) Not so much.

Anonymous said...

And you're voting for Obama why?

biden said...

Was palin there flashing her double d's? I wonder if her daughter showed up for some action?

I wonder how much a hooker ran there? Wish I could have been there.

Anonymous said...

Our government got bought.


Yup. America has the finest Conservative government that the big corporations could buy.

Realist said...

And the democrats don't pull this too?

I think I've figured out why McCain always has that sh*t eating grin on his face when he's under pressure. In his head he's singing "I feel pretty" to manage his anger

^Dude, you subtle psychological manipulation is getting old. Do you have any other tricks?

Anonymous said...



Just ranted on Sarah Palin

"Alaska? Alaska"?


There ain't no crime
There ain't no blacks
There ain't no crackheads!!!!!!!!

So I guess,

No blacks means NO PROBLEMS!

Thank you P-Diddy!


Anonymous said...

Well if P-diddy doesn't approve of her, neither do I. I take all my marching orders from thug rappers ya know.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I need to get me a politician friend, those parties look pretty damn good.

Anonymous said...

Palin - Just another religious nutjob (fake) conservative:

Palin's Church May Have Shaped Controversial Worldview

So Iraq and drilling is a mission from God now?

Who are the real religious fundamentalist extremist terrorists?

I don't know but I do know which side has caused the greatest loss of life.

Anonymous said...

Here is a tribute to all the morons that have lead America in the past...


George W Bush - The Age of the Idiot

The Real Dubya - Fun Loving Yale Fratboy

And all of the moronic presidents to lead America to come:

McCain's Greatest Gaffes

U S A!
U S A!

Great job America! Keep up the good work!!

gw said...

Get real. This is work and I mean it.

Whatever you think about your representatives do you believe a few drinks can sway their votes? Do you want them well connected and therefore informed and powerful?

Do you believe airline trips, sleeping in another bed, buffet food and long days can compare in any way with being at home, in your own bed, eat what you like and what is healthy and getting some good rest?

Conventions, trade shows and the like are cheap and efficient ways to network. People prepare in advance who to meet. It is also an efficient way of buying access. While the latter carries some aspect of corruption in it - the alternatives may well be worse. At least it is in the open, there is competition and it comes without commitment. A necessary evil for which we lack better alternatives.

Keith, from your postings you look like you are a lot on the road. You should know better than fall for this superficial cheap scandal.

Paul E. Math said...

This is business as usual politics. And it's how decisions are made.

You think your votes matter? You think it really matters who holds office?

Every politician in Washington (except Ron Paul and a handful of others) get their information from special interests and lobby groups. And it is information that is power.

Special interests and lobby groups provide information and data points that support their own agenda. And, regardless of what policy or program the information supports, the more information politicians have, the smarter they look and the more persuasive they can be when soliciting votes or arguing with their political opponents.

This is the real way that special interests work. Politicians and bureaucrats cannot think for themselves and they have no access to impartial, unbiased information.

This is the form of 'democracy' that Americans are so proud of, that they fight and die to spread across the globe.

Anonymous said...

Come on keith, where were your videos of the dems partying it up with lobbyists?

At least the gop didn't have a "welcoming committee" to assault democrats at their convention.

Brody said...

"Hookers and Blow"...hilarious if it weren't so damn scary. If you made that up, no one would believe it. Seriously Keith, how can you leave HP when you have this kind of material landing in your lap?