August 04, 2008

John McCain is a nasty, nasty little man. Just another in a long line of fake, anti-American GOP hucksters. And HousingPANIC declares full-on WAR.

George W. Bush and the GOP fuc*ed America these past eight years.

The results of this f*cking, thanks to the Iraq Debacle and The Great Housing Crash, are now fully on display, for all to see.

And yet John McCain is still considered by some to be a serious candidate for president. And his opponent thanks to Rove's evil genius is becoming seen as a muslim, troop-hating, elitist, arrogant Anti-Christ.

Yes, there is a sucker born every minute. Millions of them can still be found evidently in America today.

Folks, McCain and Rove's GOP are not the "party of god". They don't care about you. They're the party of the rich. They're the party of lobbyists. They're the party of corporations. They're the party of the bankers. They're the party of Big Oil. This whole 'god' think is Rove's ruse. His secret sauce. Nothing more.

And yet, many of you still support them, believing their BS that they're the party of christianity, jesus and god. That because they hate the fags, and you hate the fags, that they're on your side. That because they seek to control women, and you seek to control women, that they're on your side. That because they love their guns and flags, and you love your guns and flags, they're on your side. Meanwhile, name one major piece of gay, abortion, gun or flag legislation passed in the past eight years (sounds of crickets chriping)

They've taken you for suckers America, and suckers you have been. While the bankers, bomb-makers, oil men and REIC laughed all the way to the bank.

So, the BIG question is, will you come to realize you've been taken for a sucker, and make the same mistake you made in 2004 and 2000 all over again, or will you finally wake up?

Obama is not the answer to your problems either. But he's the lesser of two evils. He's the best we got.

Yes, if you make more than $250,000 a year, it's in your self interest to vote for McCain. Society and your kids and their kids and their kids will be f*cked, but you'll be better off. Your choice.
Are you a greedy self-centered jerk, or are you a valued member of society? Remember, you can't take it with you. Something about an eye of a needle and a camel comes to mind.

The world is on pins and needles awaiting the US election results. Will the US continue to be the arrogant hated ass on the international stage, or will it finally come to realize that it's one of many?

And Americans await the election results as well. Will something finally be done with global warming? With health care? With energy? With entitlements? With personal freedom? Or will we continue to destory our planet and our country for the sake of ourselves?

John McCain is a nasty, nasty little man. A fake. A fraud. And a shadow of the man he used to be. Obama I fear, like Dukakis and Kerry before him, won't confront this tiny little man, so it's up to those of us who care to do it.

This is a HousingPANIC declaration of total war on John McCain. I'll chase you to the gates of hell.

Some of you think HousingPANIC shouldn't talk about politics. I say sorry, go find another blog. It's all connected, and the complete and total failure of leadership demonstrated by the GOP and George Bush these past eight years has gotten us into this mess. The incompetent and corrupt Democrats also have blood on their hands, but nothing compared to Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rice, Rumsfield, Gonzales and Paulson. And yes, it's all connected.

Welcome to the 2008 US presidential race folks. It's gonna get hot from here. If you can't stand the heat, leave.
It's warm and comfy over at Fox News I hear.

Donate AGAINST John McCain here.


PatFriedl said...

Well you just lost this reader for good. So let's vote in Obama- the full on marxist, race baiting, Robin Hood of the DNC?

I'm not a fan of McCain in the least, but I'm never, EVER a fan of giving even more power to the government as will be the case when Obama gets voted in.

So he wants to TAKE (ie, steal) profits from "Big Oil" and give it to "The Poor". Fantastic! I wonder what other industry is next on the chopping block when he needs to buy more votes.

Universal health care? Yeah, THAT works - just ask Canada and the UK.

Even MORE taxes on "The Rich" - which will include me when Obama gets in. I'd LOVE to see my capital gains DOUBLE - now what's my motivation for working? Hell, I'll make more on welfare.

He said he'll raise the taxes and increase gvmt spending to "create" jobs - you mean like more welfare and more beauracracy? Isn't that what you guys have been fighting the whole time?

I thought you were libertarian at the very least, but it turns out that you're just spiteful and you're looking to lash out at anybody.

Wil eMcCain isn't near conservative and is at best a RINO, he's far better than Che Obama.

Maybe you should stick to mortgage industry news...

Agent #777 said...

I am still voting Ron Paul!

Anonymous said...

I hate MCBannana, but Obama is the same shit and blah blah... Look at Tony Rezko, His Pastor, and those weatherman friends of his. Oh yeah the republicans are pure evil but they could have stopped all this bull shit but did they? Dodd? Pelosi? Kerry? Nope they look just as rich as the republicans to me!

Your politicians are anti american! I am already learing arabic and chinese so when they buy us out, I will be ready!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not a tremendous fan of Obama, but he's a zillion times better than McBush. If the Yanks vote a Republican (esp one like Saint John McBullshit) then they deserve what's coming to them.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

God bless America for freedom of speech

Anonymous said...

Greg Swann supports McCain

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the ONE reader you might loose, I come here ever day every two hours and I've been addicted for two years.

I am a REPUBLICAN, and GUN OWNER, and I'm voting for Obama, I'm so disgusted with BUSH.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Goodbye Keith

Anonymous said...

McCain is the lesser of two evils, period. The next 4 years are gonna suck no matter who gets into office. The next President won't be able to do squat and likely won't be re-elected, so we are all going to have to adjust, hunker down and wait for this mess to blow over say in 2012.

The elections in 2012 will be much more important than the 2008 elections because that President will be the harbinger of the future beyond this mess. Let's just hope that we have a decent choice then.

We all know that things ain't gonna be pretty for the forseeable future, so you just have to take care of yourself and then we can all start cleaning up this mess in 2013 and beyond.

Just keep your kids fed and clothed and hope the crime rate doesn't go all the way to the moon.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I was finally sure of being a sucker recently when my cc jacked me to a 34.9% APR JUST BECAUSE THEY COULD!

Just the beginning of where the bank & corp. losses will be paid from.

That, and my a$$ hurts so much from being butt-raped by the greedy corp. bastards and my own govt. at every step that I can no longer sit down!

Won't bother voting at all for Pres. for first time in 30 Yrs.

Anonymous said...

GO Keith GO!!
Another great call by you that rivals your take on the collpase of the housing ponzi scheme.
Just doanted more to the Obama campaign and wife double up. We're going to max legal contributions by November.

Mr. Magoo and the Rethuglican smear machine will be beat into a humiliating pulp.

OBAMA 08 !

Anonymous said...

A black man brought up by a mother on food stamps sure sounds elitist to me

Anonymous said...

New McCain ad is out:

Anonymous said...

Dude, Fannie and Freddie are Democrat monsters. They were protected from oversight by the Democrats.

The bailout bills are driven by Democrats.

Yes, McCain sucks, but Obama will be worse on housing and banking.

Vote Barr.

blogger said...

Barr, Obama and Nader should all be considered

But the GOP and John McCain need to be shown the door

I have faith in the American people. They can be misled, but eventually they run the conmen out of town.

Anonymous said...

