August 25, 2008

Nope, you can't make this sh*t up. Introducing "Happy Real Estate News" - and make sure you leave a nice welcome comment, OK?


How about "No-Spin Real Estate News"? Wouldn't that be better?

The REIC. What do we do with 'em?

Be sure to check out the Happy Graphs - you know, the typical ones if you're going to distort and spin, with no labels on their axis points and limited time frames so as to not show the epic and historic crash.

And make sure you click on the comments section HP'ers (until they shut it down later today). Make us proud...

Tired of gloom and doom stories about the US real estate market? We are, too. So welcome to Happy Real Estate News.

In real estate it's important to remember: there isn't one market out there, there are hundreds of thousands. And the factors driving these markets vary from city to city, neighborhood to neighborhood, even from street to street.

There's no denying that the mortgage meltdown has meant tragedy for many home owners. But take a look around.

You'll see there's very positive activity in many vibrant markets throughout the US. By focusing on the good news and passing the message around, we can help speed up the market recovery.

This web site is a reality check, based on actual facts on the ground. It's vital information you need to run your real estate business and educate your clients about the market in your area.


David L. said...

The site is down.Maybe they ran out of money.

Did you see lawrence yun on cnbc this morning? What a baffoon.He is actually the lead economist, scary.
Diana looked hot as usual.

I guess existing home sales were up 3% from june but down y/y.

cocaine kudlow wanted to spin the numbers as usual, toolboy.

fast actin tinactin said...

I feel fresh as a daisy and ready to commit financial suicide after visiting their website. And to think, somehow I had gotten myself into thinking housing was overpriced. Silly me.

Craig said...

What a joke!! That happy graph of Phoenix, AZ had me LMAO!!

bickerer said...

From the sunny side of the street: In real estate it's important to remember: there isn't one market out there, there are hundreds of thousands. And the factors driving these markets vary from city to city, neighborhood to neighborhood, even from street to street.

This is laying the ground work for you to realize, at long last, that your house is "special".

sundry vermin said...

And the site is powered by Reality.
Dubious at best.

Devestment said...

I left a happy little comment. :-)

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of BS, that's like saying your kid has autism but look at the bright side, he's energetic.

Anonymous said...


Sales of existing homes up 3.1% in July. Third month in a row with increased sales.

Spin away HPers.

The Housing Bubble Ate My Balls. said...

I had a bunch to say originally but,

"Now that's funny, right there" pretty much covers it.

Anonymous said...

"...a reality check, based on actual facts..."

That was a good one.

Happy Graphs®!

Anonymous said...

"...REality® is a sophisticated online service that uses market statistics and our
own proprietary formulas...soon you'll be making your own Happy Real Estate News..."

Cannot. Breathe. I'm laughing so hard.

Anonymous said...

You know things are bad when:

"Blame the mounting economic pressures, or too many chubby engineers: Google has decided to stop offering free dinner, afternoon snacks, and its "tea trolley" to employees."

Anonymous said...

Homes Sales UP*!!!!!!

*47.4% repos from the greatest republican housing crash in American history! Bwwwaaaaaa!!

If you vote for another republican, then you're voting for continued crime, corruption, pain, suffering, destruction, war, illegal profiteering and MASSIVE FAILURE.

Your choice.

fast actin tinactin said...

Devestment, just don't tell them there's a turd in the punch bowl. Or perhaps 'turds' is more to the point.

thomasjefferson said...

Obviously a chinese front. Note the similarity to the Bejing 2008 Olympic logo?

MisterFakt said...

Who are these people?

IMS Incorporated
200 - 2811 Dufferin Street
Toronto, Ontario M6B 3R9

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 15-May-08
Expires on: 15-May-09
Last Updated on: 15-May-08

Administrative Contact:
d'Ancona, Leon
IMS Incorporated
200 - 2811 Dufferin Street
Toronto, Ontario M6B 3R9
(877) 785-4321 Fax -- (416) 785-8087

Technical Contact:
d'Ancona, Leon
IMS Incorporated
200 - 2811 Dufferin Street
Toronto, Ontario M6B 3R9
(877) 785-4321 Fax -- (416) 785-8087

Domain servers in listed order:

Anonymous said...

I think all those Happy Real Estate News writers need a happy group of psychiatrists to escort them to a Happy Lockdown House in Happy Land where they can all join hands and sing kumbaya with daisies in their hair and hand-woven sandals on their feet. Clearly off their nut, every last one....

Anonymous said...

The Happy Graphs don't have a scale for the y-axis. I wonder why not?

Anonymous said...

"The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction" comes to Real Estate and business.

Anonymous said...

My Groups

* I do not belong to any groups.

My Comments

* Bernice, is right. Yes our
By Leon d'Ancona, B.T.L., M.T.L.August 25, 2008 - 2:59am

Bernice, is right. Yes our information is biased in favor of happyREnews. As North America's leading provider of real estate intelligence we see too much bad news and understand the tragedy associated with losing a home. Judging by the hits on our web site and the media's interest, including yours, our mission of presenting happyREnews amidst oceans of gloom and doom is successful beyond our expectations. Leon d'Ancona, B.T.L.,M.T.L. President/CEO IMS Incorporated

Kirk from HappyRE said...

You guys are a bunch of commie fools. Saving is a socialist theory that has no place in America. People should show their patriotism by borrowing as much as they can and injecting the capital back into the economy.

Anonymous said...

Cannot get to comments on the site anymore.

consultant said...

I went to the website. Keith, where do you find this stuff? The graphs are sure signs of mental (criminal) insanity.

