August 30, 2008

HousingPANIC Stupid Question of the Day

What percent of Americans are just hopelessly ignorant?

Bonus: Do you think it's getting better, or worse?


Anonymous said...



born to lose said...


hopelessly ignorant means can't tell right from wrong.

most americans are good enough to still have hope.

twenty years ago i thought i was smarter than most. but i'm not so sure now.

Anonymous said...

average intelligence means you are stupid, which means you are unwilling to learn.

Anonymous said...

too many

Anonymous said...

Probably around 90%, since only about 10% of americans are atheists/agnostics, with the rest believing in discredited god myths. Of that 10%, half are commie pinkos like obama and keith.

Anonymous said...

Why too many. Just look at them believing the stuff from the commie Osama or do I mean Obama. My guess is now running 90%.

Anonymous said...

Based on the past two elections we know 50% of the voters are ignorant

consultant said...

One third. About one third of our fellow citizens are just bone dry stupid. This figure is holding steady.

About another third are confused. I call them the sometimes stupid.

That leaves the last one third who are emotionally integrated (good genes and good parenting), street smart and book smart.

Note that I didn't add ethics to that last group. You can be brilliant AND an evil person (this subgroup lacks the emotional integration). Same thing for a dumb person.

Some not so smart people are caring and nice. Just don't ask them to step too far outside of their comfort zone. That's when they start to act stupid.

Obama/Biden '08.

Anonymous said...

90% are ignorant and I must be in that group since I voted for Bush twice and now will vote for McCain. Is it worse now I doubt it probably always been that way.

Anonymous said...

The majority of Americans are stupid as $h*t! To attempt an intelligent coverstion with most is a waste of time. The fact that any sane individual would even consider voting for either of the two pandering idiots we have on display without insisting on something better and raising a stink about the lack of quality is evidence enough. The lesser of two evils is still EVIL!

This country is doomed!

Anonymous said...

I'm stupid, but I know I'm stupid, and that almost makes me smart.

Anonymous said...

When 95% of the news and information (including school books) comes from 5 major corporations who agree on everything yet are ostensibly economic rivals; when the food has no nutritional value, the water is fluoridated, then throw in some celebrity news and sporting events. Bingo....the average American is born.

Paul E. Math said...

Stupid is as stupid does, Sunshine.

I see this at work - people are more interested in showing how smart they are than in actually getting stuff done and helping the project along.

We can't all be geniuses and shouldn't try to be. Keep it simple, man.

This is especially true for government. I admire the sentiment of those who seek to make government a powerful force for good. But they aren't as smart as they think they are and there are many goals that cannot be achieved through the intervention of government.

My advice to Obama: keep it simple, stupid.

Anonymous said...

90-95% Dumb
75-80% Stupid
99-99.5% Ignorant
50% Broke

Anonymous said...

The smart are getting smarter and the dumb are getting dumber.

And the money thing follows that.

Anonymous said...

someone previously posted that average intelligence means you are stupid.

I would have to agree. When I was in the Army I worked in comms and got to see IQ numbers (well, the army's IQ number that I was told closely matches IQ) come across the printer for everyone on base.

I worked with people whose IQ was between 90-100 (100 is considered average).

These people had difficulty performing the jobs (it was a simple job). One was befuddled by trying to learn how to balance a checkbook. She really wanted to master it, and she tried, but was unable to.

So, given that 50% of the population is mentally unable rise above "ignorant" on the important topics and issues that face us as a nation I would have to say that there is another 40% that are that way because they don't care and don't want to care.

bottom line: 90%

Anonymous said...

The smart are getting smarter and the dumb are getting dumber.

And the money thing follows that.


uh huh, and or brilliant government thinks they can fix the problem with more programs and money.

You can't fix genetics with money. Better off giving tax credits to smart people who marry idiots. At least then you have a hope of the offspring having a higher intelligence than the dumb parent.

Anonymous said...


In compare to Europeans, even Bud drinkin rednecks are geniuses.

Anonymous said...

What percentage of Americans watch WWE Raw and NASCAR. It's a lot...

Anonymous said...

Ignorant morons in America are running full steam at around 80% currently, and rising steadily.

Anyone see the movie Idiocracy? It is juvenile and quite simple as far as movies go, but I would say that the prediction it makes is SPOT ON.

Within a couple hundred years we will be a society of walking talking buffons, with an average IQ of 40 based on todays standards.

Anonymous said...

The answer is not a simple percentage whom are hopelessly ignorant but rather generational.

