May 12, 2008

Flood the White House folks. The only thing that can stop a massive taxpayer-funded Housing Gambler Bailout now is George W. Bush

Oh dear god. George W. Bush holds the fate of the nation in his hands.

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Phone Numbers

FAX: 202-456-2461

E-Mail or

Also make sure you sign the No Housing Gambler Bailout petition over at, check out and also


Anonymous said...

Oh the irony is delicious. Qweefie spends every waking minute bashing Bush and praising Obama.

Yet on the one issue that is near and dear to his heart, Bush is the one on his side and Obama, along with every other Demo is against him.

Keep voting for Democrats everyone and soon enough we'll all get free houses, free health care, free gas, free everything.

Anonymous said...

Bush has nothing to lose he'll veto this sucker

WildBill said...

Yup, anon: 2:33 pm, that's my read too.

Keith is heavily plugging the socialist standard-bearer for the "team" that is pushing hard for the bailout.

Yet Keith is against the bailout.

And the guy Keith hates (Bush) is almost the only guy in Keith's corner. Delicious, indeed.

I love the smell of irony in the morning.

Mark said...

A democrat controlled congress and a democrat controlled senate passed this housing bailout plan...and you want to flood the WH with messages?

A WH controlled by a republican that has already said he is going to veto the bailout?

What is wrong with this logic?

Anonymous said...

I have both EMAILED and PHONED in my comments for the President to VETO the bill coming from Barney Frank.

I would like to implore all of my fellow HP'ers to do the same takes mere seconds, and it is really important that we flood them with our requests for a veto.

Show them who the true MAJORITY really is!!

Anonymous said...

Bush has already said he'll gonna veto this sucker.

And right on with wildbill.... yes very ironic indeed.

Anonymous said...

Let them do the bailout and bring on the hyperinflation. That will bring down this corrupt government faster than anything.

BTW folks. The government is corrupt on both sides this isn't a partisan issue. Whether it's housing bailouts, bank bailouts or illegal wars it's all destroying this country and the Constitution.

AmazingRuss said...

Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

GO George!

Anonymous said...

mark said:

"...a republican...said he is going to veto..."

And he believed him!

Bush the Dunce. said...

"Oh dear god. George W. Bush holds the fate of the nation in his hands."

Bush will probably try to sell the country to his families Arab friends for .50 on the dollar and take sand as collateral...

Jill said...

Here was my letter to Cheney - I also sent one to Bush and called the White house hotline and spoke to an operator. I'll print copies of it and mail it tomorrow as well (it's always best to send messages to politicians through multiple mediums):

Dear Mr. Vice President,

Please encourage President Bush to veto ANY housing bailout legislation that comes across your desk! Financially responsible taxpayers should not have to pay for the bad decisions of irresponsible borrowers and lenders.

My husband and I plan to save for YEARS before we buy a house; we would never put our family at risk by taking a no down-payment liar loan mortgage to "buy" a house that would drive us into bankruptcy. Why should we be punished for that wise decision by being forced to bail out people who greedily took out a mortgage they couldn't afford?

How can we teach the next generation about personal responsibility if our government actively mitigates the consequences of greed? Many of the homeowners the House of Representatives legislation is aimed at were merely gambling on continuously increasing home prices. Why should the people with the worst financial behavior get the best financial handouts? The federal government would not bail out people who lost money on slot machines!

The Housing Bailout legislation recently passed by the House of Representatives would use our tax money to guarantee loans for irresponsible borrowers, effectively forcing us to subsidize people with a more luxurious lifestyle than the average American. Meanwhile, the vast majority of tax payers either rent their homes or would continue to pay their mortgages with no federal help. That is unfair!!

This unfair legislation would artificially prop up inflated home prices, thus damaging the prospects of young families to afford homes in the future. These same young families would be paying the taxes that support the housing bailout, too. What an insult to hardworking Americans!

Please actively encourage a veto of any attempt by Congress to interfere with the healthy housing price adjustment that is occurring. Our country has weathered worse economic crisis than this - please allow the free market to work as intended.

Sincerely, Jill (etc)

Jill said...

Mark said...

A democrat controlled congress and a democrat controlled senate passed this housing bailout plan...and you want to flood the WH with messages?

A WH controlled by a republican that has already said he is going to veto the bailout?

What is wrong with this logic?

Mark - are you seriously that naive??? Bush threatens vetoes a LOT more often than he actually uses them.

Just because he said he'd veto it doesn't mean he actually will without massive pressure. Don't forget - this is an election year and even unpopular outgoing Presidents play politics.


BMW driving sex machine said...

Bush has already said this bill is good as veto'd.

Another predictable failure from the dumpocrats.

mairca izda debol said...

