August 21, 2008

Damn, this campaign cycle is QUICK. Here's Obama's attack ad on McCain and his seven houses

Well I guess the good news is that McCain probably lost a few million in the housing crash, especially on his crashing Arizona real estate holdings.

Not that he'd notice a million or two... being an elitist pig and all...

Anyone else get the impression this election is gonna be about one thing and one thing only...



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Excellent. Need more of these Obama!!!!

blogger said...

McCain just learned paybacks are a bitch

Anonymous said...

That is one weak, lame spot.

Anonymous said...

no, the election isn't about housing, it's about the economy. the ad painted john mccain as a rich man who was out of touch since his homes (his wife's homes?) were worth $13 million. Hence, it was jealousy not housing.

Anonymous said...

Like the Pimp said to his Ho,

Keep 'em cumming...

Grandpa Munster McCain:

When did you shit last?

Ah, I'll have my staff get back to you on that...


Anonymous said...

So, just when are these guys going to start talking about how we fix things? These tit for tat ads are a complete waste of my time...although I wouldn't mind an ad comparing their class ranking.

I don't want to, but I think that I might vote for B.O. At least he's smart. Maybe he'll grow up on the job.

Winston Churchhill -
"If you are not a liberal at twenty, you have no heart. If you are not a conservative at forty, you have no brain."

Anonymous said...

You rock Obama!

Anonymous said...

"Not that he'd notice a million or two... being an elitist pig and all..."
Class Warfare, jealousy and envy don't work. Claim that he is clueless, that's a valid criticism. But just because he has more money than you? Lame.

Anonymous said...

The gloves are off. Obama is coming, and Hell is coming with him!

Anonymous said...

"That is one weak, lame spot."

on the bright side, maybe obama will let mcain't visit the whitehouse sometime.

Anonymous said...

super lame, weak, not even close to the brilliant Paris Hilton and Moises ad.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you can't talk about McCain like that you liberal, gay-loving, cross-dresser!!

But seriously - haven't you dumbasses worked out that both parties are corrupt to the core and this whole election cycle is much ado about nothing?

Obama, McCain... There's no meaningful difference between these two clowns!!

The only change will come when people reject the false two party paradigm en masse. Stop voting along party lines. Stop accepting these corporate sponsored candidates. Start using your own brains and stop believing the mainstream media.

Anonymous said...

what is the big deal here.Just because mccain owns a few homes he is a bad guy.At least he can balance a checkbook fols.Half of americans are basically illiterate.Are these the folks we want voting for president?

Who can save everyone from foreclosure? How about a financial education class in high school for starters.

Anonymous said...

Anyone willing to sleep on a concrete floor for 5.5 years to save his famlies honor cares little of the 'payback' you're speaking of Kieth.

Anonymous said...

Keith, surely you and your Obamabots on this page are not so naive to think that even Obama's superstar campaign can churn out an ad that quick?

Or was this a set-up, a pre-planned 'gotcha' moment planned well in advance by his allies in the mainstream media?

Keep thinking it was your guy's a genius. Who's drinking the koolaid now?

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Anonymous said...

Love the class warfare...nothing like pitting the haves and the have-nots against each other!

This is disgusting.

People who are wealthy should be admired (I can already see the replies, no I don't mean crooks) for what THEY did to EARN what they have. If McLame had 50 mansions worth $100 billion I WOULD NOT CARE.

What are his policies on:
Energy (drill here, drill now please)
Immigration (boo!)

These are what matters, not how much his/wife's family has earned and what they have. At least McLame didn't need a known terrorist and a crook to get what he has.

You people should be ashamed of yourselves. You talk about the sheeple...look in the mirror you hope and changers.

Anonymous said...

mccain is a pig, they're all pigs.

Anonymous said...

Osama can't speak without a teleprompter or cue cards. What's that tell you he is a complete idiot or hasn't a clue what he is talking about.

Anonymous said...

The Democrtats are all bashing McCain for owning 7 houses that have a combined value of $13 million. YET, Michael Bloomberg, who all the Democrats love, owns 1 townhouse in Manhattan that is worth MORE than all of McCain's 7 houses COMBINED. So please, give me a break!

PatFriedl said...

Sure, whatever you guys say. It'd be a shame if the election was about important issues, you know - like abortion, Obama's support of infanticide

Plunging the country into even greater 3rd world status with an 820 billion "world poverty" bill,

Universal health care that will bankrupt the country even faster

and even MORE entitlement for the welfare state.

Yes, let's do make it all about housing!

Anonymous said...

anon at 6:55

well said.

Anonymous said...

