April 04, 2008

HousingPANIC Stupid Question of the Day

A) Cash is king

B) Cash is trash

C) Depends on what you call "cash"


Anonymous said...

I'm almost entirely out of US dollars but I'm wondering if it's time to jump back in. It seems the Canadian dollar won't push past par much. There was a small spike at 1.10 but that's long gone even though commodities are up and the US continues to have banking issues. It seems like par is the new top.

Agent #777 said...

C - More information, please.

Anonymous said...

Cash is king

Anonymous said...

The dollar will make you holler
For the euro which is king
Because of what it can bring
While the dollar leaves a sting
The euro can buy you a lot
While the dollar contines to rot
So buy euros and invest wise
See with your own eyes
The downfall of America is now
Dont have a cow, dont ask how
Just look at Europe and say "Wow!"

Anonymous said...

Cash isn't king when its value is deflating.

Anonymous said...

Hyperinflation is on it's way baby. As soon as all those worthless dollars in US treasuries come flowing back home.

Your cash isn't going to be worth a damn in a few years.

Anonymous said...

Gold and Silver are the real cash

sac'to watcher said...

anon 7:05am

Amen, brother!

Anonymous said...


Even the US dollar. As you can see, even the banks are running out of it.

Dollar is king. Go ask Bear.


Anonymous said...

US dollars will come back when things start falling apart in Europe. We will be looking much better then. Either way... Cash is better then real estate.

Investorazzi.com said...

Legendary investment manager Jeremy Grantham (oversees both Dick Cheney's and John Kerry's portfolios) told the Financial Times on March 24:

“The mattress is good,” Mr Grantham says, only half-joking. After all, boring cash - the “good, old-fashioned” kind of short-term government instruments - is at least a safe harbour, despite negligible returns.

"Jeremy Grantham: Field Marshal Of Finance"

tangelo mozilo said...

Cash is king -- if your cash is gold, silver, Swiss Francs, AUD . . .

Anonymous said...

Here's today's headline:

The U.S. employers cut payrolls for a third month in a row in March, slashing 80,000 jobs for the biggest monthly job decline in five years as the economy headed into a downturn, government data on Friday showed. Unemployment rate jumps from 4.8 to 5.1

I bet the crooks on Wall Street and their little bearded bitch at the Fed will make the market positive today. Nobody has a job in this country? No problem, great news! The Dow skyrockets right after....

Oh, and btw, the corrupt gov never adds the part-time workers seeking full time positions, independent contractors out of work, unemployed who gave up on searching, etc. If you add all that, the unemployment rate jumps to 9%. I don't know who should we trust more: economic indicators or Mike Norman.

It's all rigged!!!

Anonymous said...

gold is money

Anonymous said...


CASH with NO Debt is King!


Gabor said...

Just ask yourself, what will it be worth in 100 years.

Anonymous said...

Anon sez:
"Just look at Europe and say "Wow!"
From a 4/3 newspaper article:

“Islamic Lawyers meeting in Malaysia want an existing ban on unwed Muslim couples from cuddling or holding hands to be extended to non-Muslims.”

A glimpse of Western Europe’s future?

Hopefully the Eastern European countries will soon see the handwriting on the wall and impose serious restrictions on who is permitted to immigrate into these countries.

Otherwise, they are equally doomed to this fate.

Lady Di said...

Cash is king for future fire sales.

Gold is king in this environment as well.

I have some of my cash in Swiss Francs - the rest in US dollars for easy access.

Anonymous said...

Europe is so f'ed if the euro continues to appreciate. Depreciating our currency makes labor cheaper in America in real terms. we will get all the jobs.

Anonymous said...

If you would have had a mix of Euros, silver and gold over these last few years, you'd be sitting decently above all of this chaos.

What should you buy now, with your crappy dollars?

Silver. It has seen a nice dip, it is still below its traditional ratio against gold, there have been severe physical shortages of it.

Wake up, think. Stop being a lumpen lemming.

Anonymous said...

gold is money


Yes, it is, no matter how much the many sheeple will continue to scream that it is not.

Gold has been recognized as real money all over the world for centuries in most places, and for millenia in many places.

The US Dollar..................NOT

Punish the Guilty DO IT NOW said...

Cash is and will always be king.

Just ask someone who needs it that doesn't have it...

'Put their shit out on the curb and let it rain on them"
-Paulie Walnuts-Ganster/Sopranos

"I believe the underlying fundamentals are strong"
-President George W. Bush/Stupid Idiot/United States

Anonymous said...

You guys have it all wrong.

Bullets are king. Because when loaded into a firearm, they afford me the capability of TAKING your precious gold, silver or dollars away. :-)

MrChow said...

Rice is king!

It's doubled in price in an extreemly short period of time. There are lots of hungry people around, and you can't eat gold.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just a quick question for you 'gold is money' types.
How much gold do you have?
Really? Because the surveys all done here say you wear birks and live in a rental basement. There are exceptions I'm one of the exceptions. The exception here are about 10%.
Do you have bullion or is it one of the 'vault' scams? Don't begin to say how safe it is to have a piece of paper that says you have gold [and you don't have gold, you're parrots speaking out your ass].

What's spot on bullion, gold or silver? What will spot be to convert it if the economy does call for actually using real gold as money? The spot will be 50% or better.

Anonymous said...

>> Yes, it is, no matter how much the many sheeple will continue to scream that it is not. Gold has been recognized as real money all over the world for centuries in most places, and for millenia in many places.

Gee - try as I might - I STILL can't use a gold coin TODAY to buy gas or groceries (the gas guy and grocery clerk just look at my "funny" money).

Anonymous said...

Precious metals are king until the financial system stabilizes or finishes crashing. Then get back to cash

Anonymous said...

Gee - try as I might - I STILL can't use a gold coin TODAY to buy gas or groceries (the gas guy and grocery clerk just look at my "funny" money).


You can come to my check out stand any day with your gold coins. I'll sell you some groceries.

Anonymous said...

US$ is king. Europe has got way more problems.

Anonymous said...

Euro is the new gold.

Cornholio Mangus said...

Remember the Golden Rule:
He who has the Gold, makes the rules.

Anonymous said...

The european fundamentals are worse than the US ones, so euros are not a long term bargain. I think that China will end up nationalizing our properties over there sometime in the next few years, so I'm not putting my money into the Chinese Stock Market. India is probably a better bet, but I'm still assessing stability there. I STRONGLY expect that our monetary crisis will be solved by "saving" the pension funds by dramatically raising taxes while freezing withdrawals on 401Ks, so I have withdrawn all my capital from my 401K, paying the taxes up front.

I personally am into a mixture of metal held in my possession outside banks and outside my home; good ol' double E savings bonds (held at home with a numbered list in my bank); US dollars in fully FDIC insured money market accounts; no debt - my houses are paid up; better insulation, a pellet stove, and a whole house fan to mostly replace my central HVAC system and other improvements to the home I live in; a productive vegetable garden; and a supply of food against periodic shortages - though I think we'll just see inflation rather than famine.