July 27, 2008

Sheeple, vultures and of course, realtors and their 6%

Realtor game plan:

1) Push sheeple into houses they can't afford, banking 6%

2) Watch sheeple lose homes and have their lives destroyed, while counting their 6%

3) Round up vultures to buy the former homes of sheeple, banking another 6%

4) Bite heads off of bats, howl at the moon and dream about the numbers 6 and 666


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blogger said...

6% - good point. There's nothing I can think of in law that prevents a person from vandalizing their own home

Foreclosure buyer beware. While the 6%'er is pointing out the granite countertops, they're probably not pointing out the cement in the drains.

check this thread out:


Best way to trash a house in foreclosure?

Or this one:


In the world of home foreclosure, you can bank on damage

Anonymous said...

Biting off the heads of bats and dreaming of 666?

I didn't know Ozzie Osbourne was a realtor!

Anonymous said...

Nothing says sheeple like a "Foreclosure Bus." I am sure they end the day at a buffet restaurant.

Oink Oink.

Anonymous said...

REALTORS "actually put out advertising"


Anonymous said...

Don't eff with the Ironman.

Mark in San Diego said...

I see it here every day in downtown San Diego - people with their list of foreclosures (many in my building), thinking they are getting a great bargain - some foreclosures even get bought ABOVE bank price, because two or more will bid. . .they need to read this newly published IMF paper:


It basically says that housing prices are likely to overshoot on the downside back to 1999. These "knife catchers" are like the people in 2001 who thought Pets.com and even Cisco were great values at 50% off. . .right - we all know how THAT ended.

The housing panic will end when the average Joe/Jane never wants to talk about real estate again.

Anonymous said...

>> I didn't know Ozzie Osbourne was a realtor!

You need to pick up his new CD, "Diary of a Mad Realtor".

Anonymous said...

Everybody sing along-
"Catching falling knives on the foreclosure bus"

Anonymous said...

bwa ha ha ha!
Those sheep are sooo f*cked. How many times are the realtards going to call bottom, fleece the sheep, foreclose again, call bottom again, fleece more sheep and repeat cycle until crashing at the real bottom.
I think the smart realtard is going to make more money on the way down than on the way up. Churn and burn, baby.

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Anonymous said...

I hope these stupid speculators in the foreclosure bus fail too and they will. It's not over yet. It's just a beginning.
They will be foreclosed soon. LOL

It will be over where there are no speculators and no foreclosure buses.

AndrewHac said...

And that concludes the mentality and the way to do business, the method to earn an honest work in a day income of the general Americano. At least the Great Snapper Turtle swims every now and then and snap up a fish in waiting. The average Americano does not even have the strength, the will, to perform the amount of work as the snapper turtle does. And you wonder why the Americano nation and its dweller are going down the sewage gutter.


The Americano is as toasted as a snapper turtle skewered on a stick from head to ass all sizzling, juices dripping, fat popping over a bed of white hot charcoal grill.

Americano = Grilled Snapper Turtle

Heeeee... Haaaaa... Arrrrr...

The mentality of the average Americano is just amazing, if not stupefying.

A Circuit City Sale Associate is able to buy a $500K house.
A Shoe Sale Man is driving an Audi.
An uneducated, illiterate, ignorant Ford factory auto-assembly worker makes $40/hour.
A single loud mouth, fat-ass, obese, diabetic, divorced driver is driving a stupendous, big-ass, chicken-coop For SUV Expedition so he/she can feel proud about being an Americano. That is stupider that a dog (A scabie dog, that is !).
Illegal immigrant is getting welfare, medicare and medicaid free health care, free school lunch, free education, pay no tax, every thing is under the table cash.
The Iraqi has Weapon Of Mass Destruction.

Talk about brain-dead zombie, blind-as-a-bat crapper. Maybe that is the reason why there is such word as "Trailer White Trash", "BORKAFATTY" AKA The Pig chomping at the feed trough...

Anonymous said...

6% coming 6% going

pay me pay me pay me

It's all about the churn baby!

Anonymous said...

Vultures. And they, soon to be carcasses.

Anonymous said...

Can one imagine a less formitable or contributing profession? No good to America, the economy, or the individuals they "serve".

A Leach comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Realwhores make nothing, that is they create nothing. There is no value added with these middle-men. Their so called "service" is self-service for them and them alone.

Realtwhores sell and re-sell the same homes over and over for a 6% commission. Con artists everyone of them!

One day when prices fall far enough, many won't survive because 6% of nothing is nothing.

All of them are a disgrace and shame on those who hire them for allowing this sham to continue!