They both suck...... Ron Paul will still get my vote. The lesser of two evils is still evil. The funny thing is that Obama will probably will win, and the impending collapse will likely happen on his watch, and he will have to deal with it.

partypup said...


I just don't know where you buy the fine weed you obviously smoke. McBama has flipped more times than a Florida housing speculator, is supported by the VERY same corporate deep pockets that keep crazy old McCaain in this race but STILL you cling to some misguided notion that there is some *difference* between these two sham parties in this pathetic political process I only laughably refer to as a "democracy".

McBama is a tool of the elite. Get over it. He sold out to big money when he reneged on his promise to accept public campaign financing; he sold out our civil liberties in his cowardly FISA capitulation (even Hillary voted against that piece of crap bill); and he sold out his environmental and alternative energy position when he caved on offshore drilling ( The joker even has the nerve to hold an economic "summit" and never once mentioned the dollar! And you expect this man to actually HELP us, Keith??


Just because you hate one choice doesn't mean the other choice is any better.

And I don't want to hear your mantra about, "Well, pick a side. If you don't vote for McBama, we're going to get McCain."
We're getting the Establishment agenda regardless of WHICH tool we take our sorry a**es to the polls to vote for. At this point, it is purely a calorie-burning exercise, and I think it's very naive and very misguided of you to actively support either one of these hucksters, giving your readers any reason to believe that their circumstances will improve based on who gets in office.

It's almost as if you have ignored the past 100 years of U.S. history and are totally blind to who REALLY runs this country.

Fine. Go campaign against McCain and rally for McBama and learn the hard way when your Tool d'jour wins and we still find ourselves with an obliterated dollar, worldwide famine and a police state in the U.S. Maybe that will be the wake up call you dearly need.

The only real solution is not to humor the Powers That Be by participating in their 4-year survey (otherwise known as an "elections"). Not participating in the fraud is what will frighten them most, because then they will know the *Con* is up. And one day, perhaps of we all suffer greatly enough, we will look beyond the two parties that have been stuffed down our throats and take it upon ourselves to instigate REAL change. And sadly for McCain, McBama and the other Tools, *real* change is not going to be pleasant for the PTB.

Our circumstances are not going to improve by political means, by picking a side when the two choices have been forced upon us. It is going to take something else, something much more dramatic and much more powerful.

Until that happens, you're wasting your time and our with your silly McBama cheerleading.

Stick to housing panic, Keith. it's what you know best.

Anonymous said...

"...Will the US continue to be the arrogant hated ass..."

Let us pray.

We need another GOP term to finish the job both parties started on this cuntry.

The wheels are really starting to come off now. The last thing we need is a black Dem. fall-guy to muddy the waters.

We're going to be in such desperate straits in a few years that partisanship will be the least of our concerns.

Anonymous said...

"This is a HousingPANIC declaration of total war on John McCain. I'll chase you to the gates of hell, you little prick."

Hear Hear! RISE UP NOW!



Anonymous said...

Mr. Magoo lapdogs and Monkey-in-Chief
apologists are about to be on the receiving end of a crushing blow to the core of their misguided and crypto bigoted Ameri-cun foundations.
They will crawl away like cucarachas and scurry under rocks for the next decade as the Rethuglican crime mob will be delegated into a permanent minority.

How embarrassing to live a life of denial and lies?...tsk,tsk..

Anonymous said...

1. They don't care about you.
2. They're the party of the rich.
3. They're the party of lobbyists.
4. They're the party of corporations
5. They're the party of the bankers.
6. They're the party of Big Oil."

1. ditto
2. we only care about the rich that donated to our cause (bankers, builders, insurance, etc.), so we're a bit more selective
3. ditto
4. corporations are fine; keep those donations coming.
5. Yes bankers, we absolutely LOVE bankers. Need a bailout?
6. Big oil hasn't donated enough, so we don't really like those tight wads. Of course that could change...
7. we'll tax the living daylights out of you.

I am voting Ron Paul. I don't really care if McCain or Obama becomes the next president, we're about equally screwed.
Both are pro bailout.
Both are anti taxpayer (ie. me)
Both want to spend more money than we have.
Both don't give a damn about you or you or you.
McCain is a bit more of a war monger which could cause more troubles down the road.
Obama wants more of my hard earned $$, I don't like that either.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this should make you popular among the brainstems that congregate here.

They'd vote for a rutabaga if the rutabaga promised them a tax cut.

ozzie3 said...

A rant full of negatives makes the originator seem to be unable to find good things to say about their candidate, and that is distressing to the readers who support the position of the posters.

I am fairly open minded about these things but I have the same feeling reading these rants as I did about the ravings of other politicans in the world.

Almost like reading the comments about America the Satan of the world.

I would hope better from this blog.

Invective is more powerful when sparsely used, and reiterative phrases diminish the thoughts being presented.

Hate posted is nasty!


LovePug said...

Superb rant.

Anonymous said...


You've lost your mind. Nothing wrong with supporting your candidate. I don't hate you for supporting Obama, but I hate you for assuming that you and only you can be right.

That is the elitist idiot mentality that Barry Hussein has, that Europe has and that you now have.

That elitism is not American. Its not what took 5% of the worlds population and allowed it to become nearly 50% of the world economy.

You really need to find yourself a new country. No problem. Humans have migrated since the beginning of time. Time for you to to somewhere "better" for you.

America will survive either of these candidates. But Obama is simply the anti-American candidate. McCain at least loves this country.

blogger said...

I feel it's my duty as an American who cares to fight back against McCain and his new slime operation, since his opponent will not

And I hope Obama does what he can to stay on the high road and keep on the issues vs. smears. When you mess with pigs, you get dirty

But it'll be up to America. If they buy McCain's lies, and want smears and not issues, then Obama will have no choice but to get dirty too.

We deserve better. This election is getting real ugly real fast.

Thank you Karl Rove.

Anonymous said...

Any war plan for the soldiers?

Anonymous said...


There are 2 things that are killing Obama.

1) Obama has swiftboated himself a dozen times. Need I list them? That is not right wing mud. He chose his minister. He chose his wife. He said he would embrace our enemies. He said he would raise taxes. He said he would all the US to fail in liberating Iraq. He had questionable friends.
On and on.

2) The media is so sickenly biased it will come back to bite them once again. Just like the media has Kerry and Gore the chosen ones, they now have Obama as their winner. Americans hate that and with all the alternatives nowadays, Americans will see through the bias and have to wonder what else the media is not saying. Media bias HURTS the candidate the whores in the media want to win.

Obama barely won any states after the Rev Wright came out. He didn't win any of the big states. Hillary killed him in electoral votes as they are counted in the General. They only thing Obama won is the support of most of our countries enemies (I have the list) and the support of the biased whores who run the American media.

The Musings of Strawman Munny said...

Amen, Keith.

You just gained a reader.

Anonymous said...

OK, Keith, have it your way. I'll see you again in December and hope you've shut up about McCain by then.

Anonymous said...

Not voting for Obama under any circumstances.

I supported Ron Paul with contributions, though.

