September 24, 2008


You can't make this sh*t up HP'ers.

McCain, after his party created the biggest financial debacle since the Great Depression, is pulling out all the stops in a desperate and flailing attempt to cover up his and his party's misdeeds.

This one though takes the cake.

(This is so big and so tied to housing that it belongs here on HP, instead of the political blog AmericaPANIC)

McCain, who has run the most desperate, most cynical, most dishonest and most dishonorable campaign for president in modern American history, is now supposedly taking the high-road. Yeah, right. If you believe that America, then you truly are a ship of fools.

So HP calls McCain's bluff. If the economics and morals-challenged McCain REALLY cared about America more than he cares about himself, he'd step aside, right now, tonight, and return to the Senate. He'd drop his incompetent and in-over-her-head joke of a running mate Sarah Palin, and recommend that his party go with a true fiscal conservative outsider and reformer as the GOP nominee in 2008.

Michael Bloomberg

With Mitt Romney or Rob Portman as the VP.

Then, and only then, will we have a race on our hands. Then, and only then, will McCain reclaim his legacy.

McCain suspends campaign, Obama plans to continue

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Republican presidential candidate John McCain announced Wednesday that he is suspending his campaign to return to Washington and focus on the "historic" crisis facing the U.S. economy.

McCain said it was time for both parties to come together to solve economic crisis.

Democratic rival Sen. Barack Obama in a news conference later Wednesday said that he and McCain had spoken by phone and had agreed to issue a joint statement about shared principles in the approach to resolving the economic crisis.

But he disagreed with McCain's call for postponing Friday's first presidential debate in Oxford, Mississippi.

"It's my belief that this is exactly the time when the American people need to hear from the person will be the next president," Obama said. "It is going to be part of the president's job to deal with more than one thing at once. It's more important than ever to present ourselves to the American people."

Regarding McCain's call to join him in Washington to help participate in the debate over the economic recovery plan, Obama said: "I will be anywhere at any time," he said. "If you need us I'll be there."

Obama called McCain early Wednesday morning to ask for a joint statement, a McCain senior advisor said.

An Obama campaign source confirmed the call and said that McCain returned his call six hours later, and accepted the concept and suggested the two of them return to Washington to join the negotiations. The source says that Obama told him that he would do that only if negotiators saw it as useful.

According to the Obama source, soon after they ended the call, McCain announced he was suspending his campaign and returning to Washington.


Anonymous said...

The popular sentiment is against the bailout. McCain's push to sell the bailout as a response to a national emergency is a last ditch effort to show himself as the reformer. The truely sickening part is that he is just focusing on getting the money to his banker buddies.

Anonymous said...

The Party that Wrecked and Murdered the American Dream.

The Part of Bushco, Cheneyburton and John Herbert Hoover McCain.

McCain to lose 48 states in November.

Anonymous said...

Post this video.. people should know what these losers were saying a year ago.

Bush, Bernanke, Paulson's Own Words on Subprime a Year Ago

Frank R said...

I have to agree with you on this one. That was a real dumbass move on his part.

Anonymous said...

"A Certain Landslide Defeat"

Anonymous said...


Jim said...

You still up for the Presidential bet Keith? I'll bet ya $500 on McCain ;)

jim said...

What does it matter, the elections will be postponed indefinitely due to the emergency.

consultant said...

Has this ever happened before? McCain supporters, admit it. This is one whacked out dude.

Obama put McCain's head on the manhole cover and then rolled over it slowly when he said, "As President, you have to be able to do more than one thing at a time."

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for proof that you were a paid agent for the European Financial powers.

Promoting Bloomberg. Nice. Why keep up the illusion; let's just let our actual billionaire overloads rule the country without the proxy agents.

Frank R said...

Not gonna be a landslide either way - whoever wins will do so by under 5% - but this was not a smart move on McCain's part when things are in a dead heat electorally.

Oh well, let's look at the bright side: McCain = status quo. Obama = massive meltdown and a total flushout of incumbents in 2010/2012. (Yep Keith, I finally understand why you're backing Obama!)

As for me, I just forked over five figures to a top tax attorney firm to cover my assets before the Marxist nut takes office in January and has a two-year free reign of populist terror with Reid and Pelosi backing him up.

Anonymous said...

McCain's suspensions of his that how he will run our country when times get tough?

