June 24, 2008

So, how much do you think we could get for the Grand Canyon? Or how about we sell 'em Wyoming. Or maybe New Jersey. Yeah, let's sell 'em Jersey.

They gotta do something with all those dollars. They can't just go swimming in them every day - that gets old. And they can only have so many hookers and cocaine parties.

I don't know if the world has ever seen a wall of money like this one. To be held and spent by so few.

Thank you George Bush. Thank you Dick Cheney. A couple of oil men who got control of the world's greatest economy and proceeded to sell it to the Arabs.

And thank you Americans, who have no desire to conserve or consume less, and got us into this mess.

Gulf to earn $1.3 trillion from oil in two years

KUWAIT CITY (AFP) - The oil-rich Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states are projected to earn close to 1.3 trillion dollars in oil revenue in 2008 and 2009, a Kuwaiti economic report said on Saturday.

The six-nation alliance -- Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia -- earned 364 billion dollars from oil in 2007, the Al-Shall Economic Consultants said in its weekly report.

The GCC oil revenues are projected to reach 636 billion dollars in 2008 and 657 billion dollars in 2009, Al-Shall said.

Oil powerhouse Saudi Arabia's earnings in the two years will be just under 700 billion dollars. The kingdom posted 194 billion dollars in oil revenues in 2007.


edd browne said...

We could sell them treasury bonds
if they didn't know better.

Can't sell NOLA; no booze = no biz.

Utah ?

Anonymous said...

Um, what about the environmentalist wackos who won't let us drill, anywhere? Or let us build any new refineries? Who won't let us build any nuclear power plants that could enable us to use plug-in hybrids, electric cars, electric motorcycles, etc?

What about the corporate @ssholes that don't let people telecommute?

What about the @sswoles who drive hummers?

Traitor Bush is not the only person to blame in this mess.

Anonymous said...

Give them back undivided Palestine....

They'll be glad to give a rebate back to the US and also pump oil at $25/barrel.

Don't give me that bullshit that no one is interested in Palestine. They want Jerusalem....

Anonymous said...

sell em Scottsdale

Anonymous said...

Sell 'em Florida. They're already used to flat land and shitty hot weather.

Include the old folks in the deal and the Medicare issue will be solved!

Anonymous said...

Alaska? For, at least, the price tag is known: $7.2M. Make a CPI adjustment and post a "For Sale" sign. No more Gold Standard so that you'll have to accept greenbacks.

Anonymous said...

We should sell them more treasury bonds. It is amazing to me that foreigners will buy our bonds and then in the future when they get their principal back, it will be devalued. But as an American I love it. Foreigners= idiots, Americans= not as stupid as everyone thinks!!!!

Mammoth said...

Keith Said...
"Thank you George Bush. Thank you Dick Cheney."
You forgot to also thank Reagan, who halted the energy-independence efforts initiated by Carter.

If we had continued along that path, then we would now be much farther along in providing more of our energy needs, and our arab 'friends' would not be rolling like pigs in a pile of money.


Anonymous said...

Good for the Arabs. Good for the Russians, Mexicans, Venezuelans, and Canadians.They are smart enough to drill for oil on their land and get rich. We arrogant prick Americans think our land is too precious, so we refuse to drill for oil in Alaska and off our own coasts. So sit there and whine about oil prices all you want. Too fucking bad boohoo.

Anonymous said...

Its midnight in America.

Last one out, turn off the lights.

Anonymous said...


First, the House of Saud are puppets controlled by the US. They do what they're told. They would make much more money if they weren't forced to sell in dollars. And the resources are theirs, n'est-ce pas? Why are Americans so enraged that they want to profit from them the way every nation does? Why do American sthink they deserve everything for free for Christ's sake. I'm sick of this anger at the Saudis for behaving like capitalists. Jesus.

Anonymous said...

sucker them into buying some serious property then take it back via eminent domain.

Anonymous said...

They can buy all of the REOs and become land lords!!

Instead of just getting our gas money they can get our rent too!

Anonymous said...

They can have Neuva Jersey, for its already one of the most crowded half breed, non European states in the Union. Trenton, Camden, Newark, must be left off the tour for the sale. The half brothers of the Jews (the Arabs) should be shown Atlantic City, they will love it.

