August 18, 2008

So, have you watched "Million Dollar Listing" on Bravo yet? Just when you think realtors can't be hated and disrespected any more than they are...


The Housing Bubble Ate My Balls. said...

"Anal Swab" pretty much sums it up.

Anonymous said...

he looks like an extra from 'Spaceballs'.
may the Schwartz be with you

Mark in Philly said...

Any other country of the world - he would be a bus boy in a local restaurant with his qualifications, character and brains.

In America...he makes lots of money, is on TV, get lots of girlfriends...

Still a LONG way to go until bottom.

casey said...

Doesn't cali have lots of steers and queers?

happy jack said...

he comes from a large amount of wealth

his family could be easily worth 200 MM

do you have any idea how big the mobile park business is ?

he would not have a shot without his family backround end of story

so good for him

Anonymous said...

Wow, is that for real?

Anonymous said...

It's the Million $ houses that aren't selling.

Why else would they have that show.

I guess they are too dumb to realize that people who "bought" million $ houses over the last few years probably used creative financing to get in.

Devestment said...

Money removed, what is he?

Where would his girlfriend go?

“Anal swabs” have value, especially in Los Angeles.

This guy is a nepotistic parasite.

Anonymous said...


Perfect example of a 'metrosexual' borderline gay!


Anonymous said...

>> Doesn't cali have lots of steers and queers?

No, that would be Texas.

Anonymous said...

"Recal Swab" I spit out my coffee, damn, that was funny!

happy jack said...

I read his bio, very impressive, good for him !!! Josh and Mason cannot hold a candle to him. I mean to sell Sheldon Aldesons estate, the man who owns half of vegas, who is far richer than donald trump is an impressive feat in itself.

Chad has been on TV for years in various news broadcasts so good for him.

that guy on E channel is a buffoon, I am sure he will be a waiter in a few years and have to face Chad in a restaurant waiting on Chad and his friends.

The bravo show was shot over 2 years ago so it is not reflecting current market conditions

I wonder if there will be a million dollar listing 3

It will probally be called 100k listing at the way the market is going.

Anonymous said...

good bit keith

i needed a good laugh today !!


Deejayoh said...

Josh Flagg - the kid with the half shaved beard - was arrested a couple weeks ago for stealing artwork out of his listings - including Picassos and Chagalls. I am not making this up...

Anonymous said...

Chad -> Anal swab for sure ! Insecure, trying to win "daddy's" approval at how "successful" he is.

What a dork. Besides, anyone with that kind of hair cut outside of CA would be considered a homosexual.

Anonymous said...

Poster child for Pro-Choice

happy jack said...

No Chad is on the ball

He has uber rich everyday clients that any agent would give their soul for

when the show started I thought he was an idiot, but now he has proven himself

jasman said...



who the f*ck is Dorian Gray? what a moron.

just when you think it cant get any worse, it do. (sic)

happy jack said...

I think Dorian Grey invented

Grey Poupon

and the color Grey

and he owns the Wynn Casino

he is also a silent partner of Joe Francis

he also invented the rock

he is also listed in the bible as the second coming

or maybe she is a character in a book ?

All I can say is that adult kids with ADHD can blow multi million dollar deals speaking their mind instead of keeping quiet 95% of the time

but I still like Chad and he can still cleverly stumble his way into making huge sales and I know one day he will have a very large firm of highend agents working under him.

so the fact that he thought Dorian Grey was a potential client is really minor snafu.