September 19, 2008

And then the housewives FINALLY came to understand that it was all falling apart

Uh, thanks for paying such close attention.

After it was too late.

Ignorance was not bliss.

Too bad they were watching the housing porn on HGTV and TLC, instead of reading HP.


FrankGiff said...

Funny how the dusky lady on the left tried to make KathyLee look stupid, and she was pissed.

Anonymous said...

good morning. so after henpecking nearly all the husbands in the country to get a McMansion + remodeling NOW you're waking up to reality?

"I don't understand how this could all be falling apart, Susanne researched this!"

horrible said...

It looks HORRIBLE, "I mean HORRIBLE............."

Was that ditz talking about her ridiculous scarf?

Anonymous said...

That transvestite looks funny with the scarf

casey said...

Are they a bunch of ho's or what? Kathy lee needs to get more of a tan and more botox.

Anonymous said...

I was interested in the video until 1 second after it began and the all-time fake fraudster Gifford was still alive and some how croaking like the raven over the door 'Nevermore'.

Kathy Lee Gifford is a Prime Example of what is wrong with the late once-great America.

Kathy Lee Gifford for V.P.

Nice Ring to it, eh Reeg.

Anonymous said...

"Don't Panic", conveyed to you by maudlin, jittery chicks.


Gold? "You's high...

...Nothing is so solid as your cash..."

investorinpa said...

You know, for an older chick, Kathie Lee still gives me a matter how bitchy she can be, u know that she's probably a wild one in the sack

Miss Goldbug said...

I was in BofA today, and in their waiting area for new accounts, the big plasma screen tv had guess what playing?

HDTV- Sell this house.

Homeowners in my area are still dilusional-they continue to pour money into their homes trying to keep the value up through home improvements.

They just don't know when to stop digging.