August 16, 2008

HousingPANIC Quote of the Day

"Everyone suffers, all because real estate agents, buyers, escrow offices and some banks got greedy... Now real estate brokers are crying because they can't sell anything. It's called payback"

- Kathy Coats, letter to the editor, San Bernardino Sun, August 2008


Poetic Justice said...

I know a psychiatrist that tells me that the majority of his new patients are realtors and ARM holders that are stuggling to pay their mortgages.

Too bad prozac won't help them.

Happy daze are here again.... said...

Well said.

Here's a little video from the NAR to help agents calculate their commissions. It is rumored that George Bush helped develop this magical formula for success:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"We're creating... an ownership society in this country, where more Americans than ever will be able to open up their door where they live and say, welcome to my house, welcome to my piece of property." -President George W. Bush, October 2004

"Whatever happens, take responsibility."
-Anthony Robbins

Anonymous said...

Well, that's just the way things are. When you screw people over, then bad things will happen to you.

Now these people can eat ramen noodles and drive a 20 year old piece-of-shit car for a change.

Anonymous said...

IDIOTS, all of them.

Anonymous said...

99% of realtors are SCUM. When I was selling my first house FSBO, a REAL ESTATE AGENT was seen pulling up my For sale signs. (house sold at full price) When we were selling our second house FSBO, we had REALTORS trying to INTIMIDATE us into listing with them (House sold at full price-we saved 50K commission--NO KIDDING!)I have never seen an occupation with so much immorality, greed and dishonesty as realtors. They are all LIARS and CHEATS.

Anonymous said...

Unemployment in the Inland Empire (San Bernardino) is 9% and growing fast. Unemployment is rising by 0.2% every month. Stores are closing down like dominoes. The IE is ground zero for the housing fallout in SoCal. said...

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