August 20, 2008

More stupid people on parade...

Americans get the government they deserve.


yu been skooled said...

McCain pulls ahead of Obama by 5 pts in latest Zogby Poll.

HPers have aneurysms, form suicide pact. Promise to leave the US forever along with Susan Sarandon and Baldwin bros.

Devestment said...

yu been skooled


Anonymous said...

Fox News.

Enough said?

Anonymous said...

I turn off the set everytime Gingrich comes on....and Dick Morris too....

He he he, look at me grimace.

Anonymous said...

We adore drilling which will have a smaller effect years down the road than conservation, which would have an immediate effect.

The chairman of Chevron recently said it is the most important thing we could do.

How's that speed limit coming along Senator Warner?

Tire pressure(rolling resistance) is a marginal effect compared to speed; force needed is velocity squared...

I tried 65 versus 75mph...15% slower(which takes 33% less force) gives me 20% better mileage; 3 tanks in a row confirmed.

Picture if the whole cuntry got 10% better mileage by slowing down just a little, not to mention the lower fatality/injury rate.

We need to do this, and launch massive incentives for nuclear, right now.

keith said...

It's one thing to be ignorant. It's another thing to celebrate your ignorance.

I really don't get it. I guess the GOP is running on a "we're ignorant and proud" platform?

Actually, when you factor in evolution and global warming, I guess they truly are running on that platform.

That so many Americans support these yokels says something too.

America needs to pull its head out of its rear. Meanwhile, the world laughs.

Jonathan said...

Those guys are idiots. Obama didn't say that inflating your tires would fix our dependency on oil. He said it would amount to the same amount of oil that coastal drilling would provide.

And also, who has ever PAID anybody to inflate their tires? I have always inflated my own. It is free when you purchase gas in California.


Anonymous said...

Although I'm not a big fan of both of them, they are totally right.

Anonymous said...

Ignorant is the Messiah Hussein who's one day against drilling and then in favor next week. And you idiot cultists say Amen to that sleazy Chicago politician.

Here's something that your hero couldn't come up with:

Google invests in drilling - for geothermal energy

Google on Tuesday took the drilling debate in a different direction - announcing that is investing nearly $11 million in technology to expand the nation’s geothermal reserves. That’s more than the U.S. government is spending on geothermal projects this year.

Traditional geothermal power plants, like those built by Calpine (CPN) in Northern California, sit atop reserves of naturally occurring steam or hot water that can be tapped to drive electricity-generating turbines. So-called Enhanced Geothermal Systems, or EGS, hope to tap geothermal energy in any location by drilling deep underground to fracture “hot rocks” and then pump them with water to create steam that can be used in a power plant. The great potential, of course, would be to liberate the Midwest and South from their dependence on coal-fired power plants.

So, what's the difference between drilling for oil or drilling for geothermal? Drilling is drilling, no matter what. Don't even try to spin the world drilling. Drilling is drilling, got it?

Why is it that your ultraliberal heroes who took over the Congress since 2006 never came up with a plan like Google's up to this day?

I bet Edwards was too busy banging that butt-ugly-ho Hunter, while Kennedy and Feinstein were too busy importing illiterate poverty from third world countries into the US, just be whining of how healthcare is soooo expensive. Just a simple idea to the Democratic party: Stop giving away citizenship to or importing millions of illiterate illegals who breed like flies, and EVERYTHING will become cheaper in the US.

The Ace said...

As everyone knows The Ace is a huge fan and supporter of HP but I'm a bit deflated as to why Keith would think that those delivering a stupid message (Hannity & Gingrich) are stupid people instead of the author of the message, none other than Bin Obama.

Anonymous said...

So Newt Gingrich thinks that service station attendants hand part of their paychecks over to big oil? WTF? They check my tire pressure for FREE when I get my oil changed.

These clueless Republicans must spend all their days being chauffeured around while they text each other cute little antics about how the outside world works. Reminds me of Bush Sr. who had never seen a grocery scanner before.