Doesn't look so tough to me.

Anonymous said...


I just watched Lou Dobbs on CNN say that Fannie and Freddie are being investigated by the FBI. He proudly said that he called for that A WEEK AGO.

Bro , you called for that EONS ago !

Lost Cause said...

Is he going to layoff his campaign staff too?

Lost Cause said...

McCain's campaign manager took $30,000 to be a lobbiest for Frannie & Freddie. That was in that far-left Marxist propaganda rag, USA Today.

PS -- Frank, oh I wish it were the case that you were going up against the wall!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I really trust John "Keating 5" Mcinsane with taxpayer money...

Yeahhh sure... buddy...

Note that I am not a big fan of that socialist Obama either; but at least for 700 billion we'd get a shitty health care system.

Frank R said...

Promoting Bloomberg. Nice. Why keep up the illusion; let's just let our actual billionaire overloads rule the country without the proxy agents.


Anonymous said...

McCain is playing politics.
He knows that the bailout plan is going to pass by this weekend regardless. That is why he pulled this desperate plot to get the credit when the bill passes.

really desperate by the McCain campaign. I've lost respect for him. By the way, did anyone see plain's interview on CBS evening news? yeah great job McCain putting the best interest of this country first by picking her for VP!

Anonymous said...


You are right, this belongs on HP and I believe that today, September 24 should be the swan song for this awesome blog.

The housing panic we are going through has brought down the GOP today with McCain suspending his campaign and the Bush address tonight to beg for 1 trillion to save Wall Street and to prevent us from going into a full blown depression.

I believe the housing panic ended today, and it is so apropos that we are really in America Panic mode from now on.

Anonymous said...

Thousands of people have been calling their political respresentatives ... and they feel betrayed, as well as very angry.

If any of us were literally forced into paying more for something we knew was worth far less, we wouldn't be too happy.

This is exactly what Bernanke/Paulson are trying to push with this bail-out - tax-payers forced to pay more for toxic-waste assets.

It's also the reason why more and more US citizens are up in arms - the lights are coming on in more and more people's heads.

It took something this catastrophic to finally wake people up, but perhaps it's not too late to salvage what we have left in this country which is worth saving.

Also, if you have children, grand-childen, nieces, nephews, etc.., have you really given thought to what will their lives be if this bail-out plan were passed as is?

I believe something must be done, but not at the expense of US tax-paying citizens who have been bearing the brunt of mistakes made by our government and financial crooks for far too long now.

We're in the mist of massive change, and nothing can stop that now.

Anonymous said...

Tell him to send his VP!

Who else is tired of this crap?

If the President can't make it he has to send in his VP!

She's gotta be ready, right?

Anonymous said...

" said...
As for me, I just forked over five figures to a top tax attorney firm to cover my assets before the Marxist nut takes office in January and has a two-year free reign of populist terror with Reid and Pelosi backing him up."

Thanks. That explains everything.

You are My Hero

Anonymous said...

Very good reminder of what these
people are all about ... protecting corporate wellfare.

According to Paulson, the market should be able to correct itself.

So then, let's let the market correct itself, and we'll be rid of wallstreet brokers and bankers who aren't needed anyways.

That would be nice if it was that simple, but these stooges really made of mess of things.

Let's hope a realistic solution is made which doesn't put the country in a irreparable crisis a few years down the road.

satan said...
Post this video.. people should know what these losers were saying a year ago.

Bush, Bernanke, Paulson's Own Words on Subprime a Year Ago

Anonymous said...

Debate this, dickhead

Anonymous said...

Look I have been hearing that Bush is going to suspend the election. I did not believe it until now. I heard that something big was going to happen..Well they are giving it to you folks. Its an emergancy of Wall street and the election will not happen..I hope we are wrong, I really really do.
Now Keith what if they do this and change our currency to Amero>>>>>
This is fucking scary.
Folks research Amero.
You tube Lou Dobbs Amero..He has talked about this a year ago.
Research because I really do believe this is about to happen.
This is fucking crazy.

Anonymous said...

say hello to mexico and Canada...The plan is in action...

Bush baby Amero.....
Welcome to America.....

I pray we are wrong

Anonymous said...

You people here are on narcotics if you think McCain/Palin will lose. It will be a landslide alright, but in their favor.

