June 20, 2008

HP Flashback - "Reid Got $1M in Land Sale".




Meanwhile, ask yourselves why members of Congress don't have to detail their real estate holdings and transactions on their financial disclosure forms. Ask yourself why Congress is trying so hard to put a floor under (their own) home prices with their Housing Gambler bailout plans. Ask yourself where the $250,000/$500,000 no-tax property-sale windfall law came from. Ask yourself what the NAR and NAHB get for their massive "donations" to Congress.

Your leaders are corrupt. The REIC runs DC. And the FBI and the Justice Department need to step in and investigate MoziloGate, because the House and the Senate and their corrupt leaders will not do it themselves.

AP Exclusive: Reid Got $1M in Land Sale

WASHINGTON (AP) - Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid collected a $1.1 million windfall on a Las Vegas land sale even though he hadn't personally owned the property for three years, property deeds show.

In the process, Reid did not disclose to Congress an earlier sale in which he transferred his land to a company created by a friend and took a financial stake in that company, according to records and interviews.


Anonymous said...

oh oh, Let me try and beat the blathering left:

"but, but, but, republicans do it too, and now you get all hot under the collar when a democrat tries to make a little money like the republicans".

Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...

This is as funny to sit back and watch as the initial crash was ... popcorn, anyone?

It's not quite as fun though as seeing the MSM finally beating up on Obama:


Anonymous said...


Harry Reid is an honorable Democrat. As we have been told over and over on ly Republicans are corrupt. You must be part of the Bu$hco cabal.

thingamajig said...

No wonder he always looks pissed off. Could only steal a paltry 1M.

Anonymous said...


You are an idiot. In housing, you got it right, in politics, you SUCK.

Seriously. When it comes to politics, you are a freaking looser. You are getting too cocky, and to be honest with you, I normally came here for that MISH link on your blog and to read housing updates. Now, all you write is about shit, and somehow miss the biggest republican crimes. You will die with a fucking nuke over your head, you bastart, keep supporting those republicans.

This is the last time you hear from DNY. You retard.

Anonymous said...

Harry Reid was also taking bribes and gifts from the Chicago Mafia during their heyday in Vegas when they controlled the Strip. He got away with it back then too.

Anonymous said...

Hang them ALL !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Buh buh buh Reid and Pelosi are the hardcore Dems pushing Obama down our throats...so he must be good, right, Keith? Right?

Anonymous said...

Bitterrenter loves Reid.

Anonymous said...

Keith started to see the light. Give it another month and he'll be trashing Obama, as he should.

Ed said...

Well this is what things will look like next year:

Obama as president

Harry Reid with a filibuster proof 60 seats in the senate

Nancy Pelosi with a 75 seat majority in the house.

Well done America.

Anonymous said...

Time to check Pelosi's adventures in real estate.

Anonymous said...

Reid made money just like a lot of other folks... including the government via Bureau of Land Management Sales...

This kind of stuff is old as the hills.


go check out the BLM site, they are not trying to hide anything there.

dopestoo said...

...I normally came here for that MISH link on your blog...


Ever hear of "bookmarks"?

You are an idiot. In housing, you got it right, in politics, you SUCK.


This is the last time you hear from DNY. You retard.

Whatever will we do without the intelligent discourse of DNY?

Anonymous said...


Geez, What a cadaver looking A**hole!


Anonymous said...

No man...it will be 'over' once the Israel and its poodle the US strike Iran. Then we will have 'events' here in the States that take us into martial law.
That's when its all over. And heaven forbid they come looking for bloggers and posters...

gutless and lazy says it's 5:00PM somewhere said...

REID makes me PUKE!! And I'm a ubber liberal. Same w/ Pelosi, Kennedy and Feinstein. Rat bastards all.

Bitterrenter said...

That's right, I support Harry Reid.

In America we have two choices of representation. Democrat or republican. Neither is ideal but I wouldn't piss on a republican on fire much less vote for one. I would do even less for a libertarian.

Life is always better under democrat rule.

Anonymous said...


While your at it, investigate Feinstein and Boxer and their husbands as well!


Anonymous said...

Hey Demo-shit can't handle the truth?

Anonymous said...

Now wait,I'm sure that most Senators have houses and mortgages .

But wasn't it Bill Clinton that put in the 500 thousand dollar tax exclusion for couples on real estate in 1997?

Anonymous said...

I think that they should build computers to run Congress and the Senate .

Just feed the computer all information , all laws ,including the Constitution .Than let the computers make the decision base on the best decision for the intent of the Constitution and the welfare of the People as individuals and as a collective body of people .

Anonymous said...

I'll never vote Democrat again.
They did a masterful job blowing this housing bubble, starting with the Clinton 500K exemption back in '97 -when a great house cost under 200K, even on the west Coast!
And now that the criminal mess of way-too-expensive houses is starting to blow up on them and the banks and finally give RELIEF to ORDINARY AMERICANS who would like to OWN a home one day, they want to STOP IT!

They want us to pay huge amounts of interest to the banks on loans that are so high that you will never, ever be able to pay the principle off and actually OWN that home.

If the Republicans were smart, they'd be picking up on this issue and running with it much faster and farther than they have been.

That said, much thanks to the few Republicans who have come out against these Democratic attempts to "establish a floor" under home prices and keep Americans in debt slavery to banks forever and ever. Disgusting.

The Democratic party is clearly NOT for "hard working Americans" and needs to go the way of the Whigs. They've lost their raison d'etre on this one.