August 24, 2008

And then the Iraq Debacle magic spin machine went nuts. Dick Morris: "we went into Iraq at the invitation of the government, not as an invasion"

Next they'll say there was no housing bubble, the US is not in debt, and that George W. Bush is the most popular and acclaimed president in history.

Truth and facts are no match for the GOP disinformation machine.

73 days until America decides if it's had enough of gasbags like Dick Morris.

Enjoy this clip. Watching Morris denying the Iraq invasion and foreign policy clusterf*ck of the century is like watching him trying to deny his hookers.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!!! Thats it. I'm no longer voting for the republicans. As a matter of fact, I hope the republicans go to prison for their massive failures, lies, deceptions and 9/11 investigation cover-ups.

Where are the crime fighters?

Where is the truth and justice?

When will the out-of-control Bush Administration be thrown in prison?

When will the GOP news and Bush-Co media owners be convicted of lies and mass-deception?

We The People know the truth.

The republicans and jews are a dangerious bunch of evil clowns that need to be convicted for their horrific crimes, murders, rape, torture, thefts, lies and clusterfuck financial management.

Anonymous said...

You mean we weren't greeted as liberators?

But that's what they told us!

Anonymous said...

Obama only said what he said because that's what people were thinking and talking about on the blogs. Honestly, I felt bad for Bush and Rice since people only laughed at their pleas for humanitarianism.

Anonymous said...

"Truth and facts are no match for the GOP disinformation machine."

Didn't this guy work for the Clintons?

Keith, this blog is really turning from Housingpanic to McCainPanic. Over half the post have been political.

Vote Neither '08

Anonymous said...

Begin rounding these people up and putting them in pens like cattle. Let them piss and shit on themselves like they have done to the American people for oh so long.

The Great Scorer is about to write a new chapter and display his wrath. It will make impeachment proceedings look like a basket of pupies. Bushco, Cheneyburton, Rummy, Powell, Rice, Wolfie and the rest will get a long break in a filthy Federal Prison.

Don't worry Condi, they have a nice library in most penal institutions. You may miss straightening out your hair though, and your new name inside will be bitch ho.

After you get used to the sodomy, the time will pass quickly. A nice juicy book deal where you roll over on the boss Dunceco may cheer you up.

You people are fucked and hated See you in Hell.

Anonymous said...

What's done is done. Now the time for action has arrived. Obama/Biden 08.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a blatant attempt to re-write history!

As if Saddam said, "Sure, what the heck! Come on in with your troops and bomb my government offices to overthrow my regime, kill my kids, and while you're at it, decapitate me while hanging me! It'll be a gas (pun intended)!!"

I wouldn't have believed ANY politician in the year 2008 could be so openly deceptive as to claim this, unless I saw it myself! Talk about no-holds barred campaigning, not even letting truth stand in the way!

What's next? Why not just lay it all out on the table, and say what most of these Republicans are privately thinking by saying, "look, this Obama guy is an uppity college-educated nigga', and we don't want his skin staining the sheets of the White House! Once in office, he'll be trying to bed your daughter!". That's the fear that no doubt is what's REALLY on their minds.

You mark my words: we haven't seen the last of the racial fear-mongering, and it'll be devastating, because even though almost no one would admit to holding racial fears, the fact is many do, and it's not hard to elicit such fears. We'll see it come out when the Republicans get desperate. It's not like the swaggering bravado of runner Usain Bolt is playing into their plans, with most of Middle-America seeing his behavior as the stereotypical behavior of a Black man and transferring it sub-consciously (or consciously) to Obama. Just you wait: Hannity and Limbaugh will be taking up the cause with subtle (but pointed) references along these lines.

Regardless, this kind of bald-faced Orwellian obsfucation is as bad as the Stalin regime's retouching photos to remove all traces of those members of the ruling party who had fallen into disfavor, who conveniently "disappeared" to a gulag.

Anonymous said...

What I found very telling was an audio snip I heard on the radio today where McCain was congratulating Biden on his selection. I was impressed, thinking McCain deserved some credit for being a gentleman, a good sport. Maybe we've been wrong about him all along.

However, the next news segment mentioned a just-released political ad where the McCain campaign was trying to stir up discord amongst Hilliary's followers, saying how Biden was picked as a snub to Clinton and her followers. So it's nasty politics as usual,with them trying to stir up shit amongst the other party. These people are soulless.

Anonymous said...

And then the Iraq Debacle magic spin machine went nuts. Dick Morris: "we went into Iraq at the invitation of the government, not as an invasion"

War is Peace.

Debt is Wealth.

Now I must go and pray to Alan Greenspan and my Libertarian Over Lords for all they have given me....

Anonymous said...

it's amazing that Dick Morris ignored the UN resolutions which supposedly justified everything.

of course Dick Morris was a Clinton phanboi too so what a whore he is!

Anonymous said...

Next they'll say ...... that George W. Bush is the most popular and acclaimed president in history.

Small town America is full of people like that. But I have no idea where they get it from (Church maybe?).

The GOP has an astounding dis-information machine. Goebbels would be envious.

Anonymous said...

Can't ever look at him without seeing him suck that hooker's toes and let her listen in on a phone call to Clinton.

You horny fuck. :^)

Anonymous said...

You do realize that Dick Morris was the TOP political advisor to the Clintons for many a year...

Anonymous said...

Probably of more importance at this point, is Iraq is pretty much won. Thank God for Robert Gates. And the right wing nuts were outraged that Rummy got 'thrown under the bus'.

But sadly 62% of the americanos believe things are going poorly there, in fact it's unwinable.

This is an example of ignorance being the opposite of bliss. Herb is focused on getting enough ketchup on his fries (and how screwed they are of course).

Damn it, the only thing that Suzanne bitch researched was her 6% commission. Oh, and we need more ketchup.