September 18, 2008

And then Jim Cramer spread the ugly rumor that the financials are under attack from Al-Qaeda. Seriously. No, I'm not kidding. No, seriously.

Oh, yes, this will have the 9/11 truthers in a tizzy.

Fire away.

Meanwhile, if you believed Lehman and Bear were going to go out of business because they owned all the crap fraud loans, and you shorted their stock, YOU'RE WITH THE TERRORISTS. AND YOU SHOULD BE WIRETAPPED, WATERBOARDED OR WORSE!!!!

It's starting to feel a bit 1935 around here, eh?

Stop Trading!: Financial Terrorism?

The damage being done to stocks through short selling, where Wall Street’s most legendary institutions are losing value at alarming rates, could be the work of financial terrorism.

Cramer’s been talking to the short sellers he knows, and that’s the theory they’ve been putting forward. His sources said that it’s doubtful that the market’s traditional short sellers are behind the negative action we’ve seen lately. So there is the possibility that someone else has been trying to wreak havoc in the markets rather than just profit from the problems of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and others.

Cramer, who was merely relaying what he heard, did say that, given the fact that the U.S. is in a “financial nationally emergency,” the “financial terrorism thing, to me, has to be put on the table just because the regular short sellers are not doing this.”


lamo said...

Are you kidding me? I saw this crap on cnbc.What a tool.I think the shorts should be able to short waht they want.I am against naked short selling though.

We need to find those evil terorists who short stocks.

We all know it is the hedge funds.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Financial Terrorism was/is used by Michael Savage whenever he rants about Dodd, Bendover Ben, Paulson, Bush etc. and the melt down. Cramer lifted it.

True, but the terror came from Wall St. and DC not Al-Qaeda, sez Michael Savage.

Below, another Awesome Dee Satirical Cartoon on this topic.

Anonymous said...

so with 50 to one leverage and not needing deposits to create it, those companys have been creating bogus money of 5 million to compete at the bidding process with every 100,000 hard earned, hard saved moneys ................and there will be no breaking even with this government manipulations and house propping up prices and Jimbo wants more of the same lets sat 100 to one leverage at .02 percent interest.. more million dollar crap boxws???????????????????????/

Anonymous said...

no breaking even on the value of your 100,000 dollar deposits value because 10 million in bribes for government rule makers and regulators leveraged on that hard earned, hard saved 100,000 has more "value" just like the housing bidding process....just the way it is..............

Anonymous said...

Terrorists are the new UFOs. Nobody's ever seen a real one, and they're to blame for every bad thing.
In fact, I'm pretty sure Al-Quaida made me fail my exams.

Honica Jewinski said...


Oy vey! We seem to be losing a few of our hard swindled shekels.....



The wars for israel MUST continue!!!!

Afterthought said...

Al Qaeda? After all these years of "The War on Terror they still have the means to short the US into Oblivion?

Perhaps we need a new Military.

Honica Jewinski said...

Keith said...

"It's starting to feel a bit 1935 around here, eh?"

If your gonna link to that, you should link to this;_ylu=X3oDMTByMDhrMzdqBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDNQRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkAw--/SIG=12nmrqdqs/EXP=1221866110/**http%3a// first. It is the natural order of things afterall.

"July 1914?4.2 marks to the dollar
January 1919?8.9
July 1919?14.0
January 1920?64.8
July 1920?39.5
January 1921?64.9
July 1921?76.7
January 1922?1919.8
July 1922?493.2
January 1923?17,972
July 1923?353,412
August 1923?4,620,455
September 1923?98,860,000
October 1923?25,260,208,000
November 15, 1923?4,200,000,000,000?yes, trillion.

[Source: Gordon Craig, "Germany 1866-1945"]

By late 1923, the German government required 1,783 printing presses, running around the clock, to print money.

Germans wheeled shopping carts filled with literally trillions of marks to pay for a single loaf of bread. Employees asked to be paid their wages each morning so that they could shop at noon before merchants posted the afternoon price rises."

We're just now entering 1920....

Paul E. Math said...

Can anyone wonder why I can't stand Cramer??

The guy is a POS, pure and simple.

The guy cares about one thing above all else: high stock prices.

Cramer cares not nor knows not of right and wrong. He is as desperate and depraved as any smack-head. He is a fiend for high stock prices.

Cramer is a dangerous, dangerous shill for wall street and is NOT to be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Petro Euros???

Hmmm.. I think Cramer is on to something

Dr. implant said...

oh, Honica..
Wrong again!

Americans are loosing American earned dollars.

watch out! the spooky superpowerfull
mega giant collosal Isrealites are already living inside your paranoid brain.

them shiny things you're seeing are:
Golden stars-of-David with very pointy edges.

cramer said...

