May 22, 2008

George Carlin on houses and "stuff"

I always loved this routine. Probably had an impact on my life. Thanks HP'ers for reminding me. F*cking classic.


bearmaster said...

Keith, I see that Google unlocked your Lawrence Yun blog, did they say anything?

bearmaster said...

Wow, the bloataminium builders aren't going to like this! When the masses catch on that they don't need this stuff and start demanding smaller places to live, heaven help the economy!

Great video.

Anonymous said...


I'm shocked that you haven't posted something concerning the congresswoman in California that quit making her mortgage payments, lost her house to foreclosure, denied it earlier this week and now is withholding any statement until tomorrow (Friday) as the person who bought the house at auction came forward and claimed that he in fact did purchase it at a foreclosure auction.

the LA times bubble blog has been covering it.

Don't tell me that the MSM bloggers are more on top of their shit than you are.

Anonymous said...


You need to understsand what has happened to your civil liberties and all of the damage the Bush Administration has done to the Constitution and the USA. How they turned a free country into a dictatorship in a few short years:

Washington You're Fired! Part 1

Washington You're Fired! Part 2

Washington You're Fired! Part 3

Washington You're Fired! Part 4

See how easily your Constitution and Bill of Rights were torched by the incompetent fools from both parties. This film should make you want to scream and grab your pitchfork if you really care about your country!!!

I hope you watch this too Keith and put it on your front page.

Anonymous said...

Investment advice,

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(Although I am sure most people who prepared for this debacle, and continue to shore up their finances, will probably be able to buy with "cash" anyway), but if not...

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the other trader

p.s. I have always enjoyed Carlin. Pryor too.

Anonymous said...

reading some of your recent posts, I see you are THINKING about ALL that money that is now sloshing around all those "dark pools".

Higher U.S. STOCKS?

You are probably correct, but the returns will pale compared to the foreign markets.
I see some good advances soon in Japan.
They have had the highest savings rate for A LONG TIME now.
Deflation made it better for them to wait for lower prices, like the HP'ers with houses.

But now we are starting to see mild inflation there. When all those Japanese decide to start spending "all those years of savings"...

You can figure it out.

And do not listen to the fools that tell you their banks are in trouble. They don't have 1/2 the problems of so many other banks we all know so well.

I am not saying the u.s. market will not give you good returns, but why settle for "good" when you can achieve "great".

Anonymous said...

man i miss the funny carlin.