May 04, 2008

The American Dream: Bankers take hundreds of billions in pay for making reckless decisions, then let the Fed bail them out when it all blows up.


Anonymous said...

That is the best picture eva!

tater said...

That definitely receives cartoon of the year for me.

The cat in the tree symbolizes the fat cat bankers perfectly. They don't want to come down out of their protected perch until Helo Ben sweet talks them out of the tree with promises of more money.
Here kitty kitty kitty

fattest cat on the block said...


Protect your hard earned money.

Invest with the smart money.

Invest in Israel! You too can become a fat cat. :-)..

SpiceUpYourPortfolio said...

But then who will bail out the Federal Reserve when they are about to blow up?

Of course, it will be us the taxpayers. The plan is really to suck America dry and bankrupt her.

Lady Di said...

Fed = socialism for the rich through inflation.

Time to buy more gold.

Anonymous said...

Double true!

Anonymous said...

Socialism here in
America has always
been for the rich