Older Americans who've owned assets including houses and stocks over a long period of time such as the 1980s until now have benefited from voodoo supply side economics so far. 90% of them are hopelessly ignorant and still believe houses are a good long term investment, that what they are seeing now is a small hiccup on the path toward greater wealth when in actuality them holding onto overpriced assets is obviously a path toward poverty.

Younger Americans, the under 35 group which highly supports Obama, have seen the devastating effect of voodoo economics where buying overpriced assets is a money losing trap. This group of younger Americans believes more in wealth being created from production rather than consumption and are much less ignorant than the Bush/McCain generation with only about 25% hopelessly ignorant.

Roscoe said...

To me, it seems like 95+% of the population is unable to comprehend time value of money calculations. They say "I can afford X per month", and that's pretty much what got us into the current mess.

Also, in my day-to-day life, I meet very few people who have the time/patience for an explanation of anything that requires more than a single sentence. I put that category at 99% of the population.

Anonymous said...

"...Anyone see the movie Idiocracy?..."

It's got electrolytes.

Anonymous said...

What percentage? Probably 95%+

They are really stupid. Keep your head low from the helicopter blades of stupidity that threatens us.

Anonymous said...

According to Zillow there are many Sellers are still ignoring that housing price are falling when they priced their home for sell.

AndrewHac said...

The land of the Americano is slowly decaying away like a putrid carcass of a rotten whale washing up on a crowded beach for all the world eyes to see, view, commentate on the state of the once almighty nation, the land of the Snapper Turtle.

Who can we blame on this retro-deed except ourselves ? The mentality of the current Americano is just amazing if not stupefying. Empty of feeling, duty, obligation, morality, honor, sense of self-worthiness. What Joe + Jane have in plenty is IGNORANCE, FOOL-OF-THE-HIll.

Look around you: What do you see ? Fat-ass Americano male and female driving that chicken-coop, pig-raising SUV or F350, for what I may ask ? So you can feel big and powerful, huh !!!. Here is a suggestion if you want to feel all almighty, big, and powerful: Go and invade Red China, right now, at this minute, and see what the result may turn out to be.

As I have stated over and over again: This land of the Fat-Ass Americano Homosexual Erectus is a cesspool of sewage now. And to add insult to that, the Americano is being slowly roasted nicely over a bed of white hot charcoal, skewered from mouth to ass like a Snapper Turtle skewered on a green Chinese bamboo stick, juice dripping down, fat oozing, sputtering, succulent flesh aromatically wafting hungryly in the air.

A nation with most of its dwellers obese, fat, diabetic, and plain ugly like a chimpanzee. An excellent display of this specimen is "BORKAFATTY" AKA The Pig.

Such is the fate of the fat-ass Americano. What a lowdown stinky shame for such a great nation once !

George Washington must be feeling real sad in his tomb by now !

Anonymous said...

I would say 90% are one Katrina away from serfdom.

Anonymous said...

75% of Americans are hopelessly ignorant

Anonymous said...

Good one, Keith. Love the pic! I say 80% or more are hopelessly ignorant!

Anonymous said...

Anywhere from 75-90% of Americans are as dumb as their fat bellies.

There are still some of us who are made of the right stuff. But like old muscle cars, REAL Americans are not being made anymore-theres still some of them around, but there is no new production. Once those die off, the only thing that will be left is shit, shit, and more shit. You know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

How many voted for Dem or Rep? There is your percentage.

Anonymous said...

Worse. Just look all the sheeple at the Hussein convention, chanting like zombies to a presidential candidate who never had any experience on anything, just 116 days in the Senate, absent or voting present most of the time.

I have another example. Remember when I said that Olympics were a ponzy scheme to steal money from taxpayers, since there's always a recession to the host nation afterward? And then a donkey here replied that I was crazy, that Australia didn't go through that economic contraction? So here it's, genius:

Sept. 1 (Bloomberg) -- China's leaders are planning tax cuts and a public-works spending spree to make sure their economy's growth isn't doused along with the Olympic flame.

Ten of 11 Summer Olympics host nations analyzed by Morgan Stanley economist Stephen Jen saw growth and investment slump in the year following the games; the only exception in his study, which stretches back to 1956, was the U.S. in 1996. Government officials in China, whose expansion was already slowing before the Beijing games ended last month, are determined to avoid what Jen calls the ``Olympic Curse.''

Anonymous said...

Home buyers that were stupid enough to listen to realtors lies about house prices always go up. Realtors are devils and god didn't save you from the evil either!