August 21, 2008

When you're old and senile like John McCain, you start forgetting things. Important things. Like how fricking LOADED you are.

I like kicking the old fart when he's down.

Is that bad?


Anonymous said...

Dad and grandad were 4 star admirals guy barely graduated from the academy even so.

Ahhh but never forget it's Obama who's the elitest!

Realist said...

Keith, Keith, Keith ... I like this site but it looks like the polls really have you nervous. At least McCain goes out of his way to care for and nurture dark skinned people ... as evidenced by the adoption of his daughter from a Bangladesh orphanage.

Obama's blood brother George lives in a 6x9 shack in Kenya and exists on $12 freaking dollars per year. Do you think that an elitist millionaire like Obama could spare some pocket change after lunch to help out his blood brother. No, he made sure that 'George' was as far a way from the media as possible. Kind of unusual that there are almost no U.S. sources for this story, isn't it.

Of course, it's impossible for Obama to be a selfish elitist and this article is just plain racist... lol.

Anonymous said...

Err... he's not down Keith.

vanilla ice said...

You can't hold it against rich people for losing track of their horses, cars, and houses.

Anonymous said...

I could give a sh*t how many houses McCain owns.

At least, unlike Obama, he never said" I think the government should put a _floor_ under house prices".

Anybody under the age of 35 who wants to own a house someday would have to have rocks in their head to vote Democrat this year.

Not only did the Dems vote 227 yea and just THREE nay for that disgusting housing/Fannie/Freddie bailout last month, their nominee has stated in a CNBC interview that he wants to keep home prices at nosebleed levels and will go as far as government INTERVENTION to keep them high.

Obama's a real man of the people, oh yeah!

Also, FYI, he got a slimy sweetheart deal on the home he bought in Chicago a few years back- a 300K discount at the height of the bubble when his sucker constituents were paying full bubble prices.

BTW, the Republican vote on that corrupt Fannie Freddie bailout bill was 145 NAY to 40 yea. Who do you young Democrats think is on your side ?

I have voted Dem since 1972. This year, I'm holding my nose and voting McCain.

Anonymous said...

America can pick her Libertarian candidate from column A or column B.

But it won't make any difference which way they vote in November because the Libertarians control both major parties. Most American voters have caught on to this already. That is why half (the more intelligent half?) stay home on election day.

Kibitzer 2006 said...

"I like kicking the old fart when he's down.

"Is that bad?"


This has been another episode of Simple Answers to Simple Questions (apologies to Atrios).


Lost Cause said...

I think he got Alzheimer's from all the silver spoons shoved up his butt.

Anonymous said...

That is soooo funny! I love it! Hee Hee Hee!

panicearly said...

last thing i want is a brain damaged
grumpy grandpa pow, intellectual hemroid to be president who will make Bush look classy by comparison.