Housing Panic is starting to look like the articles on digg:

Waahh McCain XYZ

They really highlite McCain. But its the silent treatment on Obama. I suppose ignorance is bliss. Time to put the spotlight on Obama and see what he is about.

Anonymous said...

Stay in bed with the republicans, Charlie and all you other brainstems.

When you find yourselves worse off again in 4 years, you'll have no one to blame but yourselves.

Anonymous said...

OK Repubs & Independents, this piece by Fred Hiatt, Washington Post sheds some light on much strange behavior and utterances we've witnessed over the last few years or decades:

>Critics of Obama's performance last week (including some supporters) focused on his "dollar bill" comments - his apparent invocation of race in saying that his opponent would try to scare voters because he, Obama, did not resemble previous presidents whose portraits adorn our currency.

>I was more struck by the preamble of his statement, that McCain and the Republican Party are so bankrupt in policies that they can win only by spreading fear.

>This resonates with the long standing belief with the left that Democratic policies are so obviously superior, and so much more in the interest of a majority of voters, that only some form of chicanery can explain Republican election victories.

>In this view of the world, Republican operatives, from Lee Atwater to Karl Rove are more diabolically clever and less bound by ethical restraint, than their Democratic counterparts. They manipulate cultural symbols and issues (God, guns and abortion) to deceive people into voting against their economic self-interest. Or they inflate security threats (Iraq, terror) to frighten them into voting against their self-interest. Obama himself a few months ago said that people who vote Republican are "tricked into believing" that Democrats are out of touch.


So we can discern that their intellectual bankruptcy (of the receivers of this message, not the senders) causes them to believe in a moral bankruptcy (of the senders) of the repub message.

Just thought it was an interesting view.

Anonymous said...

When are you dumbf*cks going to realize that both of these sheisters are corrupt to the f*cking core??!!

Man, you people are so retarded it's embarassing.

I expected a little bit more from you Keith.

Don't buy into this bunko two-party system of control. It's a scam and it's going to take that free thinking American revolutionary spirit that the Founding Father's had to break out of this control system. It's not as simple as picking the lesser of two evils.

Down that road you will ALWAYS LOSE.

Anonymous said...

Obama needs to change his campaign slogan to:


Of course, he'll have to use larger banners...

Frank R said...

Keith has gone off the deep end.

Either that or, since he's already left the USA, he wants to see The Obamessiah destroy it from afar and laugh at us all.

We may benefit in the end though by having two suckass candidates because by the time the election of 2012 rolls around, both parties will be forced to run viable candidates instead of a left-wing, white-hating Marxist for the dems and a liberal-in-disguise for the Republicans.

Frank R said...

A black man brought up by a mother on food stamps sure sounds elitist to me

Actually, he went to the most expensive and exclusive private school in Hawaii, where it's not enough to be rich - you have to be connected too.

You people who believe the media are really sad.

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrotes this article is a moron. Yes Bush destroyed America with Iraq and corruption. Fannie Freddie is not a Republican brainchild it is Democratic. It is from Barney Frank, and Cris Dodd & his Democratic buddies. Bush actually vetoed it once or twice if I am not mistaken and then gave in and signed it. Actually it is a Bank of America bill. They have both Dem's and Republics paid for. "Let us not kill each other when all our representation is corrupt, but let us act up and strike them both down."

Anonymous said...

Obama. Ha ha ! That is the intelligence of some of you. He will be successfull in turning the US into another South Africa. Once the most prosporus now the biggest shiiiit hole

robert said...

Obama is not the answer to your problems either. But he's the lesser of two evils. He's the best we got.

Well shucks. I guess we should just bend over again. Such a defeatist attitude from a blog designed to buck the system.

He is not the best we’ve got and I will not vote as such. Tuck your tail and run if you want, but I’m voting my conscious, not for one of two ills.

It’ll be a write in for sure, but at least I won’t be throwing my vote away.

Anonymous said...

If the Yanks vote a Republican (esp one like Saint John McBullshit) then they deserve what's coming to them.

Exactly. There's a classic scene from the documentary "Walmart, the high cost of lower prices". A family run hardware store that had survived over 40 years of good and bad times was now forced out of business after Walmart came to town. On the front window next to the going out of business sign was a Bush/Cheney sticker. The really sad part of it all is these people didn't have a clue that the pro-business, anything goes, unregulated free enterprise Republican politicans they voted to state and federal offices played a big part in their demise. BTW. The GOP wants all of you to think that it won't make a bit of difference if Obama wins. They know the only way McCain has a chance is voter apathy which results in a low turnout.

Anonymous said...


You STILL don't get it, do ya Keith.

Puppet A, and puppet B.... That's all Obama Bin Laden and decendant of Cain McCain are. Insert either in Bush's place during his reign, and the EXACT same events would have transpired. We now have only the illusion of choice.

It's the puppet MASTERS that are the problem Keith. You know, the people/corporations/lobbies that make the political bribes/contributions to each party. A VERY high percentage of these entities, along with the Federal Reserve, have one thing in common... Though, I guess I'm not at liberty to say what that is here. I guess it's one of those truths that people just hate to hear.

Anyway, for this election, I'm writing in Satan, the lesser of all evils.

Honica Jewinski

Anonymous said...

Daaayummmm, Keith!
You go boy!
Let him have it!
Chase that sponge-brained sniveling Bush-ass sniffer to the gates of Hell!!

With you on his tail, McInane is as TOASTED as the Federal Reserve now! WOOOHOOOOO!

Anonymous said...


i'm not going to vote. first tuesday night in november i am gonna watch american idol and blow my entire paycheck at walmart.

for reals!

Anonymous said...

Obama will end the housingpanic. This country is about 5 psi in the tires from being energy independent. Now we just need to take profits from companies that make them (energy sector this cycle), and give them to companies that don't (financial corporations). Then we'll take money from middle class people in New York and give it to lower class people in Alabama, cause they can afford it. We should also make mortgage payments as little or as much as you can afford. Some people can afford $9000 a month, so that's their new payment. Other people can only afford $900, so they can pay their fair share too and stay in their house.

The latest gallup poll said 0% of Americans admit to being racist. So it's a shoe in for Obama, and I have high hopes that the people on my TV who were wrong about housing are right about Obama definitely getting in.

Anonymous said...

Gee, 2 points..
A) Keith must have read the polls over the weekend.

B) Maybe, I accidentally tuned into MSNBC... oh, wait.. I must have tuned into an out of work print newspaper reporter. Or-maybe, a cable host with poor ratings.

Signed, RMB.. and off to a real housing blog.

Anonymous said...

Why not declare full-on war with both parties? The GOP are douches and the dems are turd sandwiches.

Don't get me wrong, Bush is the worst president ever, but do you really thing all our problems started with Bush? Bush didn't create the entitlement problem. Nor did he create the federal reserve. He did not take us off the gold standard. He did not create freddie and fanny.

"Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem."

What does Obama want? More government. What hasn't the government f@cked up? Everything the government touches turns to shit.

Keith, what makes you think Obama's a champion for civil liberties? He voted for the patriot act extension. He wants to repeal the 2nd amendment.

