August 06, 2008

Min GOP Gov Tim Pawlenty, rumored VP candidate, tells John McNasty exactly why he's going to lose the 2008 presidential election in a devastating romp

"Say what you will about Barack Obama, people gravitate when you have something positive to say. People want to follow hopeful, optimistic, civil, decent leaders. They don't want to follow some negative, scornful person."

-Minnesota Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty, throwing John McCain's clueless, tone-deaf, harsh and negative campaign under the bus as he gets ready for his own Ronald-Reagan-inspired 2012 presidential bid, August 2008


Anonymous said...

am i the only one that thinks mcain resembles paul simon?

Anonymous said...

Keep the change. Hope for something of substance, not an empty suit wannabe Messiah

Anonymous said...

McCain will be LUCKY to carry Arizona and remain a Senator by the time the dust settles.

McCain is doomed.

Nevermore croaked the Raven...

Anonymous said...


1. Has an energy policy of substance involving nuclear but not wind kites. check

2. Has spoken out against the housing gambler bailout, check

3. Has said he want's Fannie and Freddie lobbying efforts eliminated, check (in fact he said the wants them to just go away, as in "be no more".

4. Has more than 3 years on the national stage, check.

The list goes on, but I think everyone's familiar with it, don't want to bore you.

Anonymous said...

but candidates need substance too... so McCain has points there.

Anonymous said...

"Here is a man who grew up in a broken home whose father left at a young age and who was raised by a single mother," said David R. Gergen, director of the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government, who has previously served as a White House adviser to Presidents Richard M. Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. "It's an admirable story of rising from rags to riches, one that resonates. In many ways he's a modern Horatio Alger.

"Now the McCain campaign wants to create a dramatically different narrative," Gergen continued. "They want you to see him as a man who went to fancy schools; who has had the beneficiary of an elite life, and is increasingly removed from the mainstream of normal American life. They want to create someone who is 'The Other.' That's what they did for John Kerry. They succeeded in turning his medals of honor in Vietnam into a liability.

"And now the McCain campaign wants to turn Obama's strength into a weakness and make him seem like a celebrity who has nothing to offer but high-blown words.," Gergen continued. "He's obviously not in the same league as Britney Spears or Paris Hilton. They've gone way too far with that. But we've seen where strategies that have been derided by commentators have been effective with voters.

sb10 said...

Anybody here ever read the books by Cesar Millan (the Dog Whisperer).

In his second book, he puts forth the idea that humans are the only animals that follow UNSTABLE pack leaders.

In nature, animals follow calm, assertive, STABLE leaders. They have to, to maximize the pack's chance of survival.

Anonymous said...

We've got to stop being a nation of clueless f*ckers that get all of our information from corporate controlled media:

One Nation Under Siege

It's impossible to have a meaningful discussion in the context of a corporate controlled media.

Anonymous said...

the bank bailout sounds so nice and comforting, so let's support BO. FISA sounds so warm and safe, so let's support BO. high taxes and more stimulus feel so civil and refined, so let's support BO.

Anonymous said...

If I hear one more time about how Hussein was raised by a single mother, I will vomit.

Anonymous said...

a vote for obama is a wasted vote. a vote for mccain is a wasted vote. the system is broken and cannot be fixed. the politicians do not listen to us anymore. they do what they want to do. you vote them out and another liar takes his place.

"When the government fears the people ... we have democracy .... when the people fear the government ... we have tyranny.
- Thomas Jefferson

Anonymous said...

whoever blows the most content-free sunshine up our ar$e$ wins

Anonymous said...

vote green or libertarian 08

Anonymous said...

The only reason he gets enough support to be senator of Arizona is because the age of the average voter there is over 50 with all the retirees. Old people are afraid of change and will continue supporting him.

He does fear the people, which is why he has 100,000 acres and a private army in Paraguay.

Anonymous said...

"People want to follow hopeful, optimistic, civil, decent leaders."

Isn't that the same description of Kendra Todd?

"They don't want to follow some negative, scornful person."

I believe that description might be what Dopes would say about Keith.

Both presidential candidate suck. The next 4 years will be like the late 70's on steriods. Who ever is in the White House from 2008 - 2012 will be blamed.

Maybe Keith is thinking the same way that Peter Schiff thinks. Better to have Obama in the White House so that people will blame a big government socialist than a fake conservative like McLame. I still haven't made up my mind for November. Either I vote Ron Paul (write-in) or I just stay home. Those are the only 2 choices I see.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Danny your boy is going down and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

Anonymous said...

Hussein, Hussein, Hussein. Who needs issues when you have a middle name like Hussein to wave around? Oh, and don't forget to throw in a Messiah or two every chance you get.

Intelligent debate is so passé.

Anonymous said...

Poll: Trouble Signs in Obama's Lead

Even Time can see what Qweefer can't. The Obama party is over. Someone make sure to turn out the lights.

Anonymous said...

First up: I don't like McCain or Obama.

But to say we need a Mr Positive "look on the bright side" kind of guy is absolute bullsh*t.

What we need is some reality here. Not one of these "let's feel good, I'm proud to be American, the government is going to make it all better" kind of guys like Barack Obama.


These two puppets both answer to the same masters. The corporations. The special interests. Not you or I!