You libs always forget that the influence of conservatives is ALWAYS understated because we don't make alot of noise, demonstrate, or have the mainstream media advocating our positions. That's why you people always suspect voter fraud when we keep winning. You just don't get it.

Don't worry though. You'll win in a landslide once all the Christians are gone. We'll see how you like the ensuing seven years ; )

Anonymous said...

Obama should do the same. I'm sure one of his aides knows there the Capitol Building is. Obama should visit and see what a U.S. Senator does.

Anonymous said...

The lying media is trying to sell this bail-out by saying it will only cost around 3 grand per head of taxpayers bail out....and they might make money on it .

The cheerleaders for the bail out fail to consider that we have to borrower the money to pay for it, meaning that 3 grand goes up by 10 fold . Than the public fails to consider what inflation will cost them as the hidden tax for this bail out,which God know is even worst .So they spin that the taxpayer is only risking about 3 thousand and they will make money on it is again this sort of tricky selling that evil people do,such as a Paulson . This bail out is evil my fellow Americans ,its evil ,and it will create a bunch of bad results and future costs . Call you Politicians and tell them you are voting them out if they approve this bill . Its as simple as that . Wall Street is trying to black mail us right now ,so that is the type of evil you are dealing with .

Anonymous said...

FLASH: Obama forgets he is actually a US senator, being paid 163K/year by the taxpayers.

"Call me if you need me"

A political whore.

Anonymous said...

My latest thought:
The rest of the world is fed up with our worthless paper. The mortgage bonds that we have sold them to keep our cash flow coming in are junk and they know it. They have stopped buying them. Therefore there is no money coming in to fund our economy. That is where we get our money from. We need the 700B to replace that cash flow. It is either that or maybe some of these countries are just cashing in their bonds. Pay me or else. Either way we are in deep doodoo. The reason this has not been told to the American people is to avoid a run on the banks and money market funds. We are a debtor nation and really we are owned by our creditors. This came to a head with the failure of AIG, the company that insured these bonds.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break. You "toe the party line" types make me ill. Does the current Republican Party suck? Absolutely. But guess what? So do the Democrats! With the exception of Ron Paul or maybe Bob Barr, every other politician in Washington is out for one thing: his or her career. And by the way... Congress is mainly composed of....TADA!!!....Democrats!

Yes, Bush, Cheney, and the current crop of neocons have ruined a lot of things, but if you honestly think that Obama will make anything better with whatever forms of socialism he tries to implement, you're crazy.

Your credibility would get a great boost if you would drop the whole "Republican bad-Democrat good" crap. They're nothing more than two sides of the same big government coin. You seem to understand economic markets and the housing crash pretty well, but why not have a little intellectual honesty and admit that your "team" (Democrats) aren't entirely blameless.

Anonymous said...

These Ass*ole Bankers are Democrats too ya know. How come Pelosi hasnt doen Sh** yet?

Please leave all the retarded political side taking to your other blog. Stupid Retard McCain had Help from the Stupid Retard Democrats who ALL Fd our country up!

But I really do hate McBannana! What a friggin loser! Amnesty for all!

Anonymous said...

I think McCain is trying to show this ongoing financial wreck caused by the stupidity of the the government, banks, and homedebtors is more important then the campaign. The best thing McCain could do is say let the whole thing implode and then get back to the campaign.

Listening to Bush's speech. Not convinced, Mr. President, that we should allow one more penny be spent on this disaster. Let the whole wreck continue and take the financial system with it. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

This is a brilliant move which will cement the election. He will get credit for making congress do something while the O man is left outside and Biden was the worst pick he could have made. Imagine if Palin said that FDR was President in 1929 and went on TV she would be sent back over the bridge to nowhere but Biden gets a pass from media like this blog.

Anonymous said...

I load 16 tons and what do I get,
Another day older and deeper in debt,
St. Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go,
I owe my soul to the company store (Communist China).

Anonymous said...

This bailout is making things interesting politically.

Most online polls indicate that people are against the bailout. (Are people waking up?)

If McCain votes for this bailout and Obama doesn't, Obama can say "McCain is just a George Bush wannabe" and he can say that he stood up to Wall Street for the middle class citizen.

If Obama votes for the bailout and McCain doesn't, McCain can ride the "Maverick" thing and say that Obama is bought off by bankers.

