August 19, 2008

Henry Cisneros, corrupt former boardmember at Countrywide Toxic Mortgage, defends the kingpin of slime Mozilo, and addresses his own corruption

With Cisneros, Clinton's scandal-plagued former housing secretary who resigned in disgrace (and landed on Angelo's lap), you always need to follow the money.

The very definition of corrupt Democrat trash. Will someone finally arrest this guy? And no more presidential pardons, OK?


caseys b@tch said...

I wonder if they tan together?

He can be the tan mans cellie!!!

Anonymous said...




He is a Dmeocrat and as Keith and the rest of HP continually tells me all I have to do is vote DemoRAT and all my worries will go away.

And Cisneros was a member of the Clinton gang. And as Keith and the rest of HP have told me Clinton was the greatest ever.

Me so confused.

mr big said...

Liz sure has some nice double d's.I want to make love to her over and over, sexy time for all.

Anonymous said...

Say what you will about Fox, but they by far have the hottest anchorettes. CNBC comes in at a distant second.

Rational Renter said...

Cisneros' defense of Mozilo and Countrywide is that 2 years ago it was looked upon as a ray of light in the American corporate landscape. Mozilo was an angel who was helping unprecedented numbers of minorities get into houses.

How is that a defense, when it's clear now that the entire operation was a house of cards? And that helping many of those people into homes was a disastrous move for the company and for them?! Hindsight is 20/20.

gutless and lazy is back said...

The American people, a more brainwashed group of sheeple than the comrades in the former Soviet empire, STILL, can not see, that the U.S. Federal Gov't, is a biggest enemy of their liberties and freedoms than OBL and today's Russia, combined.

Congrats American lemmings, you're the biggest group of losers, EVER.

ATE-UP said...

Mr Big:

Yeah, but what does her bun look like?" Usually the DD's are over 5-30 in the poopster.


Paul E. Math said...

That guy is slime. What a liar.

In the end he says that he got a mortgage via the Countrywide 'VIP' program but he received to special treatment. The program itself is special treatment!

Anonymous said...


Gee, a scandal ridden Clintoite?

Go figure!


Anonymous said...

She's fine!

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. The Clinton regime through its stooge (Cisneros) push in the 90's for the altruistic idea of housing for everyone. This in turn turns into runaway greed in this century and Cisneros goes to work for the #1 conman leading the way to the housing debacle.

Corruption, ah no, just the Democrats' way of screwing the nation - no different than the Republicons, just a different flag - in the name of pursuing a social entitlement.

The lemming citizens never learn. They are content working their way towards diabetes and heart disease while paying taxes for this BS.

Glad I don't pay much in in taxes. That's the ultimate citizen revolt.

bobby jones said...

"And as Keith and the rest of HP have told me Clinton was the greatest ever."

I don't think that; the stock market went up 400% (2000 to 1400) under clinton and health care costs, accordingly, also sky rocketed.

vanilla ice said...

I don't see the need for a housing secretary. If there is one, why don't we have an automobile secretary, or a consumer products secretary?

Anonymous said...

I am aways amazed at how the so called progressives are willing to declare the Constitution null and void as long as it satisfies their far left mindset. I guess we can't be bothered by innocent until proven guility.

thingamajig said...

Like Bill O'Reilly always says, the powerful and wealthy protect their own.

Never saw a more blatant act of shillmanship in my life.