Expanding government involves stealing more money from people at gunpoint. That's not freedom. Stealing from A to give to B is morally reprehensible. Doesn't matter if you do it or if you elect people to do it for you.

How can you support ron paul, and then support the most leftist member of the senate?

"Will the US continue to be the arrogant hated ass on the international stage, or will it finally come to realize that it's one of many?"

Doesn't matter. The dollar's f@cked. The military's going to be pared down one way or another. We can't afford to sustain this empire.

"Will something finally be done with global warming?"

Nope. China, India, Russia, and just about every non-european country doesn't give a $hit about global warming.

"With health care? With energy? With entitlements? With personal freedom?"

How does one fix the problem of entitlements with another entitlement (socialized medicine for all)??

Government regulation is standing in the way of natural gas pipelines and nuclear plants. We could eliminate all oil imports if we drove natural gas plugin hybrid cars with electricity sourced from nuclear.

But the dems want us all to live like the amish.

Jason said...

Clearly, Obama can't be the antichrist, he's going to give me $1000 freshly-printed dollars! I love the smell of new money. It makes me forget about everything else.

Anonymous said...

McCain for president. How's that.

Anonymous said...

Fuck all lying, corrupt GOP scum.

Anonymous said...

People who preach that both parties are equivalently corrupt are just conservatives with no place to run. People so desperate to believe that selfishness and greed builds a great culture that they close their minds to reason.

Anon 1:53 am, you made me smile with that anecdote about the family hardware store destroyed by WalMart with the Bush sticker in the window.

I hope those people STARVED.

Anonymous said...

was that a lame attempt to spike readership? shock-jock blogging?

lame and transparent.

i'm out for good.


Anonymous said...

Bwahahahaha...Keith knows that McCain is going to win. The Democrats did to themselves, AGAIN. Enjoy 4 years of McCain and then Hillary will be back in full force.

Anonymous said...

"frank@scottsdale sucks", I thought Obama was the second coming of Hitler. How can he be Hitler, a Marxist, a messiah (I assume of the anti-chrsit kind), and an elitist all at the same time? Talk about mutil-talented. Please explain, you douche.

Anonymous said...

I like this blog for it's real estate and economic conversations. Provacative, informative, etc.

While I am not a fan of McCain, this PRO-OBAMA rant/lovefest SOUNDS like it is coming from an emotional and poorly informed person. But, I know that isn't the case.

Just because George Bush has become the symbol (for a LOT of people) for ALL that is bad, NONE of these things would have/could have taken place without the support (if tacit) of "leaders" and participants on both sides of the fence.

The main problem is this: the current war and economic problems happened under BOTH parties. So, don't sit there blaming Geeorge Bush for EVERYTHING.

And, just as former-President Clinton's administration was going to be the "most ethical" in history, if you believe it could not possibly be worse, you better strap yourself to your chair and hang on.

Anonymous said...

Carter support Obama. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Keith along with huge numbers of Americans are finally opening their eyes and seeing the horrors and implications of both the consumer and government debt inflation of the passed few years.

They are seeing massive political and economic negativity and wondering how things could possibly get worse. Well, I'll tell you things have not even begun to get bad.

In my estimation over 10 Trillion has been sucked out of the American economy over the passed 8 years. Around 5 Trillion has been siphoned off by Wall Street, China, India, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. The other 5 trillion has been added to the national debt.

American corporations no longer build anything. They rack up short term debt and pump artificial stock prices. If you priced in 10% interest rates which will likely be seen as in the late 19070s then 90% of American companies would be bankrupt.

This country will look like 1990s Russia in a few years. Total and complete government and social breakdown.

Obama preaches Hope... I guess that's better than nothing.

Anonymous said...

You want to see how America will be under Hussein Obama? Just look at what the ultraliberals did to California and New York. Both bankrupt and welfare-illegal immigrant heavens.

Socialism = transfer money from hard working, productive citizens, and entrepreneurs, and middle-class, to welfare queens and illegals so the Democrats can buy their votes. Then they come crying that their states are bankrupt and want more taxes.

Jimmy Carter brought 130,000 Cubans into Florida at once during the Mariel fiasco and just look at what Florida has become: #1 in housing fraud and #1 in medicare fraud and #1 in government fraud, with the illiterate immigrants electing their crooked paisanos into office, to run the government. Give it another 20 years and you'll have nothing but Mexicans and Cubans running all government in the US.

Anonymous said...

Do you see the Democrats trying to impeach Bushco? Do you see them voting against the war in Iraq? Do you see them voting against wiretapping?

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

I have been a loyal blog reader, and have been 100% on board with your criticism of the REIC and the Federal Reserve, but you exposed yourself as just another angry partisan hack with this post.

Let me tell you how a principled voter thinks: Both parties are just corporate puppets. Neither of the top two candidates is worth my vote, so I'll be writing in 'Ron Paul' on my ballot. Am I throwing away my vote? Frankly, I could care less since I'm voting on principle. If enough people did the same, we would have a chance to see real change (TM) in this country for the better.

For that matter, I would have more respect for you if you advocated voting for Nader. I don't agree with Nader on a lot of issues, but at least I know the person voting for him is voting on principle, and that makes me proud as a fellow American.

Good luck with your blog's new format. Much like,,, or, I don't have room in my bookmarks for partisan political hacks calling each other names.

Anonymous said...

I'm still undecided, but leaning Obama.

I am really looking at who they are surrounding themselves with. That will give you a good idea of what the administration will be like.

I like the fact that Paul Volker is an economic advisor for Obama. However, I don't like the fact that the former head of Fannie Mae, Jim Johnson, was on his VP search committee.

John McCain, on the other hand, has Phil Gramm as his right hand man. Phil Gramm was the architect of the legislation that repealed Glass-Stegal. He also thinks this is a "mental" recession.

If they continue to surround themselves with the people that caused the problems that we are in now, I will not vote for the candidate. I am still waiting on the VP choices.

We will see, but McCain has some huge credibility problems to overcome with me right now.


Anonymous said...

Keith, I thought you had better sense than to be pulled in by the media rhetoric. It's all a big soap opera used to distract us from the real problems in the US. Today, WCI filed Chapter 11, and we had a bank's deposits get taken over by Sun Trust down in Florida. Keep this up, and you will alienate half of your reader base that you took so long to build.

At this point, you have two parties. One party tells you that the other will screw you over. However, they have the cure. It is to be taken in the form of a suppository. The other party warns you that the first party is screwing you over, but they have the solution. It is to be administered orally.

Anonymous said...

Although I deplore the horrendous Housing Bailout legislation passed by Democrats, lets not forget that it was Bush economic policies (Bush is not a Republican)that caused the housing bubble in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Right on Keith. I agree 100%. It may not be a perfect solution but it's a step in the right direction. The GOP has been the party of dirty tricks for the last 30 years. Time to get America started back in the right direction. Too bad so many on here don't see what the GOP has been doing to them and the U.S. I guess propaganda works.

Anonymous said...

This is the craziest blog I've read in a while. I have been a bush basher since Bush 1. That being said, I would NEVER vote for a man that hates my race. Forget about the white grandmother, Hitler had a Jewish grandmother. I believe the Europeans, especially the Germans, should take him. They seem to be at home with fascist pigs.