I swear the stock market is rigged.I cannot imagine some of the money these traders are making with insider information.

Shit, these idiots are leveraged 30:1 and the assholes don't even have the 1. I should borrow a bunch of money and gamble in the stock market too.Abby joseph looks like man a doesn't she.Is it a she or an it?

Anonymous said...

I too USED to listen to Michael Savage until recently.

Not only is the content and bias not to be taken seriously anymore, but really, have you ever tried to listen to a.m. 'talk radio'?

Its' more like a in an hour of airtime, a very few minutes of so-called "discussion" framed by the worlds most amateur repetitive advertisements the rest of the hour...

Also, when the host, like Savage, begins selling gold and anything else they can profit by, its time in my opinion to TUNE OUT.

Sorry Dr. Weiner. Your time has come and GONE for me.

Anonymous said...

I told you guys a long time ago that Crammer was evil ,and you didn't listen to me and some of you people thought he was cool . Crammer is dangerous ,and the little people and college kids keep listening to him and the Cheerleaders at CNBC Business Cable Channel are shills . Look at who the advertisers are for
those shows .

Sometimes I like to watch evil ,so I tune into his show. Crammer's game all along was to have the taxpayers pay for the excess of Wall Street ,so Crammer could keep his little bull market stock pick show .Crammer is a bubble promoter and a evil son of a bitch . For Crammer to act like he is just helping the people make Mad Money and he is a friend of the people is a joke .Of course Crammer is a shill for the bad guys that got us into this mess .

went2puke said...

And now what do we do? Bomb Wall Street?
Just ask Sarah...she has the answer!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, laugh at the 9/11 truthers why don't you Keith?

When you clearly have no idea about the facts behind 9/11 like so many self assured American "know it alls".

You're the one still believing in this ridiculous fairy tale of a band of evil third world terrorists circumventing the most pervasive, most expensive and

Never mind the fact that these "terrorists" were trained at US military bases - that's a proven fact.

Never mind the fact that Osama Bin Laden is a CIA asset who has been working with the CIA since the Afghan War against the Russians. Do a little research. You'll see that it's true. You'll find images of Bin Laden with Zbigniew Brzezinski (Jimmy Carter's and Obama's foreign policy advisor) in Afghanistan back in the 80s.

Never mind the fact that we have so many eyewitness accounts of explosions going off in the buildings and describe events that do not match up with the official story.

Never mind that the 9/11 Commission was a complete whitewash that didn't resolve any of the questions of 9/11, did not provide any evidence of a link to Bin Laden and was "setup to fail from the beginning" in the words of Thomas Kean who was a part of the investigation.

Never mind the clear testimony of survivors like Willy Rodriguez and Barry Jennings and many others that contradict the official story. How would survivors of the day know what they were talking about? I'd much rather believe the government instead.

Never mind that the Neoconservative think tank, "The Project for the New American Century" (PNAC) described the need for a "new Pearl Harbor" to act as a catastrophic, catalyzing event to bring about their revolution in military affairs and goals for "full spectrum dominance".

Never mind that "false flag terrorism" has been with the human race for millenia. Never mind that we know that the US military is capable of "false flag terrorism" or at the very least thinks it is capable of "false flag terrorism" aimed at the American people because we have it in their own documents!! Look up "Operation Northwoods".

Don't you think you should at least take the time to look into this evidence to verify it for yourself instead of just being an arrogant, state believing fool that ridicules those that know more about the events of 9/11 than you do??

I'm so tired of people like you that think you know it all when you are living in your corporate media bubble and are completely lacking in wider perspective. 9/11 is about GEO-POLITICS. It's not about some freaking angry arabs in caves!!

Take the time to do some bloody research Keith!. There couldn't be a more important issue today!!!


Fabled Enemies


Anonymous said...

Ummm, heh-

Did ANYONE in the US hear that the AMERICAN EMBASSY is Yemen was attacked??

I guess we are too busy with the Economy right now. :)

GOP's last ditch War-on-Terror crisis & nobody noticed !!!

Oh darn :(

Rob said...

Yeah it was Bin Laden who approved all the Casey Serin mortgage applications.

Anonymous said...

my old oxford dictionary had a definition of arab as, one of the rabble... where we shall be soon enough........and jew as grubber.........hows that for highbrow empirist..........?

Anonymous said...

911 was a coverup of the enron politicos rip offs and bribe hidings..........and a method of destroying the largest financial rip off schemes paperworks till that day.......................bigger rip off............

Silly Wabbit said...

Completely plausible, but I'm not sure if it's likely. The guy read Clancy's Debt of Honor to get the idea of running a plane into a building. Why not go with the initial attack idea in the book. I mean, there are many unfriendly Middle East guys with the cash to try something like this.