May 18, 2008

HousingPANIC Stupid Question of the Day

If the NAR and REALTORS on COMMISSION didn't have monopoly control over the MLS, and America's bribed congressmen in their pocket, would they stand any chance of stealing 6%?

Bonus Question - will the MLS still be the dominant monopoly property listing service in five years?


Anonymous said...

I don't know why people still use realtors. I really don't get it. With the internet, it is so easy to market ones' home. I had a cousin who tried to sell his home via the online route. He didn't succeed so he decided to hire a realtor. Guess what, the realtor didn't succeed either. If you price your home right then you will sell it without a realtor and you keep the 6% commission.

Anonymous said...

Google killed the REALTOR profession

menlobear said...

Simply put: no

Too much outrage at how much realtors make for how little value they add. Too obvious that technology can let the customer perform most of what today's housebuyer needs, and that realtors are increasingly an unnecessary and inefficient element in the home listing/searching/purchasing process (in fact, their role is increasingly seen as intentionally withholding important data from their clients).

As has largely happened to travel agents and stockbrokers, these "professional's" days are numbered. Those few that are still in the business in 5 years will be marginalized to the purely mundane tasks that housebuyers have no interest in handling on their own , and will be paid a straight hourly wage (~$50) for their service - forget any commission.

Lost Cause said...

How do win at Monopoly? Everyone else has to lose.

Anonymous said...

The NAR has a lot of pull and their manipulation and lies is not really known to those outside of the people who read these blogs. It isn't like mainstream media is bashing them - so I'd say they'll continue stealing, lying and being complete scum for as long as they can.

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting rid of the 6percenters. It would take a wise populace and I dont think America has one.
I want to know what makes people think 50 bucks a hour is resonable. A skilled tradesman doesnt make that much after a 4 year apprenticeship and many years honing his skills.
A realtor is just a salesman who has to go to specialized school after work for a couple weeks and pass a test.
They are a step up from minimum wage and right about manual labor pay scale.
15 to 20 bucks tops.

miner_tom said...

The American people just seem so dumb and arrogant these days that I think that I would really rather be around the French.

No, the 6 percenters and the MLS will be with us for some time to come. Without fail, when I ask people why they would use a realtor, they say "how else would I sell or buy a house?".

Also, how many times have you folks heard somebody say "my realtor says that he/she can find me a bargan"? If there is a good deal to be had then it will go to the realtor. The only reason that you, the unwashed pubilc, would get that house is if all the realtors in your town did not want it.

I mean, how stupid can people be??


Joe Six Pack said...

You don't have to pay 6% to get on the MLS. Google "flat fee listing."

Anonymous said...

"A realtor is just a salesman who has to go to specialized school after work for a couple weeks and pass a test. "

A couple of weeks? Try 35-40 hours max in "training" and no High School diploma necessary. That's all the requirements in NY state, guys.

I'll bet half of the "training" is how to use the % key in their calculators. then the other half is how to weasel out of any responsibility for a transaction that is botched. Oh, yes, maybe a couple of hours drilling them about how they need to pay the NAR dues on time, and how to pole dance.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen planet of the apes?

Anonymous said...

will the MLS still be the dominant monopoly property listing service in five years?

Yes, simply because it's already there and set up for the purpose of listing houses.


It will be either free or lower cost to list, everyone will be able to access it via computer, and simply as well, and it will be mostly supported by adds, similar to a lot of services out there.