This housing Ponzi scheme disaster makes me feel like I'm in the Matrix. Like it's not real, or some kind of alternate reality.

Please, everybody, vote Obama/Biden. Please. If they fail, blame it on me. I'll man up and take the blame if that happens.

Anonymous said...

How did Glen Beck put it. Sunshine and Lollipops?

Oh, and if I remember correctly he said these ingredients aren't part of the solution, they're part of the PROBLEM!!!!!

Freekin Retards.

Anonymous said...

Dang - they shut down the comments. Irvine Housing Blog says you guys made some hilarious comments. Care to share? said...


Oh man, I always knew realtors were goofballs but this just totally makes them look like dumbasses.

Registered through:, Inc.

GoDaddy is notorious for being a scumbag company (they're based in Scottsdale, after all) that will take ownership of a domain name over just one or two spam complaints. That's why seasoned internet marketers avoid them like the plague.

I'm not suggesting anything here, just saying.......

vanilla ice said...

That's awesome. HP'ers shut down the comment page on Happy RE News. Too bad because some of the comments were really funny.

keith said...

That was fun - who should we swoop on next?

Anonymous said...

typical of the liberals here...when someone says something you don't like, you shut them down.

Anonymous said...

A review of this site by

Happy, shiny real estate news
By: Housing Wire staff
May 27, 2008

"Want to pretend the bad news is a figment of media creation? For those who want to keep their heads firmly planted in the sand, at least one broker information source isn’t hiding its agenda — it will only cover good news about the real estate market. The site,, was launched by a company that provides market data for brokers and agents nationwide.

That company, IMS Incorporated, obviously is pandering to the RE agent and broker community that it sells its data to; although we’d suggest that the best brokers and agents would rather know what the latest Case-Shiller index has to say about the health of most key real estate markets.

A scan of the site finds that there’s very little in the way of news on the site itself, which we’ll take to mean that there isn’t much good news to report on right now. It might be vacant for awhile, too, given market conditions in the real world.

But we wanted to cover it because the site’s name — Happy Real Estate News — manages to conjure up images of an old REM song and Japanese anime, at the same time."

Anonymous said...

Too bad! I believe this site was the lead story on the MSM for tonight! Even ahead of the Obama show!

Anonymous said...

Here's a couple who know how to get happy.

Real-estate scammers; natch. Bat. Shit. Crazy. at application of sunlight.

Anonymous said...

keith said...
That was fun - who should we swoop on next?


Greg Swann...

The Guy is advising people to flip homes in Pheonix AZ.


Anonymous said...

We're IMS Incorporated, creators of REality®, the leading source of real estate market intelligence in North America.

REality is an online program that uses market statistics and our own proprietary formulas to give you the real picture of your real estate market: what's selling in your city, which agents are closing deals, the types of homes that are selling best, selling versus asking price, days on the market, and the hottest areas in town – right down a single street.

REality's powerful tools can help you write a business plan and create aggressive market strategies. And that's especially important in tough times.

You can easily produce reports with charts, graphs and lists right on your computer. Use it to educate your clients, and reinforce that they've got the smartest brokers and agents working for them.

REality gives you all the vital information and insights you need to be a successful producer. That's why it's the program used by more best selling brokers and agents across the United States than any other.

Click: And soon you'll be making your own Happy Real Estate News.

Real Estate Raj said...

I'm really disappointed that I didn't get to see any of the comments...

gutless and lazy did his bit said...

Yeah, I noticed the shut down Keith. I posted a nice sarcastic comment about Suzanne did the research, so it was OK to buy.

Literally 10 mins after that, the posting section was GONE!


gutless and lazy strikes again said...

The comments section now says :

"Please email your comments to the editor. "

just email ""


eric in vegas said...


Sales of existing homes up 3.1% in July. Third month in a row with increased sales.

Spin away HPers."

What's to spin? Any businessman knows you compare year over year.

Devestment said...

You may still email your happy comments in...

Anonymous said...

Recover from what? I am in South Jersey (Philadelphia region) and still think prices have not come down nearly enough. I know its been really ugly in the bubbly spots, but I think we got a long way to go down everywhere else. I guess more people are gonna have to be collecting unenjoyment for everywhere else to crash like the areas that these stories come from.

debbie downer said...

The happy site may say happy but their charts are very gloomy at least they are honest


debt junkie said...

I'll bet Glen Beck is kicking himself. Damn it, I should have said Sunshine, Lollipops and Happy Graphs.

So close to the prefect incantation, yet so far. But still, Sunshine and Lollipops pretty much had me laughing my ass off already.

rico the reic said...

The REIC. What do we do with 'em?

For starters, a nationwide dragnet to nab the most flagrant fraudsters followed by a rapid prosecution and sentencing to 20+ years at Gitmo...

Anonymous said...

In Happy's absence, feel free to fire away here:

Watch out housingpanic, nj bitter renter report, and bitter renter, you have some serious comeptition: HAPPY REAL ESTATE NEWS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't get to the site in time to post a comment, but I saw something decidedly "less than happy" under the heading 'Homes sold:days on market'.

They note "only positive changes over the previous month are noted"; this is "Happy Real Estate News", after all. However, all the figures for "number of units sold" are negative, and DOM figures are missing altogether. Do they expect some Greater Fool to confuse number of units sold with DOM?

Anonymous said...

Never mind. They have "number of units sold" over every column, regardless of category. Bad web design. So DOM is less than in the last month; BFD! It's summer and June and July are still historically busy real estate months. This isn't the sign of recovery that these lying monsters make it out to be.