Frank R said...

"Will the US continue to be the arrogant hated ass on the international stage, or will it finally come to realize that it's one of many?"

Who gives a sh*t? Since when do we choose our actions by what other countries - socialist countries at that - think of us?

Choosing your actions based entirely on what others think is the Scottsdale way of life. End of story.

Anonymous said...

All you people making the comment that there is no difference between these 2 candidates are intellectually lazy. This is the worst excuse not to vote for Obama. The man is likely to make real changes. There are clear policy differences. Clear and different outcomes that they are likely to lead us down. They sound the same in the headlines but any real research would show you different philosophies.

Ask yourself this.... Would we be in the same situation today if Gore won Florida? Would Gore have poured a million dollars into Iraq... No. We may be in a different mess but my point is that there are policy differences between democrat and republican.

Sure both groups play within a range of options and sure both are somewhat corrupt. Sure they both flip flop on certain items so the opponent cannot capitalize on the emotions of the populace. Look beyond what you see in CNN. Get a damn a little research...the differences are real and they are out there.

and you guys that are no longer going to read this blog because the man said his piece? You are all acting like children who didn't get a cookie. Grow up. Seriously. You can disagree with people and the sun will come up in the morning. You are also part of the problem.

Anonymous said...


I'm not a great fan of Obama, but he's a zillion times better than McBush. If the Yanks vote a Republican then they deserve what's coming to them. My choice among them here will be Obama.

Anonymous said...

[i]The main problem is this: the current war and economic problems happened under BOTH parties. So, don't sit there blaming Geeorge Bush for EVERYTHING.[/i]


It was 6 years of total Republican control. 6 years of massive outrageous corruption of power. Plus two years of a milquetoast Congress whose only power---to subpoena---is simply ignored because DOJ won't enforce any action against a Bush Admin official.

Here we go again, more another Rove-ster propaganda.

When it's obviously Republicans who screwed everything up, then appeal to the people who are disgusted and assert that "they're both the same".

No, power does corrupt both parties, but right now, one is much much much much much worse than the other.

GWB is just a pathetic token.

The true problem is the wicked and destructive ideology underneath, the Karl Rove, and his cohorts, the thousands of Republican-establishment apparatchiks whose goal is to sabotage effective government in their own government jobs. Government isn't for shrinking---that would take an honest and fair debate, and they'd find significant opposition since there are legitimate reasons for government's activities. In their world, government is for looting.

Destroy the effectiveness, rip off the taxpayer---and then simultaneously make the average Joe Six Pack disgusted about the whole thing so he doesn't vote---instead of being stupendously angry about the incompetence and outright crimes. And Republicans win again. The Democrats are not anywhere as destructive, ruthless and as evil as this .

Anonymous said...

"...McCain is a bit more of a war monger..."

Heh. You just KNOW he's going to do something rash when he gets a chance.

Pay Lay Ale you really think all our problems started with Bush? Bush didn't create the entitlement problem. Nor did he create the federal reserve. He did not take us off the gold standard. He did not create freddie and fanny...

...Expanding morally reprehensible...

...How can you support ron paul, and then support the most leftist member of the senate?...

...Doesn't matter. The dollar's f@cked. The military's going to be pared down one way or another. We can't afford to sustain this empire...

...We could eliminate all oil imports if we drove natural gas plugin hybrid cars with electricity sourced from nuclear..."

THOSE were some very good points, sir.

Anonymous said...

Preach it. Thank you for making the connections.

Lost Cause said...

I have only one question for Sen Mc Cain:

What does his armpit smell like?

Lost Cause said...

It is amazing that the right wing fought so hard to bring religion into the campaign, and when they finally get a man who goes to church every Sunday, they use it against him. Not the proper type of God and religion -- no big surprise.

Lost Cause said...

Mc Cain: The man wants nuclear power plants next to where you live. Not only that, he wants oil wells all over the best beach areas that this country has. Not because he has to, but because he is a stooge of the energy giants, just like Bush, as every other republican.

I feel like joining you in your declaration of total war, but I think there are better prospects on a more local level. Therefore, I am going to work full-time to get a democrat congressman elected.

Lost Cause said...

To the idiot Frank and others who call people Marxist: the Cold War is over. We are not about to go nuclear with the Soviets. This kind of name calling does not work like it did for your hero Nixon. The last time I checked under my bed, there were no commies.

Anonymous said...

Keith said:
Folks, McCain and Rove's GOP are not the "party of god". They don't care about you. They're the party of the rich. They're the party of lobbyists. They're the party of corporations. They're the party of the bankers.

Keith, how about doing a little research before spewing left-wing talking points in your mad rush to kiss Obama's ass? According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Lobbyists and PACs accounted for 10% of Democrat Party fundraising in 2004, and about 3% so far in 2008. In contrast, lobbyists and PACs contributed only about 1% to Republicans in '04 and '08. Link:

Furthermore, regarding contributions by industry, consider the following:

Obama - $8.9 million
Clinton - $7.3 million
McCain - $6.3 million

Obama - $1.9 million
McCain - $1.7 million
Clinton - $1.6 million

Obama - $7.1 million
Clinton - $5.8 million
McCain - $5.8 million

Obama - $1.8 million
Clinton - $1.7 million
McCain - $1.3 million

Obama - $20.7 million
Clinton - $17.1 million
Edwards - $7.7 million
McCain - $6.9 million

Obama - $562K
Clinton - $538K
McCain - $243K

McCain - $1.3 million
Guiliani - $643K
Romney - $472K
Clinton - $401K
Obama - $394K

Ok, McCain had more contributions from Oil & Gas, but the lists above are pretty clear about which party is owned by the REIC, Banks, Hedge Funds, Lawyers, and Health Insurance companies.

Your post was as discredited as David Lereah's book.

Stirs said...

Ok Keith, you often have very good and insightful commentary. But dude you are an idiot when it comes to religion. That add had NOT A DAMN THING to do with an anti christ. It was about how Obama positions himself. Didn't you see the speech in which he said the entire world would be healed when he was elected.

It was satire dude. You have a religious bug up your ass. And I think you have a hatred for those who have faith.

I am tired of that shit.

I am not particularly a huge fan of McCain, I just see Obama as a bigger evil.

The real problem in this country is we are spending too much (too much government in our lives) and we are dependent on enemies for energy.

Obama will only bloat government more.

So cut the crap Keith. And stop reading religious images of Mary into everything you see.

Anonymous said...

Which of these 2 candidates is in league with the GOP???think about it a 3rd bush term??? hello McFly???

Anonymous said...