It's interesting. I think this is one time where people are pissed enough that if their representative votes wrong, they will hold him/her accountable.

Conveniently, McCain is one of my senators. In my letter to him, I wrote, "If you vote for the bailout in any form, this Republican will not vote for you for president or the senate ever."

Of course, I only registered Republican to vote for Ron Paul and would have never voted for McCain anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

and Obama is going back to DC too now.

Anonymous said...

I just watched Lou Dobbs on CNN say that Fannie and Freddie are being investigated by the FBI. He proudly said that he called for that A WEEK AGO.

Bro , you called for that EONS ago !

Everyone knows the Lou Dobbs show is just an HP wannabe.

Anonymous said...

Keith, do you feel like you've fallen through the rabbit hole?

It feels strange to wake up in the morning, turn on CNN and hear the news bimbos talking about mortgage backed securities and NINJA loans. We're all bubble bloggers now, I guess. :)

As to McCain trying to call off the debate. It's been my opinion for weeks now that the man is seriously ill. I don't know if it's dementia, Alzheimer's, a stroke or a cancer relapse, but he's not healthy and the campaign is doing its best to cover it up. I predicted that he would be a no show. I don't know why the media isn't pushing for answers. I guess the same reason they never covered the bubble until it turned into a disaster: they're lazy.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, we had a word for guys who tried to pull this kind of stunt: Pussy.

Anonymous said...

Bad move for McCain, but then Obama makes himself look like a dolt with his "multi-tasking" comment...

Both of them are out of touch.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin asked Hamid Karzai, Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari, and President Mikheil Saakashvili of Georgia for their autographs at the U.N.
McCain said Oh Boy - wake me when this is over.

Anonymous said...

Now they want to push back the VP debate as well! Man they'll do anything to keep Palin off TV.

Anonymous said...

I think you are severely under-estimating McCain.

Sure - it's a political stunt, but he is presenting himself as "someone who gets things done" rather than "someone who talks".

And look at Obama who looks like a deer in the headlights doing nothing while McCain is out taking care of business.

Notice the trend in the media lately - it's all about Obama playing catch-up to McCain. He has Obama completely on the defensive in reaction mode rather than proactive.

Sure - it's a stunt, but the impression it leaves is that McCain takes initiative and leads while others sit around blabbering.

I think both of these guys are bad candidates for president, but I have to admit that Obama is looking pretty wimpy right now.

Point goes to McCain.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Now is not a good time to keep quite, we need to know what he would do or wouldn't as the case maybe.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Get McCain / Palin / Bush off of Housingpanic! They just aren't worth it. Send them over to Americapanic plz.

Anonymous said...

did he say he was really fuzzy on the economy. he has been spending so much time propping up sarah palin he didn't have time to study economics 101, unprepared is the reason he wants to stop it. if he (admittedly)says he knows nothing about the economy why do they need more dead weight in Washington. no to the bailout. Who cares about a 50 million payout for ceo's when the others will get even more.

Anonymous said...

John has been trying to get town hall meetings together with BO all summer. He proposed 10, Obama conceded to on (the Saturday night of the Fourth of July weekend. LOL.

And now when the government is readying a Bush/Paulson bailout of Wall Street with tax payer money. McCain heads to Washington to get that crap rewritten to make sure the tax payer and the currency don't get wasted. EVERYTHING HP wants, and we should all be on or feet cheering. Yet all you get is more whining, a fickle bunch here. I use the word fickle very carefully. Motherfucker is a word I use with much less deliberation.

Put aside the hackery and think about what's right. That is if the Obama cult hasn't (in essence) put the vulcan mind meld on your collective asses.

They pulled a Spock on your frail minds. Next thing you're on your knees bedazzled and awaiting further instructions. Pitiful indeed. Grow a pair, or borrow Hillary's.

Anonymous said...

Come on hurry up before someone catches us.

Does Paulson look like a school boy just about to get a note passed to him on a test in this photo.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, Uncle Benny will have to lower Interest Rate to ZERO if this bailout does not happen.

Uncle Benny is probably really wishing he would have listen to HP'ers and not lower interest rate last year on the "3000 job lost - SMOKING GUN".

Experts offer alternatives to bailout approach

Leading economists argue that other solutions could address financial crisis

Anonymous said...