I dunno about the rest of you. But if my 72-year-old grandfather forgot how many houses he owned, I'd take him to see a neurologist to test for Alzheimer's. I believe this is Obama has to emphasize that people who complain about memory loss should be monitored in the nursing home but not in white House.

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh, looks like McCain just lost the votes of the financially illiterate among us.

How can he hope to win now?

Anonymous said...

Keith is guzzling the obama cool aid.

Anonymous said...

The brainstems don't care. They all think they're going to be rich and own 7 houses someday. Then they'll get to do whatever they want to.

You must understand the most basic component of the conservative brainstem. They worship money. They can't control their arousal when they even sense that it's near. They slavishly bow down to those who have it in the hopes that they can somehow get their hands on more of it. The smarter brainstems (an oxymoron of sorts) manage to find ways to screw others out of their money while the majority common brainstems simply lap up the scraps thrown them by the wealthy.

You must make an attempt to understand the conservative brainstem mentality if you're going to enjoy watching them suffer for their ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Wish I were so rich I couldn't remember how many houses I owned. That'd be Awesome!!!

And I'd hire guards to keep the likes of bitterrenter off the premesis. I understand if you even get near the Kennedy compound, Caroline herself will bitch slap you dizzy.

Anonymous said...

Another vivid example of the brainstem mentality is well illustrated by anonymous 7:28 who talks of Obama's "allies in the mainstream media".

It's a basic part of the brainstem mentality to constantly be seen as victims, outsiders that can't get a fair shake. No matter how much they control- how much of the media, the government, the population- they still whine about being misunderstood or that they're somehow facing an unfair, uphill battle.

I hope that someday very soon we can give them a victimhood status to cry about when the shit hits the fan and conservatism bears the brunt of a very ugly and violent backlash.

Anonymous said...

What he like 72 years old? He is just too old for the job. He answers questions like the old folks I see at the store shuffling their feet asking stupid question about some common product that most people know what they do. He has no clue what is really going on in American, but the surge worked. How did it work? how much did that surge cost? The Iraq gov't still is not working together and now they want us out and soon as possible. BUT the surge worked I think or I'll get back to you on that one, I think or is it dinner time. God McCain go get a early bird dinner and play with that new cell phone thing.

Anonymous said...

Maybe McCain IS an out-of-touch rich guy; I'll buy that arguement.

What concerns me more than McCain's twelve houses is the type of people Sen. Obama has chosen to associate himself with, past and present, such as Tony Rezko, Jeremiah Wright, & Ludacris (the rapper, last name unknown to me).

I'm glad that in now appears that Sen. Obama is slipping in the polls, day after day.

Bottom line, McCain is the best bad choice out of the two candidates...eight more years of the same is on the menu; sounds good to me:)

Anonymous said...

WOW! A guy who made $4M and bought a $1M house is complaining that his opponent is too rich.

The demoRATS have truly gone mad.

Anonymous said...

Liberals...can't stand a man with Principals. He answered honestly McCain has a pre-nup which divides up assets between his wife. All OF MCCAIN houses together wouldn't buy 1 of John Kerry Heinz 15 houses. Barack Hussein Obamanation will tax us into prosperity ????.... Ha Ha
If BHO cant read and understand a high school biology book. Life begins at conception. He not smart enough to run this great country. The purpose of government, as expressed by our founders, was to protect our God-given rights. It is crucial to understand this premise found in the declaration, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights. Our rights come from our Creator, not from government. If the government can give rights, then it follows that it can take rights. If God gave us the rights, then only God can take the rights. The purpose of government is to make sure your rights are protected. God is the restrainer of tyrannical government. Acknowledging God keeps our leaders honest. The belief that there is an ultimate authority to which they are personally accountable keeps the power-hungry in check

Anonymous said...

Big Surprise: Late night comedians lay off Obama.

Therer's nothing funny about blatant media bias though.

Anonymous said...

The sheeple is counting how many houses McCain has. Meanwhile:

Seekingalpha -- Next week brings a tsunami of issuance from the Treasury. The Treasury will auction $28 billion 3 month bills and $27 billion 6 month bills on Monday. On Tuesday, the Treasury will look to raise $20billion via the year bill route. On Wednesday they will sell approximately $30 billion 2year notes and on Thursday they will offer about $20 billion 5 year notes.

I do not want to overstate the case because so much of this issuance is short dated paper for which central banks have shown strong appetite, but the total of that which I just listed is about $125 billion of supply.

What's on Idol and what McCain is wearing today?

Anonymous said...