Anonymous said...

Let the Saudis pump their shit dry. Personally, I think it is painful but smart to buy Saudi oil. It leaves us as the last one with any.

When they are done we can start drilling in ANWR, ND, and offshore and show them how price gouging is really done!

Anonymous said...

That money will go into promoting Islam around the world and hatred of Western cultures that provided that money in the first place.

Nice work "christian" America

Anonymous said...

Its the oil speculators on Wall Street that are driving up the oil prices along with the falling dollar due to wartime and the housing bubble gamblers. But its always easier to scapegoat the Arabs...this seems to be the national passtime.

Anonymous said...

You know there's no oil in Israel. I thought this was all about oil.

Anonymous said...

Let's sell them Florida and Texass. Those rat bastards in those puke states just love conservative societies like the Arba world.

Anonymous said...

Ad the Arabs still hate us...that's the kick.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would they want New Jersey? WIth our highest property taxes in the country, the Arabs will go bankrupt if they buy this state. Why don't we sell them Manhattan, as the Arabs just bought the General Motors Building and the Chrysler Building!

Or we could sell them Stockton, California! That's one good way to dump a ton of foreclosures!

Anonymous said...

Sell the ultraliberal California to the Arabs, since it's bankrupt anyway because of types like Feinstein and Boxer at the helm.

Funny, their ultraliberal ways bankrupted California but now they want to impose the same stupid model to the rest of the country, through their Messiah Hussein, the "reformer" who used to fly in corporate jets from Arch Daniels Midland and who has an energy adviser who's in the board of 3 corn ethanol companies. You know, the same ethanol companies that are making the price of your food skyrocket.

Well, no surprise here since we live in a new America in which we keep reapplying the same failed concepts, like amnesty to zillion illiterate thugs who breed like flies to become welfare parasites at honest taxpayer's expense.

Gee, what a concept, the ultraliberals politicians bankrupted their California state with failed policies, but hey, let's impose the same model to the rest of the country. Does a track record matter to anyone in this country anymore? I guess not.

If you're an employee (i.e., Feinstein, Boxer) who keeps bankrupting companies you work for , why should you be getting hired over and over again? Oh, I got it, "gay marriage"...that's priority to granola bar-Birkenstock retards.

Anonymous said...

Why do American sthink they deserve everything for free for Christ's sake.

Because in return, you lazy socialist parasites from Europe get revolutionary things from Americans, for free, so you can all earn a living and increase your quality of life, like: Internet, Microchip, Air Conditioner, Laser, Fiber Optics, Cellular, GPS, PC, Keyboard, Mouse, Broadband, WiFi, Barcode, RFID, DJ profession, personal trainer profession, Electronic Music, Rock, Soul, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Plastic Surgery, MBA, PHD...even the toilet paper you use everyday (I hope) was invented by us.

Oh, and one more thing, don't you Europeans even attempt to get credit for any of the above inventions again because I have historical evidence to post right after, which will make you look like a fool, again.

So like I said many times before, if you use Internet, Cellular, Broadband, WiFi, Barcode or RFID, listen to those genres of music above, or use anything that has a microchip in it (which is about everything electronic these days), get on your knees and blow us.

A tout a l'heure!

Anonymous said...

Okay I have to throw the sensationalist flag on this one. Yes they have an a$$load of dollars. You're implying that they get that all from us. Saudi accounts for less than a quarter of our oil imports (14% in 2006 - from a quick google search). We get almost twice as much from Canada as we do from SA. Damn Canadian's...

They have all those dollars because it is the default oil currency, at least for now. If they switched to euro's they would have an a$$load of euro's.....

So how will they spend it, who knows, gold, 747's, A380's, Ferrari's, Lambo's, hookers, blow, military hardware, another 12 wives. Drill for more oil to try and keep their status as #1 for as long as they can.

Anonymous said...

Anon said:
‘Don't give me that bullshit that no one is interested in Palestine. They want Jerusalem....’
There is no oil Jerusalem, they are not remotely interested in Jerusalem.
You must be suffering from ‘Arafatism’ the disease that destroyed several generations of Arabs, just like the Fossil Fuel disease.