You Obama haters are really pathetic to actually think that the GOP candidate will give us anything better then the Bush admin. Take some of what Obama says with a grain of salt. I mean cmon guys this is called campaigning. Ask yourself this"Did Bush or any candidates who became presidents do everything they said on there campaign? Now most of what I hear from you Obama haters is just stuff thats been filtered through the media by the same talking heads. You folks are hearing what you want to hear and not hearing what you you dont want to hear. It's like you are believing some how that Obama has intereests other then the American people. Now we all know from the past that any candidate that is backed by the GOP and is a republican will cause trouble for the common man. Nixon, Reagan, Bush 1, Bush2. On the other hand you take Carter who has his heart in the right place but inherited a big mess from the 70's. Then you take Clinton who for 8 years did many positive things for us.Lets look at our economy in the 90's or our reputation around the world just for starters. DONT YOU PEOPLE SEE A PATTERN HERE??? Now lets think if McCain wins who will be in his cabinet?? possibly people from the current admin? maybe some from Reagan admin, maybe folks from Oil and Defense industry??? So now if Obama wins who might make up his cabinet??? possibly people from Clinton Admin??? possibly some people who may have good intentions??? maybe not but looking at the pattern of politics you really gotta think outside of the box a bit, throw out the media garbage like reverand wright, or chicago business scandal who cares. Lets just think and not look at this like One Man against another man. All kinds of the same scumbags who profit greatly off the backs of us are licking there chops right now wanting to get appointed to a mCCain admin so they can fleece us even more. Could it be that the people who want to be in a Obama admin may just be more on the side of social justice, equality, peace and prosperity? Do we really need to have a pasty doddering old white geezer man whos hungry to start a war he can claim as his war. America has many races and they vote too, America is not so whitebreed anymore. Personally I really like Ron Paul but realisticly hes not even on the ballot. So even if we write him in we will be such a small minority since the corrupt media dosent talk about hime anymore then the talk about Dennis Kucinich. So vote with your own judgement not the media's or bloggers just think for yourself.

And Frank from Scottdale since you make a gazillion dollars a second pedaling your sales books so feel free to support your own intersts and vote for McCain.Hell why not donate some of your books to McCain he needs some sales advice he's struggling to sell America his straight talk! The rest of us VOTE YOUR OWN INTERESTS

Anonymous said...

I am a REPUBLICAN, and GUN OWNER, and I'm voting for Obama, I'm so disgusted with BUSH.

August 04, 2008 10:34 PM


You are also an idiot. In case you haven't noticed Bush is not on the ballot this year.

Anonymous said... said...
A black man brought up by a mother on food stamps sure sounds elitist to me

Actually, he went to the most expensive and exclusive private school in Hawaii, where it's not enough to be rich - you have to be connected too.

You people who believe the media are really sad.

August 05, 2008 12:55 AM


Shhh. Speak the truth about Barry O. and you will be labeled a racist.

Now repeat after me:

Obama is great.
All hail Obama
Seig Heil
Sieg Heil

Anonymous said...

Thanks Keith. After reading your rant and some of the comments here I just donated $175.

To McCain that is. The nightmare that 4 years of Obama will bring must be stopped at all costs. I don't make $250K a year (wish I did). I'm not religious. But the thought of a Marxist quasi-Muslim in the white house scares the piss out of me.

And if you haven't noticed his lead in the polls is gone. McCain is on a roll.

Anonymous said...

In the middle of John McCain’s dopey Britney & Paris attack ad, the announcer gravely asks of Barack Obama: “Is He Ready to Lead?” An equally good question is whether McCain is ready to lead. For a man who will turn 72 this month, he’s a surprisingly immature politician — erratic, impulsive and subject to peer pressure from the last knucklehead who offers him advice. The youthful insouciance that for many years has helped McCain charm reporters like me is now channeled into an ad that one GOP strategist labeled “juvenile,” another termed “childish” and McCain’s own mother called “stupid.” The Obama campaign’s new mantra is that McCain is “an honorable man running a dishonorable campaign.” Lame is more like it. And out of sync with the real guy. […]

McCain is patently insincere when his heart’s not in it, like a little boy who eats his peas when his parents tell him to but remains transparently unhappy about the experience. It’s not clear how committed McCain himself is to this latest assault on Obama. Does he genuinely believe that Obama is an out-of-control egomaniac who thinks he’s Moses? McCain no doubt comforts himself that the ad making that argument — an argument that is beneath a major-party candidate for president — was not part of a big media buy but just chum thrown to the media piranhas via the Drudge Report. […]

On the night of the 2000 South Carolina primary, I was in his hotel suite and watched Cindy weeping over what Rove and his goons did. Her husband was plenty mad, too. Now he’s got Rove’s protege, Steve Schmidt, running his campaign.

Anonymous said...

Swampland, TIME
July 31, 2008 8:39
Hope Dashed (Again)
Posted by Joe Klein | Comments (75) | Permalink | Trackbacks (0) | Email This

A few months ago, I wrote that John McCain was an honorable man and he would run an honorable campaign. I was wrong. I used to think, as David Ignatius does, that McCain's true voice was humble and moderate, but now I'm beginning to think his Senate colleagues may be right about his temperament. From what I can gather, Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran, a Republican, reflected the views of many of his colleagues earlier this year when he said:

"The thought of his being president sends a cold chill down my spine...He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me."

The erratic nature of McCain's campaign seems to be confirming that judgment. The McCain I used to know would never have touted his own courage as he did a few weeks ago when he said:

"I had the courage and the judgment to say that I would rather lose a political campaign than lose a war.It seems to me that Senator Obama would rather lose a war in order to win a political campaign."

Courage is grace under pressure. McCain showed it when he was a prisoner of war, and on many issues--yes, even on his stubborn insistence that the surge would work--but he is not showing it now. He is showing flop sweat. It is not a quality usually associated with successful leadership.

Anonymous said...

Swampland, TIME
August 1, 2008 9:34
The Scum Also Rises
Posted by Joe Klein | Comments (77) | Permalink | Trackbacks (0) | Email This

Eugene Robinson nails it today on the quadrennial Republican scum festival that begins in August of every presidential election year. It seems to me that Britney-boating isn't going to be as lethal to Obama as swift-boating was to Kerry--indeed, it is more embarrassing than devastating--but that doesn't make it any less intolerable. I mean, we've got two wars, an energy crisis, an economy teetering on the edge of real serious trouble--and this is the campaign John McCain wants to run?

I know, I know, it's all part of politics. And Obama is probably going to have to get down in the gutter with McCain. But it's pretty depressing, all the same.

Anonymous said...

Let me control the money of a country and i care not who makes its laws..... rockafellar
WAKE UP . democracy is at present just an illusion. Do you honestly think the shadow government has left this choise to the american people. either obama or mccain will answer to the powers to be
What we really need to do is take the power to print money ouy of the hands of the the private banking cartel.aka biderbergers aka illuminati aka councilon foreign relations aka trilateral commision These are the real powers
Your owners america...Sleep tight

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought for you folks, although I doubt this will make it to print.

Keith HAS to be pro Obama, or what do you think would happen to all those links on the right column of the site. Poof. Gone (or at least their reciprocal). The blogs aren't exactly a place for unorthodox political thought.

Anonymous said...

No! Why the hell should we support Obama?! Oh..we're 'voting against McCain'? Just doesn't cut it. The American people need to be told and EDUCATED that they HAVE OPTIONS.

Enough with the 'either the dems or the repubs'!

Anonymous said...

As I respond to every racist, kindergarten, hater email I get touting how great McSame is and how bad Obama is . . . . . I'm still voting for him!

Good Job, Keith! People have got to stand for what they believe in. I used to bite my tongue when people would start bashing my candidate ( Clinton, Obama, Edwards, etc.) but now I go right back at 'em. And you should too.

Thank you for your honesty! I don't think you said one thing that wasn't true.

For every reader you lose because of your opinion (which is really a loser thing to do), I'm sure you'll gain one open-minded reader!

Anonymous said...

I am going to laugh my ass off if McCain wins

Anonymous said...

You may claim to be a Ron Paul kinda guy but that rant really shows your true colors.

May I suggest some light reading to validate your true feelings:

All you other Obama types should keep it real and check that one out too!

Anonymous said...

C'mon, you think Obama will do better?

The two parties form a DUOPOLY.

It is like Visa and Mastercard, what is the difference between the two companies? What is the difference between the two parties?

Don't be a democratic party pawn. Don't be a republican party pawn.


As I saw written on a garbage can:
Eliminate Rodents, close lid.

Edit that.

Eliminate Rodents. VOTE THEM OUT.

Anonymous said...

Whether John McCain is a "nasty little man" is debatable, but, like Obama, he is merely a pawn of the special interests that you listed.

Neither candidate is going to do what is best for the country. It will continue to be "of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich."

It is frightening to compare the parallels to the Weimar Republic in Germany in the 1930's. They too had a clueless government that had lost its bearing. Germany had lost its spirit and sense of national pride.It was wandering aimlessly with no clear goals or motivation.

It makes perfect sense that a Hitler would be able to gain the confidence of German citizens.

Is this the fate of the USA? To be forewarned....

Anonymous said...

This blog is quickly turning Olbermann. Initially fresh, clever, and unique in perspective, but increasinly stident, angry, and off-putting. And, eventually, unwatchable...

Anonymous said...


Your naiveté is shining through with this latest rant. You're a joke, Keith; the creation of this blog was timely on your part, but I'm beginning to think it was nothing more than dumb-luck.

Two years from now I predict this blog will be blown away by the winds of change...I have seen zero growth or depth on your part since this blog began. Enjoy the ride while you can, Keith.

blogger said...

It's kinda nice when you write a blog purely as a hobby, you could care less how many people read it.

What really cracks me up is the typical closed-minded ignorant right-winger - they only use media that reinforces their preexisting beliefs. Thus they stay ignorant.

I love consuming media that I disagree with - much more than media that I agree with. I like to be challenged. I like even enjoy negative comments or challenging comments here on HP, as they make you think.

Perfect example is the guns issue. I was more anti-gun than I am today, but HP'ers have made many good points about responsible gun ownership and the importance of guns in the home for protection. So now I'm on board.

But hey, if this post gets rid of all the hard-core GOP voters, so be it. And I hope my anti-Pelosi anti-Dodd anti-Reid anti-Clinton posts pisses off the hard core Dems.

That leaves open minded non-partisan HP'ers. From the left, center and right. People who understand that both parties suck. That both parties are corrupt. That both parties are unworthy of your support


blogger said...

Oh, thanks for the kind words cornhusker.

This blog won't be around in a year. Or two years. Our work here is almost done.

Now head on over to It's nice and warm and comfy for you there.

Anonymous said...

For the record; I'm also very much "anti-McCain". I'm also a Christian who hates the sin, but loves the ALL cases. I hate Fox News; haven't flipped it on since '06. I don't believe B.O. is a "different" choice than McCain, as I believe they are both beholden to the same masters.

This being said, Keith, I meant what I said earlier. I'm not trying to be mean or degrading, but feel you should know how you come across almost all of the time to the average reader, which is as a shallow fool.

Anonymous said...

Past 8 years have brought so much corruption in to America. It is a damn shame and both parties are equally to be blamed.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight - if you support McCain you're a "closed-minded ignorant right-winger". Got it. Love the hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Do you want to vote right, or only second best. Voting Obama is a matter of your point of view. General policy won`t change under Obama.

The US is still ready for another bad presidency, Obama or McCain. If a choice MUST be made, I`ll stick to Obama, lesser but damn evil too. It`s not the candidate that poses the provlem, but the system.

Everyone should dump the dollar for silver and gold coins and the mess would be settled soon. Stop playing their game instead of fighting over which of the system`s pawn to vote.

Oops, home grown terrorism saying that, I guess. It`s already a fine ride surfing the effects of extreme stupidity. If it must be this way, it shall be done.

Anonymous said...

Keith said:
"But hey, if this post gets rid of all the hard-core GOP voters, so be it. And I hope my anti-Pelosi anti-Dodd anti-Reid anti-Clinton posts pisses off the hard core Dems."

Not this hardcore Dem - they're wusses, I totally agree.

Still, as Obama said yesterday - I don't want to sacrifice The Good for The Perfect. The rest of you can make up your own mind - its still a free(ish) country.

Anonymous said...

They all lie and distort.

Anonymous said...

I penned the piece about links, but am not a right winger. I'm a moderate republican. The kind Rush Limbaugh hates and claims has no passion because we don't agree with him 100 percent of the time. I rellish every time he makes a fool of himself, like that viagra through customs thing a while back. Laughed my freekin ass off over that one.

I also love consuming media that I disagree with (let me say 'do' not 'love'), so long as it's not terribly mean spirited. For instance, bitter renter, I gave up reading it's posts months ago. Now I read one in twenty if it is short.

Because it is just vile. A truely dimented mine, leaving one with the feeling they just inhaled some of the foulest smelling excrement.

Please respond bitterrenter, I promise it won't be read.

Now Frank, he's a bit of a nut but not 'foul excrement' nuts. Just overzelous in a mixed up sort of way. That's my take anyhow. The nazi thing recently, yeah that was excrement but he rarly gets that out of alingment. Maybe he just forgot his medication that day.

Keith, are you sure the traffic thing isn't like rich people saying money isn't important (yeah, so long as you have it).

I don't mean that to sound accusatory or confrontational. In fact if you want to just drop it that's fine.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not I agree with you Kieth, is irrelevant. This is a fun and informative blog, period.

That said, the anti-christ will not proclaim himself as such; he'll say he is Christian. Bush may be the anti-christ.

Look at the things that have occured on his watch, look at the state of this great country. Hard work and savings has given way to housing gambling and excess. Sound Christian?

Oil men get filthy rich, Bush promotes ethanol and people starve; sound Christian?

GT Charlie

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...
Obama needs to change his campaign slogan to:


Of course, he'll have to use larger banners...

August 05, 2008 12:46 AM"

I second this!!!!!
Kieth how about a topic dedicated to this great idea?

Gt Charlie

Anonymous said...

Oh I see. So if I don't vote for Obama I'm a racist.

Got it.

Anonymous said...

Oh I see. So if I don't vote for Obama I'm a racist.

Got it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I am going to laugh my ass off if McCain wins

August 05, 2008 3:31 PM


Get ready for a good hearty laugh in November. Barry Hussein will win the Upper West Side, Hollywood and San Fran-Freak-o. The rest of the country will never vote for a radical like that.