While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old rancher, who's hand was caught in the gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man. Eventually the topic got around to Obama and his bid to be our president. The old rancher said, 'Well, ya know, Obama is a 'Post Turtle''. Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what a 'post turtle' was. The old rancher said, 'When your driving down a country road on you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that's a 'post turtle'. The old rancher saw the puzzled look on the doctor's face so he continued to explain. 'You know he didn't get up there by himself, he doesn't belong up there, and he doesn't know what to do while he's up there, and you just wonder what kind of dumb ass put him up there to begin with'.

Anonymous said...

Oh no McCain owns some real estate investments!! Seriously, what's the big deal? He married a rich woman and surprise, surprise part of her (and now their) wealth is real estate.

And a rich senator is nothing newsoworthy. The average net worth of all senators is $10 million. And I'm pretty sure more than a few of them own several homes too.

On a scale of 1-10 this ranks about a 0.3 in terms of newsworthy.

blogger said...

It's not about McCain being rich.

It's about him being a hypocrite.

It's about exposing him as an asshole for trying to paint his opponent as an elitist, when it is he who is the elitist.

It's what Rove does best though. You simply take your opponents strength, and make it his weakness.

With Kerry, that made his military service his undoing. Shameful, but it's what they did.

With Obama, it's taking his humble upbringing and massive worldwide support and killing him with it.

With McCain in South Carolina in 2000, it was taking his great personal story of adopting an orphan and making him unacceptable to the KKK crowd who vote GOP in SC.

I would hope America understands the GOP tactic by now. I don't think they do. But it's nice to see someone try to take them on (where Kerry and even McCain didn't before)

Anonymous said...

When McCain started his general-election campaign he got very little coverage on the network news. He and his advisers realized the only way they could get TV attention was by talking about the subject that interested reporters most: Barack Obama.

McCain who lampooned the Message of the Week is now relentlessly on message. The man who hopes to inspire a new generation of Americans now attacks Obama daily.

They have been compelled to adjust to the hostile environment around them, his advisers say they have no choice. They didn’t choose the circumstances of this race. Their job is to cope with them.

Both McCain and Obama had visions of upending the system. Maybe in office, but on the campaign trail the system is winning.

Anonymous said...

Forget Russia/Georgia the Obama/McCain war is much better

Barack Obama's campaign, moving rapidly to exploit what they see as a major opportunity, is deploying high-profile surrogates in 16 states across the country today to highlight John McCain's uncertainty yesterday about how many houses he owns, the Democrat's campaign tells Politico.

Governors, members of Congress and state legislators will hold conference calls and press conferences in front of homes to draw attention to the issue. Party leaders such as Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen and Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, on the stump in Ohio and Iowa respectively, wil move to incorporate the matter into their remarks on the campaign trail today in an effort to draw local media attention to the story.

Further, some state parties will hold contests in which Democrats seek out real voters who don't know how many houses they own.

Anonymous said...

So it just proves what we already know - McCain is vile filth. Vermin. Scum of the earth for deploying these old, worn out Rovian tactics. Unfortunately the VC didnt finish him off in Nam. But the next 3 months will. Watch the filth GOP maggot lose big time.

Anonymous said...

Jim said
"At least he (McCain) can balance a checkbook fols"
Awesome, we get a president that can at least balance a check book. That should serve America well! For a second I was worried we might get another numb nut like the shrub. This one can balance a check book, its gonna be great!
I hear he also was "willing to sleep on a concrete floor for 5.5 years to save his famlies honor "
Looks like he got ALL the right qualifications to be an effective president. He was even "accepting favors" from Charles Keating during the S&L crisis in the late 80's. His accounting skills, heroism and cronism abilities are unmatched. Don't worry America it looks like you're getting the president you deserve.

Anonymous said...

So frustrating! McBush supporters don't get it. It's like they take pride in being ignorant.

As Keith said, it's not about McCain being rich (marrying rich). It *is* about him being out of touch. Out of touch with the economy, with reality, and even out of touch with his own fucking financial situation.

You really want an old coot, who admits to not being able to use a computer, to run the country? Seriously???

I'm calling for Civil War 2. This country is so divided; and I've grown to hate it.

Anonymous said...

Obama Campaign Launches New TV Ad And Holds Events Throughout The Country On John McCain Losing Track of How Many Homes He Owns

Highlights Just How Out of Touch John McCain Is

CHICAGO – Today, the Obama campaign released a new 30-second TV ad, Seven, discussing just how out of touch John McCain is with the struggles of everyday people. The ad highlight’s John McCain’s desire to just offer more of the same economic policies we’ve gotten from President Bush, as just yesterday he declared "the fundamentals of our economy are strong" and lost track of how many houses he owns.

In addition, Obama supporters are speaking out in battleground states across the country about how out of touch Senator McCain is. Listed below is information on the ad as well as just a few of the events happening today across the country.