Both have the same function, keep the populations down and concentrate the wealth in a few families

Anonymous said...

You forgot to also thank Reagan, who halted the energy-independence efforts initiated by Carter.

You must be talking about those lovely gaslines during the 1970's. The fact is that America was MORE dependent on foreign oil in 1980 than in 1976 as socialist idiots decided to "punish" the American oil companies.

Anonymous said...

I bought a compact back eight years ago when gas was $1/gal and everyone else was buying Grand Cherokees and Broncos and Hummers and Escalades. The best compliment, if you can call it that, that I ever got about my car was that it was little and cute.

So, fuck you all. I still get over 34 highway, bitches. With a full trunk and three passengers.

Note, that doesn't make a $55 fillup feel like fucking an 18yo virgin or anything. All I know is I was smart when you all (i.e. those of your with your McMs and your two SUVs) were stupid, and you haven't come far.

AndrewHac said...

The money being racked in by the Skeik-A-Bob should be used for the noble campaign of "Save the Snapper Turtle".

Why do the Skeik-A-Bob need to save the Good Old Snapper Turtle, you may ask ?

Simply put, the Snapper Turtle is a very close relative of the Americano. And at this current moment in time, the Snapper Turtle, and the Americano's turn is next, is being roasted slowly, skewered on a green Chinese bamboo stick, sizzling nicely, fat popping, juices smokeing, dripping aromatically on a bed of red hot charcoal, as long as Dubya is still sitting in the John's Throne.


What will it take to restore the Americano nation AKA the land of the Snapper Turtle to its former hoity-toity posture, prosperity and security ?

Probably not in Dubya's lifetime.

The necessary correction will be extremely severe and painful. Joe6Pack + JaneZinfandel will have to lose at least 100 pounds each in their filthy bodily fat, retrain in their piggy food consumption habit and practice restraint in their hog-fun reproductive orgy. Can it be done ? Yes, but bitterly and painfully the exercise will be.

And if there is even little shred of Dubya's worshipping residing in Joe6Pack's + JaneZinfandel's ass brain, then all bets are off.

BUSHY = Real-Public-Cuunnt !

So, are we roasted yet ? Is it done nicely already ? How will the Americano survive with that big-ass turtle-barn, run-down-the-cow Escalade and $5.00/gallon gasoline price ? How is the Hicks family coming along ? How is uncle Cracker Nuthead doing out there up in HillBilly's land with the sheeps and the goats ? Is the Americano going Albusto yet ???

Anonymous said...

Hell....just give 'em Joisey

Refuse to buy overpriced said...

Sure, they could afford to buy Jersey - but there is no way they could afford to pay the property taxes.

When the RE market does eventually hit bottom, corrupt politicians will seize the land back via eminent domain at rock bottom prices.

Anonymous said...

"It is amazing to me that foreigners will buy our bonds and then in the future when they get their principal back, it will be devalued. But as an American I love it. Foreigners= idiots, Americans= not as stupid as everyone thinks!!!!"

Duh, they're forced to buy them the way they're forced to do anything we tell them to. Who's the idiot?

Anonymous said...

All this finger-pointing: Arabs, Jews, Bush, etc. is silly, considering we have the biggest cars, the fattest butts, the greatest dependency on oil, and some of the cheapest gas on the planet. Whose fault is that? Ours. Duh. Think oil is too expensive? Tired of putting $$$ in Arab pockets? Get a SMALLER CAR, or hop on a BIKE, and quit whining. Nobody forced you to buy that behemoth that gets 12mgh...you had options. Suck it up.

Anonymous said...

I got news for ya. Exxon Mobile ($389B)+ Chevron ($222B) made more revenues than the entire oil producing countries combine.

Do you still want to blame the saudis

You think the oil prices will come down. I think not.

Anonymous said...

environmentalists wont let us drill in alaska, the gulf" is just plain bullshit. no one keeps the powers that be from doingwhat they want. its
just a way to bash environmentalistism for their own greed. a distraction.
you are naive to think that american gov. cant drill because of environmentalist..you are being played as tool and a fool

f$$k they went and killed a million plus people in iraq without a debate.