May 12, 2008

Here's CNBC video of Barney Frank trying to explain away his Housing Gambler Bailout Bill of Stupidity

We're run by monkeys folks. Monkeys I tell ya. Fat, corrupt, brain-dead monkeys, all too willing to spend taxpayer money to bail out failed housing gamblers and mortgage fraudsters.

Thank god the Bestest Smartest President in the History of the United States, the honorable George W. Bush, is in the oval office today, ready to veto this turd.

Here's the video. Don't throw things at the screen.


mairca izda debol said...

He looks and sounds like a bumbling marble-mouthed moron. Please stop insulting the monkeys by comparing them to our politicians.

This is the list from of industries that have bribed Barney Frank:

Real Estate $471,258
Securities & Investment $469,205
Lawyers/Law Firms $437,396
Commercial Banks $418,400
Insurance $348,583
Retired $240,807
Public Sector Unions $198,400
Accountants $146,342
Building Trade Unions $143,250

Anonymous said...

Does he have an option ARM or a HELOC?

william behm said...

Write down 85% of the NEW APPRAISED VALUE!!!!

Who determines the NEW APPRAISED VALUE?

I could easily have my house appraised at $500k, but it will not sell for the last 6 months at $379k, and is not worth a penny more.

This opens the door for all the mortgage fraud and loan dumping by the Big Banks onto the FHA.


Also; interesting that Barney Frank did not write the Housing Bailout bill; he "edited it". As Barney Frank himself states: "The staff at the Federal Reserve wrote the bill."

tangelo mozilo said...

Notice that when he is asked whether the bill will artificially prop up housing prices, his response is basically that the bill is too weak, ineffective, and narrow to do such a thing.

Oh, really? Then what is the point of the bill? What an asshole.

Bawney Fwank. A weawwy gweat powitician.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Exactly--Comparing Barney Frank to monkeys is an absolute INSULT to primates world-wide!!

BUSH will VETO this irresponsible and horrific bill proposed by idiots that are slaves to the REIC--the one good thing he has done while in office.

devestment said...


Anonymous said...

Gay Monkeys

Anonymous said...

I'd write something really witty, but I really need to go take a barney frank et al.

Brett said...

couldn't watch the whole thing - too embarrassing. seriously, how can this guy get re-elected.

I'd feel sorry for him, but he seems so okay with his speech impediment.

silly faggot, homes are for people who can afford them.

Anonymous said...




what do you expect.

Barney Frankfurter is the typical Democrat.

Obama is worse you morons.