BURLINGTON, VT: Vermont State Representative Rachel Weston will be speaking outside her home about McCain losing track of how many homes he owns

LA CROSSE, WI: State Rep. Jen Shilling and La Crosse Obama supporters host a news conference on McCain losing track of how many homes he owns

MADISON, WI: Former US Senator Jean Carnahan holds event in Madison with Women For Obama where she will talk about McCain losing track of how many homes he owns

DES MOINES, IA: Kansas Governor, Kathleen Sebelius campaigns in Des Moines this afternoon where she will discuss McCain losing track of how many homes he owns

KANSAS CITY, MO: Obama Heartland Change RV Tour with State Senator Wes Shoemyer will visit a Missouri family in Kansas City to discuss McCain losing track of how many homes he owns

ST. PAUL, MN: State Senator Tarryl Clark discusses McCain losing track of how many homes he owns

BANGOR, ME: Rep. Mike Dunn, and House Majority Whip Sean Faircloth will hold a press conference to talk about McCain losing track of how many homes he owns

PUEBLO, CO: State Rep. Terrance Carroll will hold an event with Obama supporters in Denver and State Sen. Abel Tapia about McCain losing track of how many homes he owns

OH: Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen will talk about McCain losing track of how many homes he owns at events throughout southeast Ohio

ALTOONA, PA: State Senator John Wozniak will headline an event in Altoona, PA on McCain losing track of how many homes he owns and the campaign is also announcing a statewide search for anyone who doesn’t know how many houses they own

MI: Campaign for Change offices across Michigan are launching a "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: McCain Edition" contest where volunteers will be able to win a free "Exxon-McCain" bumper-sticker if they correctly guess the number of houses John McCain owns. Prizes will be only be awarded after McCain clarifies exactly how many houses he owns. To win, the answer must be specific -- "at least four" doesn’t count.

TAMPA , FL: Campaign for Change in Florida launched a statewide search to find Floridians who, like John McCain, have so many homes that they just can’t keep track of the number.

Raleigh, NC: Campaign for Change in North Carolina is holding a press conference in Raleigh with Representative G.K. Butterfield to talk about McCain losing track of how many homes he owns

BILLINGS, MT: A local family will hold an availability in front of a house slated for foreclosure

NV: Congresswoman Berkley will host a conference call to talk about McCain losing track of how many homes he owns

ANCHORAGE, AK: Local residents will hold a press availability to talk about McCain losing track of how many homes he owns

Anonymous said...

So obama does shady property deals with Rezko; and is obama any different than mccain.

Anonymous said...

To tinactin:

I walked right up to the fence of the Kennedy compound. No one stoppped me.

They wouldn't even need a fence if it weren't for the filthy, violent conservative brainstems that have made life dangerous for liberals like the Kennedys.

Anonymous said...

having multiple residences is absolutely meaningless to me.

i can guarantee you that if my wife had seven other reseidences i would not know where they all are.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I've heard a new term - "oil kid", meaning someone whose parents are connected to "Big Oil". The term implies that "oil kids" have plenty of material goods and don't need to do anything themselves.
Guess who is the Oil Kid?

Anonymous said...

Bitter, ok I pulled that one out of my ass for comic relief. You don't think I'd actually claim that Caroline Kennedy herself would rough up anyone who got near the gate.

The point is this is a non issue. The Kennedys have a lot of stuff (including houses) and so do the Kerrys and the McCains and the Clintons. Good for them.

McCain was likely being modest. When asked how many years he spent in prison he says 'a few', not 'almost exactly five and a half'.

BTW when a reasonable liberal like Thomas Friedman has to worry about being attacked (if you call a pie in the face an attack) on college campuses, I'm not sure your claim about conservative violence is that convincing.

Anonymous said...

Having worked and lived in the UK a few years ago, my British neighbors are not "keen" on this far left BS coming out of the States.

Anonymous said...

So Keith you rail against the unfairness of a 6% commission on a house purchase that by the way no one forces you to accept, but it's no problem at all to jack that much and more in taxes on every dollar you work for, year after year, forever, by force?

Anonymous said...

anon at 5:58 said:

"He has no clue what is really going on in American, but the surge worked. How did it work? how much did that surge cost? The Iraq gov't still is not working together and now they want us out and soon as possible. BUT the surge worked I think or I'll get back to you on that one, I think or is it dinner time."

That's great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a shaving cream pie is the same as the conservative nutjob who opened fire in a church last month or who went into the the democratic headquarters in Arkansas and shot somebody.

Then there's McVeigh, Rudolph, abortion clinic bombers, the KKK, etc etc etc.

All of our domestic terrorists have been conservatives.

Anonymous said...

I myself don't care about how many houses someone has . As long as I don't have to pay for them.

Anonymous said...