August 23, 2008

Uh, Rep. Poe, you're not supposed to talk about this stuff, remember? Didn't you get Cheney's talking points?

Nice to see some in the GOP rising up. I sure miss the party that was against out of control government spending.

Too late though on this debacle, and you gotta wonder about the motives, but hey, still nice to see. Fight the good fight Rep. Poe. Your phones are bugged now, but fight the good fight.


Anonymous said...

Time to find a HOUSING blog and dump this political one!

At least Ben doesn't let this crap get posted on his.

blogger said...

Pissy that a GOP Rep is going against the Bush/Cheney mother ship?

Bush's GOP needs an enema. And some of their members now understand that.

Anonymous said...

"...wonder about the motives"

it's an election year. they talk about small governement and decreased spending and then when they are elected they do the opposite.

i can't wait to not vote this election. first time ever.

to hell with john mcain and obama.

Anonymous said...


1. Arrest/Imprison Immediately

2. Permanently Revoke pasports

3. Seize ALL assets

4. Begin Trials

5. Maximum Possible Penalties when found guilty.

6. NO appeals.

Fuck you Bush
Fuck you Cheney

The two most hated men in the world.

Anonymous said...

"The long arm of American law".......LOL

With respect to "arms" of law, America became a double amputee when the Bushco junta seized control of the country.

But the gangrene first set in when the FED (which is a PRIVATELY OWNED entity) seized control of our money supply and policy...way back in 1913.

Anonymous said...

Everyones phone and electronic communications are bugged in this police state.

Use this to your advantage and Google "Housing Panic" at work 3 times daily till November. Spread the FEAR!

Mr. Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"...the long arm of American law even reaches crooked contractors in Iraq..."

My fave was when ex-CIA Mike "Custer" Battles was let off the hook by yet another judge-in-pocket on the grounds that the US didn't have standing to recover because CPA was not a US government entity.

$10BILLION missing that we know about.

Euro union sues RJ Reynolds for laundering vast sums. CIA admits in part 2 "yes; our contractors ran coke."

IMMENSE quantities of capital spirited out of the country in a pre-meditated bubbling; now comes the brutal contraction to allow purchase of vast swaths at fire-sale prices.

The cover story is incompetence; is that how one rises to the pinnacle of power?

The fallback would be coincidence, with a thick dollop of tinfoil conspiracy accusation to obfuscate the empirical case.

There is absolutely nothing that can be done collectively; it's every man for himself. This cuntry will be quite different in 20 years.

Author critique invited; {cue} topic autism.

Anonymous said...

well fine, he doesn't like what is going on? then tell him to resign and go home. words are words and discussion is discussion. it doesn't make any difference. this is nothing more than political postering to make themselves look good. they all drink from the same cup, except ron paul....

Anonymous said...

You're wrong. America will NOT elect Socialist tax and spend morons like NObama and Biden.

Keith, you've lost it, man. To go from supporting Paul to supporting O-dumba is a leap that makes no sense.

Besides, it's the goddamn Congress that's REALLY the problem.

Anonymous said...

That is why i'm actually in favor of handouts and bailouts even though I'm also in favor of sound government;

In this climate, inflation, not paying bills, and stimulus checks are a way for the average man to unsteal the money.

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith, how a about a Cheney deathwatch?

Anonymous said...

someone forgot to give Poe a fat campaign contribution.