They don't give a flying f*ck about Keefer or any of us. We don't have a lawful government any more. They don't obey the Constitution. They are actively destroying the Constitution in the name of making us safe from the terrorists. They are ripping us off with these BS bailouts and illegal illegitimate wars not to mention the massive overspending by all government bureaucracies. Defense agencies, "intelligence" agencies all with outsourced private no-bid contracts. Agencies spending your tax dollars to actively lie to you, spread disinformation and start illegal wars.

How many trillions do these criminals need to keep blowing before you idiots will see them for what they are??!!

It's not a partisan issue you dumbsh*ts!! They are both corrupt to the core. Is an Obama less corrupt or more competent than a McCain?? Maybe, possibly, even if it was probably it DOESN"T MATTER!! The problems are waaaay to big for you to just pick the lesser of two evils and go back to sleep for four years.

Do you hear Obama talking about repealing the un-Constitutional laws introduced over the last eight years? No you don't. He's a nobody. A puppet. Same with McCain.


Anonymous said...

Tim Pawlenty probably said that because somebody in the know whispered in his ear that he won't be chosen as Mr. Magoo's VP running mate.
The only good Republican is a humiliated one.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there some rule that says all white middle-class males have to vote Republican, or else they lose their membership to the country club?

Anonymous said...

vote green or libertarian 08

Or Independent(Nader) or Constitution(Baldwin).

Say no to the corporate-owned parties. Once we get the criminals out, we can make progress.

Not until we deny the power monopoly to the Republo-crats will the will of the people even matter.

Anonymous said...

Unless you have an agenda, why would you confuse primaries with reality, Keith?

Democrat or Republican, never confuse primaries (fantasy) with general (reality) elections.

You're either smarter than that, or have a slanted agenda.

Anonymous said...

So what have you been doing while America crumbles? Watching your big screen TV, or sending letters to your senators and congressperson telling them what they should do. If you want things to improve do something to make it happen. Our government is not a spectator sport. It requires participation. WE are the owners of this country. Tell the politicians they work for us. If you have an opinion, don't be afraid to let them know what it is. E-mail, fax, letters phone, vote, whatever. Just do it. That is how we "Take back America."

Anonymous said...

yeah, lets give the election to a do nothing, done nothing, all things to all people, has No experience twit that looks like curious George!

Anonymous said...

go green

blogger said...

I'd like McCain's supporters to tell me how an angry, nasty negative 'stay the course' career-politician incumbent campaign during a major financial crisis and recession, against a positive energetic fresh change candidate, is a winning proposition.


This election will not be close.

I'm just telling you how it is.

And on these threads, choose a user name or log in. One guy posting 100 times as 'anon' is too obvious.

Frank R said...

yeah, lets give the election to a do nothing, done nothing, all things to all people, has No experience twit that looks like curious George!

Actually I always thought Bush looks like Curious George.

Anonymous said...

yeah, lets give the election to a do nothing, done nothing, all things to all people, has No experience twit that looks like curious George!

Actually, that sounds great.

If George Bush had done nothing, we would be a ton better off.

If Obama comes in and doesn't make government any bigger and doesn't pass any pro-corporate "regulation", that would be a good start. No new wars, no new entitlements, no new corporate subsidees, no new torture techniques, no new spying programs...damn, I think I'm developing a hell of a platform.

40 years of that and we would be in much better shape.

Anonymous said...

I saw McCain having lunch with GREG SWANN in Phoenix the other day!!!

That's it. McCain's OUT.

Anonymous said...

Keith said:

the election won't be close.


For the first time in a long time I agree with the Keefmeister. McCain will win in a blowout.

Barry Hussein is already losing ground in the polls. Those polls are wildly inflated to begin with (see Bradley effect).

I'm no fan of McCain. He is a flip-flopping opportunist liberal who pretends to be a conservative. But compared to Barry Hussein he's freaking Ronald Reagan.

Yeah yeah I know, I'm a racist. Spare me.

Anonymous said...

Here's you war-hero (coward) McShitstain pimping out his wife like a common white-trailer trash whore to the Bikers at Sturgis.

Remember the line about selling your mother to get elected?

Seems like the very OLD senile out-of-touch war-monger horse will gladly and enthusiastically pimp out his old lady as well as call her filthy names to get to the White (OUT) house.

Any port in a storm?

Mrs. McCain, how is your self esteem today?

I wonder what McCain would have done in the service had daddy not been an admiral?

Fuck McCain. Loser. Scumbag. Coward.

Anonymous said...


Let's see...,

Hope. Check
Change. Check
Keep your tires inflated. Check
Tax the sh!t out of anybody making any money so they can't afford to hire employees to work for them, rendering the government the only game in town for survival. Check

I swear, this started as a response in support St. Barry, but I couldn't find anything worthy of support...,

Just for kicks, I'd love to see the Annointed One as POTUS, but only if he took all his political advice from a magic 8 ball. At least then there would be some rationale or logic to his politics. "Should I raise taxes?...,Signs point to no"

Anonymous said...

McCain's economic advisor was and still is Phil Graham. That's enough for me to never vote for him. Never mind that he's old and won't be around long to face the devastation his war mongering will cause. Obama may be young with only a few years of national experience but he's extremely intelligent. McCain is not. His foreign policy expertize is a myth and his grasp of economics is by his own admission terrible.

Anonymous said...

"...whoever blows the most content-free sunshine up our ar$e$ wins..."

True. Comedy. Genius. said...

He does fear the people, which is why he has 100,000 acres and a private army in Paraguay.
Yeah more wacko conspiracy theory crap. Bunch of geniuses on this site.

Anonymous said...

Why it doesn't matter who you vote for: