August 25, 2008

I love democracy, especially when it's messy

Sometimes I don't blame the government for things like the Iraq Debacle and the Great Housing Crash.

No, I blame the people.

When you don't rise up against a corrupt and evil government (and media) serving the interests of corporations and the military industrial complex, you get what you get.

And as we all know now, we got what we got.


CNN Employee said...

FOX news = FAUX News

Anonymous said...


Here is the youtube clip:

so simple said...

To me it looked like a bunch of suburban spoiled kids out on a lark -- no message beyond "let's smash something". I certainly understand being upset with the way things, including the DNC, are going, but out shouting without a message & acting like a bunch of hooligans will not accomplish anything positive.

Was that a caveman mask I saw? -- I really like that.

Anonymous said...

I love when liberals say "rise up" in one hand then say give up your guns on the other. The founding fathers intended for government to be small for a reason, so it can be overthrown and rebuilt when needed. The problem with the liberal ideology is that they want big government, aka, a nanny state. As entities become large, like the libs want, it becomes oppresive and uncontrollable. Just think of a liberals dream world.... No guns and everyone dependent on the government to survive. How could a government ever be changed with that mantra....
I am not saying republicans, especially modern day republicans are right, but the liberal manifesto sure seems wrong.

Anonymous said...

If you look closely the "protestors" are always the same people. These people are paid to protest by the likes of George Soros. Same people, same signs, same slogans, same chants.

And they make the rounds to the DNC, RNC, WTO, Olympic torch relay, you name it.

Only gullible sheeple don't see through this charade.

peter johnson said...

keith, it's not about rising up; people are like hand that punches and then withdrawls.

sigmond freud wrote that a small percentage of a society has to be mean and angry so the rest can be fat and happy.

I stopped protesting myself since I met way too many protesters who had made huge economic claims (salaries, pensions, etc...) and then called corporations, etc..., greedy even though the heart of corporations, etc..., are our needs.

anyway, it's a wonderful illusion to think someone else is guilty; it makes us happy;

Anonymous said...

This blonde talking head should b turned out.

I bet she can turn 7 - 8 tricks a day at 3 - 500 per trick.

Now that is economics. With a few million like her on her back or knees we could eliminate the debt and balance the budget in no time.

Just Trying to Help.

You're Welcome

Anonymous said...

George Soros is paying people to protest? Damn, he owes me. Tell me how to get my cut.

Anonymous said...

That Fox reported was such a tool. I love how he was just *shocked* that liberals aren't in love with moderately conservative Barrack Obama. Then he went about shoving his microphone into people's faces, trying to provoke them and then complaining that they wouldn't talk to him. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

I've sent in my donation money for the minute men. They will have a presence at the convention.

Funny to see the leftists turn on the dems. Soon Obama will be as bad as Bush. Just watch the instant change.

shtove said...

The point really is about the guy with the microphone - a reporter doesn't cover an event by yelling, "Don't you believe in freedom?"

keyser soze said...

US military expenditures are now greater than the next 11 countries combined...up from a previous 8.
Well done Pentagon...spend us into oblivion...just like Russia. You f'ing nitwits.
Same goes with entitlement programs...spend us into oblivion, you left-wing pricks.
Did I leave anyone out?

ihatehippies said...

New millenium hippies are not relevant. They are pussies and you know they are not armed. The only thing they have to say is "F*ck fox news." I guess I agree there.
But that reporter takes the cake...the faux news crowd has perfected the shout-down as freedom of speach.

Anonymous said...

was just *shocked* that liberals aren't in love with moderately conservative Barrack Obama.


I'm shocked anyone thinks Hussein Obama is moderately conservative. Hussein Obama makes Teddy Kennedy look like Ronald Reagan by comparison.

Anonymous said...

This is typical FAUX news propaganda. They show the angry young crowd but they don't show you the many families of average Americans, men, women and children who are also protesting peacefully. They just want to demonize the protesters to make anyone against the policies of this administration and FAUX News look like a raving lunatic.


Anonymous said...

Liberals control 95% of the media and yet complain that Fox is unfair because it has a somewhat right-of-center slant.

Once again proving that liberalism is a mental disease.

Anonymous said...

Griff Jenkins, Fox News Reported at large sounded Drunk in that video.
He was slurring his speech and talking too fast.
Maybe just fear of common J6P who, it appears by the level of their agitation, has found bubble blogs and Good.
Time for pitch forks and torches, is what it looks like to me.

Anonymous said...

but the liberal manifesto sure seems wrong.
But isn't this the Dems Convention?
They should be inside, no?

Anonymous said...

Fox news cracks me up. When any town tries to pass legislation restricting gun ownership in any way, they're the first to point to the constitutional right to bear arms. Isn't there also a constitutional right to assembly. Fox news reports on this protest as if it was an illegal, unnatural act.

Anonymous said...

"...cover an event by yelling, "Don't you believe in freedom?"..."

"...sounded Drunk in that video...slurring his speech and talking too fast..."

Heh. Not to mention planting his stationary camera crew in the middle of a moving crowd; for maximum bErSerKeR effect.

The Barbie emotes maudlin concern for his well-being: "We'll make sure he's okay(!)"

The rubes eat this shit up.

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes I don't blame the government for things like the Iraq Debacle and the Great Housing Crash.

No, I blame the people."

What people would that be?

The people like Diebold who count the ballots?

The wealthy Libertarians and mega-corporations who select which candidates we the people can vote for?

Or are you blaming the 50% of the population that hasn't figured it out yet, and still goes to the polls?

Inquiring minds want to know....


Anonymous said...

Buh buh buh I thought that you Europeans were soooo sophisticated, always snobbish to Americans. Aren't you guys the hot $hit? What happened?

Some Britons Too Unruly for Resorts in Europe

MALIA, Greece — Even in a sea of tourists, it is easy to spot the Britons here on the northeast coast of Crete, and not just from the telltale pallor of their sun-deprived northern skin.

They are the ones, the locals say, who are carousing, brawling and getting violently sick. They are the ones crowding into health clinics seeking morning-after pills and help for sexually transmitted diseases. They are the ones who seem to have one vacation plan: drinking themselves into oblivion.

“They scream, they sing, they fall down, they take their clothes off, they cross-dress, they vomit,” Malia’s mayor, Konstantinos Lagoudakis, said in an interview.

“The government of Britain has to do something,” Mr. Lagoudakis said. “These people are giving a bad name to their country.”

So it would seem. Reports of scandalous incidents rumble on regularly here and elsewhere, helping to cement Britain’s reputation as the largest exporter of inebriated hooligans in Europe.

Earlier this summer, flying home to Manchester from the Greek island of Kos, a pair of drunken women yelling “I need some fresh air” attacked the flight attendants with a vodka bottle and tried to wrestle the airplane’s emergency door open at 30,000 feet. The plane diverted hastily to Frankfurt, and the women were arrested.

Last year, shopkeepers, residents and hotel owners in Malia held an angry anti-British demonstration.

More alarmingly, a 20-year-old British tourist partied with her sister and a friend into the early hours in Malia also in July, then returned to her hotel room and — although she had denied being pregnant — gave birth. Her companions say they returned later to find the baby dead; she has been charged with infanticide.

Hey, Obama and the Democrats would give a medal to this last one who had the dead baby, plus free housing, plus food stamps for life. She's a victim who needs nanny state, and the power to "choose" to be a slut who breeds like flies.

I'm telling you, the value of the British Pound @ 2 x USD is the biggest lie ever. There's no reason for that inky-dinky economy have such a strong currency, especially when they are deep in debt and have a housing bubble worse than ours. I call BS on the British Pound.

Anonymous said...

Oh,man TV news? feh!
old,weak and lame...
Trust the Government,never!
Poor fools, there are two sides us and "them".
The "them" is the Dems. and The Reps.
BUT they are not EVER on our side.
It is all an act...always.

So many things to keep all of us against each other, or just distracted.

Good work true believers,so much
depends on you making us hate each

Turn off the TV,read a book like:
"Our Enemy,The State" by Albert Jay Nock

Anonymous said...

cnn employee said...

August 25, 2008 8:37 AM

Fox news=FAUX News

WOW! Did you come up with that one all by yourself??????

Genius I'm tellin ya!


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:

The fact that the Minutemen have anything at all to do with this protest is an embarrassment.

Seeing who Gilchrist has buddied up to lately, I hope you didn't give to him. He's "lost" a lot of money.

Try they hit the problem where they eat. No job, no money, no food, self deport.

Or so I hear.

Anonymous said...




GET IT???????????