May 20, 2008

HousingPANIC Classic Quote of the Day

"The stuff I did is technically mortgage fraud, but it's not officially called that until someone prosecutes me and proves that that is indeed mortgage fraud"

- Casey Serin, June 2007 (still waiting... still waiting...)


Casey Serin said...

The FBI? I'm not scared of those guys. Through my old blog, I practically hand-wrote the prosecution's case against me for both 8 felony counts of mortgage fraud and at least one count of grand larceny (corporate credit card used to fund lifestyle, $10K CashCall loan ignored, as so on). All that, and they still haven't indicted me.

The IRS... you think I paid taxes on the $50K sale of my blog and on roughly $500K in bank-forgiven debt? Think again!! IRS does nothing.

Don't forget the SEC and my attempted penny stock pump-and-dump in late January? They're not going to do anything either.

My family and I really love this country!! If I'd committed all of the above crimes in Uzbekistan, my sentence would consist of a bullet to the back of my skull. In the U.S., the media writes stories about the poor twenty-something kid who got in over his head "investing" in real estate. Sweet deal!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

This guy Casey knew he was committing fraud when he did it . Sometimes in law you have to prove that the party intended to commit fraud and would of known that they were committing fraud .

The fact that the real estate transactions didn't work out for Casey is the only reason the fraud came to the surface . Had real estate continued to go up ,Casey would of no doubt bought more houses and got more cash back .

If you lie on a loan application in order to get a loan you don't deserve you are committing fraud for the gain of getting the loan .If you make a deal with the sellers to raise the price of a appraisal in order to get cash back ,you are committing fraud .These borrowers weren't committing minor loan fraud but they were inflating their incomes on applications by extreme amounts .

I think it should be pretty clear to people at this point that loan fraud is a serious crime and the damage from fraud is extensive .

I know that people love to think that their fraud is justified because someone told them to do it or that they never intended to hurt anyone . Well,don't jump off a cliff because someone tells you to .
I think people know it when they are committing fraud . If a person was starving to death and they were hungry ,you could almost understand that the person might resort to
some underhanded stuff . But ,for people to commit loan fraud to get into some real estate investment scheme is not acceptable .

For the loan agents and real estate agents to help set up these fraud deals ,is not acceptable either .

I don't know if people will get off the hook because it was a housing mania ,but people that commit fraud have harmed other innocent people by these acts of fraud .

Anonymous said...

Is this really true that the real casey serin is posting a comment here, or is this a joke?

If this is the true Casey ,than you don't seem to have any remorse at all for what you did ?

You actually think that America is great because you can get away with all these crimes ? Are you concerned at all about the harm that you have caused ?

keith said...

that's HP'er favorite "fake casey"

Real casey I think is on the run, hasn't been heard from in awhile...

happy homeowner in the stix said...

Legally, he's accurate. Until he's convicted, it's not "technically" fraud.

The guvmint can't even get their act together to go after Tangelo. Why are you surprised that Casey is still on the loose?

Big Cheese said...

Does anyone know the real status of Casey? Has he declared BK or is he still running from debt? Living under a bridge or is he a boy-toy? Back hanging with his kangurus down under? What about Galina?

Any updates? Anyone?

I believe it will be a long time before he gets prosecuted for fraud, especially since he is 'under the radar' now. Our justice system is clearly overburdened.


Missing Casey said...

Where is Casey? Has he made the big "sweet deal" yet and struck it rich? Where is Galina? Is she back with Casey or with some other schmuck? Anyone have an update?






keyser soze said...

So did the Mighty Casey strike out?

Anonymous said...

"Kill the head and the body will die"

Anonymous said...

casey is SMALL POTATOES... if he hadn't attracted attention with his blog and his attitude he would be just one of a hundred thousand shady flippers... the fbi is finding entire networks of 30-50 people which include brokers, appraisers, loan officers, re agents - the whole production chain set up to do fraudulent transactions on an industrial scale - casey is a very small potato...

Anonymous said...

Casey Who?
It's David vs. David on Idol.

Casey Serin said...

Does anyone know the real status of Casey?

All of the following is true, ask Keith if you don't believe me -- Galina and I finalized our divorce in March of this year, which can be verified with the Yolo County Superior Court system. Once divorced, since I couldn't mooch off my in-laws anymore, I was forced to move back in with Mommy and Daddy. I was lucky they didn't disown me, considering the potential rap sheet I've made for myself, and the fact that I stole almost $25,000 in my Mom's name through corporate credit fraud!

My outstanding debts and bills are all still there. I deal with it the same way I deal with all my personal obligations and responsibilities: ignoring the problem. Seems to work rather well.

Early in 2008, I had a shady job "working" for an herbal pill supplier -- the job essentially consisted of sending out spam. I no longer hold that position, in any event. After losing that job, I attempted a pump-and-dump scheme with GSPG on a blog that lasted roughly 24 hours. Read about it at Caseypedia...

Anyway, the above paragraphs are all 100% true. The following is just speculation -- after divorcing my ex-wife, I've officially started playing for the other team (so to speak). Sometimes for money, since I'm in the red almost a million dollars.

Not that there's anything wrong with that!! :-)

Anonymous said...

The Democrat majority in the House and Senate are just warming up until their Messiah arrives:

* Just passed bailout bill in the Senate for millions of fraudsters and irresponsible buyers and crooked bankers. According to the DN, disgusting people like that are always "victims", so get used to.

* Sneaked in amnesty bill to millions of illegals, hidden in the financial aid bill to soldiers in Iraq.

Hey code monkeys and other Birkenstock-Hairy Armpit fools, it will be raining H-1B Visas after Jan 09 to depress your wages or plain take your jobs away. Or how do you think that corporations will produce higher earnings during an eternal recession, if not by screwing the American worker? Enjoy your retirement in poverty and prepare to rent forever.

Just a question to Judas Bill Richardson, if your ugly fat-face always whines so much for candidates to talk about "issues", why all of you (ultraliberal wing that took over the DNC) need to sneak in amnesty bills to illegals who just arrived here last year?

Let me remind that these illegals will breed like flies to suck welfare, paid by the honest taxpayer, while the 80% cash they earn under the carpet gets sent to their countries or origin, instead of investing in our economy or paying for the expensive social services or infrastructure they use and abuse.

Funny how freaks like Richardson and Kerry were always whining about "talking about issues" during the campaign, but when it's time to sneak in an expensive and wasteful bill, they never want to discuss the issue with the taxpayer footing the expensive bills.

That's just a token of what's coming. Jimmy Carter ain't got sh!t on the Messiah.

Anonymous said...

According to the Democrats, people like Casey are victims. OJ Simpson is a victim, too.

Get used to the new America, where irresponsibility and fraud are rewarded and highly promoted.

BondsOfSteel said...

He may be small potatoes... but he's a public figure who's fame is based on the very fraud he commited.

Letting someone publically steal and get away with it because it's 'only' a small amount is a type of moral hazard since it encourges more people to steal a small amount. Soon, the threshold of importance will grow as the crimes increase.

He should be held accountiable... or none of us should be accountiable either.

Anonymous said...