This buffoon, if he does one good thing while in office, I hope he vetoes this Wall Street bailout. That alone might be enough to push him up a few points into a tie with Peanut Brains Cater for worst President ever. Being tied for last place is better than being last place by yourself.

Anonymous said...

Burn baby burn.

Burning down the house.

I support anything that will make the pain trickle up, at some point it will become so intense that some of the wealthy will start thinking of revolution.

The last time it happened here it culminated in the summer of 1776.

All you have to do is get past that "thou shall not kill" phobia. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and the fellows were able to, so are we.

Anonymous said...

Really I think that Congress has it all wrong . The housing issue a contract issue between the Lender and borrower and Wall Street and their investors . If the lender has a gripe or the borrower has a gripe, or the loan investor has a gripe ,than legal remedy is the answer .

Since when does the government get involved in a legal loan contract unless it is by providing a Court of law to resolve a lawsuit for a injustice to be solved on a case by case basis ,or even a class action suit .

Since when does the government get involved in a loan contract unless it is to try a criminal or civil case for a violation of a law to determine damages .

It would be a attempt to subvert justice for Congress or the lawmakers to attempt to take taxpayers dollars to pay for the damages of faulty lending or criminal or reckless behavior on the part of borrowers .

If the Lenders put out a defective loan product or Wall Street put out a faulty investment product ,than the legal remedy is the only recourse .

It would be a violation of the current laws for a civil/criminal court matter to be resolved by punishment of the taxpayers to make it right . It is very questionable that the Feds provided loans to bail out a Wall Street investment house like Bear Stearns .

I'm sick of all the lies about this matter and the fact that the powers are spinning this situation as if it's the burden of the taxpayers to pay for the crimes of Banking and investment Corporations and borrowers .

The purpose of tax dollars is in large part for social good . What social good is it to give a gambler a bunch of hard earned tax payers funds . What majority went to the Congress and presented a convincing case that it was the taxpayers burden to pay for the folly of the the banks and greedy borrowers who bought more house than they could afford .

What case does the borrwer have. Some sales person convinced them to buy a house they couldn't afford because real estate always goes up . This is a stupid investor ,not a victim .

One could ask the question if the government has the innate powers to tax citizens in the event that a investment mania threatens the financial stability of financial systems . I would think that this issue would need approval by the highest court in the land .

From day one the powers were spinning this BS that borrowers were victims .It was a investment mania in which all parties took part . Need I say the lure was easy money .

I have lost 50 thousand so far on my house but I pay my payments because I didn't take out a loan that exceeded my income ability .Can Congress really think that I should pay for the other clowns that took out a loan that they couldn't afford because they were going for the gusto .
Let them take all the commissioned sales people to Court for a mass promotion of a real estate Ponzi scheme or something like that .The point is that the taxpayers are not the party that should pay . I'm also sick of paying for this baby by inflation either . How dare the Fed Chairman continue with this low-interest policy .

F them all ,this is a outrage .

Anonymous said...


why are you writing the VP? You do know he has doesn't vote right? Only time a VP votes is if there is a tie in the senate.

And honey, if you think anyone actually reads your emails or letters I have some beautiful oceanfront property in Iowa I'd like to discuss with you.

casey serin's mother said...

Bush please veto the bailout bill and send it back to the depths of hell where it belongs

Anonymous said...

I truly feel sorry for George Bush. I voted for him twice,,,and he's really let things get out of control.
After thinking about it,,, I've come to determined that I voted correctly, Bush is an old time Gentleman and Statesman. And that's exactly what I wanted.
Sadly, what the majority of the USA is composed of is cockroaches. How is it possible for a guy like Bush, to control a nation of cockroaches,,,, he simply can't.
What we need is a Cockroach, and any one of the three running is perfect for the job. We will have our Cockroach King.
I hope Bush doesn't sign the veto. Just let it flow.

WildBill said...

Anon 12:26, I mostly agree with you. Except that McCain, I think, is not a cockroach.

I think he is actually an exterminator. His record shows pretty clearly he doesn't give a crap what others think (except now that he is running for Pres. That won't last past election day).

I don't know which I fear more - the cockroaches or the exterminator.

k said...

For dumb Jill; get your head out of the ground you idiot! Consumers were lied to by appraiser, bankers, mortgage people, congress, alan the ace greenspan; they were told by gov and all they could afford their homes! What is wrong with you people! The Bush cartel and his backup, congress, senate and the good old reg agencies lied to these victims! They were told it did not matter and that they could afford their homes so, Jill darling, keep your dumb head in the sand and continue you stupid squawking about things you know nothing about! Get educated how about it or, are you just another bank or gov implant cause you dam sure should know this by now!!!!!