April 18, 2008



Anonymous said...

REALTORS are scary

Paul E. Math said...

That name is going to get funnier and funnier: 'Executives'. Why not call themselves 'Realty Doctors' or 'Realty Professors' or some other job title that people have respect for? Oh yeah, because that would be pretentious. But this isn't. Not at all. These people really are executives. Totally.

Didn't you see the suit that guy was wearing? Must be an executive. And the way he was talking to those people as the camera panned around? You can tell he really 'never stops advising'. He was probably chief executive, that guy.

Do you see, Realtors?? Do you see why we hate you now?

Anonymous said...

The most striking thing from that video was, "There are far too f&*$ing many of them!". What a useless job it is, and soon to be obsolete, and certainly not worth 6%.

DOPEY said...



Beat your RealWhore said...

Sickening and Disgraceful.

Realtors NEVER stop lying or wearing cheap wigs and suits that do not fit properly.

New Reality Showconcept:

Beat a Realtor today.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


NEVER stop Advising?????

The Only advise I've been given was, " Better buy Now before your priced out of the market"!

Or this worn out old nugget,
"California Real Estate Only goes up"!



Anonymous said...

The Best Realtors

Never Stop


Anonymous said...

the background in the video looks like the default wall paper in windows xp


-Begin Urgent Public Service Message-

Attention ALL Potential Homebuyers that absolutely must purchase a home and cannot wait for the 50% off sales next year:

1. Find the house you want using web resources.

2. Do not contact any real estate agents regarding the property.

3. Contact the owners directly and have them show you the property. If the home meets your needs, urge the owners to dump their real estate agent and lower the price by the sales commission amount.

-Return to Housing Crash Programming-

tater said...

"The Best Realtors" are the ones who've gone back to selling baby wipes or curtain rods.

Did y'all notice that paper he was holding in his hand? It looked to me like it was the cartoon section of the newspaper. That would be a fitting section for these clowns.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute - was that Monica Lewinski in there? Spittin' image.

Love the horn hits. Horn hits and Monica Lewinski and REALTORS (tm). Not just any REALTORS. The BEST.

BAM! - BAM! - BAM!

I wish I could have a commercial with horn hits and Monica Lewinski in it. Man, then people would think I was an important Executive type. And the best. Not a schmuck at all!