I have been watching the corrupt cheerleaders try to pump up this economy for the last 2 years by their "Happy talk" . When all the powers that be knew that the Wall Street fraud was going to blow up ,than that was the time to stop being cheerleaders of fraud ,just to get a bull run on the stock market .

For Wall Street lender firms to falsely try to pull off this deceit for over 2 years now ,when they knew the undercurrent loans were toxic waste ,was a evil crime .
The Chairman and Paulson telling the public in meetings that all was well ,was a fraud . Oh yea ,these people just found out that the market was in shambles ...?

I'm counting 2 trillion so far that has been extended or will be extended in total .

The pain to main street that this
bail out will cause in terms of
debt with interest , inflation and all the risks ,is mind-blowing .

The bail out will go through with minor concessions that don't mean a shit ,and they will do what they want with the money .

For a minute there I thought that the politicians were going to do what was right ,rather than sell a
con job . What are they thinking ? What are they going to do when main street starts hurting because they are not going to benefit,and the dumb housing market can't be revived from the dead ? What are the people going to do when job loss continues and they discover that these funds went to Wall Streets to bail out their liability ?

Wall Street big lender firms just should of been allowed to fall . Yep, face the music of the foreigner being mad and all that.

Other countries had their own bubbles ,so who are they to say it was just the United States that was providing these toxic loans . It was a World wide thing .

Anyway ,I will sign off now .

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin the Genius interviewed by the worst newswoman ever Couric:

I would love to throw this nitwit Palin in a pit with steely eyed Hillary, let the best woman win, the othert dies.

My money on Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Another Palin Genius Observation, pay particular attention to the circuitous logic: Jeezus what a dimwit:

Never thought I'd say this:

Hillary, I MISS YOU!

Anonymous said...

People who think that our society benefited by the easy credit fake market are full of it . First,people were just faked out that they had wealth they didn't have and that caused them to be foolish . Fake investment schemes always fake the mark into thinking that they have wealth coming .

One day in history when books are written about the great Wall Street Ponzi Scheme (that the taxpayers became the bagholders),than the truth will come out ,maybe .

Anonymous said...

It's an incredibly interesting campaign move, and nothing more.
McSame chose Palin simply as a move to not only throw the election on it's head, but also to fight fire with fire in regards to the age/experience arguments.
Now this, it seems is a very calculated move. By "suspending" the campaign to go and "work" on the problem, McSame is attempting to convince the public that he cares more about them and the economy than the election and his own career.
By Obama not following suit, it gives the McSame campaign a powerful new tool: "McCain Cares about you and does what it takes, Obama won't be decisive and do what it takes for the country".
...Even though we all know it's a ploy, a great many voters on the fence may be swayed by it.

It's still too early and close to really tell, but I'm thinking that the Palin and Suspension moves just might put the Republicans back in the White House

Anonymous said...

You all act like McCain is some noobie at this game. Say what you want about his personality, but he has probably forgotten more about politics than your brown boy scout has ever learned.

When the dust settles I expect this will be a net plus for McCain and Palin.

Anonymous said...


You've become your own Fox News.

You have derangement syndrome.

This fiasco was not partisan. It was created by Democrats and Republican buffoons.

Making it the "McCain's Fault" makes you look small.

Anonymous said...

Man, are you a bit disturbed.
You're upset that Obama didn't think of this "time out" gimick first. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

>McCain not ready to debate.

Yeah, keep telling yourselves that. When this debate goes off it's not going to be pretty for Mr. O.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

McCain is a CRY BABY/WHIMP. Just like Bush.

Anonymous said...

McCain is an Idiot.

Anonymous said...

"sundry vermin said...
>McCain not ready to debate.

Yeah, keep telling yourselves that. When this debate goes off it's not going to be pretty for Mr. O."

Please seek professional help.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Pretty stoopid analysis, though you wouldn't be the first to conclude it.

Even Bill Clinton defended McCain's actions.


Anonymous said...

"You'll win in a landslide once all the Christians are gone. We'll see how you like the ensuing seven years"

Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

Anonymous said...

Wall street first!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wall Street First!!!

Anonymous said...

"...conservatives...don't make a lot of noise, demonstrate, or have the mainstream media advocating our positions..."

That was a good one.

Refuse to buy overpriced said...

Michael Bloomberg?!?

The two biggest price-fixing housing bailout advocates in the USA, Bloomberg and Obama, as our 2 choices for president?