Anonymous said...

"McCain is the lesser of two evils"

No, actually McCain is the MANIFESTATION of two evils:



A vote for McCain enables the further empowerment/enrichment of these two evils...

Anonymous said...

Anon August 05, 2008 1:49 PM said,

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws." - Rockefeller.....



He, incidentally, was a part of that VERY high percentage I spoke of earlier.

Honica Jewinski

blogger said...

No, supporting McCain or the GOP does NOT make you a closed minded right winger.

It makes you a sucker in my book, but to qualify as a closed minded right winger you also:

1) stop visiting HP and any other media source that confronts your beliefs

2) don't read the science on global warming, evolution or the big bang, because deep down you know if you do it'll blow your beliefs out of the water

3) support Bush & co no matter what they do, no matter the crimes they commit

4) Think Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are gods who are never wrong

5) Support the GOP because of religious beliefs, not economic reasons

Take the example of HP favorite Frank. A total right winger. But not closed minded. Confident in his beliefs, but willing to listen to the other side.

On the other end, take the first poster in this thread. Someone who won't allow himself to view dissenting information.

That type of person is sad. Ignorant. And exhibits a lack of intellectual curiosity that will forever limit their growth as a person and as a member of society.

Gotta run - catching up on my new york times and fox news tonight

Anonymous said...

Keith blows a brain gasket. Sycophants and rabid ass-kissers join the circus parade.

Keith permanently exits "circle of competence", clown makeup permanently applied.

Anonymous said...

Keith makes one last desperate, crazed attempt to garner Diana Olick's attention, a la, Vincent Van Gogh.

Diana Olick snuggles up to REIC. Takes the money over principle. Keith contemplates suicide.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that Republican partisans tend to attack the candidate and the candidate's issues, while Democrat partisans attack the Republican supporters?

According to the typical Democrat, anyone who doesn't agree with them is a close-minded, racist, woman-hating, god-fearing bigot who lacks the intelligence to get out of bed in the morning.

I'm amazed that they can spit out this kind of verbal excrement and not realize the irony in what they are saying about being close-minded. This goes for you too, Keith.

Anonymous said...

3) support Bush & co no matter what they do, no matter the crimes they commit

support Pelos, Reid and Co no matter what they do

4) Think Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are gods who are never wrong

Think DailyKos and Keef Olbermann are never wrong

5) Support the GOP because of religious beliefs, not economic reasons

Support the Dems because of the new religion - global warming, not economic reasons

Just admit it Keith, you are a hard core Dem supporter. Always have been always will be. You aren't independent at all. Oh sure you'll post something negative about a Dem every now and then. But at your core you are a full fledged kool-aid drinking Democrat. My only question is why do you hide it? You should come out of the closet and be proud of yourself.

Dogged American said...


If you are upset about the government's role in the housing mess and the subsequent bailout, then what the crap are you doing pushing the candidate that believes in expanded central government and more bailouts???

Now that Obama has been pressed to open up about what he stands for, its pretty clear he sees the government as the parental entity and the citizens as the children that need to be cared for. That's noble--except for the fact that we are not children! (Well, most of us anyway.)

We are FREE adults and should be treated as such. We should be allowed to enjoy the fruits of our labors and suffer the pain inflicted on us when we make irresponsible decisions.

The role of government is to uphold the Constitution and thus, protect our lives, liberty, and our right to pursue happiness. Anyone who believes in privatizing entire industries does not get the whole "pursuit of happiness" thing.

Obama simply does not buy into the American Constitution.

robert said...

Silly Wabbit has left a new comment on the post "John McCain is a nasty, nasty little man. Just an...":

Keith, I thought you had better sense than to be pulled in by the media rhetoric. It's all a big soap opera used to distract us from the real problems in the US. Today, WCI filed Chapter 11, and we had a bank's deposits get taken over by Sun Trust down in Florida.

As we sit here and mock each other about which candidate goes to church, choosing the lesser of two evils, predicting what could have been if only someone else had won the last election, lecturing each other on the finer/inferior points of each political party; all the while grinding away with not one person offering negotiations in what we can do to change for the positive, what we can do as voters, taxpayers and citizens to reform our two party system, I have to wonder…

Who’s the sheeple now?

Sean said...

I am surprised of your lack of knowledge of this terrible situation that our country has gotten into. Both the GOP and the Dems are backstabbing scumbags that spit on the Constitution. I'm voting for Ron Paul because in my eyes he's the only one with a glimmer of morals and I would seriously like to give the other parties the middle finger. Even if Ron doesn't win, at least I can sleep better at night, screw that "lesser of two evils" theory.

Dogged American said...

Sorry, I misspoke. I meant to say:

"Anyone who believes in nationalizing entire industries does not get the whole "pursuit of happiness" thing."

Anonymous said...

"John McCain is a nasty, nasty little man. Just another in a long line of fake, anti-American GOP hucksters. ."

No need to declare war on them Keiffer. The GOP is finished. Bush has killed his party.

The real worry is about who will count the votes in November? Will it be Diebold again? Maybe we can get Cuba to send us some poll watchers.

Anonymous said...

"Universal health care? Yeah, THAT works - just ask Canada and the UK."

Actually, it works a lot better than the US system. Less expensive too.

Anonymous said...

At least obama will spend the tax largess he collects on america and americans instead of bombs and foreign entanglements and tax cuts for people that don't need them.

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh, Keith and a few dozen 20-somethings declare war on the GOP.

That'll really shake things up...


Anonymous said...

I see the GOP is back to paying homeless people to post on the internet for them. Clearly, they've had to significantly reduce the per-post rate.

It's a pretty sad state of affairs for the Republican political machine when they've been outwitted by Paris Hilton.

Anonymous said...


as a relatively long-time, identifiable poster to this blog, i'm disappointed you did not think my last comment to this thread worthy of publication.

there really was no reason not to post it.

anyway, you are the blog moderator/owner so it's your ultimate choice. i just disagree with this particular one. i hope it at least gave you some pause in the direction you have been taking this blog and your view of mccain supporters (which i am not one).

i think a better thing to do if you want to get into doing a political blog is simply to start another site for it! just link from this site to your new site. you would get everyone from HP who wants to participate in that type of blog to post on it...all they would do is make one simple click and voila, they are there! yes, a bit more work on your part to set up the site structure but in the longrun it would pay off since you could have people go to a site for politics that doesn't have the domain "".

Anonymous said...

Bush is no prize, in fact he's batting close to zero, but American's are credit junkies and the federal reserve (aka genius Greenspan) is highly to blame for the domestic mess by bending over forwards, backwards and sideways in making sure the average junkie got his credit fix, then everyone else played the ponzi scheme to it's ultimate conclusion - complete collapse.

Obama is not the answer, in fact, not even close. McCain is not the answer either, but declaring war on him is ridculous. Ironically, at least he would know how to fight one, what's Mr Obama's record?

You are who you keep your company with. If my pastor made the racist and despicable claims at a church service (of all places) that Mr. Obama's did, I would first thing him insane, and second leave immediately never to return.

Why is it okay for (some) blacks to be racist?